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Feb. 28, 2024

The Wheel Of Feels


love is parody
ByKatie Garrity

This Wife Talking To Her Husband Like She's In A 'Love Is Blind' Pod Is A Must-Watch Today

Let's cut right to the chase: did you pay the gas bill?

the audacity

This Grown Daughter Shares Her Hilarious Regret Over Never Letting Her Mom Socialize When She Was Young

amazing tradition

Chelsea Handler Skied Into Her 49th Birthday With A Bikini, A Joint, A Drink & A Dog


This Girl Dad Has A Blunt Message For Every Person Who Vocally Pities Him For Having Daughters

take the trip!

This Travel Expert Shares Her Number One Reason Why Traveling With Kids Is So Important

cut it out

This Mom Wonders If She's "Overreacting" About A Dress Option Found In The Girl’s Section At Target

hottest of takes

This Mom Caused A Stir After Revealing Her Daughter Won't Get Yearly Birthday Parties

brads, chads, and dads

A Woman Is Devastated She Had To Name Her Baby Chad


An “Inappropriate” Black History Month Door Display Caused Controversy At A Charlotte High School

kids these days

Teachers Are Explaining Why Tween & Teen Students Are "Mewing" In Class


Watch This Adorable Boy Break The Tragic News That He Has A School Project Due Tomorrow

according to one expert

A Sleep Consultant Has A Definitive Answer About Locking Your Toddler's Door At Night

floating the idea

This Swim Coach Says Kids Should Never Be In A Pool Until They Know How To Swim

outta this world

Watch This NASA Astronaut Encourage A Young Boy Who Was Teased For Wearing Space-Themed Shirts

good for her!

Blake Lively Says She Left Her Kids for the "First Time Ever" To Attend The Super Bowl

play ball (nicely!)

This Youth Baseball Coach Reveals His Biggest Red Flag When It Comes To Parents & Sports


Will I never not be exhausted?! Does that ever end?

Confessional #4775

Although a second kid sounds fun, I’m happy my kid is enjoying being an only child.

Confessional #290

It’s easier at home with three kids when my husband is traveling.

Confessional #1009

My sex drive is bigger than my husband’s and I find it unattractive.

Confessional #2564

I feel like I’m the ONLY mom who’s completely overwhelmed.

Confessional #3188
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