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April 15, 2024

The Wheel Of Feels


i'm just dad
BySarah Aswell

Ryan Gosling Jokes About His Daughters' Involvement In 'I'm Just Ken'

"It's really been a team effort."

always welcome

A Dad Has A Sweet Message For His Adults Kids: You Can Always Come Home


A Mom Is Warning Tween Parents About "The Fire Truck Game"

even pop stars need balance

Gwen Stefani Opens Up About Just How Grueling It Is To Be A Working Mom In The Arts


This Pastor Won’t Let His Wife Read Unless He Approves The Reading Material


This Mom Was Shamed At Her Local Library For Her "Inappropriate" Outfit

Who's Keeping Score?

Is Venmo Turning Our Friendships Too Transactional? Viral TikTok Makes A Fair Point

it's ok!

Parents: It's Okay If Your Kid Has Cavities, Says Pediatric Dentist

out in the open

A Daughter Asked Her Mom Not To Tell Her Dad A Secret — But Mom's Rule Is To Tell Him Everything Anyway

sharing is (not) caring

This Mom Refused To Have Her Son Share His Raffle Prizes With Another Child Who Didn't Win

no kids allowed

This Woman Wanted An Adult-Only Party & Told Her Friend Not To Come If She Couldn’t Get A Babysitter

I Call BS

TikTok’s Viral “Dorito Theory” Is Just Another Trend That Makes You Feel Bad About Your Choices

let them be messy

This Mom Says It's Okay To Send Your Kids To School In Clean Stained Clothes

you need to calm down

This Mom Received A Rude RSVP From Parents Who Did Not Want Their Kid Attending Her Son's Taylor Swift Themed Party

thief of joy

New Study Finds "Momfluencers" Who Glamorize Motherhood Are Making New Moms Insecure

home alone

Mom Says Her 8-Year-Old Was Left Home Alone During A Sleepover While Her Friend's Mom Went To The Store


I wish I could runaway.

Confessional #3433

I want an open marriage.

Confessional #209

I think my marriage is over.

Confessional #3587

I think my BFFs kids are a bad influence on mine and I’m glad they’re drifting apart.

Confessional #1651

I don’t know that I’ll ever forgive my husband for getting a vasectomy when I want more.

Confessional #6652

Celebrity Interviews

Keepy Uppy
ByMatthew Kaplowitz

Bluey's Mum & Dad Address The For-Real-Life Rumors That The Beloved Kids’ Show Is Ending

Melanie Zanetti and Dave McCormack, the voices of Chilli and Bandit Heeler, weigh in on whether or not “The Sign” is really the series finale, along with other *trificult* questions.

We're All "Lunatics" Here

Maren Morris’ Next Act


Top Chef’s Gail Simmons Has Some Surprising Advice For Parents Of Picky Eaters

shay rules

Scheana Shay Gets Real About Postpartum OCD

mom mode

Kylie Kelce Explains How Jason Helps Her Keep Her Cool While Parenting

america's mom

Donna Kelce Opens Up About Her Approach To Being A Mother-In-Law


JoAnna Garcia Swisher Teases What’s To Come For Maddie In Sweet Magnolias Season 4


Aja Naomi King Gets Raw About The Importance Of Playing Powerful Women


The Family Plan’s Mark Wahlberg & Michelle Monaghan Talk Minivans & Their Go-To Karaoke Songs

Weekend Watch

Jen Garner Couldn't Handle Being A Teenager Today, Either


Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Making Sure Her Kids Know “Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees”


Adam Sandler Talks Pet Phobias, Co-Starring With His Daughters, & Revisiting The Iconic Lunch Lady


Hilary Duff Knows Parenthood Is Beautiful, And Very Hard


Comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes Gets Real About Becoming A Mom In Her 40s


Henry Winkler Understands “A Heard Child Is A Powerful Child”


Jonathan Van Ness Wants Stressed Out Moms To Try Joy This Holiday Season

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Keepy Uppy
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Pretty Much
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i'm just dad
BySarah Aswell

Ryan Gosling Jokes About His Daughters' Involvement In 'I'm Just Ken'

"It's really been a team effort."

Burnt Out
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I Stopped Posting My Entire Life On Social Media & I’m So Much Happier

I was experiencing my life again instead of curating it for my followers.

O Captain, my captain!
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always welcome
BySarah Aswell

A Dad Has A Sweet Message For His Adults Kids: You Can Always Come Home

No matter what.