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November 29, 2023

The Wheel Of Feels

The Options Are Bountiful
16 New Kids' Movies & Shows Coming To Netflix In December, Including The Chicken Run Sequel

Over 20 years after the original Chicken Run was released, Netflix is serving up the sequel just in time for the holidays.


just no
ByKatie Garrity

TikToker Recommends Washing Your Artificial Christmas Tree & The Internet Cannot Deal

Has #cleantok gone too far?

break the chain

This Anti-Almond Mom Lists The 5 Ways She Teaches Her Kids About Food Freedom

putting kids first

American Mom Living In Japan Shares Why She Loves Parenting In A Different Country

debate it

Who's Supposed To Clean Up Thanksgiving Dinner?

so cute

This Golden Retriever & Black Cat Mother-Daughter Duo Are The Best Thing On The Internet Today

mega fail

TikTok Mom Calls Out Tampon Companies For Testing Their Products With Saline Solution

dream on

Moms On The Internet Are Setting A Gen Z Straight About The Realities Of Maternity Leave

To Infinity and Beyond (Again)

Tim Allen Says Disney “Reached Out” To Him And Tom Hanks About Toy Story 5

house goals

I Went To The Viral Taylor Swift Christmas Light House & It Was A Swiftie’s Dream

practical and fun

Already Dreading More Toys In Your House? Try These Brilliant Non-Toy Kid's Gifts Instead

back to you

‘Mom Reporter’ Kayla Sullivan Reports Back About Dating As A Single Mom


Adam Sandler Talks Pet Phobias, Co-Starring With His Daughters, & Revisiting The Iconic Lunch Lady


Nicole Kidman Says Big Little Lies Season 3 Is Happening, & We’re Freaking Out

be real

This Woman Is Totally Over Momfluencers And Ready To See More Non-Aesthetic Moms

caught on camera

A Mom Is Facing Backlash For Breastfeeding Her Baby On A Disney World Ride

we're listening...

5 Years Ago, This Family Ditched Doing Holidays With Extended Family


I don’t like my husband

Confessional #306

If my kids don’t start sleeping through the night, independently, I’m gonna snap

Confessional #8422

I fart on my dogs

Confessional #460

Somedays I dream of divorce

Confessional #7401

I don’t know who I am outside of being a mom anymore...

Confessional #91334

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