May 17, 2022

The Wheel Of Feels

Gabrielle Union Brings It

The actor and entrepreneur opens up about mommying now, date nights with Dwyane Wade, and her new baby skincare line, Proudly.

Photography by Gizelle Hernandez
Styled by Thomas Christos Kikis



My first boyfriend at age 14 died last night. I’m so sad for his family and children, but also in awe that our paths turned out so differently. I can’t mourn him publicly it would be weird. So I’ll do it here.

Confession #6732

The one type of person I can't stand, above all others, is a childish adult. Act your age. Manage your responsibilities without whining. Take accountability. Communicate maturely. It's not that hard.

Confession #27653

Leave it to my grandson to make nose picking cute.

Confession #97235

I wish I had confronted my best friend 25 years ago when she began treating me poorly. Instead I kept quiet and let the behavior go on for years, eating away at me til I couldn't take any more and I ghosted her. That was an awful way of handling it.

Confession #46192

Most of the really sexually driven people that I know are poor decision makers.

Confession #1827

What Mommy Wants

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