Attention Retailers: It’s Still Summer!

They are BACK. Already. School supplies are back in stores.

On the heels of the 4th of July, while I am still in hamburger inhaling, watermelon slurping, and swimming pool mode, I saw them: The golden square boxes of crayons stacked up and standing tall, almost grinning. The rainbow colors of spiral notebooks, the familiar squatty bottles of Elmer’s Glue, the little people hand sized scissors. All of it, lined up in what was just a few weeks ago the sunscreen aisle.

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Attention retailers: Can I just have a moment? And can that moment be called SUMMER?

I still need popsicles, sunscreen, hot dog buns, and beach shovels and pails. My brain and my kid’s brains are still currently on hiatus from structure of any kind. So, when I see reams of wide ruled notebook paper and protractors staring at me from store shelves on the second week of July, I get a little tense.

I am not ready, people. Not. Ready.

I still have long lazy days to enjoy, mornings to sleep in, lunches to NOT have to pack and plan. I need our seasons of life to not be determined by the front of store displays. I need it to still be the season of SUMMER, not the season of fall planning.

So I am happily tossing out the fall catalogs, and sticking with corn on the cob and lemonade for a few more weeks.

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I am sure, a month from now, having done every summer activity we can think of, I will be singing and pushing my shopping cart down the school supply aisle with enough glee to garner my own musical number.

And then, a week later, the Christmas trees will show up.

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Melissa L. Fenton is a mom to 4 sons, cookbook hoarder, yarn bomber, wannabe pastry chef and carb lover, mother runner, adjunct librarian, sometimes a humor writer. Find her at 4boysmother, on Twitter as @melissarunsaway and on Facebook.


Lisa 1 year ago

My kids start back August 1! I am so sad, we are having an amazing summer. I think I’m more upset than they are that it’s almost over.

Keri McCauley 1 year ago

In our county in NC, we have year round schools so many kids have already started school.

Kay 1 year ago

Schools back?! Here in the UK they haven’t even STARTED the holidays yet and they STILL say schools back. Our kids holiday is end of July till August and it always bugs me that you have to try and guess how big your kids will be over the summer as by the time they need the t shirt and shorts etc they will be bringing in the fleeces and long sleeved T’s grrrr.

Jessica Bristowe 1 year ago

There should be laws against this

Kimberley Smith 1 year ago

We’re in Australia and its 5°c at the moment and I just saw summer clothes in the stores!

Valerie Swenson 1 year ago

In Phoenix school starts in a couple of weeks. So this is why a lot of retailers start early.

Nicole Wolfe Dyson 1 year ago

We started back at school July 14th. We got our supply list a week before. Only the Target by the district was ready for us. Apparently Walmart didn’t get the memo that our district is year round. It’s a great schedule. (=. The rest of the early holiday set up in retail is annoying! Totally agree!

Megan Gosse Beauperlant 1 year ago

My kids start school on July 30th…

Rochelle Sterling Thon 1 year ago

I saw Halloween stuff in a store.

Elizabeth Guillory 1 year ago

Year round schools start in 2-3 weeks. Although I’m already finding myself boycotting (in-store) retail shopping bc of this…Christmas in July?!? It makes my head spin.

Maria Vasquez-Villarreal 1 year ago

Couldn’t come out soon enough where I live my kids go back next week, year round calendar. The good stuff doesn’t even go on sale until our kids are half way to fall break.


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