Going Back to School: The 1970s vs Today


Back to School, 1970s

1. Take the kids downtown to go shopping at Sears for back to school clothes the last week of August. Get everyone a new pair of corduroys and a striped tee shirt. Buy the boys a pair of dungarees and the girls a pair of culottes. No, Jennifer, you can’t have that orange and red poncho. Promise you will crochet her a better one with much more fringe. Get the girls a package of that rainbow, fuzzy yarn they like in their hair. You are done. You have spent a total of $43.00. Now take everyone to the Woolworth’s lunch counter for grilled cheeses and chocolate milk.

2. On the night before the first day of school (that would be the Sunday night after Labor Day, of course, you know, mid-September) throw the kids in the way back of the station wagon and drag them downtown to Eckerds, K-Mart, Ames, Dollar General, Drug Fair or the like and hurry them over to the back-to-school area to pick out a lunchbox. Make sure to tell them get a move on because you don’t have all night for them to make a damn decision. They need to get in bed by eight and yes, they’re going to miss the Wonderful World of Disney if they can’t decide between The Fonz and Dukes of Hazzard. Good Lord, why is it so hard for them to pick? Tell Kimberly if she can’t make up her mind between Holly Hobbie and The Bionic Woman then you’re going to pick Pigs in Space and you don’t want to hear another word about it until June. Grab a composition book for each of them and a pack of pencils too. That’s all they need. Remember to save some grocery bags so they can cover their textbooks with them after the first day of school.

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3. Buy yourself a pack of Virginia Slims on the way out and smoke three of them on the way home.

4. Get up in the morning and make yourself a cup of Sanka with Sweet ‘n’ Low. Line up all the lunchboxes on the formica counter top in your kitchen. Open up a bag of Wonder Bread and do this assembly line style.
bologna5. Spread yellow mustard on bread. Slap bologna on bread. Unwrap American cheese slices and put on top of bologna. Put top on the sandwich and wrap sandwich in tin foil or wax paper. Put it in the lunchbox. Every kid gets the same exact lunch. Period.

6. Alternate sandwich choices could include: Peanut butter and grape jelly, peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, the end of last night’s leftover roast beef or the ever popular with children tuna fish with large chunks of onions and celery and Miracle Whip.

7. Put some Planter’s Cheese Balls into a baggie and close with a twist tie.

8. Take Twinkies out of the box. Put one in each child’s lunch box.


9. Fill thermoses with either Kool-Aid or whole milk.

10. Include a red delicious apple even though you know that damned apple is just going to come home uneaten again, which is fine because you can keep adding the same one until it practically rots.

11. Close the lunchboxes. You’re done. Go put some Barry Manilow on the record player and celebrate that your kids are out of the house until dinner time. They’ll grab them, along with a frosted, dutch apple Pop-Tart on the way out the door as they walk a half mile down the road to get to the bus stop.

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Back to School, 2014

1. Take five deep breaths and say a positive affirmation. School begins in two weeks. It is the middle of July. Don’t worry, you still have time to order BPA-free bento boxes and authentic Indian tiffins made with special stainless steel that did not involve any child-labor, sweat shops or animal cruelty. Remember, you have Amazon Prime. You can get the free two day shipping and you will have plenty of time to read reviews and make this very important decision because your kids are in summer “camp” which is actually just another word for school in the summer because OH MY GOD you were so tired that day you had to have them home all day with you and you couldn’t go to your restorative flow class at yoga. And that was also the day something went terribly wrong with the homemade glitter cloud dough recipe that was supposed to go in their sensory bin and the very same day that they were out of soy milk at Starbucks and you had to immediately email corporate to let them know that duh, they should actually be selling almond milk and/ or coconut milk. Get with it Starbucks. Soy is so 90s. Ugh, but you digress. The tiffin. The bento boxes…

2. One Week Later: The bento boxes and tiffins have arrived. So has your childrens’ school’s annual list of school supplies that you must purchase and deliver. It is three and a half pages long. It includes a ten pound bag of flour and several cleaning products and also requests a Costco-sized package of toilet paper.


3. Begin frantic online search for backpacks and school bags made from all natural materials yet still “cool.” Have them monogrammed.

4. Take kids shopping at the mall for new school clothes. Buy them each a completely new wardrobe from Gymboree and Crew Cuts. Spend $2,387.07 on your credit card.

5. Take children to the child psychologist to prepare them mentally for the difficult transition to a new grade, new teacher and new classroom.

6. Intently study the allergy list the school has sent you which lists all the items that other children in your children’s classes are allergic to and thus cannot be sent in your child’s lunch either. This is extremely stressful because the last thing you (or anyone) wants to be responsible for is sending a second grader into anaphylactic shock. Make notes on your phone so you can remember what not to buy when you go to Whole Foods.

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7. Purchase school supplies for your children. Not to be confused with the 3 1/2 page list of classroom supplies you are also responsible for. They will need paper, pens, folders, notebooks, a calligraphy set, fifteen new apps for their tablets, a graphing calculator, a scalpel, an electron microscope and a centrifuge.

8. Go to Whole Foods to shop for school lunch items. This will take 4 hours and 15 minutes because you have to read every single label to make sure you are purchasing organic, locally sourced, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergy friendly products. You come home with tahini, bananas and a package of brown rice cakes. You somehow spent $76.19.


9. The night before the first day of school prepare the bento boxes. Fill containers with organic, local strawberries intricately cut into the shapes of sea creatures. Include homemade, nut-free granola made with certified gluten-free oats. Make a sandwich on vegan hemp bread out of tahini, kale and jicama. Form it into the shape of your child’s favorite Disney character. Make flowers out of non-dairy cheese slices, olives and seaweed. Photograph the finished Bento Box and post it to Instagram.

10. Write your child an encouraging note which includes an inspirational quote.

11. Include a sheet of stickers for good measure.

12. Fill a Siig bottle with filtered water and also include a box of chilled coconut water in the Bento Box because children can never be too hydrated. Ever.

13. Blog about this experience. Pray it goes viral and is picked up by HuffPo.

14. Get up at 4AM on the first day of school. Make first day of school signs for each child to hold as you photograph them on the front step. Make a bunting to hang above the front door. Blow up balloons. Actually, go ahead and make a full on back to school photo booth.


15. Make pancakes in the shape of the letters of the alphabet.

16. Dress kids in coordinated outfits and spend 35 minutes posing and photographing them (with your phone).

17. Load everyone into the car to drive them to school.

18. When they are safely in their new classrooms, return to your car to cry for the next 20 minutes. But it’s okay, really. You’ll be back in six hours to pick them up and drive them to Synchronized Swimming, Cello and Urdu classes this afternoon.

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About the writer


Victoria Fedden is a writer, mother, remedial yogi and occasional English teacher from Fort Lauderdale, Florida who loves mornings, cats, fluffy pillows, big mugs of strong coffee and sordid literature. She has a passion for finding the magic in everyday life and believes her life’s purpose is to use her words and her experiences to bring hope and to let people know that, yeah, we’re all pretty crazy and you know what? We’re going to be okay in spite of it. Victoria is the author of the humorous memoirs Amateur Night at the Bubblegum Kittikat and Sun Shower: Magic, Forgiveness and How I Learned to Bloom Where I Was Planted. She blogs at victoriafedden.com. Please visit her facebook page for updates, inspiration and excerpts from upcoming projects.

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Twinky Otis 3 days ago

Fabulous and so true!!!!

Gwenth 1 week ago

The joys of home schooling: Buy clothes through the year as they wear them out/outgrow them. Create your own curriculum for practically nothing (seriously I spent less than $30 this year) using the internet and a couple of text books from amazon. Spend about $30 on paper, pens, folders for each subject, etc.
Put in a lot of work and time through the year planning and teaching, but save thousands.

Dick Swank 1 week ago

So –Sooooooo True!!!!!!

Ann 1 week ago

It also could have said…after taking all the first day pictures on your phone immediately post them on Facebook, exclaiming what wonderful, amazing children you have! I taught in the 1970s and now. Yes things have changed!

Vonnie 1 week ago

I’m sure someone has already mentioned that you’re not supposed to put your children’s names on their backpacks because pedophiles, who are EVERYWHERE, will be able to lure them easier.

And calm down, Fran and everyone else feeling the obligatory outrage because outrage. It’s supposed to be satirical. Oh, right, having a sense of humor is another thing that has disappeared since the 70s. Where are my Virginia Slims? I’m gonna smoke while I watch reruns of Dukes of Hazz…oh, right.

Mary Hurley 1 week ago

zoh Lord did I enjoy this! I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face!!! My children asked several times if I was laughing or cying! Brilliant depiction of thencand now!!!

Lynn 1 week ago

You nailed it! Life was so much easier in the 70s.

Barbara 1 week ago

So true. We need to chill. I’m more a 70 Mom so my kids don’t expect the 2000’s as much as some. Thank goodness they are more layed back about “things”. I wouldn’t be able to deal!

Jeni 1 week ago

This story is fun and campy! Made me miss easier times and wish people today could relax.

Heather 1 week ago

I’m crying laughing. Thank you

mama 3 months ago

I dislike having to send my child in with neutral folders so they can be contributed to everyone. My child wants to pick out fun, original things but we are mandated that everyone must have the exact same thing.

Also, to teachers who CONSTANTLY complain about their pay, lets not forget that you’re only working 200 +/- days a year. You get many summer weeks off, 2 weeks at Christmas, another at Spring break, and every holiday in between. You also work shorter days than most professionals. You can’t seriously expect your pay to match those in the business world who work all year with 2 weeks off. Also,you chose this profession…you could easily have gone into another field but this was your choice. You knew you weren’t going to get rich, so stop bitching about it ALL.THE.FREAKING.TIME.

Cathy 4 months ago

Best. T-shirt. Idea. Ever. !!

Fran 7 months ago

Wow, the HATE in this article is so strong you can feel it. How many people do you think are shopping at gymboree and whole foods? Do YOU shop there and spend $2,000 on clothes? The reason for the allergy thing is obviously because there were issues with kids getting sick. I agree on the amount of money parents have to spend, but that’s because REPUBLICANS gut Education every chance they get. Chris Christie cut education and then told a teacher if she didn’t like paying for supplies to stop being a teacher. Yeah that’s the solution for our system that’s 32nd or worse in the world. Also, what do you have against pictures? Although people do take a lot these days, but is a visual memento of your kids childhood a bad thing? Try not to be so bitter, jaded and angry and you can enjoy life a whole lot more. You ARE a scary mommy.

Joany 7 months ago

I agree with you, why should we hard working parents have to buy bulk supplies for the entire classroom? I have one kid, but I must send an arsenal of supplies? I think some teachers really over estimate what their room will need. I’ve volunteered in my child’s class before and saw gross misuse of supplies by students and the teacher said nothing.

Oh, to the comment by another poster: You state we should “appreciate the caring & generous people who nurture, love & teach your child every day”, I promise you, none of those loving, caring, altruistic teachers would be there if it were not for their PAY.

Juleigh 8 months ago

Unfortunately a lot of moms do. Some of it is more about one-upping than it is about the kid’s best interests. I try to avoid parents like that!

Juleigh 8 months ago

I totally agree with you. Some things would be so much better if we could go back to the unpretentious way of doing things. I was a child of the 70’s and I remember it fondly.

frugals 9 months ago

Interesting story and so true!

jessica 11 months ago

I was a kid of the 80s my sisters were 70s but this sounds so familar haha. We each got a new outfit and shoes. Glittery pensils and Lisa frank notebooks. Mom wrote our name on EVERYTHING. Pbj sandwichs every once in a while mom would treat with a lunchable. Now you can’t write your child’s name on the stuff cause your child probably won’t even use it. You buy the good crayons but your child ends up with the cheap off brand crap crayons. You buy the special soy peanut butter that the school approved but STILL get notes sent home. I started adding a note “to whom it may concern, this is NOT peanut butter.” And homework is hell.

Lucy 11 months ago

this isn’t true, my back to school is more like the “70’s”, I don’t spend that money, it’s all a lie!!!

Parthenia I. Dilday 11 months ago

At this time I am going to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast
coming over again to read additional news.

M.P.McDonald 11 months ago

Maybe there’s something wrong with me because my daughter’s 2014 is pretty much the same as my 1970. Started the day after Labor Day here. Only a few differences like substitute Kohl’s for Sears. –reused the backpack from last year so no need to buy a new one. Spent about $100.00 on clothes, but that included new shoes. Even the lunch is pretty much the same.

Maybe the above is how the rich do back to school?

Laurie 11 months ago

Yup, I was thinking Pee Chees too. If I was really lucky, I would be able to get one of those folders that I could elaboratly color with a package of markers. Those looked so cool. Until my arm got a little sweaty carrying them.

Rose 12 months ago

Wow. Reading the comments and can’t stop laughing at all of you fighting. My goodness, we all went to school with pencils and notebooks. That’s it. So forgive me for thinking my child’s hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies is excessive. Tissues? Really? When I was a kid my mother gave me the little pack of tissues in my backpack. Now I have to supply the classroom? And oh my goodness, we would go to the bathroom (down the hall!! Not IN the classroom!!) if we needed to wash our hands. It was tragic, a travesty, I tell you! and yet we all survived. Sigh…

ValariAnne 12 months ago

I’m not making light of allergic reactions but I’m still wondering – how did the kids with allergies survive when I was growing up? I wouldn’t eat anything BUT PB&J sandwiches – EVERY DAY – I was one of those picky eater kids. No one ever told us we couldn’t have this or that because a classmate couldn’t have it. I grew up in a very small town – definitely would know if anyone had a serious allergic reaction and no one ever did. So how is it that nowadays entire classrooms are expected to cater to ONE child’s allergies? Could it be that in my time kids with allergies were taught to be responsible for themselves? And not impose their health problems on the other children?
I’m just sayin’ . . . how is it that this was never a problem back then but now it’s a HUGE SERIOUS ISSUE now?! Maybe it’s high time we got back to everyone being responsible for their own selves and if someone has an allergy or health issue and has to do without certain things or be more careful they better get used to dealing with it. Rather than having every one else deal with it.

ValariAnne 12 months ago

Seriously, your expected to cater to every other kids allergies? That is ridiculous!! There were kids in school with allergies when I was growing up and we weren’t told what we could and couldn’t eat because someone else had an allergy. And I don’t ever remember anyone going having a serious allergy episode!!
So how is it all those kids survived the school year?
It’s all part of the “every one else is responsible for me” attitude we have somehow gotten into the habit of. Back then if you had an allergy you were taught to stay away from whatever it was you were allergic to instead of making an ENTIRE classroom responsible for YOUR health problems.
Thank god I’m not a parent today!! There is NO WAY I would accept this nonsense!

Not a Teacher 12 months ago

Insight: the reason students are asked to bring their own dry erase markers (which are for their own use, when they go to write something on the board) is that they won’t put the caps back on the markers if they’re community property that remain in the tray after use. So they are constantly drying out. If the markers are their own property, it’s hoped they will be a little more conscientious. That only works if their own parents enforce a respect for resources at home, which is not universally the case. The same thing happens if the classroom supplies things like pencils and erasers instead of requiring students to bring their own: every day the trash can is full of pencils snapped in half and erasers creatively dismembered or impaled. The thoughtful among us might recognize this as a symptom of a larger problem and a warning for the future.

Lee 12 months ago

So funny! I had the Holly Hobbie lunch box but rarely used it. My mother would leave 3 piles consisting of a quarter and dime on the kitchen table so we could buy school lunch. Yup, lunch was 35 cents, except on Friday pizza days when we could get a second slice for another dime and then there would be a quarter with two dimes. We had to tell our teacher in the morning if we were going to purchase lunch and if we wanted that extra slice. Of course if it was a Tuesday or a Thursday, we had the option of chocolate milk vs. plain! Very often school lunch dessert was peanut and raisins served in a little cup. No one went into anaphylactic shock.
Back to school shopping consisted of a pair of Nikes, Levi’s “dungarees”, corduroys, a pair of Dickies khaki pants, a couple of turtlenecks and one Fair Isle sweater to be embroidered with our initials. We would have to sweat it out for the last few weeks of September until it got colder in October. Of course after the first day of school we would then realize that we desperately need Gloria Vanderbilt and/or Calvin Klein jeans and would beg our parents for them right up until Christmas when, if we were lucky, they became our “big” gift.

Jennifer 12 months ago

No, they don’t. This article is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think I did one damn thing on the 2014 list, nor do I know ANYBODY like that.

Robyn 12 months ago

I knew in childhood that I was deprived. I never got a Twinky in my lunchbox. LOL. (enjoyed the post very much)

holly 12 months ago

Sorry. Not in my house. I shopped last years end of season clearances. The kids get school lunch free in our district so they get whatever the school is making. I was an 80s kid. Fun read.

Andrea 12 months ago

I had a Flipper lunch box, but we never got bologna or white bread. My dad was an early health food guy, and at the time I hated it because I got teased for my lunch with fruit, nuts and whole wheat bread sandwhiches. My mom also used to pack hard boiled eggs, and more than once she mixed up the cooked with the raw and I ended up with a raw egg which I cracked on my friend’s head one time. Of course I was mortified. Funny now! LOVED RIDING IN THE WAY BACK and took a family vacation to Mexico in the 70’s riding back there the whole time.

Bmad 12 months ago

Love the humor but you missed the biggest point.. The parents of today were the kids of the 70s (I’m one!) Why did they get so crazy? What’s the connection? The kids didn’t change, the parents did. It goes back to our baby Boomer parents … Aka.. “America’s most spoiled.” I’d Love to hear an analysis of the generational influence starting with them… No one has the guts.

Tiffany 12 months ago

WOW – I can see a lot of the above comments got very off topic. But on the other hand I am a mom today and I loved this post! I also loved the comments about riding in the back seat of the station wagon facing the other way! Been there and done that!

Love 12 months ago

In the bio box at the end of the article: Victoria Fedden is a writer, mother, remedial yogi and occasional English teacher from Fort Lauderdale, Florida….She blogs at http://www.widelawns.blogspot.com

Guests posts are frequently found both here and on the authors’ original blogs.

C Jennings 12 months ago

Our pickup truck had a wood bed. When all the kids in the neighborhood rode in the back to the pool at the highschool, we had to sit on our towels to keep from getting splinters in the backside of our bathing suits.

Rachel 12 months ago

Sigh… I’m such a failure as a 21st century mom. Someone send me back to the 70’s!

Bt 12 months ago

EXCUSE ME? 40K/yr for an easy degree may seem like plenty, and the degree may be easy compared to something like biochemical engineering, but THE job is far from easy. Who has to deal with your overactive, highly disruptive 6 year old FOR 9 HOURS A DAY? But a teacher sure can’t disciple them, obviously, as it might hurt their feelings, and yeah, get the school you work for slapped with a lawsuit. Then when your disruptive six year becomes a whiny little 13 year old who does whatever he/she wants because, well, he/she’s never been told no, god help THE TEACHER. Is told to stop talking? Won’t happen. Do their homework? Doubtful. Then when your precious kid is failing the class, whose fault is it? Somehow, THE TEACHERS. But you can’t fail the kid, because well, “it will fuck up their future” and yes, negatively effect the teacher. By the time your shit kid enters high school, they are barely scraping by. Their parents buy them everything they want or need, and their passing their classes, so yeah, life is pretty good. FOR THEM. Not for the teacher, who can’t get them to pay attention, can’t get them to stop texting, can’t get them to focus. And when evals come around (and they always do), it blows back up in the teachers face.

Since you think a teacher is so overpaid, become a teacher. After all, it’s so fucking easy, right? And you’d clearly are making more than you’re worth.

Before you procreate (and I certainly hope you haven’t), remember that kids will waste all of your money, resources, time and energy, and you won’t get nothing out of it. You’ve clearly lead a very privileged life, and honestly, I do not think you’re ready for responsibility it takes to be a parent to someone.

Pam 12 months ago

This is spot on and hysterical!

Sean Dew 12 months ago

See here is the thing, all of these extra supplies aren’t for your children they are usually pooled together for other peoples children, while schools are using state and federal funds for socially relevant projects(read Communistic) you are expected to make up the difference. This is the result of allowing 60’s leftists take over our education system … Wow this should be in Ripply’s Believe it or Not.

Sarah H 12 months ago

What the heck is a Bento box? I was born in the 1980s and have no clue about this 2014 crap lol

Ona 12 months ago

Uhh, what’s bad about a slightly browned apple? It’s not bad to eat. It doesn’t change anything but appearance. And you’re too lazy to do a 3 minute thing like cut up an apple that would give your kid something healthy to eat that she likes? Try a little harder for her health’s sake.

Ona 12 months ago

Well, see if that’s true in the year they are all supposed to turn 70…the bad eating habits catch up to you sooner or later. Try not feeding your kids junk every day for lunch and teaching them bad eating habits. I mean, you do realize obesity is a problem that increases every year because of bad choices like the ones in the 70s list, right (I mean seriously, both a twinkie AND cheese doodles every day for lunch)? This is like a smoker acting as though because he’s healthy now, he always will be. Shocker! – He won’t be.

Ona 12 months ago

What happened to us?

We learned that giving kids junk every day will cause bad eating habits and obesity. Seriously, the same overprocessed high fat sandwich every day, with a twinkie, cheese doodles, and kool-aid? With all the people saying, “I’m survived!” I’m here amazed that any of you did. Try some actual fruit and vegetables for a change…

Ona 12 months ago

Yeah, exactly. All these people laughing and saying, “See, I survived!” are pretty much already acknowledging that their childhood lunches were absolute garbage.

Seriously though, the same thing every day for lunch? Unless it’s a salad that’s not healthy in the least. And sometimes not even for salad. A balanced diet is key. I bemoan all the years my parents gave me junk for lunch. It taught me abysmal eating habits that I have taken a long time to undo as an adult.

jeanne MONaco 12 months ago

This picture was a flash back to 1970 on my street in Hingham, ma. very funny. brown lunch bag vs. pb back pack monogrammed

TC 12 months ago

I Miss the 70’s This was So Exact for the times. Life was Much Better, slower paced and Actually fun back then. Pledge Allegiance, Morning prayer & at least 3 recesses. What has happened to our School System? :(

Absolutely Prabulous 12 months ago

Love love! Am definitely not a 1970’s mum but oh my good grief, the modern day one: REALLY?! The BPA-free food containers and the stainless steel etc, alright because there IS so much dangerous low quality plastic flooding the market and no it’s not paranoia. But the PANCAKES IN THE FORM OF LETTERS and DISNEY CHARACTER SANDWICHES? I know it’s just a funny post but there are women who do this. Bless their cotton socks as we Brits say… I guess I just don’t love my kids enough then! And the day I put bunting and balloons up, someone punch me in the face.

Janine @minkandmanure 12 months ago

Seriously laughing out loud at this! I would love to go back to bologna and ponchos…

Martha 12 months ago

I have worked in the public school system as an elementary school secretary/bookkeeper for almost 20 years. I make $18.00/hr. I am contracted to work 7.5 hrs. a day for 205 days a year. However, I work 9.5 hours a day from 6:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. I eat lunch at my desk most days. However because there is so much to do I work 20 days for FREE.
I have to be trained to give medicine for students with ADHD, seizures, diabetes, allergies, etc., I clean up students who have messed in their pants, clean bloody noses, knees, arms, and legs, and vomit.
I have to put the substitute teachers in our online substitute system and make sure they are at school by 7:10 a.m. I keep track of sick/personal days for all faculty staff and complete the payroll. I get audited every year on three different school budgets. I do all the ordering for the school and pay the bills, answer phone calls, greet parents,
The best part of my job is to have our 1st and 2nd grade students come to my office as a reward. They want to show me how well they are reading. It is so fulfilling to see how proud and excited they are. Many of our students do not get the help they need at home.
I volunteer with the PTO sponsored programs after school. Why do I do all this? I do it for our students and teachers. We have an awesome school and many parents who move to our rural area want to enroll their students at our school – many who will drive 30 minutes or more to come to us for out of district enrollment. Our teachers and staff truly care for our students and do their best to make sure each child learns – regardless of income or race.. We are the top rated school in our district and we have 65% of students on free/reduced lunches.

Cindy G 12 months ago

I am laughing so hard at this comment!

Becky 12 months ago

Oh my goodness! This is so true. Nailed it. Hate to join in a previously heated discussion, but…in the 70s my supply list included red pens, pencils, tissues, and maybe even TP, clear. back. then. So…It must vary according to individual school districts. Station wagon? Yes! Best vacations EVER! coloring and playing cards or napping without seat belts etc.My kiddos repeatedly comment they wish we could go back to “the way it was” when their father and I were growing up. Is that sad or what? Children wanting times to be the way they used to be. Thanks for the laughs. Can’t wait to share.

Cokia 12 months ago

We use the pringles cans for storage–for the 48 pencils.^^

Michael 12 months ago

Depending on the grade level, some teachers use peer review as a means of teaching some lessons. The red pens and markers may be for students to use when reviewing the work of others.

Whitney 12 months ago

that’s where i went to school since kindergarden all the way up to 8th grade. it was great. school uniforms and get your lunch as school.

Whitney 12 months ago

How i get my school supplies and make my school lunches:
1.Spend quite a bit on clothes all summer long
2.Go to (boarding) school and on saturday go in the town, go to the 1euro store, and spend 20 euros on school supplies. Such as, pencils, notebooks, lined paper, binders, and pens.
3. Make a lunch every school night and stick it in the fridge to grab for the next day. Lunch is pretty much ALWAYS sandwiches.

Paula 12 months ago

I found this so ‘dead-on’ that I had to comment. I am a granny raising two grandchildren and the differences between now and then is UNBELIEVABLE. But I think it is more about how the parents want things then it is about the kids. Kids don’t really care about all that stuff. But parents want to be the one who has the kids that has the ‘best’ of everything. I think it is time to rebel and not do what everyone else is doing. And I am so over hearing about the poor teachers who don’t make enough money. Find another job if it isn’t enough money. I would love to make $26-35,ooo a year and have all the summers, Christmas vacations, school breaks and weekends off. I think for the 180 days of actual school they make pretty good money!! Just my humble opionio

Maeve Steinert 12 months ago

I am a principal’s secretary in New York City making NOWHERE NEAR that amount of money. I don’t know where you live but, I will move myself to wherever that is and be delighted to work in your school district making big bucks like that.

Jae 12 months ago

what kind of miserly privileged shit…

Kim Lane 12 months ago

Hilarious and oh so true! I remember my mom scrambling to make sure we had 6 cents for milk money…chocolate was 10 cents…because we could no longer take thermoset to school because one broke inside and a kid drank the glass and died. So they said. Spot on

Mark 12 months ago

We used to call it the back back.

Mark 12 months ago

We had glass thermos bottles. And you knew at lunch if someone couldn’t get the top off, the glass had probably broken.

Anita Czach 12 months ago

My parents had that car too, affectionately referred to as “the green tank.” At 17, I often drove it to school and, at the coach’s request, often piled in several members of the cross-country team after school to go to practice at the cross-country course. No parent permission needed a no one worried about lawsuits.

Melissa 12 months ago

Omg, the only reason its so difficult in 2014 is that you’re spoiling them rotten. Knock it off. No wonder so many kids are so entitled now adays.

Jane 12 months ago

Teachers make plenty. 40K for an easy 4 year degree is hardly underpaid.

darlene gillett 12 months ago

how many times, i’d get to work to get called that i had to pick one up because of vomiting

darlene gillett 12 months ago

so glad those days are over. How many times, i’d get to work, to be called telling me one of the boys were ‘vomiting’ and in the nurses’ office, please come pick them up

Carolyn Wallace Crenshaw 12 months ago

I was that scary Mom. You forgot to add tennis shoes aka BOBOs.

marchie 12 months ago

The dry erase markers that are requested on my supply list are for the children to use. They each have a small white board at their desk to use. I purchase my own markers for “teacher use”, as they school does not supply those for me.

kt 12 months ago

So sad that after reading a really fun, tongue-in-cheek (with large bits of truth!), piece of light entertainment we have to have so many less than fun, serious and downright mean comments attacking other people. Can’t we even jokingly reminisce and make fun of ourselves without bickering and becoming so aggressive and defensive? Thank you for the laugh Victoria! I’ll skip the comments next time.

Julie 12 months ago

My only issue with this is I’m pretty sure there was no Dollar General in the 70s. Ever. 😉

Sean Harry 12 months ago

Pee Chees. Don’t forget the Pee Chees.

Charlot 12 months ago

Yes! Please deliver me from the horrid 2000’s! What a nightmare.

Heather 12 months ago

Gosh I thought that 2014 list of school supplies was an exaggeration for humorous contrast! I’m surprised that schools don’t supply basic classroom equipment in USA.
Here in New Zealand, children bring their own pencils and stationery to do their own work in, but the school supplies communal school needs – books in the library, toilet paper, tissues, class set of scissors and coloured pens, musical instruments, ball & sports gear – paid for by the government’s allowance based on enrolment numbers. It certainly isn’t the teacher’s job to supply basics the class needs, although of course most bring tons of enthusiasm, ideas and passion to their classes!

Special Ed Teacher 12 months ago

You don’t have to, but it’s nice to contribute to the classroom so that your child’s teacher doesn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on it. If every parent contributed a little, it would help out a lot. Schools do not have the funding (this is a nation-wide problem) to provide necessary supplies for teachers to start the year off with. Hope you have a nice school year! Appreciate the caring and generous people who nurture, love, and teach your child(ren) every day!

Laura Naples 12 months ago

Hilarious, except for the allergy bit! Believe me, parents of kids with allergies would rather not compound any other parent’s stress, but they are facing a life threatening condition. I appreciate every parent who understands the seriousness of food allergies, who takes responsibility for keeping all children safe, not just their own, and most importantly does not make jokes at the expense of these kids and their families who suffer enough hardship as it is.

Vickie 12 months ago

I don’t know anyone who actually does all of that craziness listed in back to school 2014, and If you do I don’t think that’s a “now a days” thing, I think that’s a “you personally” thing. lol

Martha 1 year ago

I remember my daughters getting their supply lists from school and then going to Eckerds. For seven children it cost me 57.00. That’s not even the cost of one child today. Used to line up seven lunch boxex every nite and children took turns filling them with cookies and chips. I made the sandwiches in the morning. Piled them into the station wagon, plus neighbor children and took them off to school.

Cindy 1 year ago

I think she meant the lunch boxes, not the show.

Chris 1 year ago

“No, Dukes of Hazard came on on Friday nights. 😉 ”

Yep, right after the Incredible Hulk and right before Dallas!

Jackie 1 year ago

We sat on beanbags in the back of my dad’s pickup. Perfect for the drive-in!

Nancy Weinerman 1 year ago

“They” were talking about this story on the radio this morning! You are like famous and stuff, lol congrats to you and scarymommy.com.

sara 1 year ago

My school does not supply dry erase markers. They are much more expensive than chalk. Specific colored folders help with organization. Socks could be erasers for individual dry erase boards? That’s what my mom did in her class room. Pringles cans could be for a project or storage. Teachers like when parents take an interest in their child’s class so it doesn’t hurt to ask what they are being used for.

Michael 1 year ago

Sunday night before school starts and they have to choose between Fonzie and the Dukes of Hazzard? Neither Happy Days nor Dukes of Hazzard were on Sunday nights. Yes, The Wonderful World of Disney was a Sunday show, but not the other 2.

Alisha 1 year ago

Neither is the Mom in this post.

Donald 1 year ago

“My local grade school secretary earns $125K/yr.”

I call bullshit.

Jennifer 1 year ago

Wow, Our school secretaries hit max at 39,291 per year. What state do you live in?

Becca 1 year ago

1st of all she said nothing about taking her work home, so there’s no reason for you to be defensive about THAT.

2nd, if students took the time to wash their hands properly every time they pick their nose, blow their nose, put their fingers in their mouths, butt crack, ears…honestly the list goes on, the amount of instructional time your child would actually receive would be greatly diminished. Seriously, even just using hand sanitizer for all those things take up about 5-10 minutes a day, per kid. (She probably has 22+ students she’s responsible for…you do the math. Oh and thank a teacher that you can.) That’s not even during flu season. Also, if she merely trusted kid hand washing, your child would perpetually have pink eye, strep throat, the flu… do I really need to continue? I’m sure she makes her students wash their hands after the bathroom and before lunch, but she also wants your kid to survive childhood so she also gives them a squirt of hand sanitizer.

3rd, even though you are rude, selfish, entitled, and have the attitude that everyone in the world but YOU should raise YOUR child, she would and will gladly spend her own money to be sure YOUR child doesn’t feel left out when everyone else gets to participate but them. I’m sure she would also gladly spend her summers, weekends, and evenings researching, going to classes, preparing, grading, and planning to ensure that YOUR child has their best chance at life and a successful future. She will gladly hug your child when they are sad, tie their shoes without complaint, wipe their snotty noses, and let their fevered, germ filled self sit in her lap while she waits the 2 hours for you to pick up YOUR sick kid… and still come to school before you’re out of bed to make sub plans to ensure your child still gets an education when she’s sick at home because of your sick kid.

I’m not sure what your problem with teachers is, but you better hope the teachers your kids have treat your child with even an ounce more compassion and kindness than you had for the people who are responsible for the well-being and education of what should be the most important part of your life.

Oh and if you don’t like it, take your kids out of public school and do it yourself… We’ll see how long THAT lasts…

Jamie Hudson 1 year ago

I got 12 out of 15 regular size glue sticks back from last year, this year my daughter went into kindergarten and her teacher said I couldn’t send 12 regular glue sticks because the supply list called for 4 JUMBO glue sticks. :) Hopefully your child comes home with thousands of pretty pictures and reusable glue stick.

Jamie Hudson 1 year ago

I love this!! Thank you so much for saying it like it is. I actually catch myself questioning if I am a bad mom, because I use the word “No”. I , like many other parents want our kids to have better….but not at the cost of them being spoiled pampered brats.

Katie 1 year ago

You are probably one of those people who thinks that since they were a student once they know what it’s like in the classroom, right? You don’t have a clue. And if you had actually read amyjeanette’s comment you would know that she was responding to SHAWN, not SUZANNE (sound them out, they’re different words), who didn’t say anything about having a sink in the room. I agree that washing your hands with soap and water is better, but do you know how disgusting things in the classroom get? I wouldn’t want to sit at a desk covered in snot, boogers, and who knows what else. Never mind all the other stuff they touch. If any teacher worked only the hours the students attended, but especially elementary teachers, who only get a break when (or if) the kids go to PE, when would anything get done? You realize that teachers have to actually PLAN the things that they’re going to do the next day, right? And those lessons had better be interesting to overcome the fact that most kids have the attention span of a fruit fly since many parents can’t be bothered to interact with their children and simply plop them in front of the tv for hours at a time. I doubt you’d last a week as a teacher.

Robin 1 year ago

Include me in that time machine.

Anthony 1 year ago

When did we turn our kids into pretentious hipsters?

Please take me back to my youth where we were all content with a bicycle and a baseball glove.

BelovedbyHim 1 year ago

Jackk f- I am looking for a job. Can you please let me know the name of your school district so I can apply there!!! Heck I’d do the job for $100K!!! Save the district $25K a year!!!!

Emily 1 year ago

I’d like to think we have come a long and healthy way from 40 years ago. We are smarter now, we know BPA is harmful, we know that pesticides are harmful, and when we know better, we do better. Each generation has to learn something and move forward. I’m quite honored to make healthy meals and shop mindfully for my child. And that in no way means generations before didn’t care less. I also don’t know who this 2014 parent is supposed to be, you don’t have to shop at Whole Foods and Crew cuts or spend a fortune to shop healthy, yummy, and stylish.

Karen 1 year ago

Around where I grew up in Michigan, I don’t think stores like that were open on Sundays. I think it was at least the 80’s….

Michael Orobona 1 year ago

Heck, we didn’t even GO to the store for clothes. Every year my mother rolled out the next set of my Uncle’s 8-year-old hand-me downs. And they were pretty much still in style.

Jeremy 1 year ago

The other day my beloved mother-in-law was telling me that i should let my daughters ride in the back of the truck, after all her dad let her when she was a kid and nothing bad happened, i congratulated her on being one of the folks who survived intact. I only let the girlz do that when certain safety conditions have been met. Her reasoning on that topic must be what is meant by, ‘nostalgia kills’. Her dad probably only let her ride in the back using the same rationale that i do and she was probably too young to realize that. My back to school memories are nothing like what the author mentioned and my daughters back to school is nothing like what is mentioned, except for maybe tjhe excitement ans joy.
The balloons and inspirational notes sound like a great idea!

Martha 1 year ago

Both lists are true. I miss the 70s.

Robyn 1 year ago

exactly .. how ridiculous it all is.

Robyn 1 year ago

That trip back to the 70s is the real thing! DRUG FAIR was awesome for that stuff .. she remembers it just right. It’s insufferable what we, as parents, now have to go through to get the kids back to school. And that’s after a summer of ENTERTAINMENT. When I was a kid our parents just let us run wild all summer and they NEVER EVER EVER did homework with us. I felt I was taking Algebra myself a few years ago my kid had so much work.

Erin Garvey 1 year ago

I too am a retro mom. Heck my kids didn’t even get ONE new outfit for school this year (oops) Add to that my kids are kicked out of the house most of the time and allowed to climb sky high into any tree they can get up into on their own.

kristine jessen 1 year ago

bologna is just a big, round very flat hotdog. that’s why the little buggers love it so much !!

Amanda 1 year ago

I’m guilty of the special lunch box, but it contained a PB&J and some raw veggies this morning. New clothes? Hah! Two pairs of jeans and she’ll get some new shoes when these ones pop a hole in a couple weeks. She’s on her second backpack since kindy but only because it sprung a hole last year. 2nd grade wasn’t so bad… 1st grade had weird things on the list like black socks and a Pringles can, and seriously, do they need 8 large glue sticks for 1 year?! But I’m only sending 12 pencils, two weren’t yellow, HA! (But I’ll send more when she runs out.)

Kim 1 year ago


Amanda 1 year ago

I never bring tissues at the beginning of the year… I always just ask the teacher to email me when she needs more and I hit up Costco. I’m confused by dry erase markers… Schools used to supply chalk, do they not supply dry erase now that they don’t use chalk boards? Also, specific colored folders, Pringles cans (we don’t eat those), black socks?, and 48 sharpened, yellow, #2 pencils? 48??? I never used that many in a year and I was the queen of losing pencils!

Kim 1 year ago

They make everything super complicated nowadays. I won’t give into teachers’ demands. The whole system needs to be re-vamped and teachers need to look to other resources besides parents’ pockets to fund their wants.

Debbie 1 year ago

I went though grade-school in the 60’s. Lunch in paper bag and peanut-butter and jam sandwiches, twinkies and potato chips. we walked a mile to school and a mile home. Got in trouble at school, got in trouble at home.

Jacki 1 year ago

As a teacher I can tell you I make nothing close to the salary quoted for the school secretary and if I don’t get help from some parents with some supplies, like tissues, I am buying them with my own money. We ask you to send in two boxes for the whole year – in cold & flu season a box will hardly last a day. Teachers are always digging into their own pockets so it is not unreasonable to expect the actual parents of the students to supply a box of tissues or two.

Maddy 1 year ago

I can’t understand why “We don’t want children to DIE of their nut allergies, so we’re gonna make things less stressful for everyone and just say no nuts” is something to mock. My niece has ended up in the hospital because a kid with peanut butter on his hands played with a toy that she played with. Why is it so inconvenient that you have to send your kids to school with something other than a peanut butter sandwich that you’re wiling to risk other children’s health?

Danielle 1 year ago

Didn’t anyone else have a hippie mom?

My mom definitely did meditation & yoga classes and cared about ethically sourced goods. I didn’t have store bought bread/ white bread or processed meat until I ate it at a friends house in 3rd grade. I had a dairy and soy allergy so we drank almond, coconut and rice milk instead.

I did have some awesome yarn for my hair though.

Christine 1 year ago

I love this post! I’m one of those insane people who makes cute bento box lunches for my kid. I laughed at people like that before I had my daughter and now I don’t know why I can’t stop making bento lunches and Instagramming them.

Thanks for the great post! I miss the 70s and the 80s!

Mako 1 year ago

And we turned out to be a normal , caring and healthy person!!!

Lori F. 1 year ago

NOT everyone has the bus available to them. I our town IN MINNESOTA the kids are not bused to school in most of our town. They have to walk or find other methods and there isn’t any public transportation. Our street doesn’t have sidewalks and there isn’t a nearby trail for walkers to use. Many times we don’t cancel or delay school for any accumulation of snow and the kids are walking in the busy streets because they few sidewalks aren’t shoveled yet. Our busing radius are 1 mile for K-5 (all Kindergartners are bused though), 1.5 mile for middle school, 2 miles for high school and they might have to walk up to 1 mile to the bus stop. We were 200 feet too close to the school for my kids to be bused to school.

Lori F. 1 year ago

Issue with #6 – 2014….Anaphylaxis is a serious issue. Please don’t trivialize it. Anyone with the allergic reactive condition IS NOT trying to make anyone’s life difficult..but imagine dying because your airways are constricted because somebody’s mom / dad / guardian JUST had to pack an allergen because they don’t believe it’s that serious of an issue. Otherwise hilarious article.

Amy 1 year ago

I agree! Just reading that stressed me out. Do people seriously do all that now? Insane.

Tiffany R 1 year ago

Wow! Where do you live that a secretary is making a three figure salary!? I am a PhD and a full time professor at a state university and I make under $50,000 a year. The grade school teachers in my area make anywhere from 27K to 80K depending upon their seniority and their district. Secretaries make between 24K and 48K. I know for a fact that many of the teachers have to buy their own supplies – I’ve seen them at Walmart and talked to them about it. It isn’t the teachers or schools that are getting all of the money, it is the school district administration getting the high salaries. There is also unbelievable waste in many budgets with schools buying a tablet or laptop computer for each and every student student, meanwhile there is no funding for art, music, and phys ed (and increasingly no funding for special ed).

Betty Smith 1 year ago

This is hysterically funny!!!

SBinBigD 1 year ago

And none of this addresses any of the RIDICULOUS cost of Extra Curricular Activities. Choir, Band, Cheer and Sports (I’m live in Texas – so football is a religion.) It is staggering. My son wanted to play HS basketball – He made the team, but it was going to eventually cost us (Out-of-pocket) about $1100. Practice uniforms, 2 game uniforms, matching shoes, matching travel bags, banquets, required special practices, travel fees etc.
And they had a tournament during the entire week of Thanksgiving, AND “optional” practices during Christmas Break. Most parents were actually changing their travel Holiday plans to stay here. When I told the Assistant to the Assistant’s Head Coach (yup!) that we would be going out-of-town for Christmas, he said, “Wow, he is really going to be behind…” BEHIND?! So I told him, “Wow! Well then, here’s’ MY BEHIND. He won’t be playing. PERIOD.”
I came home and told my son, “Sorry. You’re just going to have to impress the girls with the fact that someday you’re going to medical school.”

Katie 1 year ago

Our country’s priorities are so messed up…

Gary Bridgman 1 year ago

I miss my parents, but that’s about the only thing I miss about being a child in the 1970s.

Steve Burgess 1 year ago

what district do you live in ?

Sally 1 year ago

Wow to you! If you read Shawn’s comment you would have noticed the complaint was about the fact there is a damn sink in the classroom and they don’t use it. Instead they expect parents to provide wasteful wipes and cleaners. Hand washing is always preferred ! Most of us do NOT send kids to school for day care. If that were the case we wouldn’t send them to teachers like you who complain about a profession they chose! I would gladly take your days, hours and vacation time any day. And before you bitch about taking your work home BULL If you have to take it home in second grade you are doing something wrong.

Chris 1 year ago


Banphrionsa Savage 1 year ago

Geez it’s true

Elizabeth 1 year ago

You’re all aware you are the children from this era, or you raised the kids that are now raising your grandkids. Maybe you and or them didn’t like the way they were raised so they’re overcompensating. My kids are 2 years old and 6 months, and I will happily spend the extra time out of my day to prepare cute lunches and buy them new clothes for school when they go. Maybe not all the time, but when I can. No way is “right” everyone is just doing the best they can, and I don’t think putting a little extra effort into your children should be so frowned upon. If you don’t want to that’s your choice, but if you do more power to you! It costs NOTHING extra to pack a lunch with a little love and care. And with the amount of pesticides they put on produce these days and antibiotic loaded meat, sue me for buying organic and free range for my kids. I care about their health. It’s a different time, things change. Get over it.

Shelly Insko 1 year ago

We roll more along the 70’s style. Didn’t even get new backpacks or lunchboxes because last years are clean and working fine.

david soria 1 year ago

I carried a number 2 pencil in my shirt pocket and a roll of a few sheets of tablet paper in my jeans, that was my supplies, now these days a child’s supplies cost more then I and my siblings back to school 70s wardrobe.and oh yes spam for lunch and snowball cupcake, the pink ones,.

david soria 1 year ago

I carried a pencil in my shirt pocket and rolled up tablet paper in my jeans, that was my supplies, now a days a child’s supplies cost mover then my 70s wardrobe.

Crystal Campbell-Deveau 1 year ago

Lmao So funny and true.. I miss those sandwiches !!!

Smelter James 1 year ago

You just compared an average, lower middle class person from the 70s to a rich person from 2014. Not the most effective way to show the difference between eras

Ciera Mendoza 1 year ago

All I see in the comments is adults mocking the generation they raised. “Kids these days don’t know anything.” Last time I checked it wasn’t absolutely essential for you guys to go to college. Most of the juniors and seniors at my school are taking college level classes already. Like stop patronizing this generation.

Julia Marie 1 year ago

My mom just shared this with me. Being a teacher, I see these things all the time. It is all so true!!

Jo Jo 1 year ago

I didn’t get ay of that junk food in the 70’s :(

Krista Grandstaff 1 year ago

Loved those Planter’s cheese balls… !!! I’ve never been a 2014 Mom… apparently…I’m still stuck in the 70’s 😉 My school clothes weren’t even as cool as those you listed…We went to Catholic school so I had 1 plaid uniform skirt and 1 pair of navy cords…( I begged for Sassoon, I got Lee…so uncool!) and four ugly peter pan collared white blouses…eww.. LOL…and don’t forget the sensible brown shoes with rubber soles.. Once again, I begged for Eastlands… ended up with something from Sears :(

Jack 1 year ago

I’m a child of the 70s and this is pretty damn close.

Lara Pinchbeck 1 year ago

ladiez are we there yet?

Yolo Joto 1 year ago

HOLY HELL this entire post could start with, “Where it all went wrong.” Can I get an AMEN on the school supply crap? We are literally buying a year’s worth of durable goods for 35 kids good for 13 months!

ScottCynthia Shepp 1 year ago

That’s hilarious. I should have been a 70s mom because I act way more like that than today’s’ mom.

Kelly Jones Marunczak 1 year ago

Wait a second, shopping on a Sunday?!?! Not in the 70’s we didn’t.

aymeejeanette 1 year ago

WoW! Your child spends all day- at least seven hours- five days a week with their teacher and you don’t want to help buy “her” supplies? A teacher is the least expensive child care professional you will ever have to “pay” for (with your taxes). I’d love to earn even $2.00 an hour per student in my class…that would give me the pay that I actually deserve and then I’d be able to afford the $300 worth of class supplies which I bought already for this new school year. I’m commenting directly to “Shawn” comment # 40- I hope that your child gets the exact type of teacher that you are as a parent :) poor selfish attitude and all!

Heather 1 year ago

Dude, I actually passed out from the fumes while sitting in the back with the windows down. In the 70’s. I was 2 and don’t remember but my mom retells the story often.

Jennifer 1 year ago

I am such a product of the 70’s and it was great! Dukes of Hazard or Donny and Marie lunchbox,,,,,, Hmmmm. I hope we can help our kids have a little taste of the simplicity – no question they like the PB& J on white bread even though we would rather them eat whole grain wheat….

Debi @ DebiStangeland.com 1 year ago

AGGGGHHHHHHH! I had the Pigs In Space lunch box because we got to the store too late and that’s all that was left.

This is HI-LARIOUS!! Love all of it and sadly, it’s all true. (except for me ‘cuz now I homeschool 😉 )

Blanche Patterson 1 year ago

Is that ham or bologna?

Robyn Emde 1 year ago


Christine M. Carestio 1 year ago

Been there!

Richard 1 year ago

My mom had one of those station wagons and I loved riding in the very back. But I grew up in the 80s. Not much changed, pretty much only the lunchboxes. Mine was a Transformers lunchbox. So awesome!

Brent 1 year ago

You didn’t go school shopping on sunday night because all the stores were closed.

teejcee 1 year ago

This article was stereotypical white people problems, but it was great and entertaining. Moms today are a bit over the top, when all your child needs is your love and your time ..

Jessica 1 year ago

Theyre … Long day.

Jessica 1 year ago

My poor millennium kids still get the 70’s treat sent. Their just so abused. I even kick them outside after school… 😉

teejcee 1 year ago

There is no way I could do all of that, my kids are in their 20s, I dodged a bullet. We never had this kind of pressure 20 years ago. Things change so much ..

Dan 1 year ago

Boloney is an American tradition. All kids need to have it a lot, getting sick of it is a rite of passage into adulthood.

Camilla 1 year ago

Unfortunately it seems that school funding has been cut back compared to the 70’s. Teachers are literally buying school supplies with their own money. Don’t blame the teachers, blame the system that has forced them to ask parents to help. Did you know that 50% of teachers quit within the first 5 years due to lack of support and burnout (a recent study)? They shouldn’t have to provide notebooks and folders for your kids. Teaching is a hard, thankless job. There are good and bad teachers but we should encourage the good ones to stay for the long haul!

JMJ 1 year ago

RIGHT? I would of given my right arm to have the same power that look had when I was raising kids!!! I literally laugh out loud when I hear a parent say to their child “now use your words wisely” Let me know how that worked for you in 10 years!

Sandra Andre 1 year ago

Omg how did we live through the 70’s?

Robert McNally 1 year ago

When I saw the word corduroy I thought of my trousers when I was in school in 1940. One morning Sister had the class stand at attention while she stepped out of the room for a minute. I was wearing a brand new pair of corduroy knickers and took note of them. The fabric’s lengthwise cords were very stiff. I pulled the sides out as far as they could be stretched and thought how ridiculous I looked. If my shoulders were ten inches wide my knickers at the point just below my hips must have been double that. Thinking I looked an outrageous sight made me turn to a boy and say, “Take a look at this.”
He glanced down and, on seeing my extreme pear shape, started to howl, which drew the attention of my classmates. The kids craned their necks to see what was so funny and the boy shouted, “Look at Robert!”
I moved slightly forward and turned to give everyone a chance to see my preposterous pants. I pulled at the sides of my knickers, which caused the children to barely giggle since they did not wish to take the chance of riling Sister. But when I released my hold the knickers remained rigid, which made for uproarious laughter. It reminded me of the movie Dumbo, when the lady elephants took a gander at little Dumbo’s large ears and they all laughed at once. Unfortunately, the sound the children made brought Sister in on the double and, on seeing the children’s eyes on me, she said, “Why are your classmates laughing?”
I stepped forward and away from my desk so she could get a better view of how silly I looked. I figured that way she would understand what all the uproar was about and could share in the humor. I pulled at the sides of my trousers and, for a moment, Sister stiffened like my knickers. Releasing my hands I smiled, but only a few of the children laughed. Sister quickly grabbed the back of my neck, reached up and took hold of the pointer that hung next to the blackboard. The instrument, slightly thinner than a cue stick in a pool hall, became the means for flogging.
Sister had me bend forward and place my hands on her desk as she proceeded to beat my back, starting from my shoulders on down to my lower back. She whipped my spine at least ten times. I felt pain with each stroke. By about the fourth blow a sensation just beneath my throat left me feeling as if I’d throw up. That feeling came and went. Before Sister was finished the pointer split apart and the screw-like hook at one end fell at my feet. The sensation to vomit lingered a while. I did not cry and never would, especially since my father always said, “Don’t give them the satisfaction.”
Most of my boy classmates were shaking their heads in disbelief and all the girls looked shocked. Walking home at lunchtime, Vinnie said, “I never saw anything like that. Tell your mother.”
Sorry, but hearing that word corduroy just got to me.

Tracy 1 year ago

I love this! However, there were no Dollar Generals in the 70s, that I remember. We went to Winn’s, also known as the Dime store. Also, our school supplies were a new cigar box, a new box of crayons, and a box of #2 pencils. Oh, and paste. That was pretty much it. And we were glad to get it!

Yasmine Wick Kopita 1 year ago

My kid went back to school (5th grade) with the same R2D2 backpack he got in 1st grade. It was from Pottery Barn Kids. With how much it cost, he will be using that thing until college. Also, he kinda still likes R2D2. Win/win.

Jennifer 1 year ago

And don’t forget you do all of this now a days along with a 40 hour a week job away from home too!

Lora 1 year ago

Can we go back to the 70s PLEASE? At least the prices and the WAY shorter school supply list! As for the lunches, backpacks, etc my kids eat (gasp!) cafeteria lunches and we normally get new backpacks as they wear out, NOT every year. Clothes as they grow, and I do a LOT of garage sale/thrift store shopping!

Doris Brown 1 year ago

So true, so true.

Brenda Allen Ransom 1 year ago

Shared from my friend Anna. Very funny but so true of today’s “entitled” children. It’s a wonder any of us who went to school in the 70s survived at all! LOL

NCF 1 year ago

OK- I teach at a charter school, K-6, where I have a salary of about 26K per year. But I have already spent WELL over $200.00 on general classroom supplies. Mine is a “specials” classroom, and I don’t otherwise have things like scissors, gluesticks and gluebottles, tissues, coloring supplies ( I buy colored pencils- they last longer than crayons or markers) classroom pencils, erasers,tape, staples, overhead film markers, dry-erase markers, even sometimes my own copy paper. I get bellyaching from some of the well-off parents about asking each 3rd- 6th grader to provide a sewn-in composition (regular paper, not staff paper) book for Music, and a paper 3-prong-2- pocket folder for Spanish reference and homework ( no designer or character decoration required). So, once again, I was at the local office supply store last night to get a few more 15 cent folders for those kids whose parents just didn’t think they should stretch that far. OF course, these same kids have every known electronic gaming system, iPhones, iPads, as well as Cable or Satellite TV service, and expensive sports shoes, while I have been buying used notebook computers to do my teacher work when the latest one dies, for years. I have no sink in my room this year, so hand-washing requires being sent out of the room (handling the doorknob on the way). So, if your kiddo sneezes and smears his snot all over his face, well, no tissues, too bad.

Joanne 1 year ago

Where the heck is your school district??? As a full- blown accredited sixth grade teacher I earned a SMALL fraction of that much, and I still spent hundreds of dollars each year on supplies to make my teaching more effective! I also put on the supplies list oly what I planned that the kids would use. I still had to buy an awful lot of that because parents chose not to equip their kids. Education is a joint effort,and many of my parents were willing to do their share. Teachers are not over-paid. We are into it for the outcome and not the income, but there’s still a limit to how far our paychecks will stretch. The list i sent home was not three pages long, mind you, but there was definately more on it than ppencils and paper.

luella 1 year ago

That’s was great, loved. Haven’t even started school shopping for my middle school son yet, guess I better get to it.

T J 1 year ago

While there are those that abuse the system and we are living in an increasingly welfare dominated society, I can tell you from experience that a large percentage of the kids that I had in my classes had parents that were either both working or one parent or grandparent that worked two jobs. There is an entire segment of the population that are the working poor. I do NOT disagree that there were those that abused the system, but try not to think in absolutes because there are none. As far as the “Sorry for the rude remark”, I don’t really think you are. That is just like saying, “No offense, but…”, all that means is prepare to be offended. The reason that kids in a lot of countries are beating us in “You name the subject”, is because many don’t know that kids are separated early on and are given “tracks” that they have to follow based on their perceived intelligence. There are countries that decide you will be an engineer and you will be a general labor worker and they are given very narrow skills that they are force fed from the earliest years all the way through their education experience. We try to allow kids to choose their areas of specialization be teaching them a little bit of everything. From http://www.foreignaffairs.com:

Recent international research suggests that the countries that top international education rankings owe their success to approaches that are in many ways the inverse of the American one. Such countries — which include Canada, Finland, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea, top scorers on the Program for International Student Assessment, an internationally recognized test for 15-year-olds that measures higher-order problem solving in math, reading, and science — all do certain things similarly. They choose their teachers from among their most talented graduates, train them extensively, create opportunities for them to collaborate with their peers within and across schools to improve their practice, provide them the external supports that they need to do their work well, and underwrite all these efforts with a strong welfare state.
Sure we are losing, because we are not intentionally creating a makeshift caste system, where students in those tracks are not encouraged to socialize with those lower than themselves.

Hannah 1 year ago

This is such a such a huge over dramatization of back to school now days. I have four kids and they have normal lunch boxes that we bought online at sale price, we can’t afford new school clothes so the grandparents take them to buy a few things each. I am home 24/7 I have kids around even with a couple in young life and leadership camp. We have to spend our money on school activities and sports. I read labels and we are vegetarian but I don’t obsess.

DdR 1 year ago

Or the back of the pick up truck. We had to sit on cardboard boxes to keep from blistering our legs on the hot metal of the bed.

Paula Davis Langford 1 year ago

Sad by true :-( For the most part my daughter treats her kids like 70’s kids–no frills–for the most part :-)

T J 1 year ago

As a teacher of 15 years, all in Title 1 low income schools, I can attest that my out of pocket for my kids was $1,200-1,500 a year. My wife who is also a teacher did the same. We would also help contribute to organizations that sent kids home with backpacks full of food on the weekend so that we were sure that they had something to eat. At our schools the amount of kids eating free or reduced lunch was in the high 90% range. Some would bring in supplies to share anyway like Kleenex and wipe off markers. It’s not like that everywhere and teacher salaries vary greatly depending on the state or if it is a private/public/parochial schools. Teacher’s know what they are getting themselves into when they sign up and for me the low pay and long hours was worth every minute of it. You are sometimes the only positive and stable thing in some kids lives and to have a former student come back after they have graduated and give you a hug and tell you thank you or that you made a difference in their lives, makes it all worth it. In the 70’s, my wife and I had the same teacher for 2nd grade and she was so inspirational that we credit her as the spark that made us want to be even half of the teacher she was. She came to our wedding and has been a part of our lives ever since. That is just my experience. There are good teachers and bad ones, but after working in many different occupations since, I look back on the friendships and selflessness of the majority of my peers fondly. BTW, I had four older sisters so I got the crappy hand me down “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” lunch pail! Yes, I was bitter. 😉

rcben 1 year ago

I’m a millennial mom (born ’83) so I can’t say I know anything not from a Brady bunch episode but it seems to me while more is on our shoulders we’re more aware of other people’s problems. Isn’t better that we try to buy stuff safer for the environment and not from eight year olds working in sweat shops? Sure that happens today but just acknowledging a problem is the first step in fixing it (that’s from all those after school specials about the evils of drugs and alcohol). Obviously, caring about every else’s problems is harder then just worrying about our own but think how much better the world would be if everyone was just a little more considerate and empathetic (starting with The Man).

Ellen C. Derby 1 year ago

OMG! that is Hilarious! As a child of the 70’s and a mom of 4 (none named Jennifer or Jason by the way) I totally get everything you posted! Sometimes parenting today is taken to the extreme. I shared this with my girls by talking to them and telling them stories. Yay for Holly Hobbie Lunchboxes. My brother had Planet of the Apes.

Amy 1 year ago

No, Dukes of Hazard came on on Friday nights. 😉

Linda Laudato 1 year ago

You mean video, right?

Linda Laudato 1 year ago

The60s were just like the 70s, except all lunchboxes were metal and if you dropped your glass lined thermos you were Sol for the rest of the year.

BG 1 year ago

Damn “glad im not a mommy” sorry about your ferguson uprising. White people problems- LMAO. The article is simple and funny. Sorry you dont get it and i wouldnt expect that you would. Some of us that used to live off baloney and cheese actually made it through school, went on and got college educated and then got a real job made good money and now can take care of our kids and luagh at stuff like this. Others live off the system, steal loot and blame the system for how unfair everyone is to them. Ummm wake up, maybe go get a job if you can bring yourself to do that

Evelyn Brydges 1 year ago

She forgot to post the kids’ pictures on Facebook!

Monica 1 year ago

Amen… kids today could use a little “Retro Parenting”

Monica 1 year ago

haha… we had one of those too!! I can remember going to drive-in movies (not G rated) and us kids would play in the back while the adults watched a movie

BG 1 year ago

Absolutely hilarious and dead on. Soy is so 90’s :)

Jorie 1 year ago

I can see good and bad in both, maybe something in the middle would work best!

Angie 1 year ago

I went to Middle and High School in the 70’s. The only difference was my Mom would take us to Sears Outlet for clothes, McMahon shoe store for our 1 pair of school shoes and Woolworth’s for our pencils and denim binder (which came with a ruler and pack of notebook paper).What a difference between now and then.

Mel M 1 year ago

Why bother packing lunches when they can buy them?

Gordon Davidescu 1 year ago

I have been told by numerous people that an LL Bean bag can be returned if it is damaged through normal use, even if it is a few years later — and they will replace it.

Stephanie 1 year ago

we homeschool :) – but my husband is principal at a school – this makes me grin a little. it is so expensive to send kids to school nowadays! But the “back to school” thing is a great time to stock up on paper, pencil crayons etc – and it reminds me to check the kids wardrobes and replace what is worn out. :)… Kudos to you moms who are making lunches every day for your children to pack to school, and working so hard to make things perfect :) – even though i’m not doing it, i love reading your blogs :) and i admire your care and hard work :)

Lisa Conrad 1 year ago

Good for you, everybody doesn’t have to drink the cool-aid you know!

Dawn West 1 year ago

Hi Victoria,

I loved it.. so true! I am hoping you do a follow of with what was taught in school back then verses today, knowing it would be another great article!

Kelly Edwards 1 year ago

Sounds about right.

Amber 1 year ago

Ah yes, those were the days indeed! I remember my scooby doo lunch box with thermos, and i loved putting red Kool-aid in it.

Joan 1 year ago

I was a 70’s Mom and would like to see this written to compare Back to School 1970’s with 1940’s

Tammy 1 year ago

Wow! I’m a school secretary and make $10 an hour. I have a degree but I sit here for nearly nothing because I want to be with my kids. But truly at $10 an hour, I can’t buy anything extra. I’d like to know the school district that pays their secretary $125K! I want to apply for that one!

And it is true the extras that are asked for are used in the classrooms. If you don’t send, that’s fine, but your kid just may not have a kleenex if they need it. Sorry. Do without.

earleymom 1 year ago

I started school in the late 80s and much of this was true back then too. My oldest started kindergarten and obviously she got a new backpack and lunch box. The backpack is going to last her until it rips or breaks and I found the lunch box for $1.99 clearance. I belive we spent a total of $50 on clothes for her and part of them were from a second hand store. I admit, I make her a healthy lunch but I see no problem in wanting our kids to eat fresh food instead of processed stuff. Also, I took 5 minutes to print a little sign and took another 5 minutes taking her pictures.

I had heard about the school supply listing but was shocked when I saw that I had to send 4 dozen #2 pencils, 8 glue sticks, 8 dry erase markers, 2 packs of crayons, a pair of black socks, scissors (with child’s name) and two boxes of tissues. I had to send it two different days b/c my 5 year old could barely carry her backpack and lunch box with all those supplies.

Megan 1 year ago

I agree that things are more complicated now. However, I bet that in the 70s there were other generations of mothers making mom’s feel like they’re crazy for doing so much for back to school. In 2050 I’m sure that 2014 will be the time that we all remember as a more simple, practical time. It’s just how it is. We love to reminisce and believe that we did things better in retrospect.

angela 1 year ago

Thankfully (by me and by my children) I am not the typical 2014 mom!

Gary Z 1 year ago

^^ Christine wins best comment. We need to put that quote on a t-shirt. CafePress anyone?

Scary Mommy 2 1 year ago

This was hilarious. But just to clarify a couple things. The Fonz (or Happy Days) was on Tuesday nights and Dukes of Hazzard was on Friday nights. :)

Pam 1 year ago

I have to say, that I in fact CHOSE a Pigs in Space lunch box of my own free will as a small child (although I probably had a Holly Hobby another year). Just sayin…it ROCKED! LOL

Julien Jamar 1 year ago

Yes. To all of this. I super want THIS to get picked up by Huffpo! Also, I miss cheez ballz.

Jack 1 year ago

The 50’s & 60’s were even better.

Kim 1 year ago

I love this. You get it. Why can’t the rest of the world? Whole I don’t particularly want to packblog a sandwiches and smoke virginia slims, today’s alternatives are just too complicated.

rp 1 year ago

Think again

Queenie 1 year ago

I completely relate to the long list of allergies to foods. My poor daughter is stuck with many of the same foods because there are 15+ that send a kid in her class into anaphylactic shock. As frustrating as it is for the 20 parents that have to avoid the foods, I can’t imagine how scary it is for the kid’s parents when sending him to school.

However, it’s quite funny, because aside from the allergies and list of school supplies, we do many of the school things “retro style”. It’s probably because that’s the way I was raised and the way my mama was raised, too. :-)

Cyra 1 year ago

umm ok..who actually does all that nowadays? this is so unrealistic and overboard.

Aimee Scribner-Bryant 1 year ago

Thanks god im not crazy like this im more old school

Cheryl Jane Driscoll 1 year ago

Too funny. My kids are now parents and they will get a hoot out of this.

April 1 year ago

HAHAHA This is great. I grew up in the 80s and my mom made me make my own lunch!

Nat 1 year ago

Uh hrrrrr durrrrr technology is bad and the 21st century is scary. Thomas Edison was a witch and kids these days are going to melt into spineless pansies. Seriously guys? Quit complaining, the only people you have to blame for these new trends are yourselves. You don’t have to do all this stuff, you over complicate things that don’t need to be complicated!

Joy T 1 year ago

Ha! I totally thought you would love this after I read it. It was the 90s for us, but still true. I oved my Littlest Pet Shop lunch box!

Karen 1 year ago

I loved living in the 70s. I had a Walton’s lunchbox and loved playing outside!

Jennings 1 year ago

We homeschooled. Our first day was usually in mismatched pjs, “whatever” for lunch, and hair that looked like a tornado had struck. No pictures, no posing, and Lord knows, no bento boxes. So much less stress!

Jennings 1 year ago

Cheez Balls were in the 70’s. My dad’s mom (all my grandparents lived in the same town) served these in a silver bowl whenever we went over. I loved them!!

Siggie Stillman 1 year ago

I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch every single day in 4th grade. Personal choice. Now we cannot even drive by schools with peanut anything in the car. I ache for the kids with allergies. Peanut butter was so cool!

Julie 1 year ago

What?! That’s unbelievable. My hubs has been a teacher for over 10 years. I can assure you he’s making nowhere near that amount. :) In fact, he spends a lot of his own money on school supplies for his classroom.

kathy 1 year ago

I agree, my daughter is out of school now, but I would buy extra pens, pencils, hand santizer, paper etc. I know the teachers do not get paid enough and the school system doesn’t buy them some of the things they will need. I was a bus driver and in and out of my daughters school a lot. So I saw what was going on in her class. I would start buying when the ads came out with all the school supplies on sale and go stock up. As my daughter got older, she really didn’t like me doing it but she understands where I was coming from.

CJ HI 1 year ago

I feel sorry, for whoever has to spend 2k on clothes and other crap that’s “in” and yes the school list is getting ridiculous. I love to support the school but crap they ask for a lot of stuff now and when you have more then one kid , it gets pretty pricey.

Rainey 1 year ago

Maybe a bit dramatic, yes…and it isn’t a guarantee that her eating the sandwich will kill a peanut allergic kid. BUT peanut is one of the top food allergens, it CAN cause anaphylaxis (which can result in death), peanut butter is sticky and hard to clean off of hands (and kids do wipe their hands on clothes), and antibacterial gel won’t remove the allergen…only hand-washing will. Not to make light of other food allergies, but what other allergen is so popular with kids AND so hard to keep from cross-contaminating surfaces that an allergic child also touches? Most allergic kids remember having their allergic reactions and don’t want to repeat that again…so of course they won’t eat anything they are allergic to…but if a classmate eats that and then the peanut residue spreads it could definitely harm them (maybe not kill them, but each reaction is different…so it COULD). I think kids understand better than adults these days (especially when one out of every ten kids under 12 has some sort of food allergy)…so it is sweet when classmates of allergic children refrain from eating something they know could harm a classmate.

Jeanne Dreiling 1 year ago

Oh the good old days. I was such a good Mom. Haha

Bethe @ Texas Lovely 1 year ago

Confession. I looked up and read reviews for bento boxes on Amazon this morning because Martha Stewart was on the TODAY show telling me how they were so much more environmentally friendly than (gasp) plastic bags. But all the reviews say the bento boxes leak, so whatever, I’m going with plastic sandwich bags. And I’m not allowed to send my 13-month-old to Mother’s Day Out with a PBJ because of the whole no peanuts thing… what am I supposed to feed a picky 13-month-old who makes a mess of EVERYTHING? She requires a bath after every meal, yesterday I sent her out of the house smelling like guacamole because we ran out of time. This is why someone invented pre-made margaritas… because parenthood.

Sarah M. Robson 1 year ago

If my kids found jicama, kale, and hemp sandwiches in their lunchboxes they would promptly throw them away and bargain with their classmates to share their twinkies, American cheese and PBJ sandwiches on white bread.

Tiara 1 year ago

I’m a 2014 mom! I don’t do most of that stuff tho lmao. My aunt and mom take the kids for school clothes 5-7 outfits each, I do not make lunches for any of my kids because the school will feed them, they might not like some of it but if they are hungry they will eat! I only bought basic supplies because I could not find their lists and their teachers have not sent me one even when requested lol (not my fault) but hey I got a new camera this summer from another aunt and I did manage to take a billion of pictures and post to Facebook so I wouldn’t look like the slacker I really was. Oh and I recently found an old back pack I used in high school and it was full of old binders and stuff I just emptied the used papers out of everything and BAM my 9th grader was supplied for the year no work necessary! Everyone else got one from last year or any year before that didn’t have holes and the zipper still worked 😀

Christal 1 year ago

My kid eats whatever the school is serving! But I have made his lunches before and I am so a 70’s mom lol! I have done NOTHING but sleep after I take him to the bus stop. I only do this cause he has ADHD and will possibly lose his way lol.

becca radcliffe 1 year ago

whatever happened to planters cheese balls? and i always ate hot lunch and so do my kids..

Melissa 1 year ago

This is quite possibly the funniest blog I have ever read. I’m still laughing! LOVE THIS!!!

Melissa 1 year ago

Same here!

Barbara 1 year ago

All of the stuff I saw on here was crap……. My parents made sure that we had a full breakfast before heading out the door. We ate lunch at school on most days, but when we did take our lunch, it was a lot healthier, and they made sure that there was no dairy products, unless there was an ice pack in the lunch box. (They knew what happened if dairy got heated up…..yuck!!!!) I was the oldest of 5 children, and was from a middle income family, so I know there were differences with other families….. Usually the richer kids had more junk food, and had lost most of their teeth by the time they were in High school. The 70’s, and 80’s were better for children if their parents actually cared about them. With the 60’s “revolution”, a lot of men, and women, became very self-centered, and it carried over to when they had children. Hurrying the kids out, with only a pop tart????? I did not have one of those until I was in High school, and only from some kid on welfare whose lunch consisted of them, and cheese puffs, and a spam sandwich. They had soda to drink. The rich kids ate similar foods…… No jealousy there……We ate healthy, and we are all 5, still in great health. I had 6 children, myself, from 1987, to 1999, and they have eaten similarly, with excellent health, also. Some parents are so busy trying to be their child’s friends (Which should never happen….you’re a parent !!!!!!), that they forget that their job is to raise a child to make the right choices, to be able to be a good person……Good morals, and values. Healthy eating habits, and hygiene. Any child who had to go off to school, either in the 70’s, 80’s, or anytime up to yesterday, that goes off to school without a good healthy breakfast, is neglected !!!!!! And don’t pull this excuse of “I’m on welfare” or “I don’t have time” …….. We have too many programs, set up with most school systems, that have FREE breakfasts, as well as lunches, available…as for time…….MAKE TIME!!!!!! Your children should always come first!!!! First, before your hair, and makeup…… First, before your comforts, as in sleeping in. Wake up a half hour earlier, if you have to. Go to bed a bit earlier the night before. Think of WHY you had children. If you can’t put in the effort to BE WITH YOUR CHILDREN, then it would have been better if you had not had them. Sorry if my rant gets your “dander up”… but this has been on my mind for a while.

Britta Spencer 1 year ago

Right on! Me, too. I know quite a few educators and they all spend hundreds of dollars each year on supplies. I usually will buy an extra set of student supplies that I give to the teacher to allocate to a student in need as well. If a student shows up without any school supplies, it’s often the teacher that must cover it. Sure, that child’s parents are technically responsible for supplying that child with what they need, but the only thing that we know about the situation is that it’s not the child’s fault they are ill equipped for school. We have no idea what’s going on it that child’s home, either, so compassion should always fall before judgment. I support quality education for all, because when we raise everyone up, we’re bringing ourselves up with them.

Suzanne 1 year ago

OMG, hand santizer and hand wipes, cuz the 2 sinks in the classroom of 17 kids couldn’t possibly work for hand washing! I refused to buy disposable hand wipes and told the teacher as much. So freakin wasteful! And school supplies for the entire class? Really?!
I miss the 70s and 80s. My DD must have been channeling this cuz this year for her lunchbox, instead of the insulated thing my hubby wanted her to get, she picked out a sweet metal lunchbox instead and said “Old School!” ha!!

Jayna Larkin 1 year ago

The more parents are educated about every little thing in the universe, the crazier we become. Books, dirt, downtime and having your child go out on their bike to find a friend are actually good things. Simple is best. Old school all the way!

Kenzie 1 year ago

This is so perfect! The only thing missing is the agonizing decision about the safety of monograming!

Jenzy 1 year ago

I was born in 74 and my dad raised me because my mom passed when I was 3. I very rarely packed lunch because the lunch at school was the bomb! When I did pack (for field trips) dad would throw in a paper bag, sometimes the full sized grocery bag, a can of Vienna Sausages, bottle of vinegar, metal fork, pack of nabs, and a can or bottle of Mt Dew. Yes, I am the daughter of a sawmill hand/truck driver/diesel mechanic and was raised by him. I raised my younguns almost the same way, they should thank their lucky stars that there are plastic grocery sacks now..lol… (jk)

Geneva Villegas 1 year ago

I haven’t even read the first full paragraph for 2014 and already I’m ashamed of myself.

jackk f 1 year ago

God knows property owners don’t pay enough taxes for schools to purchase supplies. My local grade school secretary earns $125K/yr. Perhaps, if his salary was a bit more reasonable the school would have their supply funds. Comment as you see fit.

tony g 1 year ago

i remember my mom complaining in the 70s about how complicated things were compared to the 40s when she grew up . . .

alya 1 year ago

Teachers ask for all these supplies because the school systems don’t pay for them anymore, and we pay teachers so poorly that they ask the parents to help out. I am happy to supply our teachers with whatever they need to make my kid’s education better. I want the good teachers to stay!

Danielle 1 year ago

Hopefully all the extra effort will result in this generation fixing all the bullshit wrong with the world

Ashley Bloxham Adcock 1 year ago

I was so calm reading the 70’s. When 2014 hit I started getting nervous!

sue 1 year ago

I agree with pretty much all that was written…except: I put encouraging notes in my boys lunch boxes, I used Blue Plate and after I dropped them off at svhool I went to work also. Oh…and YES….lunchbox HAD to be Star Wars. Thanks for the meories. Glad I was a mom back then and not now!♡

Tom 1 year ago

In response to #376 (Rant Guy) – On a non-emotional note, I feel that the frustration that those of us who went to school in the 70’s have is that life was easier, and more real back then. We went out to PLAY. Play in the world. Come back when it gets dark. Play in the woods. Climb on construction equipment and play bulldozer operator. Now there are “Play Dates” WTF is that? Parents structure the life out of their kids childhood. They will resent it when they grow up. Parent are living their lives through their kids. Time for gymnastic class. Time for Play Date. Time for _____ class. Kids needs me time. They need to explore and learn the world and how to interact. When they grow up, they have no social skills. According to high level executives, the current generation of job seekers are “socially inept”, They text people sitting at the same table. They are self-centered. They have no idea how to do face to face conversations. They take calls while interacting with people And I am talking about you mommies. I want to slap the living crap out of you when you are talking on your cellphone in the checkout line at the supermarket rather than engaging with the cashier, Yes, that is a human being, not a machine. They deserve respect while they are wringing up your way expensive Whole Foods crap. Let your kids be kids. Let them PLAY. Give them some yarn, a thread bobbin or two. Some wood popsicle sticks and glue. Paper and art supplies. Let them create something.

Tom 1 year ago

#6 is missing under the 2014 list. #5 – Wow. Most of the 1970’s stuff is accurate. I had Velveeta on my sandwiches when I was going to school, back then. Walking miles to school. Literally. Our house was just to the wrong side of the authorized bus area. If you lived next door, you got to ride the school but. FML.

Angie 1 year ago

I do the same thing with baby carrots! I know only 1/2 a carrot will get eaten, and still I pack 4-5 baby carrots in my daughter’s lunch so that I look like the good parent. At least you can reuse the apple, but my daughter only eats apples when they are cut, and I’m too lazy to cut up apples for the lunchbox, plus you have to put juice on them so they don’t brown… too much trouble.

Angie 1 year ago

I don’t think it’s the bento that people hate, per se, but rather the obligation some Moms feel to use them, after going on Pinterest. But maybe I’m only speaking for myself?

I think bento is cool for special occasions, but there is no way I’m going to make my child a sandwich in an intricate shape every day. Ain’t no one got time for that : )

And my Mom, who was technically an ’80s Mom, but close enough, said that it’s good that I’m not making fancy lunches every day for my kid because that breeds entitlement.

sandra 1 year ago

A walk down memory lane, wow! Life was much simpler back then and kids found happiness in the simple things in life. Oh how I wish our kids today could live what we had “back in the day.” Culottes were pretty cool !

Paula 1 year ago

D: I wanna go back further in time!!! Wish i wasnt born in the 90’s!!!! Things look so much cooler further back!!! PLEASE SOMEONE FOR THE LOVE OF GO BUILD A TIME MACHINE!!!!

Susan Sandberg Baird 1 year ago

My kids raised in the 70 s seem a lot more adjusted to life

Holly Ulrich 1 year ago

I’m afraid my kids were more like the 70’s than now.

Nicole Egger 1 year ago

I love this Anna! And sadly it’s so true!!

mrscrowe 1 year ago

I’m going to call my mommy. I graduated in 1976 and I miss her!!! What a funny funny article. Thank you so much for the time machine.

DAN 1 year ago

Wait, wait. In the 70’s the pancakes were in the shapes of animals. And1977 is correct. The force was with me.

Norma Boldyreff 1 year ago

The article was interesting but why ad all the damns in the article that took away from it all. I only like words that are not in that direction, why not make everything positive. I always had a hard time when my kids went back to school (I loved my children and I wanted them around, I enjoyed my children). We always celebrated the last day of school when we would be able to be with each other and just appreciate each other with all the meager things that we had, which was very little.

Lori Stover 1 year ago

Pretty sure I’m stuck in the 70s by this account. Except for the Virginia Slims part, lol.

Chris Thomas 1 year ago

This is how I introduced this piece on my facebook page:
“Bit of read, but anyone over 50 may enjoy this. It starts out with a to-do list for the cynical cigarette-smoking 70’s mom preparing her “kids” for school, then it morphs into a preppy, micro-managing helicopter mom’s 21st century ready-for-school activities in late August.”

Lisa Louie-Herrero 1 year ago

I seriously laughed out loud while I read this….although I am guilty of a few….so funny!

Sadie 1 year ago

this food expectation versus waving of cash because of childrens food choices/school supplies/clothing options are getting ridiculous nowadays… I shouldn’t have people asking me if I have instagram pics of my kids organic/gluten free/dairy free/biproduct free meal, less be branded as a social outcast and furthermore, not providing what is best for my child. Its an honest to god fear of mine…. when I entered my daughters school and saw what was to be expected for her first day of kindergarten… I have to admit, as a 90’s kid, we didn’t have it that amazing… I remember the fit my Gramma had when I entered the 7th grade and BINDERS were needed instead of duotangs. The asked for a copy of our lease as proof of address, and hand sanitizer along with wasteless lunch options (no snacks that have wrappers, only organic foods)… I’m sorry? I’m not going to be giving my daughter kale or bento boxes. I cannot afford to spend MY time n waking up and ensuring perfection for her lunches… I will try to go beyond what I received as a child (pate sandwiches with a log of cucumber, juice box and apple crisp granola bar) but to go as far as to do what is NOW considered ideal for a child? I don’t think I am up to the challenge.

Pat Collins Mahan 1 year ago

So true about the 70’s and we all survived.

Kathleen Macedo Haddad 1 year ago

Lol no wonder we’re so stressed now

Azure Donna 1 year ago

You went a bit overboard with the 2014 first day prep. But possibly different tax brackets have different things they do. The whole school list thing though was dead on, as was the allergy list. I feel bad for my kid who has to do this. I helped get the “list” together and was pushing for a full blown mutiny but none of these young mothers wanted to buck the system and make things miserable for their kids.Ah, for the days when school taxes paid for something other than armed guards and football equipment. *sigh*

bela 1 year ago

can anyone give us 2014 parents a break? yes, we love our children just like our 70’s parents did but we have learned that simply ignoring us wasn’t the best way. how about cutting us some slack. we are doing our best and our kids are pretty darn good. maybe we don’t need to over analyze….?

heather 1 year ago


Jeff Lonnqvist 1 year ago

Really miss those days.. Life was so much simpler, and yes fun !

Jennifer 1 year ago

Yes, 1977 on Star Wars. But can anyone verify the Planters Cheez Balls for me? I didn’t eat those until the 80’s…was that because they weren’t made until the 80’s, or was that because my parents didn’t start buying them until the 80’s.

And starting in 2nd grade, I had to make my own freaking lunches!

Bethany 1 year ago

1970’s: Mmm, grilled cheese!
2014: Ain’t nobody got time for dat!!!

I’m totally going to be the 70’s mom when my son starts Kindergarten next year! He’ll survive!!!

Side note: Why should I have to provide food my son doesn’t like just because “so and so” is allergic to the stuff he does like? Improper parenting IMO, parents should teach their kids with allergies which food(s) to avoid and to only eat what is packed in his/her lunchbox.

Barbara Shephard Anderson 1 year ago

I was a mom of four teen in the 70s sounds about right. They all learned to work because it was necessary. I am proud of them

M 1 year ago

Wonder how many of the kids in the 70’s have cancer or diabetes now from all the shit they ate and drank back then. Oh, don’t snivel, you know I’m right.

Margaret Moyer Pilgram 1 year ago

This is laugh out loud funnyb

Stacy 1 year ago

I must respectfully disagree, Jeff. I had that exact Star Wars lunch box for the ’77-’78 school year. Star Wars came out in 1977 and was on everything!

Kristy Engel 1 year ago


Angela Cash 1 year ago

Lol this was an awesome read.

kristine henry 1 year ago

we need to learn to not do some much.in the end no one will care.dont stres u r self out over stuff like that ..get more back to basic.

Hayley Vanderstock 1 year ago

70s sounds like my version of parenting then lol

Pamela Vincent 1 year ago

except in the 70’s there were no individually wrapped slices of American cheese. My mom ‘made’ us take the school lunch because (a) she couldn’t be bothered to make a packed lunch or (b) she couldn’t make a packed lunch for what the school lunch costs. The only exceptions were for field trip days– and what a thrill it was to decide potato chips or Fritos; Ding Dongs or Snowballs.

Karen Samuelson 1 year ago

I laugh so hard

Nicole Campbell 1 year ago

This is awesome! I was howling! Why can’t life be this simple again?

Carolina Fought 1 year ago

I must be a 1970s mom cause that was all describing me except for the sandwich in foil but I may just start doing that!

Bill Adgate 1 year ago

That electron microscope is going to cost a bit and probably won’t fit in the backpack——

Jill Ciganek 1 year ago

“Fill containers with organic, local strawberries intricately cut into the shapes of sea creatures.” HAHA

Martha 1 year ago

I could totally go for a pb&j on white bread with some cheese balls now…thanks.
This was totally funny.

Jill 1 year ago

Love it! I definitely don’t fit in with the 2014 moms. My kids lunches are simple, they are picky and make them themselves. I bought new backpacks last year and they will use them for many years to come. We do one shopping trip to Target and only get clothes she needs. I have never done the chalk sign, first day picture. They get only get two new pairs of shoes at the beginning of the year, PE shoes and non-pe shoes. Those shoes are expected to last the whole year.

Tamaris Willenberg 1 year ago

I went to Fedco as a 70’s kid, but I still eat Bolognie! Great post! I’m a mixture!

a reader 1 year ago

I think the photo of the 1970s kids was taken at my middle school. It could have been taken at my high school too — the clothes and hairstyles and everything would have been the same, except the the kids would have been taller by then. (I graduated from a US high school in 1979.)

Jen Mitchell 1 year ago

Can we go back to the 70s?! I think I was a parent in the wrong decade.

Susan Stoesz 1 year ago

Ha. Ha. Is that a balogna sandwich, Dorothy??????

Becky Thornton Olsen 1 year ago

Can we get back to the 70s, please????

Dan Marlow 1 year ago

Bring back the 70s! Actually, I would say the 80s were pretty much the same, except the cigarettes were out, Sesame Street was the principle lunchbox choice and the spend went up to $86.00. I’ll take either decade.

S.renaud 1 year ago

Oh Jude, I was appalled that Manchester United pad99 million for a soccer player. Back when u were talking about we did not know it was soccer. We thought it was kickball

Alisa McGann 1 year ago

I wish it was this mainstream to be environmentally responsible and vegan

Madelyn Lang 1 year ago

Haha 2014 is pretty funny. Centrifuge.

Mary C Sorkin 1 year ago

Flagnog! What’s a ‘tiffin’? Good thing I have Prime for one more day! 😉

Deb Brandt-Sarif 1 year ago

Oh, and my brothers’ “dungarees” came from J.C.Penny….those reinforced knees really made all the difference for my mom!

Deb Brandt-Sarif 1 year ago

Love this!!! (still include the apple…and re-include it daily til it almost rots…LOVE #10!)….now I have a craving for Miracle Whip TUNA!

GLZ 1 year ago

80s kid here, but I SO wanna be a 70s mom! Jealous!!!

Jennifer 1 year ago

Right down to the holly hobby lunch box (which I had) Jennifer, (which is my name) and Virginia Slims (which my mom smoked). And yep – bologna sandwiches with mayo. Nailed it.

Maura Smith 1 year ago

BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Postal-Garite 1 year ago

Haven’t eaten that sandwich in decades, but now I’m totally craving one.

Michelle 1 year ago

Me too. I still make simple lunches. I completely fit in better in the 70’s than now. Being a parent in this era is a pain.

Angela 1 year ago

Haha! I’m the 1970’s mom in 2014. :)

Diana Brosig 1 year ago

I love this so much!

Hope McLeod 1 year ago

Half of this stuff I still do. I am too old school for these modern kids I have.

Erin Kelly 1 year ago

We’re definitely more 70’s in my house. I do look at food labels since I figured out my daughter’s migraine triggers, but I’ve never put a school lunch on Pinterest.

Harriet Craig 1 year ago

We could only wear pant suits in the 70’s. Not pants and top but a pant suit

Me 1 year ago

Riding backwards was awesome!

Amy Loomis Kolan 1 year ago

Hilarious, and true

Shannon Hall Minnick 1 year ago

I think I’m still a 70s mom. Lol! Spent about $50 at Kmart. I did forget about twist ties and wax paper though! That takes me back! My kids can thank me, at least they get zip lock baggies for their pb&j!

Claire Smith 1 year ago

Omg..love the pancakes..Will have to make for Sam at 4 a.m. :) Good luck everyone.

Kelly Wijnans 1 year ago


Christine Frost 1 year ago

Cheese balls and twinkies–dang, that’s fancy! All I got was the bologna sandwich!

Jennifer Spangler Newlon 1 year ago

I pack lunch every day kids ages. 6 11 13. Mostly they only get 20 minutes so not enough time to do anything else

glad i’m not a mommy 1 year ago

This list makes me glad I’m not a mommy.

First I had bento boxes- I lived in Japan in the 80s.

Two, why do parents have to drive this gas guzzling lifted trucks on the equity line on their subprime funded teaser rate mortgages and get foodstamps so they can afford to gas them up- then drive the kids to school where the Caucasians math proficiency rate falls sub 50% and underrepresented minorities get easier tests and grades when they can’t meet the basic math standards-IN CALIFORNIA. Yet graduate anyways.

I’m paying for their healthcare, their medicare, social security—- so kiddos can do drugs in class so their politicians can blame the taxpayers for not shelling out enough money for the “poor underpriveledged students”.

So during the economy that mirrors the 70’s stagflation- we have innocent bystandards (ME!) paying for their medicare/disability for their morbid obesity, their bailouts so they can live in a house they can’t afford, drive gas guzzlers they can’t afford, fill it up with gas and price inelastic taxes they can’t afford- to raise the cost of shelter to horrid amounts to rack up property taxes to pay for your kid’s education-so you won’t discipline them to behave or less study…so the parent drivers can make the school area totally unsafe for the kids walking to class so the kids can weigh in twice the size of the 70’s kids.

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

Times have changed and people like bento boxes, organic food, and taking “first day of school photos” with their kids. I fail to see the horror in this.

Suzie M 1 year ago

Loved reading your blog all so true

Karen 1 year ago

My kids grew up in the 70’s and 80’s…There were no lunch boxes cuz they got hot lunches at school. They both wore uniforms so it was khaki’s and a white polo shirt and during the colder months they wore blue sweaters to go with the uniform! After we bought school supplies, it was off to McDonald’s for lunch or a nice restaurant for supper…

Karissa Korpita Reese 1 year ago

Awesome! Especially #10 in 70s section

Annie Gallagher Milewski 1 year ago

How sad this is, but oh so true. I love the old days!

Kylie 1 year ago

Agree 100%. I’m worry about spanking my kids. Some kids need a little booty smack, but we all have to worry they will get taken away.

Michelle 1 year ago

I love you, Scary Mommy! I thought your Summer in the 70’s couldn’t be beat, but you’ve done it! Am going to make bologna/mustard sandwiches tomorrow. Heck, the 3 kiddos may even have Cap’n Crunch!
Love your post–a nice “reset” for mom kind…

elenaskok 1 year ago

I know! I miss Woolworths and the their snack counter!

Brenda 1 year ago

You forgot the massive amount of paperwork mom gets stuck with when the kids come back from their first day.

Maureen 1 year ago

So funny and so true!! And I remember those cheese and bologna sandwiches went into a brown paper bag with our name written on them and in our locker. NO refrigeration, no ice packs. AS IS!

Mandi 1 year ago

*runs to google “bento box”* *face palm*

Love this post.

Kristina Chin 1 year ago


Cheryl 1 year ago

And the rear window was wide open, pulling in all the exhaust fumes you could inhale.

Napkin 1 year ago

Nothing at all like that for me in the 70’s. Sounds like middle class families in the suburbs. No new clothes for me, no paper, pencils, homemade lunch, etc. Must have been nice to have that kind of money.

Annie Camarena 1 year ago

LOL!! The 70’s. Those were my school days! That was exactly the way it was too!!

Christine Barnes 1 year ago

Yeah my style is the 70’s one lol I guess that makes me a terrible mum here in 2014. (I should probably point out I wasn’t even thought of I the 70’s lol)

Sepideh Saadati 1 year ago

This is so funny. I can completely relate to it:)

Cathie Mangano Greenstein 1 year ago

I’ll own that!

Mari Martinez 1 year ago
Brittney Cyra 1 year ago


Maria D’Emic Villarreal 1 year ago

Good thing I still do it old school!!

Pam Siegel 1 year ago

Ha ha ha. This is the best !!!!!!

Heather 1 year ago


Annie Tyler 1 year ago

Oh what I’d give to have been alive in the era when everything was much less complicated (and much, much more awesome)…

Jodi Wheeler 1 year ago

Too funny

Andrea Lupi Jones 1 year ago

Hilarious! BTW- I used to love Dutch Apple pop tarts!

Carroll Hearring 1 year ago

I remember my first year in a dorm. On day one, my trips up the stairs was two. I had to go back to the car to get a portable typewriter, and that could have waited.

Lisa Renee 1 year ago

That blog is great! I agreed with every “memory” LOL right down to the poncho my mom used to knit them for me on her GOOD days…. in every crazy left over yarn color possible… and of course with the matching pom pom hat…LOL now they would be so retro now…

Shawn 1 year ago

yes! I prefer my child use soap and water instead of all that sanitizer! I remember when one of my kids got their supply list for kindergarten and it had RED ink pens and permanent markers on it. NO Way was there a need for a 5 year old to use those. I’m not supplying the teacher HER supplies as well as my child. ive seen some strange things on those supply list to include disposable cameras! What do our county tax dollars pay for? they can supply soap? God help your girls if they should need a sanitary napkin! Back in the 80’s there were pencil machines in the hall next to the office where you could buy a pencil for 10cents, like a candy machine.

Amber Tremewan 1 year ago

Also why the older generation has high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers, because they were fed bologna and fake cheese daily with kool aid and didnt eat their apple. Another way of looking at how lives have changed, hopefully the generation of 2014 and on wont experience those things as an adult because we feed our children better.

Bruce Main 1 year ago

As a member of the graduating class of 1977 I say that is spot on with minor detail exceptions. Love it!

Frederick Schroeder 1 year ago

I quit after all the nonsense lunch bag shopping. Making an effort is good, but this is way overboard. And I thought only rich, spoiled, or rich&spoiled kids had Fluffernutters, back in the day.

Lia Haus 1 year ago

Oh yeah! I can taste the tangy french’s mustard on my tounge and feel my teeth sinking into the bread. My mom was obviously a classy lady because we got marble cheese, not american. LOL

Jolene Lonergan 1 year ago

Yep, it’s still the 70s at my place

Jody Sigismondi Feavearyear 1 year ago

I hate Miracle Whip. Thanks Mom for always using real mayo.

Jody 1 year ago

SO thankful my mom used real mayo rather than Miracle Whip. For my youngest who will be a senior in high school this fall, I spent all of about $40 for all of her school supplies except a new backpack. She’s got plenty of clothes even though she disagrees.

Jody 1 year ago

Just dropped my oldest back to the dorm. It took her Dad’s van and my subaru. No vinyl, but a bag full of DVDs went with her. I did not even have a tv my first year, WAAY back in 1977.

Amber 1 year ago

I’m still on the 70s curve. Even if I could afford all of the above mentioned modern garbage, I wouldn’t buy it. My kids are just fine on the basics. They’re healthy and get good grades. Bento box, my ass.

maria Ravago 1 year ago

same here i still use simple lunch …

Beth 1 year ago

Hahaha! Just read this then scrolled down Facebook to see a post about the new plastic bottles being as harmful as the ones with bpa, maybe we should try metal water bottles the article suggests but I remember last week reading about metal containers being carcinogenic!

Nicole Keats Headd 1 year ago

Lol. Totally ordered an aluminum bento box from amazon prime last night. For my 1.5 year old.

Beth Whitley 1 year ago

Hahaha! Just read this then scrolled down to see a post about the new plastic bottles being as harmful as the ones with bpa, maybe we should try metal water bottles the article suggests but I remember last week reading about metal containers being carcinogenic !

Hsiuwen Jao-Torres 1 year ago

I don’t have school age children yet, but is every mom supposed to put personal notes and draw smiley faces on their lunch sandwich everyday? Since when packing lunch became so complicated?

Kelly GW 1 year ago

Nailed it!

Barbara Duplissis 1 year ago

I would never monogram my kids backpacks. Every psycho in town will know their name then.

Cathy 1 year ago

19. Post all photos on Facebook so that we can all see their special moment of the first day of school.

Jill Hogg Harris 1 year ago

Thank God! I’m closer to the 70’s version on most points 😉

Jamie Landa 1 year ago

Wow! This is really true! I hate to admit it, Im an 70’s mom for most of it, but the morning of school I kinda turn into 2014 mom! I love making a special deal out of the first day! ack! Im crazy I know, but whatever its fun!

Jeanette79 1 year ago

*Goes to kitchen and makes a grilled-cheese*

Stacy Graham 1 year ago

Aww the memories of a child growing up in the 70’s…….good times.

Anthony Parello 1 year ago


Harley 1 year ago

Pretty much the same question that I had. While i am sorry that your child has food allergies, i don’t see why the rest of the kids and parents have to suffer. Teach YOUR child to avoid foods that are dangerous to him and not make others avoid foods that they enjoy.

kathleen 1 year ago

I would take the 70’s over today. The kids today are too grown up. I had the Holly Hobbie lunchbox .

Brian Mankus 1 year ago

I suspect this is all made up. I mean, Dukes of Hazard on Sunday nights? ……Everyone knows Dukes of Hazard was on Friday nights 😉

Brooke Abernethy Schwartz 1 year ago

That was freaking epic.

NotAMom 1 year ago

Ever think maybe they make the lists a bit longer than needed so that they can use the extras for the kids whose parents cannot afford any supplies at all? Just an idea…

Shannon 1 year ago

Oh man, I love your site!!! This is so true! I was an 80’s kids… my kids are being raised like I was lol and they are surviving just fine!!! The only thing I do differently is I always buy local meat. I buy veggies from local farms whenever I can and also have my own garden. Clothes… if I can find nice clothes second hand I am all for it lol

Cassidy 1 year ago

How can her daughter eating the sandwich kill your son?

Beckie Lee Petty 1 year ago

Love it!

Linda Cassidy 1 year ago

This is awesome and so true ~ lol

Heather Nuanes 1 year ago

I can relate to a lot of the 2014 mom. Have you seen these supply lists they send out??? Omg! But I buy everything. I don’t want the teacher spending the money…
And the allergy thing is a reality now. Which is why we do organic and GMO free food. But I don’t spent nearly that kind of money! Yikes!

Valerie Stiffler 1 year ago

I’m crying, laughing so hard! So true and we are only in preschool. Only we do not have any supply lists…yet.

Jess 1 year ago

Do parents actually do this, though? I am a millennial child, I started 1st grade in 2000 and my childhood was NOTHING like what is written here. For one thing I was homeschooled, much to my sadness. Bento boxes and authentic Indian tiffin? At age 11 my mom decided we were old enough to make our own lunches and that if we didn’t, we’d be hungry until dinner. So lunch was usually Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. 2,387.07$ for back to school? Come September I was thrilled to get my sister’s bag of hand-me-downs and a new notebook from Walgreens. Monogrammed backpacks? I’ve used the same backpack that I bought before my junior year of high school for the past 4 years and it has survived half of high school, half of college and multiple treks around the world.
I’m not a fan of articles like this because this is the extreme image of what parenting in the 2010’s looks like, not the norm. Not everyone is this anti-BPA, organic-grow obsessed and gluten avoiding. Believe it or not there are families out there who still live simply and are very happy doing it that way. I’m sure the 70’s were delightful, however I was born in 1994 so I cannot attest to that. I can, however attest to the 1900’s, the 2000’s and the 2010’s as being delightful as well, despite it’s issues. It sheds a poor light on both the parents and the children of this decade to assume that all of the things listed here are the current cultural norm.

Tami Petersen Gove 1 year ago

fricking awesome:)

Lisa Harry 1 year ago

Oh for goodness sake. I never knew anyone when I was a kid that had allergies. Maybe it’s because we never let them develop tolerance orvresistance to anything ! We played with giant boxes, colored independently, walked it rode our bikes , drank out of a hose, did chores at home, and were disciplined when we screwed up. By anyone who caught us.

Courtnay Vickie 1 year ago

I like the 70’s better

Nicole Seyffer 1 year ago

This is hysterical!! And so true!

Amanda Bilodeau 1 year ago

Just wanted to say that I am a SAHM and I definitely do not have the time for cutesy animal shapes. It’s not easy either way and being home I am in the thick of it ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Like most times I need to give my attention to something, all hell will inevitably break loose! Not worth the insanity 😉
And I’m not complaining, I know I’m blessed being able to stay home…but it doesn’t mean it’s easy!

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

I think that I am living in the wrong decade.

Sandra Kreiner 1 year ago

For kindergarten, my daughter only needed a backpack , that was it! It was awesome lol

Jaime Herman 1 year ago

So funny! The sad part is…. It’s true!!

Sandra Kreiner 1 year ago

Not gonna lie, my daughter has a monogrammed backpack, but in my defense , her grandpa bought it for her since she was starting kindergarten. We don’t do anything in this house. Hell, I’m in culinary school and we still eat Kraft Mac n cheese like it’s going out of style lol

Emma Denny 1 year ago

I still operate 70’s style!

Zippy 1 year ago

1970’s 2A: Be sure to buy at least one spare glass insert for the thermos. The one that comes with the thermos you just bought will probably be broken within the first two weeks, like everyone else’s, and you won’t be able to find them for the first month after school starts.

Irma Medrano 1 year ago

Love those days! Great memories…

Kimberly Parello 1 year ago

This one made me laugh:)

Tanksmom 1 year ago

We had that car. Whole Brownie Troop could fit in it. I get the way-back!

Roe Minaya 1 year ago

Bwahahahahaha!!! Yes!

Jerry Sentell 1 year ago

My kids still get bologna and cheese sandwiches every day, and I wrap them in waxed paper.

Jessica Rosario 1 year ago

If I packed my 7yr old a PB&J he would probably think I “finally” lost it…. lol Good ole days !!!

Elaine Passmore 1 year ago

Oh, I have been there!!

Prunella Williams 1 year ago

I feel sorry for the kids of today. It costs 3,000 to get them outfitted with mobile devices and designer fashions. They are allergic to just about everything except quinoa and kale made to taste like Kool-aid. They must work out three times a day with a fitness coach, who also has a teeth whitening store front business. Everyone gets a passing grade and someone is paid to do the online assignments. they stay up as late as they want engaging in social media, because they might be damaged psychologically if constraints were put on their delicate minds, but they have regular appointments with a therapist to address behavioral problems. Never mind – they’ll graduate Harvard an enter politics and the ads will show them with the perfect Christian white family. God bless America.

Jennifer Osso 1 year ago

I never buy bologna because I had nearly every day as a kid but my husband bought it once and my kids loved it… Gag!

Nicole Libertini 1 year ago

OMG!!!!How true!!! Wasn’t it much better thern?

Jennifer Osso 1 year ago

I am so glad I am a 70,s style mom. The 2014 model looks f- ing stressful! No smokes tho, and no boloney. My mom ruined boloney forever for me.. Lol

Lauren Seigel 1 year ago

This is fantastic. I remember school days in the 70s. Life was easier

Callie 1 year ago

I was born in the late 70s and didn’t start school until the 80s….but wow, my mom was the quintessential 70s mom! Poptarts, bologna sandwiches on white bread, school clothes ordered via catalog from JC Penney (small town), mom’s cigarettes, school supplies at Ames. We always had Planter’s cheese balls on hand, too. Ha!

Cathy Thomasco Richards 1 year ago

Started school in 1959. Went with a salami and butter sandwich or walked home for lunch.

darryl 1 year ago

Don’t forget the trip to the beauty salon getting the works…for your daughter who is 10yrs. old! Yes..lets go back to the 70’s!!!

Susan 1 year ago

I’m not old enough to have gone to school in the 70s, I was 80s-90s, but this still brings back memories. Oh the school supply list… don’t get me started. There is no way they are going to use all that stuff and it all goes into a classroom pot so we don’t get any unused supplies back. We don’t have to bring toilet paper, but my mother-in-law knows someone who’s child does. That’s just ridiculous. Just this morning I was talking to a woman who remember back when we went to school you got what YOU need for yourself and you were done. The good old days…

Liz Brewer 1 year ago

STOP! STOP! #11? Don’t you know stickers will damage the little ears psychologically even more than brand name clothes? Imagine, getting one more sticker than someone else in the form of a bug? And what about a new tattoo and some body piercings? without those life CANNOT go on! :)

Deborah 1 year ago

I made those assembly line lunches and I watch my daughter scramble to do the newer, braver, healthier, crazier lunches for her kids. Barry Manilow and I are exhausted.

Martha 1 year ago

Love this! Thanks for sharing! :) you brightened my day!

Jennifer McKeon Gray 1 year ago

I was born in 1967 and this was EXACTLY my childhood in the 70’s. So funny!

Chana Simon 1 year ago

70’s style mom here!

Jennifer Oncale 1 year ago

Oh my Gosh, this made me laugh so hard I cried. That is funny stuff.

Kate 1 year ago

I have to admit that as I was reading the 2014 section, I didn’t even know what some of those words mean LOL Siig bottle?! Indian Tiffins?!?

Sandra Turro 1 year ago

This was a great read!!! Love it…lol

Heather 1 year ago

My kid is one woth the allergies and I for one appreciate your daughter not eating the sandwich that could kill him! I wish it was easy like back the but my reality is dealing with this everyday.

Shab Tay 1 year ago

Don’t forget, no car seats! Everything sounds great but I never had baloney-thank goodness.

Kate 1 year ago

FUNNY!! :) Going off this post, I guess I’m mostly living in the 70’s! My 2014 offenses though include pancakes for the first day of school (the circular kind lol) and I always writing “I love you” on my boys’ napkins for lunch (though I imagine soon they will ask me to stop embarrassing them lol)

Irene Dahl Tierney 1 year ago

Now let us go back to the 50’s first day of school. So basic.
How did those children grow up to be responsible,healthy normal adults?

Tal 1 year ago

I apparently am not a 2014 parent. Who the fuck does that kind of shit?

JJ 1 year ago

Star Wars came out in 1977 Jeff!

Jennifer Bragg 1 year ago

LOL, 2014 #7 and #8 are spot on. And I’ll admit I’m guilty of #9, 10, 15, and 18.

Anne S. Laub 1 year ago

OMG How funny. I guess my poor kid is missing out….I was raised in the late 60’s into 70’s…. and that is how she is being raised. No frills. Dressed, fed, loved, cared for.

Chuck Bambrough 1 year ago

Let’s go back to the good ole days!

Margaret Whaley 1 year ago

Love love love this!

Don Peppino 1 year ago

Interesting how so many claim they like the 70s version but do everything in the ’14 version. How about you all stop trying to emulate out do each other and actually step back and rock it old school for real? All it will take is for a few “trend setters” to do and the rest of the sheeple will follow.

Ingrid Howard 1 year ago

I’m laughing at how ridiculous we are in 2014!!

LB 1 year ago

The poptart! LOL and cheesy poof! I got a brown bag though :/ And I was an early 80s kid

Sheila Otto Schnautz 1 year ago

A lot of this is completely ridiculous , I wish it was more like the 70’s lol

Diane 1 year ago

Hilarious, but so true! Everyone had long hair parted in the middle and if I wanted bell bottom pants, well, that’s what my babysitting money was for.

Gina ‘Guion’ Petschauer 1 year ago

I’m raising my kids 70’s/80’s style too. Bologna and mustard, potato chips, canned fruit cocktail in syrup with whole chocolate milk…and a pack of Ho Ho’s.

Ginger Naglee 1 year ago

Good times

Lori Austin 1 year ago

I put the pb and j,cheese balls and twinikies in the bento box! This post is awesome! Most def a 70s mom!

Anne Porter 1 year ago

Haha, I think I belong in the 70’s. There’s no way I would spend that much.

Amanda Shawn Whitman 1 year ago

Stop the madness!! The modern version is giving me anxiety just reading it 😉
Keep it simple is best, love your kids, set rules, 1 sport at a time only is how we roll!

Mommy to boys 1 year ago

Thank you for this! Made me laugh this morning and I really needed it. Well written and spot on! Love it!!

Barb Taylor 1 year ago

I laughed so hard my sides hurt!! And to think, every one of us in the 70s or before, are alive and well. We Survived!!!

Stephaine Morrow 1 year ago

The only thing I do is make first day of school signs LOL

Amber Horton 1 year ago

Lol! How great

Laura Kelly 1 year ago

I guess I’m more 70’s then 2014 -what the hell is a bento box? and Tiffins, like huh??? This 2014 parenting model that I guess some people follow is the reason we have so many over-privileged, out of control kids running around. If I ever go from being a 70’s style mom to a 2014 style mom – slap me. hard.

Elisha Brumley 1 year ago

My kids have more clothes than I do and they are boys.

Rosalind Moulton Jordan 1 year ago

Unfortuneately, my child is a bologna kid. I cringe every time I make it for him. But it is so hard to find anything he will eat in his lunch box, Im just happy to find something he will eat. I grew up on it and Im “OK”.

Lindsay Perez 1 year ago

I love them too, lol. It’s the only thing I do on the 2014 list though.

Katherine Cook 1 year ago

Hahaha.. I think I am in between the two. Not so laid back as the 70’s but not quite that extreme either. Katherine Greco Glynn

Kelly 1 year ago

Haha – I was a child of the 80s and 90s and it wasn’t much different, bar the odd coloured trainers and fascination with the Spice Girls.

Laurie Cram 1 year ago

Ha! Ha!

Heather Fishburn-Belisle 1 year ago

Holy shit, I’m not gonna do ask that! Lol But, funny none the less. I’m sure there are lots of mom’s out there like this. And I still shop at Sears, thank you very much!

Crystal Rogers Jamison 1 year ago

I am definitely more of a 70’s mom…..

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

Right on. Why should you have to supply everything for the whole damn school?

Hillary 1 year ago

You forgot the part where you buy them each an Iphone 5. Even the 6 year old. Can’t be the only kid in 6th grade without one.

erin 1 year ago

Hahaha I do the 70s thing… thank god my kids go to a school district that I can do that.

Deana Gevrekis 1 year ago

I guess I’m a 70’s mom and proud! I prefer to raise my kids the way I was raised.

Jennifer Pines 1 year ago

One year I made the mistake of telling my mom I liked Cheeswhiz. Sometime in the spring I worked up the nerve to mention that I would eat other sandwiches too.

Isbjornen 1 year ago

To #2 I would just add, throw kids into the back of a station wagon (with fake food paneling on the side) WITHOUT seatbelts or child safety seats.

Diane Richards Moncrieff 1 year ago

I love #10 ( in the 70’s)….lol, I send the apple because it makes me look like a good parent…making healthy selections…even though I know it is coming home!!! LMAO!!!!

Lisa Backart 1 year ago

Very funny and so true. Kind of sick; right??

Kristen Feeney Hodum 1 year ago

My first grader’s list had 20 glue sticks! 20!!!! What the hell are they gluing?

Renee’ Benavides 1 year ago

I’m a SAHM and I don’t even have time for all that crap. Pack a sandwich, a drink and some kind of snack and head out the door. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s without all that fancy junk and guess what, I survived!

Melody Mankus 1 year ago

I found out my 6 yr old daughter’s class has a kid with a nut allergy and almost panicked; my daughter has been living on PB sandwiches for years (very picky). Fortunately, they just can’t have nuts in their classroom snack. There is a “nut free” table in the lunchroom- whew! Dodged one there!

swetta 1 year ago

Hilarious. I have no back to school list yet. My kid has clothes, backpack and lunch boxes from last year. All these are still good, why wont they be. What were the kids wearing all this while, that they need new clothes all of a sudden. Completed the classroom supplies online. 70s sound great!!!

Martha G 1 year ago

Fantastic! As I was reading through this brilliant piece, the only thought I had was “well, OK, my parents didn’t smoke, but OTHERWISE…..”. Spot on! .

Sandy Broda 1 year ago

Funny, but I vividly remember my Dad swearing at the cost of all the school supplies he had to buy for a public school education while shopping in the 1970s. Nowhere near as bad as today, but still painful on the wallet. That said, my kids aren’t going anywhere near a bento box.

Christine Lynn Procure 1 year ago

I really like the 70’s version lol

Donald Lipski 1 year ago

Luv bologne & chesse on store bought white bread! eat one twice per year, minimum.

Melody Mankus 1 year ago

My 6 yr old would probably pee her pants with excitement if her PB sandwich had marshmallow fluff on it.

Steve Manzov 1 year ago

You don’t have to shop at whole foods and read every label. As you notice, you are standing there today healthy as ever. Having been raised on non-whole foods purchased food and by someone that didn’t spend 4 hours reading the label, you are still standing. Shocking!

Stephanie Orr 1 year ago

What’s with the bento hate? They are from Japan and are awesome!

Melody Mankus 1 year ago

Ugh, my throat got a little tight at the mention of “fermented orange juice” leaking in the backpack. Lol

Jennifer Gartner Morrissey 1 year ago

I guess my kids are growing up in the 70’s!!

Terri Case-Bateson 1 year ago

I wanna go back!

Cheryl Sell 1 year ago

Okay, the truth about the 70’s:
– Sears was too far away so you ordered an outfit from the catalog, tough decision.
– I did get the orange & brown poncho with fringe..gosh, I was cool!
-Plus, we would each get a new pair of shoes…for the YEAR!
– Only the farmers rode the bus to school. The rest
of us walked…a few blocks.
– If you didn’t want the pbj and Twinkie for lunch, you could always go home for a hot lunch.
– The fuzzy yarn was not for our hair, it was to wrap around our our boyfriend’s rings.
– Only the farmers wore dungarees, not cool. If the culottes were short enough they were cool.
– We would go to R&W for a rootbeer to celebrate end of summer. No McDonalds in town yet.
But, boy, those summers were long! Always outside!

Magdalena Maria Pizano 1 year ago

I think we really try to be incredible parents this day and age. we’ve come a long way and learned a lot from doctors and psychologists. We care a lot more about our bodies and even our styles. We want to be the best we can be, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You want to impress? That’s great! You feel that way because you really care and you’re proud and that’s beautiful. Here’s to coming a long way, moms. We are bigger and better, new and improved. So grab those bento boxes, pack up those turkey things that are supposed to resemble sushi somethings, dress those kids to the 9’s and get out there strutting those yoga pants! Be proud

Rachael Phillips Luka 1 year ago

Lol!!! Oh it is sad how true I find this!

nicola 1 year ago

I would have LOVED a Bionic Woman lunchbox!

Patricia Mazloomi 1 year ago

I loved those bologna and processed cheese sandwiches with mustard on white bread ! Mmmmm

Laurie Ann Smith 1 year ago

BEST thing I have ever read OMG my kids are well into their late twenties but I remember the day of their school AND of course mine in the sixties and seventies. You gave me so many memories! SANKA!! ha ha Love this so much. We also had to get our school shoes at Sears. ALL the time… it was a horror ha ha

Heidi Toth 1 year ago

LOVE this!! What worked for me is working for my kids too. No coddling here…..I just hate that the type of moms that are described for 2014 try to make us feel like we are terrible for not doing/buying all the things mentioned. Well, to all of them – I am not sorry for raising appreciative, pretty well adjusted kids. They don’t eat organic and have played in the dirt many times, and are still two of the healthiest kids I know :)

Megan Erickson Lanpher 1 year ago

This is spot on!!!

Brie Hutchison 1 year ago

LMAO…so glad to know I’m not just a failure of a mom, I’m simply a 70’s mom.

Melisa Wolaver Cosgrove 1 year ago

Love this!!

Andrea Ubl Funk 1 year ago

That stresses me out just reading the 2014 portion! I don’t do any of that…I was raised in the late 70’s/early 80’s!

Em Tanner 1 year ago

I’m laughing so hard. This is AWESOME!!!

Shawn Jordan 1 year ago

I prefer the 70s version

Sarah Sawyer 1 year ago

I agree with everything being over the top, except for the allergies. That is kind of important to notate, especially since at a younger age, kids are very likely to share.

Mayra Carrasco Hollis 1 year ago

Love it! Feel the same way! Thanks for the laugh, needed it

brandilyn 1 year ago

I had a Holly Hobbie everything (even canopy bedroom set) in the 70’s. And, I do not remember pop-tarts having any frosting in the early 70’s…yet we ate them anyway. Nice article and fun to read!

Dara 1 year ago

Born in the 80s, child of the 90s…we definitely did things the 1970s way. And I will continue to do so! Reading the modern way gives me a panic attack. Yikes!

Susie Hine 1 year ago

This is soooooo funny!

Julie 1 year ago

Luckily we just bought the school supplies online this year and they took it too the classroom for our elementary child and I picked up my Jr High child’s supplies at the school about 2 weeks before school started, we have never needed to buy those kinds of supplies for the classroom; the most is hand germ stuff. Lol, I know I probably don’t get the best deals but I still do it, I shop for clothing on the tax free weekend. I make sure I get up early and arrive early so when I leave the crowds are just beginning. The kids usually rotate each year who I have to shop for the most for; i.e. just let out the shorts elastic waist and they are good to go for another year! Too bad my daughter is growing like a weed and I can’t do that with her jeans. Too freaking lazy to make their lunches, they buy at the school.

Kristin Stitt Parrent 1 year ago

When did things get so complicated?!

Michelle Bothwell 1 year ago

So glad I’m not that 2014 mom!

Sue WhoDat Fogg 1 year ago

I’m a 70’s Mom and proud of it!!! My kids turned out great!!!

Lisa Casey 1 year ago

This is so spot on. What has happened to us?

Dena Bitner Massey 1 year ago

What? No PeeChee folders for that 70s kid?? Lol.

Kelly Lippert Kearns 1 year ago

I LOVED this! I’m a 70s kid with a 2014 toddler that doesn’t even go to school yet, and I’m already stressed out by reading this! Walking downtown to JCPenney for clothes? Yes! Thermos of alphabet soup? You betcha! Getting excited to buy a vinyl bookbag at the school “store” and covering your books with those paper covers? Priceless!

Jessra Snyder 1 year ago

My daughter is going to a private Christian school that starts mid-September and everyone keeps asking me why she’s starting school so late. When I was a kid that was the norm. Plus her school supply list for kindergarten is only 1/4 of a page long! You can’t beat that in today’s educational system!

Dana Diaz Del Real 1 year ago

I am completely a 70’s mom. No apologies!

Shannon Baumgartner Juarez 1 year ago

I was born in the 70’s, school in the 80’s, and my mom was like that, cigarettes and all. But we had to eat the school lunches, and a packed lunch was a treat for field trips in a paper sack. My kids now eat school lunches, for free, otherwise, it would be pb&j, cheese sticks and chips. I’m very simple, and lazy. Lol

Susan 1 year ago

That was a great laugh! My ’70’s mom NEVER made our lunches. We ate (or not) the hot lunch every single day. How I longed for a lovingly homemade bologna sandwich and a Twinkie.

Heather 1 year ago

I second that!! 😀

Jeff 1 year ago

Star Wars (lunch box photo) was the 80’s, but we get the point!

Heather 1 year ago

YES!!! ME too!

Catherine Lavallee 1 year ago

My kids are not spoiled at all, we are WAY MORE 70’s style then modern style and other than the occasional and very normal tantrum coming out of my 5 year old my kids are all pretty darn well balanced and happy.

Tammy Ledford Hisoire 1 year ago

Even the whole foods you buy are processed unless your growing and raising everything yourself …. Im aware some foods are better than others but if you buy from a big chain your food is processed

Heather 1 year ago

Oh my! How true! I’ve always said I wish I was born back in the day. Wish I could have raised kiddos in a simpler time. Which is why I try REALLY hard not to be the 2014 parent LOL My kids will probably hate my old-fashioned-ness…but OH WELL JACK! 😛

Catherine Lavallee 1 year ago

You’re awesome.

Angie Dixon 1 year ago

I think I’m more of a 70’s mom, although I can relate to the modern day mom.

Vera Rivers 1 year ago

Eat whole foods. Don’t bother with processed and problems will become normal size. I swear…increased number of allergies and Crohn’s disease in young people will go away. It’s the food..as well as the fear of CPS interfering in parenting.

Catherine Lavallee 1 year ago

Yes, I am the 1970’s mom. I spent less than 200 dollars on back to school and I’m not crying. I’m not doing bento boxes, my kids will be lucky if I don’t start making them eat hot lunch by the end of the first month of school. lol

Rachel Ollander Woodman 1 year ago

Awesome. Laughed while reading the entire post.

Kerri Langoni 1 year ago

I love this. I was just thinking yesterday when I read that there are now gymnastics and swim lessons for 18 month olds (woops, didn’t sign up for those) that expectations for parents are getting more intense.

Rebecca Meier 1 year ago

Parenting is WAY WAY outta control these days, in my opinion. When I was a kid, I got the look of death from my mom or the threat “I’ll tell your father”, and that was all that was needed to whip me into shape/clean up my attitude. She instilled the fear of god (my dad) into me with one look. Lol.

Def not the same these days. Too many parents are so afraid to do anything to their kids. Don’t get me wrong, no one should EVER EVER beat or hit their child, like really hit them, but damn I got spanked as a kid when necessary and it worked. If time outs don’t work on my toddler son when he’s REALLY acting up, I have no problem with a swift spank. Never to the face or body, but right on the tush, like ‘you better shape up’. Just my $0.02.

Natallia Whiting 1 year ago

To think there are parents that do that is scary to me. I think I fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

Lindsey Hyman 1 year ago

I love this lol

Desiree Cody Stephens 1 year ago

We have become very high maintenance. I am a mix of both 70’s and now.

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago

I could never hack it today

Nichole Hilton 1 year ago

Yeah I’m more like the 70’s mom, and I smoke Virginia Slims. Lmao!!

Shannon Dunlop 1 year ago

Hysterical. There’s so much pressure to be a perfect Pinterest mom.

Lisa McMurray 1 year ago

Haha guess Im a 70’s Mum

Tara Bee 1 year ago

We’re all neurotic now!

Rocky Brooks 1 year ago

I’m definitely the 70’s mom – thank goodness!!!

Karen Kemling Tullos 1 year ago

That IS scary! Glad I was a 70’s Mom.

Ingrid Dinsmore 1 year ago

Laughing out loud!

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom 1 year ago

Love, love, love! Too funny. And remember when we’d come home from school, finish 1, maybe 2 sheets of homework, and then pick one of the five channels on the TV to watch?

Jon L’Esperance 1 year ago

It’s a good thing I am not a mom then lol

Gentry Hayward 1 year ago

Spot on!

Petra McCafferty 1 year ago

I am a 70s mom I guess!

Angie Ramsey 1 year ago

LOL Perfect!

Felicia Letowsky ODell 1 year ago

This is so true!!!

Jenny Cwynar 1 year ago

I feel really old

Michelle Jasper Gilbert 1 year ago

Hysterical! Sad but true!!

Shannon Ross 1 year ago

I love it!!!

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 1 year ago

As a child of the 70’s and a mother of a 1st grader in 2014, I can relate but I’m not that anal. I just laugh at the ones that are.

Jen Noyb 1 year ago

Bahahahaha!! I guess I’m still a 70’s mom!

Caroline Pagé 1 year ago

So funny! Love the electron microscope! Lol!

Gina Manley MacDougall 1 year ago

This is so true, that it is actually scary. What is this world coming to? How have we let this happen?

Marnie Chan Demeterio 1 year ago

One of the moms on my street is in charge of the “first day of school” sign. She has only one kid so she has time LOL.

My eats only PBJ son was stuck in a peanut free class because one girl had “allergies”. I pointed out to the teacher that this girl was in the same class as my son the year before and she was still alive…

Rebecca Carey Dyer 1 year ago

Has anyone else noticed that the stinkin’ lunch boxes don’t come with a thermos anymore? You have to buy one separate and most of the time pay more than you paid for the lunch box!

Susan Whittaker 1 year ago

FUNNY! There’s an ounce of truth in every jest!

Tina Ristaino Schwab 1 year ago

Hahaha! If my kids toes are sticking through their sneakers I might buy them back to school sneakers but that’s about it. The school gives me a list of supplies that I immediately toss in the recycling bin. In the beginning I bought them all the fancy supplies only to find out at the end of the first week most of the supplies were gone because other kids “borrowed” them. I get them a couple of notebooks, a couple of folders, some pencils and a new eraser. I write their name in Sharpie on all of them and send them on their way. In fact I don’t even get to send them off. My husband does because I need to be at work by 7:00 am. They are barely dressed by the time I run out the door. I do make their lunches the night before though. Sandwich, snack, and water (from the tap!!!!!).

Angel 1 year ago

Me too. My kid got bologna with a slice of cheese this morning for his 1st day of school lunch. And oops…I forgot the lovey note. And my kids get new clothes as they grow, not just for the school year. But I will admit we did spend about 10 minutes with the chalkboard sign. :)

Christina Ridley Kasprzyk 1 year ago

Love. I don’t see any reason to buy my son a new backpack or lunchbox, and the only reason he has new clothes for this school year is because last year’s physically don’t fit him. And I grew up on Wonder Bread…yes.

Angela Perez Cabanyog 1 year ago


Helen Monaco 1 year ago

“Buy yourself a pack of Virginia Slims on the way out and smoke 3 on your way home.” Awesome and hysterical!

Haley Gunnink Brown 1 year ago

I laughed SOOO hard at this!

Valerie Scott 1 year ago

Funny, a kid would never have to go to bed before watching the Dukes of Hazard-the Dukes were on at 8pm on Friday nights.

Ericka Dingman Friend 1 year ago

I think I’m a mix! We have uniforms- thank goodness! I did get my daughter a backpack at Gymboree- but it was on sale and I had a coupon

Marnie Chan Demeterio 1 year ago

Who does all that 2014 shit? My kids get school lunch, my son has used the same old Jansport backpack for three years, and one of my daughters dresses like a bag lady on purpose…and if they run out of pencils before the school year is over (I buy a giant box) then they’re shit out of luck so they better learn how to sharpen those suckers down to little nubs.

Doug Walters 1 year ago

This is good…lol

Sarah Thomas 1 year ago

Too funny and too true! Don’t forget that you need to wash the Gymboree or Lulelemon clothes in detergent that you made from scratch! LOL!

Kimberly Bispo Burch 1 year ago

Much prefer the 70’s!

Lydia Bernstein 1 year ago

Wow, scary true!

Shelly Murphy 1 year ago

I’m definitely more a 70’s mom. Except I did pack his lunch today even though he’s supposed to be a school luncher, the Mexican theme today was not to appetizing.

Stephanie Artiaco 1 year ago

“Awesome saaauuce!”

Michelle King Brandt 1 year ago

AWESOME! such great, simply memories.

Di Dawson 1 year ago

Reading about 2014 Mom made me tired! Thankfully, I’m not nearly that nuts lol

Kate Malesci Caraza 1 year ago

Boy times have changed!!!!

Christina Ridley Kasprzyk 1 year ago


Bonnie Klein 1 year ago

I’m an underachiever.

Tashie Dawn 1 year ago

I’m soooo not a “typical” 2014 mom lol

Sandy Elvenholl 1 year ago

So glad I’m not a modern Pinterest mom.

Karen LM 1 year ago

Edit #17. …drive them 2 blocks to school


…drive them 45 minutes to the magnet school which really doesn’t offer much that’s different from the school 2 blocks from home but you are convinced is unique and will contribute to them getting into Harvard.

Laura Sauer 1 year ago

Love. I think moms of today put themselves through the ringer with the fancy school supplies and uber-healthy lunches. My kids eat bologna and cheese sandwiches or PB and J. Clothes still fit, so no shopping this year. Backpack was on sale at Meijer and we bought it halfway through the school year last year only because the other one had too many holes to properly contain things anymore. School provides basic supplies and only asks for donations. I don’t think my kids are suffering any because I’m not PinterTweetBooking every moment of their lives with cutesy hand crafted “First Day of School” signs. I guess I’ll have to wait 10-15 to see if I get a therapy bill in the mail.

Valerie Hire 1 year ago

Hahahahaha. Awesome!!

K 1 year ago

My 4th grade daughter didn’t eat her pb sandwich I packed yesterday b/c a kid has an allergy. I said he has the allergy, not you!

Ali Kelly 1 year ago

Put me in the 70s camp. Polyester, Sanka and wonder bread are highly underrated :)

Holly Sellers Young 1 year ago

Ummm nope the 70’s way is much better. All of that is just ridiculous! That mom is going to need a nap! :-)

Stephanie Hargesheimer Zoll 1 year ago

Wow, that really makes 2014 moms sound ridiculous, doesn’t it? Lol I think I fall somewhere in between.

Shannon Smith 1 year ago

Love it! That 70s list is dead on what it was like. I have a daughter that has a peanut allergy and asthma… so I have to be that mom that reads labels…. but once I do I buy a ton of the same thing so I don’t have to think about it again. Lol

Kristin Berry-Walters 1 year ago

This is great! I guess I don’t have the budget for being a 2014 mom though. I do a lot more on the 70’s list.

Nicole Ortega 1 year ago

Well I was born in the early 80’s, but I definitely closer to the 70’s mom style!

Portia Brodie Zwicker 1 year ago

Can’t there be something in between? I was a child of the 80s and I’m not yet a mom. My mom packed me a lunch when I was younger and I tended to eat cafeteria lunches when I was in my teens. But my mom never bought wonder bread or kool-aid. She made pretty decent sandwiches with real ingredients. No junk.

Merrit Yeager Schultz 1 year ago

That’s hilarious!

Colleen Heidel-Butler 1 year ago


Jessica C. 1 year ago

Both of those scenarios sound awful. Yikes! Talk about two extremes.

Toni Morato 1 year ago

Wow, hilarious

Bonnie Andersen Powers 1 year ago

Hilarious and love it!

Anita Goodwin 1 year ago

Too funny!!

Sharon Perry Lee 1 year ago

Amazing :-) I was a 70’s kid and I don’t think this post could be any more accurate! I wish we could go back to that much simpler time.

Amanda Knippshild 1 year ago

2014 mom sounds exhausted. I don’t know a single mom like that…probably good to be a little more balanced from both sides. I cringe at the sandwich photo. Gag. Too bad most schools you can’t bring good ol’ PBJ anymore.

Jamie Hartley 1 year ago

And are kids today really much better off for all the efforts ?!?

Samantha Hodge 1 year ago

Planters cheese puffs! So yummy. Do they still make them?

Pilar R. Hamner 1 year ago

Hilarious, but so true. I’d like to think I’ll be a combo of 70’s – 80’s with some instances of modern.

Sarah Miles 1 year ago

Thankful I keep it simple like the 70’s and I only have 1 kid!

Meredith Pratt Hanson 1 year ago

I guess I’m more of a ’70s mom…just got our stuff yesterday, told them to hurry up and pick something dammit and haven’t bought a single item of clothing!

Laura Leigh Bates 1 year ago

#7 on both are my favorites!! Cheese balls AND the centrifuge! LOL!!

Kristin 1 year ago

I’m trying my hardest to not be that “new” mom. They get simple, easy lunches, no organic stuff here (though I do try to make most things from scratch). I did make a sign for the first day of school (with a chalkboard, it took 1 min.) The school supply list, OMG!! Could it get anymore ridiculous?? Is every child in the class REALLY going to use 12 glue sticks!! I mean come on!!

Stephanie Szurlinski 1 year ago

My son got bologna with am. Cheese today!

Laura Lee 1 year ago

Thank God, I am closer to the 1970’s mom

Faelyn Wilson 1 year ago

Pssh, ain’t nobody got time for the 2014 mom. I HATE mornings. I throw a box of cereal at my kids and tell them to eat it or starve.

Michele Tobia Kosco 1 year ago

Too funny!

Anita Wrightner-Dotson 1 year ago

As a child of the 70’s and a mom of today, I’ll gladly remain in the 70’s thank you very much.

Brianna Asten Mahaffey 1 year ago

I was born in the 80’s grew up in the 90’s/00’s but I think in a lil both. I don’t stress over lunch I try to make sure he’s got a fruit at least. I do the first day picture with him next to a sign. Nothing is monogrammed in my house. And I do drive him to school.

Nicole Holmes 1 year ago

Hilarious and true

Judy Jones 1 year ago

This is hilarious, but it’s also ridiculous the amount of pressure we put on ourselves. My 2 year old is off to preschool next week. The extent of my preparations were to go to kmart and pick out an elmo backpack, buy a fabric safe pen to label his belongings and drop off the medical form in a stamped and addressed envelope at the pediatrician’s office. A wonderful friend through an off to school party, but I think it was more of an excuse for all of us adults to enjoy a BBQ.

Melissa Fisher 1 year ago

I’m more 70s than now! I refuse to become one of ‘them’. Pb & j every day. They love it!

Autumn Ouimette 1 year ago

Ah yes I remember taking a paper bag lunch to school…no I did not enjoy my squished warm-by-lunchtime tuna sandwich

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago


Tammy Nonkes 1 year ago

I find the 70’s version much more appealing

Danielle Maher Wetenkamp 1 year ago

I remember the 80’s. It was a lot easier then. My parents could knock out back to school shopping in one 2 hour trip. Today it takes me weeks and hope everything arrives on time. Not to mention the very detailed list of items they must have.

Michelle Barnes Meczywor 1 year ago

Love it!!!! A simpler time :)

Jon L’Esperance 1 year ago

My kids are growing up 70’s style…no need for new clothes, backpacks. Who are they going to impress, my oldest is 10. If I am worried about a 10 year old impressing other 10 year olds, someone needs to punch me in the face.

Michelle Dailey 1 year ago


Susan Goodman 1 year ago

I’m definitely more of a ’70’s mom I guess. Though bento boxes are pretty cute. 😉

Laura Lester 1 year ago

I LOVE this. Lol

Lisa Benter Rich 1 year ago

The one thing she missed from the 70’s: Garanimals!

Brenda Lynn 1 year ago

I want to go back in time, not a 70s kid, but I was a loving life 80s kid for sure

Amber Cochran Denoux 1 year ago

And yes it WAS like that in the 70’s.

Kera Marie Reidy 1 year ago

Do people seriously do the second list? I feel sooooo sorry for them.

My kids got walmart/target clothes (they’re gonna ruin them playing at school anyways) my daughter got an Elsa backpack and lucnh box (No it does not have her name on it) and she got a ham roll up with carrots and crackers for lunch (no it’s not organic. Seriously, I can’t afford that shit.)

Your kids aren’t going to appreciate all this extra crap you’re doing. You know that they will appreciate? A story time or playing with them instead of you wasting time on bento boxes.

Jonathan Golas 1 year ago

This is why I hate people.

Amber Cochran Denoux 1 year ago

Oh, im definitely a ’70s mom…

Jen Goldsmith Andersen 1 year ago

No wonder moms are so stressed. Good grief!!

Michelle Carter 1 year ago

I’m somewhere in between these two poles, but I’m exhausted and anxious just after reading that, haha!

Jenn Heley 1 year ago

And here I thought I was the shitty lunch mom – turns out Im just living in the wrong decade!!!!

Deanna Garrison Dutt 1 year ago

more of a 70’s mom here!

LeeAnn Colvin Yesse 1 year ago

Whew! I’m exhausted just reading that! Can we please go back to the 70’s? Waaaay easier than today;)

Annah Elizabeth 1 year ago


lesbomom 1 year ago

It’s not QUITE that bad – but it’s not far off. We hit the Gymboree – we got the school supplies – haven’t purchased the industrial package of Clorox Wipes yet – and by the heavens if there is a nut allergy this year she will have sunbutter again – as long as I remember not to send it on her graham crackers because she HATES that. :)

Heather McFarlane 1 year ago

Yep. I had the holly holly lunch box with a thermos filled with homo milk or orange juice (that, if left for a few days, would ferment and leak in your back pack and smell bad for the rest of the year, because there’s no way your mom is cleaning that shit). I had the fuzzy ribbon in my pigtails, and the gross light pink polyester matching out-fits that my best friends seamstress mom made us. I got whole wheat bread though with tuna or peanut butter, and all the other kids felt sorry for me. “Your mom doesn’t buy white Wonder bread???” I got an apple r banana because other fruits apparently weren’t available. Lol.

Crystal Kelley 1 year ago

Was it really that simple in the 70s? I want to be a 70s mom. waaaahhhhh.

Annah Elizabeth 1 year ago

Choosing between The Fonz and Dukes of Hazard! “Good Lord, why is it so hard?”

Remember when synchronized swimming and yoga moves were racing bikes, with your best friend or some other random neighbor kid on the handlebars, as we flew side-by-side over homemade moguls?

Thanks for this fantastic trip down memory lane!

Would love it if you’d check out another New Millennium Back to School event going on over at my blog! Courtesy of Stephanie over at Recipe Renovator and Chicken of the Sea.

Oh, what time’s breakfast? 😉

Melissa Dandino Blue 1 year ago


Melenie Velgouse 1 year ago

What a riot!!!

Micah D. R. Bower 1 year ago

I’m an 80s kid. We took a couple first day photos and sack-lunched it every single year. And it was awesome!

Jennifer Miraglia D’Aleo 1 year ago

Lol this is hysterical!! It’s so true, unfortunately us moms of the present have no choice but to deal with the way the world has made us crazy!! I don’t do every one of these to the extreme but I can most certainly relate!!!!!

Cindy Montgomery 1 year ago

Ha! I have five kids taking lunch to school this year. I do the assembly line every morning.

Lissa Morrison 1 year ago

Love this! Give me the 70’s anytime!

Tammy Ledford Hisoire 1 year ago

Crazy thing is kids were happier and so much more well behaved then, so really is it the food ??? Or the parenting why our current children are out of control :/

Keisha Eggers 1 year ago

Evolution I guess. We over think, over complicate, over buy.

Jennifer Ryan 1 year ago

This is hilarious!

Sarah Williams Spencer 1 year ago

I’m more of a 70’s mom and I was born in the 80’s. The only difference is I don’t smoke or pack a lunch. If I survived off of school lunches, so can my kids.

Sandra Owen 1 year ago

So, so true

Christine Alessandro Maggio 1 year ago

I am like a 70s/80’s mom with kids today lol. Backpacks from target (and my son is going on his third year with it) and old navy/target clothes. Lunch for my allergic son is maybe not so 70’s but still very basic lol.

Dawne Switzer 1 year ago

Much rather be a 70s mom than a stressed out headcase!

Anna MacDavid Lawhon 1 year ago

I refuse to be a Bento Box mom!

Carla Montalvo 1 year ago


Nicole Myers 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one in the world that remembered Dutch Apple pop tarts. They were the best flavor ever! And at least they pretended to be fruit.

Nikki Booth 1 year ago

Omg I HATE it when people put the cheese on top of all the meat. OCD here the cheese goes in between the meat. How many others agree with me. I’m sorry it just bothers me lol

Tania Mitchell 1 year ago

Oh my no shit we’re tired!!!! Hahahaha jk 😉

Gina Calcagno Mongelli 1 year ago

Totally on the money..each decade lol!

Dana Knott 1 year ago

This brings back memories, especially the part about the bologna sandwiches and the lunch boxes. “Tell Kimberly if she can’t decide between Holly Hobbie and the Bionic Woman then you are gonna to pick Pigs in Space and you don’t want to hear another word about it until June.”Haha!

Kimberly Whitcher 1 year ago

70’s mom here somehow I haven’t bought my 3 kids anything but underwear :)

Ashley Joye Mucha 1 year ago

I’m a mix of both… I get everything on the supply list and then some… My guys wear uniforms but that was a cause of a melt down for me lol

Jori Bottorff 1 year ago

I ACTUALLY had a pigs in space lunch box! Lol

Brooke Johnson 1 year ago

I’m a 70’s mom,but I’ve been around plenty of moms that sound like the 2014 mom. Ugh. They make my head hurt.

Kerry Redding 1 year ago

I can’t handle those lovely signs with the school year and first day of what ever. Who has time for that? Are we trying to make memories or impress our friends on Facebook?

Shannon Doran 1 year ago

My 13 yr old has Nutella. Every. Single. Day. 5 yr old has Vegemite or jam. Or Vegemite and jam! Every. Single. Day.

Cynthia M. Salazar 1 year ago

I was in elementary school in the mid 70’s and that’s EXACTLY how it was!! Except for the clothes, we wore uniforms and my mom didn’t smoke!!

Toni Surian 1 year ago

This is hysterical!

Amanda Carrell 1 year ago

So not a 2014 mom!

Kerrie Jackson 1 year ago

Guess I am stuck in the 70s lol

Julie Ogden Biddle 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing! I actually had a Holly Hobbey lunch box in kindergarten, including the thermos!

Erin Perez Ortiz 1 year ago


Shannon Doran 1 year ago

Like? I loved it!

Stacci Antrim 1 year ago

I am def not a 2014 Mom….and very proud of it :)

Emily 1 year ago

Oh how I wish that life were as simple as the 70’s. Good thing we survived. There is no need for all the fluff that currently goes on to get our kids ready for school. Why reinvent the wheel when the wheel works just fine and has for centuries, come on mom’s let’s enjoy our lives and not make them so dang stressful.

Salli Haff Bowen 1 year ago

This is so true, and extremely frightening how pathetic getting our children an education has become!

Sarah Cook 1 year ago

I literally laughed so hard reading this, that i scared my one year old so much that she screamed and cried. Amazing! And im so guilty of half of this ..uggh lol!!!

Nicki Knitstitches 1 year ago


Debbie Olsziewski Henry 1 year ago

Loved this…

ashley 1 year ago

Oh my god, this was hilarious.

Theresa Serrano 1 year ago

I plan on doing 1970’s style back to school when my daughter is ready. I’m a product of that era! It’s totally true

Michele Plach-Smith 1 year ago

Oh a Woolworths grilled cheese ….. flashbacks. Mmmm

julie 1 year ago

College drop-off in 2014 vs yesteryear. My record collection took up far more room than our daughter’s epic wardrobe. Keep laughing.

Zandra Rios-Martinez 1 year ago

So funny.

Kadena Burgess 1 year ago

Wow! Perfectly noted!

Kristy Pow 1 year ago

hysterical…my kids only get new backpacks when their old ones are so old they are falling apart, my 7yr old still has the same one she had in kindergarten and she is now in 2nd grade…my oldest daughter is the only one that got a new backpack this year cause her backpack of 5 years finally broke LOL….my middle child had a new backpack a few years ago, but then she took over my oldest daughters backpack the she didn’t like…..last year and is still using that one….that one is at least 4 years old…..and lunch boxes? HAHA….those are those brown paper bags! their school finally stopped asking for cleaning supplies and tissue and all that crap this year, I think they learned no one buys it!!!! they still want the kids to have 50 pencils, when I buy my kids 6 pencils each to last them the year and ONE set of things for THEIR personal use…..

Rosalind Moulton Jordan 1 year ago

I guess Im more of a 70’s Mom by the sound of this!

Jennifer McCormick Jeffries 1 year ago

Uggh…I’ll happily remain a mom of the 70’s. Sorry kids.

Linda Milisits Paine 1 year ago

Culottes…I loved them…LOL

Jena Schallhorn 1 year ago

I wasn’t making lunches in the 70’s/early 80s, but that is exactly how I remember it being… and exactly how I know it to be now that I am a mother sending my children off to school. :/

Christine Lamar Faust 1 year ago

Long live Retro Parenting

Angi LeMar Waggoner 1 year ago

Time travel machine. I want a time travel machine.

Ann Gardzinski 1 year ago

Hilarious!!! Can we go back to the 70’s please!!!