About Scary Mommy

About Scary Mommy...

What started as an innocent on-line baby book in early 2008 to chronicle Jill Smokler's stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn't have to be perfect.

Seven years later, in February of 2015, Scary Mommy was acquired by Vinit Bharara of the media company Some Spider, LLC. With new resources, talent and passion, Scary Mommy will continue to serve as a trusted resource and breath of fresh air for millions of imperfect parents.

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The Scary Mommy team...

Founder and President, Jill Smokler

In addition to founding the website, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster's Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies). Her honest take on parenting has appeared in countless publications and on television programs including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Nightline, Bethenny and Fox and Friends. She drinks far too much Diet Coke, is fluent in sarcasm and lives in Baltimore with her college sweetheart and three kids.

Senior Content Manager, Samantha Angoletta

Samantha is a semi-crunchy Portland mom of two crazy kids, who oversees content for the website. She loves her spouse, good coffee, books, manicures, hiking, lunch dates, and farmer's markets. If you have any questions or concerns about content, you can reach Samantha here.

Associate Editor, Maria Guido

Maria Guido calls Brooklyn, New York home - even though she doesn't live there anymore. New to the Scary Mommy team, she has an incredible eye for the parenting news you'll want to read and can't wait to find it all for you. Her writing has appeared on Time, The Washington Post, Mommyish and others. Follow Maria on Twitter @mariaguido.

Associate Editor, Robyn Welling

Robyn Welling is a freelance writer, editor and graphic designer. She's even a New York Times bestselling humorist, yet her five kids and otherwise pretty amazing husband refuse to admit she's funny. She's a daily contributor to Scary Mommy, creates gorgeous pinnable images for the site's articles and makes sure the Scary Mommy Pinterest stream is full of fabulous stuff you won't want to miss! Follow Robyn on Twitter.

Community Manager, Love Barnett

Love Barnett enjoys the whole words-putting-together-thing around here and hates spam and asshattery in the comments with the fire of a thousand suns. She used to spend her days in heels and suits tripping up a corporate ladder, but now prefers the joys of jeans, flip flops and existing on a strict diet of coffee and teenage dramatics. You can follow her on Twitter if she ever figures out how to correctly use it.

Community Manager, Mikki Caplan-Zaple

Mikki spends her time tirelessly moderating comments and scouring the internet for the best new voices in the blogosphere. She also keeps things organized through her meticulous spreadsheets all while raising two darling little girls and pursuing an MA in Political Science. Feel free to stalk her on Twitter.

Director of Business Development, Laurie Levine

Laurie is a digital sales veteran with over 17 years experience selling partnership programs across multiple platforms – including mobile, social, video, blogs, email, onsite, print, out-of-home, sampling, events, as well as content licensing. She was one of the original members of Grey Advertising's Interactive team, as well as at Sesame Workshop. Most recently, Laurie was a Regional Sales Director at BabyCenter (a division of Johnson & Johnson) where she developed and sold integrated media programs to Fortune 500 companies. Laurie holds a BA in Communications from Tulane University. She lives in NYC with her husband and three-year-old twin boys. Click here to e-mail Laurie about opportunities on Scary Mommy.

Confessional Manager, Charisse Oates

Charisse lives a semi-charmed life in Central NY with her lovely wife, child, dogs, cats, and mother-in-law. While it makes for interesting times, she wouldn't trade it for the world... most days. She has been an avid reader, commenter, confessor, and stalker of all things Scary Mommy from the beginning and it is rumored she even has a confession of her own in the first ten pages or so of the confessional. She splits her time between working, studying, mommy-ing, spousing, and clearing confessions. She can always be reached via email.

Confessional Manager, Cristina Salas

Cristina has moved six times in the last five years. She's an awkward, dark and twisty artist with a passion for all things expressionistic. Military wife and lover of her tiny human, she's read it all and more on the Confessional.

We're always looking for new voices to add to the website! To learn more about becoming a contributor, click here.

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