Feb. 4, 2023

The Wheel Of Feels

One Funny Mommy

Iliza Shlesinger Hates Mom-Shamers As Much As You Do

The comedian, author and new mom talks Foley balloons, formula stigma, and “gorgeous” baby poop.

Written by Danielle Pergament



I don’t let my kids win at games.

Confessional #6568

I’m worried about my teenage son’s choice of friends.

Confessional #351

I daydream about running away sometimes.

Confessional #78195

I’m currently pretending to pay bills in the office but really just drinking wine and scrolling.

Confessional #76182

I wait for my hubs to fall asleep on the couch & not wake him up so I can actually get sleep. alone.

Confessional #20191

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