The Most Perfect Back to School Video Ever!


Target? Alone? BRING IT. The Back to School countdown is ON…


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    Nannies feel like this too. Next year he’ll be in first grade and gone all day! I can do stuff without him bugging his sister and causing mayhem for a few hours a day now, but in a year me and the little one will be partying at target constantly.

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    I wish more than anything I could get out of this house! I don’t drive thanks to a phobia and my guy works. So stuck at home as usual I’ll still be. I will enjoy the silence and the ability to clean, eat and exercise alone!

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    School is back in which means I am back at work! Also, since the biggest is in PreK now I don’t have the option to run to the store alone unless I want to pay for after school care. But, one less daycare bill means that I can spend a little more when I do get to sneak to Target by myself.

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      Vanessa Amsterdam says

      Michelle….there is something to be said about both WM & SAHMs. The reality of it is that as a SAHM you long for a mental break and that’s what the commercial is trying to poke fun at! The majority of us SAHM never get to go to Target alone…actually just going to the bathroom alone is a treat! Talking to an adult during the day would be heaven. As a WM you get a much needed break from the day in and day out of routine. The sacrifices I make to be a SAHM are probably not ones you are willing to make. Now that my kids are getting older and all their friends are taking vacations to Disneyland or Disneyworld or Europe…or wherever – those are things we as a family sacrifice so I can stay home. Yes, it is all about choices. Choices to have children (in and out of wedlock), to be a single mom, to work or not work, to stay home & take care of your children or send them to daycare. All choices we make. If you’re not happy w/your choice by all means, fix it and stop dropping the ‘f’ bomb and blaming others for making a different choice than you did. As a SAHM, I give up a LOT to be able to pick up my kids from school & hear all about their day while it’s fresh. I love hearing all about their day. I don’t want to give that up. And giving up vacations & fancy cars is worth all that for ME. Going to every sports game & knowing their friends & being present in their lives is worth giving up all the luxuries that WM’s have – nice clothes, friends from work, nice cars, vacations…. Yes, I get tired too! I work tirelessly too. And, I complain…just like you do – we all do but at the end of the day I am so thankful that I am home with them and thankful I did not ever choose money and working over my children. I do not regret my CHOICE to stay at home.

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      Keri says

      Okay, I’m really surprised how bent out of shape some of these comments are. This was a light-heart video meant to make people laugh. If you bothered to look at who did this video ‘What’s Up Moms” on youtube you’d know that Elle is a work-from-home mom who has two kids (a preschooler and infant), Meg (the one that jumped the fence and sent her daughter off) has two kids and just had a baby and Brooke is also another crafty mom with a toddler. They just didn’t show any of the other kids for this particular video.

      It was meant as a joke – like gee if I had the time to shop alone in Target, this is what it would be like.

      I don’t know any mother SAHM or otherwise that would really act that way.

      We ALL make sacrifices when we decided to become a mother. I’ve done both SAHM and work – I’m currently a part-time worker and I work my butt off as a merchandiser 3 days a week while my boys are in school. Yes it sinks to have to pay day care for those 3 days for my daughter, but I do what I need to do to take care of my kids and help support our family.

      Life is what we make of it, and to quote a t-shirt I saw “if life gives you lemons, hey take it – free lemons!” :)

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      Lm says

      I am a wm and I loved this video. I have felt some envy for sahm, but I am blessed to have a sah husband. People need to be confident in their own choices and respect others choices. I thought this was hilarious and made me want to plan a trip to Vegas, lol.

      Btw, I would totally be doing a happy dance if I was home when school was back in. My husband sadly is bumming that his buddies are back in school. He enjoys being needed.

      Bottom line, both situations have pros and cons. I am totally grateful that I can afford to have my husband stay home, but even that has trade offs in terms of my kids and my relationship. But it’s my arrangement and it works for us.

      I wish wm all the best as her situation is tough, much tougher than mine. Your are doing all you can to give your family what they need, and it’s tough. I hope it gets better for you.

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      Tired mommy says

      How do we know that these moms don’t work the night shift like I do?
      I get home from work, get my kids ready for and off to school and then I scramble to get things(food shopping, clean house, laundry, Dr’s….) done so I can go home and sleep for a few hours before the kids get home from school. I get up right before the kids walk in the door and scramble to get homework done before daddy gets home. We do dinner, showers and stories. Then daddy tucks them in so I can try to get a couple more hours of sleep before heading to the hospital.

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      Dena says

      I’m sorry you can’t stay at home with your kids but don’t group all SAHMs into one. I don’t drive a Mercedes and I definitely don’t get mani/pedis. Those things never were important to me. I have other ways to pretty myself up. And a Mercedes is damn expensive!

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      Ellen says

      @ Amy – 100% agreed! 9th year homeschooling, and I love when public school kids go back – only because we can go to the beach with no tourists! That is our ‘not-back-to-school’ first day tradition. I love being with them and seeing as I have seen 4 graduate and move on – I’ll treasure the other 6 for as long as I can.
      Have a wonderful year!!!

      Ellen, NH

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      Christy says

      Agreed! Love it when the schooled children vacate the campgrounds, beaches and vacation spots!! Then we can enjoy all those spots (nice warm weather still) with our family with no one but retirees and other homeschooled families around! ;)

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      We homeschool, too, and I think you can still enjoy your kids and enjoy your time alone when your kids are at school. I love being around my kids, but I feel like this when I have some time to shop by myself. Maybe, I need to invest in a boa and sparkly hat to celebrate alone shopping time. =)

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      Where did I say anything about not enjoying alone time? I simply stated I’m excited for our adventures. I wasn’t able to stay home with them from the beginning, so I have a deep appreciation for what I’m able to do with them now. Sending them to a place for 40 hours a week just isn’t something I would personally enjoy, but I never passed judgement or a pompous attitude on anyone else. Stating one’s own feelings about something that differ from yours is neither pompous nor judgemental, just a different view.

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      Veronica says

      Seriously! I DREAD back to school because of traffic and how much LONGER my commute gets! I WISH I got a break like these other moms, must be nice! Go to the store alone!? HAHAHA! Only if I can manage to fight traffic well enough to do it on my lunch break, which equals, NO LUNCH!

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      Sara says

      I work Mon-Fri (8-5) so my celebration isn’t as exciting as theirs :(
      First day back was convincing a 1st grader that he had to get on the bus, dealing with a meltdown from my 2 year old on the way to daycare AND getting myself to work on time.

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