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Dec. 11, 2023

The Wheel Of Feels


Heart: Warmed
ByDeirdre Kaye

Gift Your Delivery Drivers Free Pizza This Holiday Season, Courtesy Of Pizza Hut

Who wouldn’t love a surprise like this?

this woman for president

A New School Board President Swore In On A Stack Of Banned Books

house of mouse

Disney Is Planning A New Residential Development In North Carolina

to each their own

A Woman Was Called A "Color Grinch" By Her Mother-In-Law For Not Using Colorful Christmas Ornaments

do not buy!

Here Are The Top Five Christmas Gifts That Can Land A Kid In The Emergency Room

different strokes

An American Mom Living In Sweden Reveals What Newborn Practice She Was Scolded For Doing

need this now

These Moms Started The “Hot Mess Express” To Help Serve Other Moms In Need & Now It’s Taking Off Nationwide

adventures in babysitting

Midwestern Mom Shocked To Learn The Going Hourly Rate For A Babysitter In Her Area

a little harsh?

This Mom Does Not Want Your Family Christmas Card

listen closely

A Dad Asks All Moms: What Am I Supposed To Do When You're Yelling At The Kids?

save your money!

This Mom's "DO NOT Gift Guide" Is A Warning To All Christmas Shopping Parents

giving back

A Woman Explains How Much Her "Angel Tree" Gifts Meant To Her As A Child

so sweet

These Letters Between A Mother & Daughter Are Sure To Make You Sob

merry swiftmas

This Mom Crafted An Adorable Taylor Swift Doll For Her Daughter’s Christmas Gift


This Mom Shared Her 9-Year-Old's Delusional Christmas List & So Many Moms Can Relate

real take

This "Broke Mom" Holiday Gift Guide Cuts Out All The B.S.


I’m tired of my husband, but I love my in-laws

Confessional #4099

My own mother doesn’t love me.

Confessional #3581

I’m so touched out. My cup is empty. Where’s my “village”?

“I’m tired of always being tired.”

Confessional #853

I can not afford my kids.

Confessional #211
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