The Most Perfect Back to School Video Ever!

Target? Alone? BRING IT. The Back to School countdown is ON…

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Yvonne 1 month ago

Love it!!!!

Les 2 months ago

love this! my son starts school for the first time this year I toke my last week of Holidays the same week school starts :)

Beth 2 months ago

That is a cute video.. Mine would be to crash back into bed! Last/youngest one started college this year, so the tears fell when the baby of the a family of 4 kids left the house.

Joāo Vitória 9 months ago


Shirley 1 year ago

Loooooooove it!

Nina 1 year ago

#19, Sam. I am totally with you!!! :)

Ingrid 1 year ago

LOL! I loved this video! I homeschool my kids too so I’ll be at Target after dark also or when they attend their co-op once a week. But I thought this video was hilarious! The glee on the face of the moms as she goes to the bathroom alone – HA! Awesome!

Jill 1 year ago

Is target selling those tshirts……

Rachel 1 year ago

Nailed it!

Babette 1 year ago

I dropped him off at school….and came home and laid around the house most of the day. In my pajamas. With no one needing me to do this, or that. I actually got to watch TV – on the channels I like!! I read a book. I ate chocolate, and had no one giving me sad eyes, wanting half of it. So, in other words, it was amazing!

Lou 1 year ago

I have been a working and stay at home mom. I get both arguments; at the end of the day each family does what works for them. For me personally, staying at home is ALOT more work than working my 8 hour shifts and coming home to the house how it was left in the morning. No one knows what each goes through. Some have to sacrifice a bit more than others; I am with my children 24/7 literally, and I totally long for 5 minutes of silence or adult interaction without interruption on some days. No need to get bent out of shape though on this video… it’s not meant to poke at working or stay at home moms.. MOMs in general, working, single, stay at home, etc all deserve a break… those who complain about caring for their children and making it sound like such a burden should have probably reconsidered reproducing.

Dena 1 year ago

I’m sorry you can’t stay at home with your kids but don’t group all SAHMs into one. I don’t drive a Mercedes and I definitely don’t get mani/pedis. Those things never were important to me. I have other ways to pretty myself up. And a Mercedes is damn expensive!

Lynne 1 year ago

I also homeschool our last child and love it. After having 2 in school I can’t even imagine missing all those hours with my youngest. I get plenty of me time before he gets up in the morning. Makes my heart sad to see people happy to get rid of their kids since they grow up fast and then are gone. You only get one chance and I want to make the most of it.

Tired mommy 1 year ago

How do we know that these moms don’t work the night shift like I do?
I get home from work, get my kids ready for and off to school and then I scramble to get things(food shopping, clean house, laundry, Dr’s….) done so I can go home and sleep for a few hours before the kids get home from school. I get up right before the kids walk in the door and scramble to get homework done before daddy gets home. We do dinner, showers and stories. Then daddy tucks them in so I can try to get a couple more hours of sleep before heading to the hospital.

Cristy 1 year ago

Yay! THAT’S the right attitude, Evelyn! :)

Rachel Myers 1 year ago

I’ll be in my big soaker tub with bubbles, a HOT coffee and a slutty book!!!! Sept. 2nd can’t come fast enough!

Paige Gearhart 1 year ago

Loved it!!

Emily Craig 1 year ago

Hahahaha!!!! I want the shirt that says what happens at target stays at target !

Amber Nicole 1 year ago

I loved this! I still have babies at home though when my older kids go to school. No target party for Amber. Lol that is how my husband and I spend date night however!

a 1 year ago

Laid by the pool. Read a book.

Michele Lucchine 1 year ago

love every video they make! I work full time so I’ll never know what that feels like but I do go to target alone after bedtime, its a dream!!!

Amy Covey Gaudette 1 year ago

Just four more years…

Alice Pek 1 year ago

Teachers are on strike here so no back to school ahhhhh

Jessica Ottinger 1 year ago

3rd day back in school and this mommy went to Target.

Courtnay Vickie 1 year ago

Lol, love it

Masa 1 year ago

Feel ya sister.

Masa 1 year ago

I love how people put in so much effort to put others in their place. If you can’t see both sides, an online comment isn’t going to suddenly open your eyes. Has anyone seen White People Problems on SNL? As is life, everyone, on both sides of the mom spectrum and socioeconomic spectrum, have their BS to complain about that others can’t understand!

This one is a little less offensive to all of you uptight mamas. I will apologize in advance that there is a dad in the video to single moms and that there is a boy and girl in case you are upset that you didn’t get what you wanted. Also, they’re pretty attractive so to those not as good-looking, sorry. It’s really upsetting that they’re rubbing it in our faces!! 😉

Roseann 1 year ago

I think this was just meant to make people laugh!!! Not a debate between working moms ant stay at home moms :)

Susie 1 year ago

HAHAHAHHA! I think this video is soo funny! Yes, maybe this is a tad exaggerated, but too funny.

I have done both, SAHM and WM. For me, I gave up the big corner office and the climb up the corporate ladder to stay home and raise my own kids. Financially, wasn’t the smartest decision, but I sacrificed my own career for a much bigger investment in my own kids. Both boys were reading books by the age of 2!

Both are very hard jobs and us Mom’s have to stick together! Take the video at face value and just LAUGH people! Geez.

Shirley 1 year ago

I work at a preschool and first time mommies stay in the front offices and cry, while those dropping off their last kid run happily out the door and over to Starbucks and target too!

Rebecca 1 year ago

Not that I don’t love my kid. I’m just saying going to Target alone would be pretty spectacular….lol.

Rebecca 1 year ago

Oh. My. God. Why can’t I find women like these? All of my friends act like parenting is the best thing that’s ever happened to them and they never want to spend a second without their kids. I almost DIED watching this. Hilarious.

Evelyn 1 year ago

Me too, Courtenay – I’ve been dreading back to school time! But I can’t deny it, this video is hilarious. :)

Katie 1 year ago

This video was so so so funny! I laughed out loud and told all my friends about it. Hilarious! Thank you!!!

morrisonmama 1 year ago

Am I the only SAHM that sometimes feels inadequate that I don’t have a “profession?” Sure I love getting to sleep in during the summer and being the one to raise my kids instead of someone else. But there are times that I feel judged that I’m “only” a SAHM, like I couldn’t cut it in the real world. I do have a degree and I feel like it’s getting wasted, but at least on the flip side, I am happy not to miss these years when they are little. You will never get them back. Oh and I’m going to have a much needed dentist appt. the day my little one starts pre-school.

Think I will swing by Target for a minute though……

Rachel 1 year ago

Sam, (1) you clearly have NO idea what the majority of SAHMs do. (2) The very THING you are upset about (a RIFT between SAHMs and WMs) is also caused by moms like YOU! Most of the SAHMs I know don’t EVER feel they are better or holier than thou! I think YOU may be the issue here and it honestly sounds like a complex. When reading your first comment, I honestly felt sorry for you. You have a lot of bitterness and resentment and I am so sorry. I am so sorry that you were ever treated as if you were lesser because you work outside the home. There are challenges that SAHMs face and challenges that WMs face and they are just different. Neither is better nor worse. It’s all relative, too. Neither side should EVER think that one is better, harder, easier, etc. I am a SAHM and my bestie is a WM and I always tell her “I can’t imagine how hard it would be to do what you do” and she is always telling me “your job is WAY harder than mine.” So, the grass is always greener and we agree to admire each other! Just know that you are doing the BEST that YOU can possibly do as a mom and SO ARE THE REST OF US. That’s all we CAN do. But most importantly, as MOMS, we need to support each other and lift each other up (no matter SAHM or WM)! Not tear each other down for the different lifestyles we lead. Breastfeeding, formula, disposable diapers, cloth diapers, jarred food, homemade food, homeschooling, public school, private school– IT DOESN’T matter! What matters is that we LOVE our children to the BEST of our own abilities and help each other do that! SO, that being said, find some new friends (WMs AND SAHMs that don’t judge) and lighten up!

suze solari 1 year ago

laughed my arse off ‘most perfect back to school’ vid ever; kiddies back in school where they belong, yay!

Haley 1 year ago

Right on. I’ll be the one in classroom welcoming your kids.

I get this a joke, but I think it’s a not-so-funny one for many working moms.

Pam 1 year ago

I am a teacher so I never get to shop at Target alone!

a. O’block 1 year ago

This is classic example of “the grass is always greener” and possibly “keeping up with the Jones”.
Ladies, everyone does what they choose do to. And most of the time we don’t have a choice. Working isn’t easier, staying at home isn’t easier.. I’ve done both.. We ALL deserve time with girlfriends, a nap, shopping and going to the bathroom alone regardless of whether we work outside of the home or inside the home.. The video shows a celebration, the first day, week after school starts,, Get a grip!,

Angela 1 year ago

That was hilarious and so how it really is! Had me cracking up.

Maureen 1 year ago

So….I see many SAHM vs working mom comments. Have you ever considered working from home to those who are already working? I am a SAHM, a single-Mom, no child support, no extra income. But support my daughter and myself by working very hard at building my nutritional health business. Don’t be upset at someone else. If you want to change your situation, then do it. Don’t be hard on each other.. Fix you first. And it is possible, you just need to learn to get out of your own way and just to it.

Vicky ‘eeby’ Dimmock 1 year ago

As a working mom I just don’t understand how u cud poss have enough money to do this when me and my husband are both working and still struggle… :-( tis a great vid tho… Wish I could do this… If I’m honest I dunno what target is tho… We don’t have it in England…

Faith Belisle 1 year ago

This reminds me if my and my beat friend Meagan so much!!! Live it!!! You lady’s are Fabulous!!!!!!

Jenny 1 year ago

My youngest just started kindergarten and I was feeling sad to see her go… this video really made me laugh and boosted my spirits! Thank you!!!

A 1 year ago

I cannot believe how rude women can be to each other! I have been a SAHM and am currently now a WM and a single parent due to unforeseen life changes. What should be a fun and lighthearted video has been turned into a sad commentary on our society. Not every working mother chooses the path to work outside the home and not every stay at home mom loves every moment of that journey. The bottom line is we are all mothers. We all love our children with every cell in our being. Each of us feels guilty about choices we’ve made, second guess nearly every decision we make and how it will affect our children. We are sisters in motherhood and should be kind and supportive of each other regardless of whether we work outside the home, stay at home, or raise and love children that are not ours by birth.

Lm 1 year ago

I am a wm and I loved this video. I have felt some envy for sahm, but I am blessed to have a sah husband. People need to be confident in their own choices and respect others choices. I thought this was hilarious and made me want to plan a trip to Vegas, lol.

Btw, I would totally be doing a happy dance if I was home when school was back in. My husband sadly is bumming that his buddies are back in school. He enjoys being needed.

Bottom line, both situations have pros and cons. I am totally grateful that I can afford to have my husband stay home, but even that has trade offs in terms of my kids and my relationship. But it’s my arrangement and it works for us.

I wish wm all the best as her situation is tough, much tougher than mine. Your are doing all you can to give your family what they need, and it’s tough. I hope it gets better for you.

Amy Lyons 1 year ago

Where did I say anything about not enjoying alone time? I simply stated I’m excited for our adventures. I wasn’t able to stay home with them from the beginning, so I have a deep appreciation for what I’m able to do with them now. Sending them to a place for 40 hours a week just isn’t something I would personally enjoy, but I never passed judgement or a pompous attitude on anyone else. Stating one’s own feelings about something that differ from yours is neither pompous nor judgemental, just a different view.

Jen Connell 1 year ago

Errands, without kids… *sigh*

Laura Davis 1 year ago

Love it!

Carianne Ellsworth Hatch 1 year ago

No matter how much you love your kids this is still so true! Lol

Maria 1 year ago

This is hysterical! Everyone relax and just enjoy it for what it is. A silly video to make us laugh. No one is knocking SAHM or WM, it’s not meant to piss anyone off, it’s just funny.

Bridget C 1 year ago

Charlene, I hope you can get to know some people around where you live. It’s important to see other people and chat!!

Keri 1 year ago

Okay, I’m really surprised how bent out of shape some of these comments are. This was a light-heart video meant to make people laugh. If you bothered to look at who did this video ‘What’s Up Moms” on youtube you’d know that Elle is a work-from-home mom who has two kids (a preschooler and infant), Meg (the one that jumped the fence and sent her daughter off) has two kids and just had a baby and Brooke is also another crafty mom with a toddler. They just didn’t show any of the other kids for this particular video.

It was meant as a joke – like gee if I had the time to shop alone in Target, this is what it would be like.

I don’t know any mother SAHM or otherwise that would really act that way.

We ALL make sacrifices when we decided to become a mother. I’ve done both SAHM and work – I’m currently a part-time worker and I work my butt off as a merchandiser 3 days a week while my boys are in school. Yes it sinks to have to pay day care for those 3 days for my daughter, but I do what I need to do to take care of my kids and help support our family.

Life is what we make of it, and to quote a t-shirt I saw “if life gives you lemons, hey take it – free lemons!” :)

Patty 1 year ago

I LOVE this video!!!!!!! Fantastic job ladies!!! I would give more praises but I have to go take care of the pool boy, make my nail appointment on time, and buy a new bathing suit before my cruise. Hope to see ya’ll at the bank! :)

wendy 1 year ago

Ha we homeschool so I am with my kids all the time and LOVE it! I actually get to see them grow up and discover things and I am overjoyed to see those ah ha moments when something clicks and they have learned something new. I love watching my kids have a love for learning. Yes there is those days were we need our own space (thank goodness for homeschooling friends) But those are few and far between. I am not saying our lifestyle is for everyone but we love it and would not change being a close family for anything :)

SeeYaKiddo 1 year ago

This video makes you appreciate the little things in life. haha too funny!

Essie 1 year ago

I’m so excited, I have 5 kids never any alone time! So monday I am definitely going to Target for my first day of freedom. Wish I had some fun lady’s to go with me.

Vikki Reich 1 year ago

That made me laugh out loud. Seriously.

Elizabeth Shelton 1 year ago

This is so awesome. Absolutely awesome.

Tia 1 year ago

I’m a teacher so it was back to school for me too! That also means that I was not at home with 3 kids fighting. I got to have recess, lunch, and a little time after school in peace.

Vanessa Amsterdam 1 year ago

Michelle….there is something to be said about both WM & SAHMs. The reality of it is that as a SAHM you long for a mental break and that’s what the commercial is trying to poke fun at! The majority of us SAHM never get to go to Target alone…actually just going to the bathroom alone is a treat! Talking to an adult during the day would be heaven. As a WM you get a much needed break from the day in and day out of routine. The sacrifices I make to be a SAHM are probably not ones you are willing to make. Now that my kids are getting older and all their friends are taking vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld or Europe…or wherever – those are things we as a family sacrifice so I can stay home. Yes, it is all about choices. Choices to have children (in and out of wedlock), to be a single mom, to work or not work, to stay home & take care of your children or send them to daycare. All choices we make. If you’re not happy w/your choice by all means, fix it and stop dropping the ‘f’ bomb and blaming others for making a different choice than you did. As a SAHM, I give up a LOT to be able to pick up my kids from school & hear all about their day while it’s fresh. I love hearing all about their day. I don’t want to give that up. And giving up vacations & fancy cars is worth all that for ME. Going to every sports game & knowing their friends & being present in their lives is worth giving up all the luxuries that WM’s have – nice clothes, friends from work, nice cars, vacations…. Yes, I get tired too! I work tirelessly too. And, I complain…just like you do – we all do but at the end of the day I am so thankful that I am home with them and thankful I did not ever choose money and working over my children. I do not regret my CHOICE to stay at home.

Jess 1 year ago

I homeschool and this video was so good at explaining my inner most desires to shop alone I briefly considered enrolling them in school…..

Sharon Webb 1 year ago


Janery Barnes 1 year ago

Super cute video!!! I never fully appreciated this feeling until this year. After working (more than) full time for the last 16 years, I was finally able to make the career change to stay at home mom last April. I used to run my errands during my lunch breaks when I could enjoy solo, quiet time. After the first full summer at home with my kids, I can tell you stay at home parents don’t get lunch breaks to run non-kids-included errands. While I am extremely thankful I get to stay home and focus on my kids, I was just as extremely thankful to buy my groceries on Monday without my kids pulling on my buggy, adding additional items to the basket or my 10 year old saying “Momma” 5,000,000 in the hour long trip!!

Joyce Lewis 1 year ago

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would have enjoyed this more!

Angela Brightman Struebing 1 year ago

I heart Target alone.

Sharon 1 year ago

I will have your children….Monday. HAHA looking forward to it…missed the little buggers!

Mindy Johns 1 year ago

I miss my kids!

Anna 1 year ago

A bunch of us in the neighborhood went out to lunch and had a few lunch drinks

Sara 1 year ago

I work Mon-Fri (8-5) so my celebration isn’t as exciting as theirs :(
First day back was convincing a 1st grader that he had to get on the bus, dealing with a meltdown from my 2 year old on the way to daycare AND getting myself to work on time.

Ronda 1 year ago

I’m wondering where I can order my #solo tank top? Loved the video so much!!!

Anne 1 year ago

School is not a babysitter. If you didn’t want to spend time with your children why did you have them?

Kylie 1 year ago

Ha ha yes! I’m with ya!

Rebekah@TheGoldenGleam 1 year ago

We homeschool, too, and I think you can still enjoy your kids and enjoy your time alone when your kids are at school. I love being around my kids, but I feel like this when I have some time to shop by myself. Maybe, I need to invest in a boa and sparkly hat to celebrate alone shopping time. =)

Holly 1 year ago

Great video! Now you need to make one at the beach, because that’s what I really do with girlfriends and a little freedom and MAN is a day at the beach different without kids. 😀

Rebecca 1 year ago

Haha!! Great video!! :) I got to jog this morning without a stroller! It felt amazing 😉

Christy 1 year ago

Agreed! Love it when the schooled children vacate the campgrounds, beaches and vacation spots!! Then we can enjoy all those spots (nice warm weather still) with our family with no one but retirees and other homeschooled families around! 😉

Full Spectrum Mama 1 year ago

I had the same feeling – I will be relieved but only because actually working at work will be a heck of a lot easier than trying to manage kids while writing, editing and preparing for my work (teaching). Yes…must be nice…

Jane Doe 1 year ago

Sadly, because of the age of my kids I didn’t have any change in my regular day. Now my slacker boyfriend that has been complaining about them being home all summer said he pleasured himself on my sofa and watched porn.

Thanks, you are so gone!

stacy 1 year ago

I will probably workout in the morning after drop-off & then pool time all by myself!!

Sara Villarreal Padilla 1 year ago

Lol! I am so the Mommy sleeping on the couch in Target! 😉

bridgettecooper 1 year ago

I’m a ‘Nanny” now. But I told my daughter to do the same thing I did all day. you pay for it tomorrow but worth it. go back to bed, silence your phone, eat all the junk you can stand, , a nice soak in the tub and actually use the bathroom without children screaming ‘mommie’.” Have a great day and just so you know, it works a good day or 2, but again, worth it!

Anastaciya Maslov 1 year ago

LOL !! :)

Stacey 1 year ago

That was brilliant! This year I send my 7th child off to preschool. I’m throwing myself a party. Seriously. I’m inviting all my friends out to lunch to celebrate my liberation! What a funny video!!

Veronica 1 year ago

Seriously! I DREAD back to school because of traffic and how much LONGER my commute gets! I WISH I got a break like these other moms, must be nice! Go to the store alone!? HAHAHA! Only if I can manage to fight traffic well enough to do it on my lunch break, which equals, NO LUNCH!

Kim Styles Beaty 1 year ago

As a working mom, this video irritates me on so many levels. Sad this is how our generation of moms is viewed.

Crystal Hatch 1 year ago

Bahahaha, ladies, please tell me you’ve seen this… Brian N Cassie Bagomolny Shonta Tracy CarmenDebby

jennlw 1 year ago

Thank you! I was thinking the same thing! It is meant to be FUNNY, not JUDGMENTAL! But some people take everything the wrong way!

Briana 1 year ago

Geez, the commenters about SAHM vs. working moms need to lighten up. Same for the home schoolers who are “enjoying every minute” while their kids are young (does this mean you literally never want any alone time?). I work full time and my kids are in daycare even in the summertime. So, back to school doesn’t mean this for me either. Still, I think all moms can fully appreciate the joy of going to Target sans kids (especially the bathroom). My unsolicited advice- quit taking yourself so seriously, try to find commonality. Especially for working moms, it takes a village and we are all on the same team and should support each other. Try to have a laugh once in a while. It helps the working mom stress level. The end.

Heather McFarlane 1 year ago

Now that I’ve read through a few comments…… why the fuck does every fucking thing have to turn into a mommy war? Really people???

Heather McFarlane 1 year ago

School doesn’t start until September here in Canada. I already have a trip to Costco WITHOUT THE KIDS scheduled for the first day back. It’ll be awesome. It’s sad what excites me.

Paige Taylor 1 year ago

F-in Awesome.

Karla Bobadilla 1 year ago

My kids started school on Monday…I’ve been to Target twice in three days…this video is hysterical!

cara 1 year ago

Yes! It breaks my heart to see all the back to school stuff because it reminds me that most parents don’t want to be with their kids all day. Homeschooling for the win!

Sarah Tomlinson Ibanez 1 year ago

Angry full time working Moms…. pipe down. I get that you’re pissed feeling left out of this celebration. I’ve been there and worked both sides of the fence (full time working mom and stay at home), We all work hard and get no time to ourselves. Let’s just enjoy this great video! Brilliant!

Sarah Tomlinson Ibanez 1 year ago

Rad. Simply Rad. Well done, ladies! Love your stuff! What happens at Target stays at Target. Bwahaahaa!!!

Allison Stallings Duggan 1 year ago

hahahahah — zoo funny — BEST DAY EVER!!
I love the one taking a nap on the couch! LOL

Nicole Chavez-Moore 1 year ago


Karri Marie 1 year ago

Me too. And the mother.

Robin Logan 1 year ago

So true!!

Ellen 1 year ago

@ Amy – 100% agreed! 9th year homeschooling, and I love when public school kids go back – only because we can go to the beach with no tourists! That is our ‘not-back-to-school’ first day tradition. I love being with them and seeing as I have seen 4 graduate and move on – I’ll treasure the other 6 for as long as I can.
Have a wonderful year!!!

Ellen, NH

Jenn 1 year ago

I homeschool. So I don’t get to have that time unless I leave the kiddos with my hubby to go to the store. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Love the video!

momoftwins 1 year ago

HA! So me! Might add in a Pedicure though ! :0

Barrie 1 year ago

Too funny…I loved it! First day of school, I dropped off the kid and headed to the local coffee shop and sat for THREE hours reading a paper and drinking coffee. Then I went home and took a NAP. Pure happiness!

Amy 1 year ago

I am confused. I definitely appreciate the sentiment of enjoying errands kid free. But they are throwing aside diaper bags, giddy about not needing the changing table in the bathroom, and laughing at the lady with the stroller. I thought their freedom here in Target was because school had started. How does school starting free them from baby and toddler responsibilities? How young do kids start kindergarten these days???

Jo 1 year ago

I’m going to the movies!

Jessica Chedester Renner 1 year ago

I LOVE IT. I think my favorite part is the bathroom break 😉

Lindsey Olson 1 year ago

OMG lol!!

Deirdre Thomey Carlisle 1 year ago

This makes me bitter and jealous as a full time working mom. Boo

Alison 1 year ago

I have a few more years till i celebrate back to school. But i do celebrate when the little one is with grandparents for the day just like that! Love solo target shopping!

Suzanne @AndMyHouse 1 year ago

Last year I made popcorn and watched chick flicks! Woohoo!

Erin Evenson Zmuda 1 year ago

Love it!!

Jack 1 year ago

Dads can be like this too.

Heather Iram Faretra 1 year ago

Working. I’m a teacher :(

Judy @ Late Mommy 1 year ago

Mimosas or Bloody Marys!

Michelle Sweezey 1 year ago


Brit K. 1 year ago

This video made me laugh out loud because my best friend and I actually do go to Target after the kids are off to school the first day of the year. This is our third year doing it. :-)

Erika McDermott 1 year ago

Yes, but 5 days until my newborn arrives. Soaking up my freedom for now though.

Hope E Barker 1 year ago

Haahaa! 😉

Lauren Mikuls 1 year ago

Seriously… I heart target alone!

Kelly Hall Furgiuele 1 year ago


Rachael Hebert Pavlik 1 year ago

Four more days.. Lord Jesus, yes.

Heather 1 year ago

This.Is.Awesome! I LOVE it 😀

Leatrice Boncardo 1 year ago


Alyria 1 year ago

Caught up on Mad Men episodes:)

ScottCynthia Shepp 1 year ago

I still have a three year old at home lol. Still have a few more years. Having the older two at school is great though, as I work at home.

Raegan Kim 1 year ago

Must be nice, said the full time working mom

Gina 1 year ago

I went to Safeway!

Carolyn Shattuck 1 year ago

Am I the only one who rocks the cart back and forth even when I’m childless ?

Gigi 1 year ago

Although most of my trips to Target are alone now (mine is college age and doesn’t need or want to tag along); this was hilarious! I loved it.

Catherine Odom Hooper 1 year ago

I am homeschooling too and its funny how often I run into homeschooling friends at Target after 9 pm. Everyone – working, homeschooling, whatever – errands without kids is awesome.

Cassie Vorgang 1 year ago

Love it!!! So true:)

Laura Ferry 1 year ago

Target genius!

Lori Stover 1 year ago

Okay so in the spring when teachers are excited please remember this feeling, and do not tell me I knew what I was getting into. Yes I did but that does not mean I don’t enjoy a break , just like moms (and guess what I don’t really ever get a total break because I’ve got 3 kids at home) and maybe just maybe pick up a thank you for the teacher that took the kids off your hands.

Jessica Maka Rhodes 1 year ago


Vanessa Lane 1 year ago

How come going on vacation feels like work but going to Target without kids feels like a vacation? And I totally need the “What happens in Target stays in Target” shirt. #myfavoritestore

Shaina Adams 1 year ago

Unless you’re a teacher….

Jamie Garrison 1 year ago

That was great!!!

Michelle Wallace 1 year ago


Katrina Douglas Brubaker 1 year ago

I am not going to Target (like in the picture). I think I will go and that mani and pedi or massage (I need after doing a 1/2 ironman). I am certainly not doing any home chores or kid things or shopping errands.

Silvia Salazar Ale Urquieta 1 year ago


Jessica Josh Marek Pman 1 year ago

Three words: year round schooling

April Peters 1 year ago


Katy Ake 1 year ago

We all met for coffee at a local coffee shop.

Claudia Schink 1 year ago

Gosh!People stop being so freakin annoying!I work fulltime and i am so so so looking forward school start

Tammy Bailey Kovacs 1 year ago

#firstdayback as it is every year…coffee with 3 of my dearest friends at Panera or Starbucks and turns into several hours of girl time

Dede Toothaker Wolf 1 year ago

Awesome! Thank you I needed a good laugh!

Victoria McCorkindale 1 year ago

This is beyond awesome!!

Debbie Fite 1 year ago

Soo cute!

Beate Steuernagel 1 year ago

Getting a haircut and shopping. All alone. ✌️

Kaylee Edwards 1 year ago

Maan I really wanted a song to start and it never happened! Hilarious video tho 😉

Heather Stephens 1 year ago

Working lol

Amber Nicole 1 year ago

Our date nights are spent at Target. Lol

Elena Wishnack 1 year ago


Dulce De Abreu 1 year ago

Lol! Hilarious!

Madeleine Melcher 1 year ago

who didn’t have this planned? I’ve been twice already. *momma stay-cation* :)

Maritza Serentill Gonnelli 1 year ago

This was AWESOME!

Carrie Davis Segura 1 year ago

So cute. ..and true nothing better then just errands ALONE

Karen LM 1 year ago

I was certain it was a Target commercial.

Jamey 1 year ago

I took the most delicious three hour long nap and then got the house cleaned! I happened to be off the first two days of school. I blared my hair metal the whole time I was cleaning too. No one around bitching about it!

Sara Small 1 year ago


Jean Boguth 1 year ago


Karen Henderson 1 year ago

I love this! I am a wahm…school started today and I felt like this! Hubby was off so after a little working and a telephone meeting, we caught ground squirrels, took a jog, went to lunch, spent some ahem quality time together (twice), rented a movie…was soon nice! I know I’m damn lucky too. I worked outside the home while my older kids were younger and it was hard! Staying home is cake…I can’t call taking kids to the pool, exploring the woods, blowing bubbles, letting the toddler play in the sink while I cook, or catching up on my shows while folding laundry “work”, yet I still get reimbursement in the form of a house, car, clothes, food, vacations, etc. Hubby get clean clothes, hot meals, and lots of love in return for being a great provider doing a job he loves!

Shane O’Koon Shaps 1 year ago

Working without interruption!!!

Kimberly Headding Ravizza 1 year ago

This is pretty funny!

Kara Kranz 1 year ago

I’ll still be home with my 4 yr old while my son goes to 1st grade. But one is easy so it’ll be a breeze.

Lara 1 year ago

I will be hitting the gym!

Casie McCallum Cohagan 1 year ago

Love it

Lisa Marie 1 year ago

The possibilities are endless. I have no idea yet what I’ll be doing but IT WILL BE AWESOME!! :)

Sarah Burkhart Huffstetler 1 year ago

My kids are still too little but whenever I get time away this is exactly how I feel!!!

Michelle Nesheim Williams 1 year ago

Cute video! Lol. These ladies look like they need to leave the kids with dad more often and get out 😉 I work so no fun for me lol

Gretchen Dever 1 year ago

Someday this will be us Marie Metzler!

Gina Vona Kadlec 1 year ago

All you full time working moms who cant get their panties out of their ass to laugh… well you can suck it! Being a SAHM is not easy…. I spend most of my day driving kids to and from school and playing referee all day. Going to target alone or with a friend is better than Disneyland. .. especially right after school starts.

Buffy Noble-Molleson 1 year ago

Oh the bathroom alone. The change room alone. Just being alone. Lol.

Mariana Garcia Pontes 1 year ago

Omg! Yesss!!

Lucila Camarena 1 year ago


Jess Davenport-Burnette 1 year ago

I will be crying my eyes out her first day next week, I actually enjoy my kid being with me.

Chrisy Visconti 1 year ago

Good grief, some people take themselves so seriously! It is a video. It is funny. Laugh. You will feel better. I promise. :-)

Mary Ellen Failey 1 year ago

My yoga class was packed today . . . with back to school moms!

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

That was hilarious! I won’t be getting a chance to do this for at least 4years though.

I was a working mom who did some errands at my lunch time. It was so wonderfully freeing to shop without kids. Even with my limited time. Why does this have to be a debate between working and sahm? Some people are such downers!

Heather Cooper Alexander 1 year ago

Working Mom or Stay at Home mom either way going to Target without children is a vacation.

Cheryl Schadenfreude 1 year ago

A lot of us are full time working moms. This never happens for us. Ever.

Jenni Filipe 1 year ago

Made me laugh. Love the video. People need to find the humour in being a mom, lighten up and laugh

Tim Burton 1 year ago

Elle rules!

Jill Weyer Ross 1 year ago

OMG, this was HILARIOUS. I don’t care if you are a working mom or not. My kids are grown; I can go to Target alone whenever I want, but this NAILED those first feelings of liberation. (The pitying look at the woman with the stroller; trying on 20 items–yes, I’ve done both!)

Christina Hahn 1 year ago

Too funny

Christine Feeney 1 year ago

I have a newborn so…nursing! Lol

Krista N Kyle 1 year ago

haha omg yes

Amy Rossman Deich 1 year ago

This is awesome!!

Marleen van Zuijlen 1 year ago

Not a thing! Well maybe get up for a cup of coffee, and enjoy the silence :-) :-)

Sarah Ledgerwood 1 year ago

This was too funny! My older daughter just started kindergarten and it’s been a little bit easier to get things done and do errands with only my one year old in tow. I do get excited when it’s time to pick #1 up though. I miss her for those few hours! :)

Wanda Clark 1 year ago

I am getting a hair cut and cleaning my own bedroom because currently it makes the average episode of HOARDERS look like a 4 Star resort.

Mika Lawson 1 year ago

I am a stay at home mom and I have never set foot in a target. We live a frugal life yo be able to afford me doing so. No affordable daycare options for 14 yr special needs child.

Marisa Lott 1 year ago

Moose hunting while kids are in school, thinking about picking up welding or going to beauty school

Tania Leigh 1 year ago

When both my kids are in school, I will be looking for a job. I may enjoy the first few days!!!

Tania Leigh 1 year ago


Heather Abundis 1 year ago

Going to work…kinda dreading back to school and all the additional stuff I have to cram into evenings again.

Jamie Gore 1 year ago

“What happens in Target stays in Target” LOL. I want that shirt!

Kate Burnham 1 year ago


MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago

I think this screen grab really says it all LOL WOOOHOOOO!

SaeMi Kim 1 year ago

Sleeping….mani-pedi. …and a whole lotta me me me. I’m so thrilled its really sad…NOT!

MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago


Sandi 1 year ago

Great video but some of us have to work outside the home… So first day back to school is just a change in figuring out Monday-Friday logistics; carpooling drop offs pickups and childcare… I wish I could take time off from work to go to target in the middle of the week alone… ):

Rebecca Chadwick 1 year ago

Mine are still too little for school and I am homeschooling. Target after dark is where its at.

chill 1 year ago

Loved it too! Soooo spot-on. Must go to Target now. Alone.

Vicky ‘eeby’ Dimmock 1 year ago

Erm going to work… must be nice.. to be able to afford not to work…

Amy Lyons 1 year ago

Enjoying my children and the experiences we get to share together in our homeschool adventures! They’re only young once, so I’ll treasure this while it lasts!

Courtenay Cicchino 1 year ago

What am I doing the first day back? Going to work

Bridget Traviolia Hagspihl 1 year ago

This is why there is such a riff between SAHM and Working Moms

Billie Jean Munn 1 year ago

Hahahaha!!! This is great!

Veronica Arends 1 year ago


Amy Snipes Jennings 1 year ago

School is back in which means I am back at work! Also, since the biggest is in PreK now I don’t have the option to run to the store alone unless I want to pay for after school care. But, one less daycare bill means that I can spend a little more when I do get to sneak to Target by myself.

Dana Couture Croce 1 year ago

This is fantastic!!! Can’t wait for the first day of school, mani/pedi and a Hoffman’s Ultimate In & Out Carwash for this mommy!!

Alesha Bartlett Dorin 1 year ago

Sigh. I will be working (from home), but…I will so enjoy my solid 15 minutes of quiet on my break and no one busting into my home office wanting more juice while I’m on the phone. Heaven!

Bunny Jolly 1 year ago

That was awesome. I went to the store alone on the first day too. I didn’t need anything just went because I could…alone.

Courtney Owens 1 year ago


Kristin VanderHey Shaw 1 year ago

That was TOO FUNNY. The mom taking a nap in Target had me cracking up.

Charlene Flores 1 year ago

I wish more than anything I could get out of this house! I don’t drive thanks to a phobia and my guy works. So stuck at home as usual I’ll still be. I will enjoy the silence and the ability to clean, eat and exercise alone!

Jennifer Anne Weedon 1 year ago


Dustiney Laizure 1 year ago

It almost saddens me how much I appreciate this video. Ha!

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

Nannies feel like this too. Next year he’ll be in first grade and gone all day! I can do stuff without him bugging his sister and causing mayhem for a few hours a day now, but in a year me and the little one will be partying at target constantly.

Eileen Hennessy Leger 1 year ago

Hilarious !!!

Alina Hake 1 year ago

This was awesomely funny

Samantha Dyvig-Rothschell 1 year ago

I walked around Target, actually.


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