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Feb. 25, 2024

The Wheel Of Feels


brads, chads, and dads
BySarah Aswell

A Woman Is Devastated She Had To Name Her Baby Chad

A month in, she can't even say his name out loud.


An “Inappropriate” Black History Month Door Display Caused Controversy At A Charlotte High School

kids these days

Teachers Are Explaining Why Tween & Teen Students Are "Mewing" In Class


Watch This Adorable Boy Break The Tragic News That He Has A School Project Due Tomorrow

according to one expert

A Sleep Consultant Has A Definitive Answer About Locking Your Toddler's Door At Night

floating the idea

This Swim Coach Says Kids Should Never Be In A Pool Until They Know How To Swim

outta this world

Watch This NASA Astronaut Encourage A Young Boy Who Was Teased For Wearing Space-Themed Shirts

good for her!

Blake Lively Says She Left Her Kids for the "First Time Ever" To Attend The Super Bowl

play ball (nicely!)

This Youth Baseball Coach Reveals His Biggest Red Flag When It Comes To Parents & Sports

it takes a village

Woman Thinks It’s “Absurd” That Some Relatives Charge For Babysitting

personally attacked

A Millennial Mom Says Her Tween Daughter Called Her Name An "Old People Name"

it is what it is

A Mom Of Three Gives Her Unapologetic Opinion On Kids & Germs

and she's really right

A Woman Shuts Down Adults Who Hate Kids As Part Of Their Personality

cuteness overload

This Adorable Video Of Triplets Laughing Hysterically Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Bella vita

An American Mom Living In Italy Revealed The Top Things About Parenthood She Had To "Get Used To"

check it out

Aldi Dropped An Adorable Pretend Grocery Store Cart & Playset For Future Aldi Shoppers


I do everything in my power to never see my mother-in-law or father-in-law...

Confessional #3004

Husband is gone for a week for week. I’m so excited to have one less person to need me

Confessional #765

Being the nonpreferred parent is really f***ing hard. I wish I was needed 24/7!

Confessional #2804

I can’t stand my significant other.

Confessional #1876

I’m super scared I’m losing respect for my husband. ☹️

Confessional #8213
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