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I’m Not Sorry

© Shutterstock I’m sorry. “I’m sorry we can’t go to the park because it’s raining. I’m just so sorry about the rain,” I said to my son today. The rain wouldn’t stop, and he was upset that we couldn’t make the short trek to play on the playground equipment. It’s been a rainy summer, and […]

To My Children, I’m Sorry I Work

I’m sorry I have to work. I’m sorry that I have to put you to bed early because I’m tired from an exhausting day. I’m sorry that when you’re sick, my first thought is “can I call in tomorrow?” I’m sorry that when you’re home sick, I may not be the one home with you. […]

An Open Letter To The TTC Sisterhood

infertility struggles

If you’re reading this because it’s addressed to you, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that even though you make it your mission to stay positive and grateful, you wake up every day with an ache in your heart that never seems to go away. I’m sorry that people can be so unrelenting and naïve about your […]

Saying Sorry

Evan’s new favorite phrase is “I’m sorry.” He must say it several dozen times a day.

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

You would think this a good thing, right? We’re teaching him manners and he is one polite three year old.

Except, it’s awful. Suddenly, he thinks he can do anything he pleases and simply apologize for it should something go awry.

Last week, he intentionally dumped my iPhone into a glass of water. I’m sorry, he uttered, smiling the whole time.

A few days ago, he threw a package of light bulbs onto the counter, shattering them into a billion pieces, a million of which landed in the dinner I was making and needed to chuck down the disposal. I’m sorry, he sung, not looking the least bit remorseful.

Dear Houseguests: I’m Sorry

© Shutterstock Dear houseguests, Thank you for being brave enough to visit a home that is inhabited by a teething baby, a “threenager,” and two tired parents. I obviously like you, otherwise I wouldn’t be inviting you to stay at my house. And because I enjoy your company and hope you’ll return again someday, let […]