What Kind of Mom Forgets First Day Of School Photos?

Ahhh, the sweet, sweet sound of no one running his mouth non-stop about exploding volcanoes or portals or netherworlds. The moment we’ve all been waiting for is upon us; Back to school. But I have to say as much as I complained about being in lock down with my kids for weeks on end, the final countdown of summer was really quite nice.

Look, I’m as surprised as anybody. Who knew I could actually enjoy spending time with my kids? But they’re turning into some pretty entertaining people, and, miraculously, they really didn’t annoy me all that much. On the first day, I found myself feeling unusually calm and confident.

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Having procured the million and one items on the list of school supplies, gone back-to-school shopping for the latest fashions, bought new backpacks and lunchboxes, secured the correct gym attire, found combination locks for the school lockers, and gotten everybody, myself included, ready on time, I felt rather proud, poised and competent for what may have been the first time in my life. I’d actually managed to do it all. I was a marvel to behold. Until… I stepped out onto my front porch, where my mad skillz and self-esteem where promptly smashed to bits.

The entire world was already gaily skipping down the street to school – early – and my neighbor across the street was in the middle of conducting a photo shoot on her front lawn.

Goddamn it, I thought, surveying the scene from the spot on the porch where I stopped short. I’m supposed to take pictures.

Um, so I forgot to take pictures of my kids on the first day of school. They’ve been going to school for like five years now so… I’m good. I mean how many first day of school pictures do you really need?

Then I thought better of it. Good parents are always trying to show me up, and I just couldn’t have it. Not this year. But I’d already locked the front door with my iphone inside, and I couldn’t jeopardize my perfect timing on the first day.

As my brain raced for a solution, it hit me. There was one person who’d never be caught without her cell phone.

I turned to my daughter and said, “Hand over your phone. I want to get a picture of you and your brother on the first day.” She swiftly presented her phone and the two assembled in front of the steps.


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At that, my son made a variety of angry faces and generally refused to cooperate so I couldn’t even get a nice photo by which to recall and cherish this special moment.

The important thing, though, is that I did get a picture.

Because what kind of mom would forget to take a picture of her kids on the first day of school?


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Stacey Gill is an award-winning journalist, mastermind behind the humor blog, One Funny Motha, and co-author of the parenting humor anthology, I Still Just Want to Pee Alone. Her work has appeared on such sites as The Huffington Post, BlogHer, Mom365, Today’s Mama, The Good Men Project and Mommyish. In 2014 she was named one of the Top 10 Funny Parent Bloggers of the Year by VoiceBoks. Perhaps most importantly, she is the proud founder of the Detached Parenting Movement, a child-rearing model she single-handedly developed without any guidance or advanced degrees in child psychology. Currently, she’s at work on a memoir based on this theory. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Sheila Johnson 1 year ago

Me… that would be me

Di Dawson 1 year ago

My Mom didn’t take ANY first day of school pics if me or my sister. And guess what? Everything is great lol Don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. 😀

Janice Nichols 1 year ago

I had my 6th grader tasks a selfie…

Kristi Campbell 1 year ago

Our first day (and by “our” I guess I really mean “our” instead of that annoying “our” but anyway) is tomorrow. Am I really supposed to make a sign? Sigh. I LOVE YOUR PHOTO!

Georgia Evans 1 year ago

Hey!! When you love your kids there is always a picture in your heart forever, and that is all that matters.

Kimberly Wade Johnson 1 year ago

I took great 1st day of school pics then when I got home realized I forgot to put the damn memory card in! We have 2nd day of school pics this year.

Hope Renee Edwards Hansen 1 year ago

Well i took the pic when I picked him up from school, so he had same clothes on.:-)

The Next Step 1 year ago

I have yet to get a first day of school picture. My oldest is going into 2nd grade on Tuesday, and my mom is visiting, so SHE might get one, but the closest I have come is the picture of my daughter waiting for the bus (that we missed) on the day of Kindergarten orientation. Which was a week before school actually started. I remembered to get a picture about a week into school when she was in 1st grade. And the twins got pictures about a month into preschool. But yeah, I’ve managed to forget on each actual first day of school.

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

You need these pics and many more. There will always be the teacher that assigns projects requiring pics from every conceivable moment. Make sure to take several family group pics as well. Some should be verical, some horizontal, don’t forget a close-up.

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

I like seeing them too. You have to click “like” on every one.

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

It’s a bummer when they’ve changed clothes already.

Tera Gellerson 1 year ago

I enjoy the pics of my firends kids, but yea it does make me feel pressure to add one more thing to my day as well….

Michelle Frittitta Adams 1 year ago

There’s the 1st day of school and there’s the 1st “real” day of school. Our first day is a gentle coaxing into their new school/system (not even sure if they meet their teachers). Does it really count? I will never be the mom who takes the pics outside. Seriously, isn’t the grass wet at that hour? In front of the fridge is plenty good.

Tera Gellerson 1 year ago

seriously…I was always thrilled if I could feed them AND get them to school on time, now I gotta take their damn picture too!!??!!

Marnie Chan Demeterio 1 year ago

My neighbor does it at the bus stop and texts pictures to the rest of us rotten mothers…

Pattie 1 year ago

You are like me! I always forget to take a picture until after the fact and then it’s too late to un-eat the dessert, or un-drink the bottle of wine. Or sadly, redo the 1st day of school. I think though, that in the big scheme of things, living the moment rather than staging the moment (for a picture) makes for better memories.

Kathy Radigan 1 year ago

I love this post! This is so me! I have been seeing everyone’s FB statuses with beautiful pictures of smiling children with signs saying what grade they are in and I marvel at this! I’m lucky if I get a shot of the kids backs as they get on the school bus!! Nice to know I’m not the only one! :)

Rebecca Louise Herbunot 1 year ago

I hardly take a back to school pic if I do remember it’s like week 2 lol

hbombmom 1 year ago

All I can think of is how much parents are missing behind the phone/camera/tablet when they should just be enjoying the moment.

Lala 1 year ago

Yesterday most of my pictures were blurry except after we finally made it to the classroom lol I had to really stop racing and take a proper picture. KG1-1st day, in Dubai. Went GREAT!

hbombmom 1 year ago


hbombmom 1 year ago

Thank you. What the hell IS that anyway? Totally popped up out of nowhere this year. I must say, I was damn proud of myself for getting an in front of the house, in the car, in front of the school, in front of his classroom, and in the classroom pics on my sons 1st day of kinder. Little did I know I was supposed to hold up a damn sign with his astrological sign.

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

Me I forgot them with one leaving for school at 720 and the other at 840 it was the farthest thing from my mind

Carrie Bradley 1 year ago

Lol mine did

Beth 1 year ago

Because it’s nice to see and compare from year to year. I don’t do fancy signs or poses. Just a quick picture, wearing his backpack, so I can put first grade next to fourth grade and see how much he’s changed.

Jennifer Sheldrake 1 year ago

I don’t know what’s become of us! Our parents didn’t do this haha

Vicci B. Chuc 1 year ago

I don’t take them except for Kindergarten! That’s it, that’s all no more than that.

Rachel 1 year ago

I took one of my kids on their first day of a new school. They get a school portrait in their first year, and a class photo each year. Last year I had one of them all together as it was their only year at school together ever. I might do one in their last year at school (if they will let me)

In this day and age we take so many photos of our kids that I think its kind of irrelevant if one was taken on the first day of school each year. We already have a massive record of them growing up. Kids today are over photographed (mine included) – & who looks back at all those photos that often?

lol bah humbug – haven’t had caffeine yet :-)

Synthony Tregoning 1 year ago

Lol you’re not “supposed” to do anything. If you want to, then do it, if you don’t, don’t do it and don’t make others feel dumb for not doing it your way.

Britanie Myers 1 year ago

I almost forgot too. And my son is only in preschool. And I’m a photographer. So…. I took a couple quick pictures with my phone.

Julie Harris Ericson 1 year ago

My friends and I never had first day of school pics taken. I guess moms figured that was what school pictures were for. Of course it was the 70s. Now we have to photograph everything apparently.

melinda 1 year ago

I have a friend that takes a photo on the first and last day of school to see how they changed over the year

Sarah Hord 1 year ago

My mom took them of us even in college (if we lived at home) just to annoy us. It was actually kind of sweet. I’m doing the same to my kids!

Stephanie Creighton Barrett 1 year ago

The human kind of mom. The mom who knows it is more important to take care of her children than to take pictures of them,

Cari Parker 1 year ago

just kindergarten really.

Susan Maccarelli 1 year ago

Haha- love the photo! My oldest starts preschool this coming week and I need to be on my game to remember pics among all the other things – lunch, book bag, reminding her to potty first, car tag with teachers’s name, snack, folder ugh! It will be a miracle if I get a photo…

Charlena White De Leon 1 year ago

And then you realize your kid wore the same outfit for first day of school 2 years in a row and then you almost reached for it the third year and thought to yourself “no, the insanity must end”. Yeah, I’m that mom but hey my oldest will have a reason to laugh at me when he reaches teenage yrs. or he could just start growing so this won’t happen again…yeah, that would be nice too.

Jessica Harlow 1 year ago

Lots of moms like to see the changes every year. I thought that’s what school pictures were for.

Heather Paish 1 year ago

every year till i graduated my mom stood us in front of the chokecherry tree.

Dara Sorensen 1 year ago

The only first day of school picture I have of myself was in kindergarten. After that, meh. I got one of my preschooler but he’s half walking away in it. Oh well.

Nicole Lynn 1 year ago

I usually get to it by the second week of school. When I’ve gotten into the back to school groove. lol.

Veronica Everett 1 year ago

I’ve NEVER taken first day pictures. Guess I’m missing the point…

Angie Palmer Carr 1 year ago

It’s really nice looking back through the years and seeing how much they’ve grown.

Danielle Kingston Fry 1 year ago

Nope, didn’t do it. I got kindergarten and that’s it. Heck, I didn’t even make baby books… Or a wedding album…

Shell Fry 1 year ago

I forgot this year. My daughter started two days later than school started cause we were taking my son to college. I just forgot till I saw this article.. will take it next week and pretend it was first day. lol

Becky Flegg 1 year ago

I get my kids to sign their report cards each year… cool to watch their “signature” evolve.

Sara O’Brien Farmer 1 year ago

Lol. Detached Parenting Movement. Love it. And the part where her son “runs his mouth”. My son talks SO MUCH. I try very hard to enjoy it, but it gets overwhelming.

Lucy Hickman 1 year ago

I was supposed to take photos on their first day of school?

Kymberlie Powell 1 year ago

Yeah, Guilty.

Jodi Shaffer Nelson 1 year ago

I don’t take pics every year

Nessa Grace 1 year ago

My mom took pictures of the first day of kindergarten….and that’s it. No one is hurting over here.

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

Nice work.

Angela Whitecotton 1 year ago

This mom right here

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

That’s what I’m sayin. I never even post any of those pictures. And, you know what? Don’t give a shit your kids went back to school like the rest of the world.

Julie Hansen Basse 1 year ago

Mine’s in HS and I forget on day 1, so I do it the next day, and it’s just fine! :-)

Teresa Stokes 1 year ago

I ended up taking the picture this year on the 4th day of school…haha…they won’t remember that!

Jennifer Scharf Enlow 1 year ago

I’m a teacher, and the first day of school for my kids is also the first day of school for me! I am so worried about getting to work early that day and making sure both kids have what they need before we leave the house, I hardly ever remember. My kids go to two different schools (my younger one comes with me), so my older son is still basically getting dressed when we are walking out the door. The last thing on my mind is snapping a photo. I take PLENTY of them throughout the school year, so I think I’ll survive.

Allison Scites 1 year ago

I will take first day of school pics till he’s in 12th grade.

Brandy Lopez Barbee 1 year ago

I just keep the school photos. My daughter starts middle school this year, so I’ll take that one

Karen Stump Woody 1 year ago

Omgosh, I forgot, too! School started 2wks ago & this post reminded me! Haha!

Alice Pek 1 year ago

1st day of kindergarten should be the only pic needed.. Not every grade!

Caroline Furman 1 year ago

A normal mother :)

Wendy Cross-Gillespie 1 year ago


Christine Alessandro Maggio 1 year ago

I snap a pic at the bus stop with my phone. That is it.. No signs here either. It is just not my thing.

Mary Linda Carter 1 year ago

Me too.

Meghan Cummings 1 year ago

I dont think its necessary every year. I want kindergarten pic to look adorable. And put it next to first day of senior year pic. But the rest in between dont need to go on the wall…

Laura Anne Adams 1 year ago

I totally forgot to take pics of my 8th grader. We’ll do 2nd week pics! Lol

Juliette Declercq 1 year ago

Actually we going to miss first day at school as we only back from holiday 2 days later … Worst mum ever 😉 !! Guess can still take pictures on day 3 no ?

Juliette Declercq 1 year ago

Good reminder thanks ! As the perfect bad mum I would definitely have forgotten and it’s real first day at school next week. !!

Davin Tucker 1 year ago

I dont take them any more simply because I dont think it is necessary, but thats just me.

Laura Leigh Bates 1 year ago

I can honestly say I was one of those parents who always took pictures of both of my kids on the first day and had to have those dreaded school pics! So glad I did because when I made scrap books for them when they graduated, I had all the pictures for each grade :)

Crystal Brumley-Conard 1 year ago

My kids have been going to school for 4 years. I almost forgot until we got to school.

Elizabeth Rivera-Corchado 1 year ago

Out to collage now. Wee…..

Mary Heit 1 year ago


Philip Bulhoes 1 year ago

I am pretty busy too- as a teacher I also return back to school so it is one of the busiest times of year for me. That being said, they are only this age once and it goes by so fast, photos will help me to remember

Ryan M Miller 1 year ago

I didn’t take one but I did take one on the 3rd day of school. Does that count?!

Sandra N Stich 1 year ago

I always forget! So we’ll do a photoshoot later…. Who cares?

Elizabeth Rivera-Corchado 1 year ago

I know, right?

Allison Diehl 1 year ago

What kind of Mom? This kind. :)

Hilde M. Vonk 1 year ago

I have a picture of him on his first day of school ever – no sign. He was four years old (that’s when they start school in the Netherlands). But now that you mention it, I might remember to take a picture tomorrow morning. Maybe. :-)

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

It’ll be funny to show that picture to them when they’re older & shove what a pain in the a$$ they were in their faces.

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

I like the way you think. That’s how I feel about those studio photos of kids. My sister does that every year for just about every holiday, & I think, “Why the hell am I going to get them all dressed up & drag them over to Sears or wherever and try to get them to smile for 2 hours straight? It’s a nightmare. Why would I subject myself to that?

Caroline Poser 1 year ago

I took after school pics of two of them, but none of the third!

Michelle Jackson Michalowski 1 year ago

lol first day are ok, BUT the last day of school totally suck ass!!!!

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

That is too funny. Poor kid. My cousin was actually sent to school w/ a sibling’s photo when she had to bring in a baby picture of herself for a project (she didn’t know at the time that it wasn’t her). She was the 4th child.

Ashley Carruthers Miller 1 year ago

My kids got a 3rd day of school pic LOL! I don’t have a camera and my phone is ancient so I had to find a time to take one at my sisters before school. It was my baby’s first year of pre-k.

Sheila 1 year ago

I love this! Last year I tried to take pictures. Everyone glowered. I took a picture anyway. Because I’m going to remember what it was really like, dammit, not some postcard-perfect version of it! And then we have the picture my daughter took of me racing across the lawn after my son who ran away to hide behind the garage when he saw the bus up the road….

Pamela Durham 1 year ago

I must be the worst mom ever. My 12 yr old is in 7th grade and gets on the bus at the ungodly hour of 618. We were almost late for my 4 yr olds first day of pre k because she was ruining away from me when I was trying to brush get hair while the 2 month old was screaming because good forbid I put the little Prince down and try to do anything other than hold him. My husband was sleeping soundly because he works third shift. Thank God my mom showed up right before it was time to leave because grandma never forgets important stuff like pictures

TheNotsoSuperMom 1 year ago

Me. That would be me. I would forget. But in my defense I wasn’t confident that my 7th and 5th graders would be willing. So I guess I didn’t actually forget so much as I was too lazy to put much effort into the battle. I pick my battles carefully. This was not one I chose to fight.

Carrie Bradley 1 year ago

My kids could care less about the pictures….i do it for me for the present and for them for the future. I love looking at my old first day of school pics. I have a freshman and he didn’t want one so I did my daughters and then just took a picture of them together.

Cindy Montgomery 1 year ago

I didn’t forget to take them, I just didn’t want to. /shrug

Jennifer Boyer Whitney 1 year ago

This is too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

Mary Lou Rea 1 year ago

I forgot!

Samantha Michaux 1 year ago

I forgot this year…no one noticed. Everyone is emotionally okay.

Heather Thornton Conlin 1 year ago

Pictures are the least of my worries; I’m just relieved the first week back to school for my six-year-old was uneventful and that she didn’t overturn school busses with her telekinetic powers!

Angela Tuglu Dudok 1 year ago

my daughter is going to school for the first time this thursday and I am so going to take pictures 😉

Chris Carter 1 year ago

HA!! Classic mom moment!! And even more classic first day picture!! LOVE this. Last year, I took a picture of my daughter and as we rushed to leave, my poor son said “What about me mommy?!!” Crap. He was RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME WATCHING ME TAKE THE PICTURE OF MY DAUGHTER!!

Poor kid. The ultimate second child syndrome at its best.

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

I forgot my daughter’s first day picture, but then, she’s a junior in high school. My son started preschool 2 weeks before her so I remembered his.

Cindy Bryant 1 year ago

I tend to take first and last days. Then compare the two ! Wow they change a lot in a year of school.

Hope Renee Edwards Hansen 1 year ago

I forgot! But caught him after school! :-)

Melissa Phillips 1 year ago

I love this blog! She tells it like it really is..Lol

Maria Tripp 1 year ago

Now you have to take a picture of the last day of school also.

Andrina Ford 1 year ago

I found my little girls very first day of school pic the other day still makes me go awww and for me to see how she has changed in 3 years is lovely too but going to school is a big routine change for parent and child so many worries for you both so I can see how it would be easy to forget

Lisa Butler Higgins 1 year ago

I took none :)

Ivy McGraw Cooper 1 year ago

I took second day of school pics.

Holly Sterry 1 year ago

Hahaha loved this

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

Never, Tina, never.

One Funny Motha 1 year ago

Me too. Why take a crummy 1st day of school photo?

Melanie Page-Mena 1 year ago

I start work at 5:30am. I take a vacation day spin can see my kids off to school on their first day. Hell yeah I’m getting a picture!!! Since it is a rare occasion for me to be part of the morning activities we make it fun and memorable. I usually jump on their beds to wake them up and make them a decent breakfast (they will get nothing “cooked” from Dad during the year!) Then as each kid goes out I snap a few fun pics…no signs or anything just the kids being kids. I have a high schooler a middle schooler and an elementary kiddo. We make it a special morning.

Natasha Goode 1 year ago

I like the ones when they are in lower grades, first and last day of school! They change SO much!!!!

Valorie Williams-Bland 1 year ago

You need at least 12!

Dî Ąňä 1 year ago

I don’t take them, I know what they look like by heart now

Lydia Quinones 1 year ago

I took her very first day last year when she started preschool. I may take one next year when she starts kindergarten … didn’t do one this year.

Lisa Leichliter Woodbridge 1 year ago

I’m OK with no pictures. My kids aren’t complaining about no pictures either. I have plenty of pics with them and I’ll have plenty more.

Brandi McVey Garner 1 year ago

I took this year’s first day of school pic in while we were sitting in the drive thru to pick up dinner. I had totally forgotten until my mom texted me to send her the picture. Luckily the kiddo is old enough, he totally went along with it.

Tara 1 year ago

Best (and most accurate) first day of school pic I’ve seen in a long time!

Melissa Munkers 1 year ago

I almost forgot and my kids are just in PreK (second year as they started at age 3) I remembered at the lat minute and had to settle for a cell phone pic since I forgot the camera.

Karen LM 1 year ago

Since when must first day of school pictures happen past the first year?

Renee Crawford 1 year ago

I take a pic on the first day, but last year I totally forgot. I did remember this year!

Tina 1 year ago

I get taking a pic the day they start kindergarten or first grade but after that it’s not really a first. Possibly a pic first day of high school or college after that, but otherwise I done understand why you would hassle with that when there is so much other hassle to deal with. But then again I am probably a shitty parent…

Ashley Wilson 1 year ago

I love scrapbooking. So I have one for every year my daughter has been alive. I even did one for her while I was pregnant. I take 1st day of school pictures every year so when she becomes an adult and has her own kids she will have tons of photos that will trigger memories so she can share her stories with them.

Jenny Kruschke 1 year ago

My kids haven’t started school yet, but I like the idea of having a photo to remember what they looked like and what they wore on their first day, and how they change from year to year. I’m a big sap, and I take TONS of photos. My kids won’t be getting out of it HAHA.
But if that’s not your thing, then whatever, no biggie.
My favorite part of this week was seeing all of my friends kids “back to school” photos though! It’s a nice change from politics and all the other crap that’s always on Facebook.

Bobbie Lawhorn Kirk 1 year ago

I don’t ever do it. In my excitement of school starting,fuck the pictures,just get on the bus.

Stacie Angelo 1 year ago

I just took first day of preschool picture yesterday. He doesn’t start Til Tuesday but why put more pressure on the day? Lol.

Carrie Bradley 1 year ago

I’m ones of THOSE parents….yes I am…

Linda Weiss 1 year ago

as a mom who did that – I am so glad I did – one day they will appreciate the extra time it took – they’re a joy to reminisce

Roxanne Ford 1 year ago

Me too Bonnie. I only add actual friends on my facebook so love seeing pictures of their kids. Maybe not strangers kids, but then I can’t see them anyway.

Carrie Bradley 1 year ago

I take them so I can see the change each year and for when I’m old and can’t remember lol

Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 1 year ago

Who cares? Do it or don’t do it.

Kelly O’Rourke 1 year ago

I snap a pic before she gets in the car, because I’m a huge sap. No signs. No special phone app to make the picture something special. Just a quick picture of a fake, irritated smile and rolling eyes. What I should do is take a pic of the first day a big project is due and she stayed up half the night finishing it because she procrastinated all week, month, whatever. Now THAT would be a pic to remember and share.

Jeanne Reardon 1 year ago

I staged my second son’s first birthday party so I would have pictures to show him!

Bonnie Nicoll Ciesluk 1 year ago

I love seeing pictures of other peoples kids. It’s one of my favorite parts of Facebook.

Sharon Hammill 1 year ago

Meh. I don’t take them because a) the kids don’t let me and b) this may come as a shock, but NOBODY wants their FB feed clogged up with hundreds of pics of other people’s kids.

Jennifer Belisle 1 year ago

Shhh!!! Just take them now. In 20 years, they won’t even realize it wasn’t actually the first day of school 😉

Fräulein Frühauf 1 year ago

I only take them because my parents would kill me if I didn’t. To me I’d rather have the yearly school photos they get a few weeks later.

Lisa Tortorici 1 year ago

I wanted to get a picture with my good camera and then I was reminded about it last minute while waiting for the bus. I didn’t get a great picture but I’m glad I got one.

Catherine Lavallee 1 year ago

All I remember is first day of Kindergarten. I never held up a sign.

Kellie Bradley Miller 1 year ago

Mine won’t “allow” pics anymore…first day of school – absolutely not!!

Debbie Siciliano 1 year ago

My kids never let me take pictures of them on the first day of school!

Georgina Pedder-Jones 1 year ago

A busy one


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