Why I Love Toddlers (And I Am Mostly Sane)

Toddlers are kind of like escaped insane asylum patients who you are forced to feed a strict diet of noodles and applesauce and then they are allowed to touch your eyeballs while you are sleeping.

But, they are also like the naked truth of humanity walking around doing everything that we secretly WANT to do but have learned through societal norms that we must NOT do. Yes, there are many reasons why I love toddlers. (Well, at least mine. Yours is kind of annoying.)

1. They are adorable enough during even the worst temper tantrum that you never actually toss them from a high place. How is it possible that I can find the enraged, snot-streaked face hollering at me still one of the cutest things ever? Must be a survival of the species thing.

2. They feel ALL the feelings. This can definitely work against you if they happen to miss seeing the random cow you pointed out during a car ride. But they also have so much love to give! Like a short, creepy stalker kind of love, but still.

3. They help you gain upper body strength with all the shoe-wrestling and clothes-putting-on and tooth-brushing. I will sometimes pick my toddler up in the middle of a tantrum and she is kicking so hard in my general direction that I have to hold her at arm’s length to get her to time-out without me receiving bodily injury. But my Deltoids are amazing!

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4. They live in the moment. You, as their parent, can learn to appreciate the pretty flowers on the side of the road while you are on your hands and knees with a box of wipes and a soaked and unwilling version of yourself. And don’t forget about appreciating the “I love you Mommy song” in the gas station rest room that might go on for a good long time while you try to get them to concentrate on what they are doing. So sweet.

5. They try SO hard. The determination! The commitment! I wish I could sell the single-minded focus my child gives to convincing me she needs to wear her tutu with everything.

6. Their wants are still so simple. Rocks. Water. Tupperware. Day made.

7. You are pretty much a superhero. You probably won’t ever feel as loved as you do when the preschool teacher is physically wrenching your small toddler away from you at drop off.

8. You can still fool them a little. They actually believe you when you say that eating their vegetables will make them grow big. They don’t always care, but they believe you.

9. They get excited about…freaking everything. I wish I could muster the same amount of excitement for my life as my toddler does about simply going through a car wash.

10. They still want to cuddle and they still might call cantaloupe, “camel milk.” Their babyhood is leaving and you will have to tell them the proper way to say stuff eventually, but not today. And if they go to Kindergarten still calling a dump truck a dumb f*ck, well, they should have thought of that before they Sharpied the window sills.

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Joelle Wisler is a writer and mom living in the mountains who loves quiet Saturday mornings and other mythical things like personal space and time to think. She named her blog Running From Mountain Lions so that if she ever meets up with a big cat, at least she can go down in a blaze of irony. Her writing has been flung haphazardly about the internet, but she writes regularly for Scary Mommy and The Huffington Post. She made The Today Show's List of Funniest Parents on Facebook and contributed to the anthology Scary Mommy's Guide To Surviving The Holidays. Find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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Meredith 6 months ago

Loce this! Funny and snarky in true Scary Mommy fashion but also positive and happy! There are so many kick ass awesome parts of parenthood – we should celebrate them more often! 😉

Cory Schaefer 1 year ago

This is so my life! And I love it!

Dena Scroggins 1 year ago

I’m right with you! I love toddlers as well! They are so much even on their worst days. :)

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Mandy Renfro 1 year ago

I always thought from about 10/11 months-3 years was the best part of my kids being little. 4-8 1/2 was rough with my oldest, but suddenly, he’s a cool big kid that I can have a conversation with and that’s kinda fun too!

Haley MacDonald 1 year ago

I genuinely wonder if I’ll ever be immune to my idenTical twins cuteness sometimes. ….

Melinda Schulist 1 year ago

Oh toddlers…all of this is true…but I still have more patience for 3s & 4s than 1.5-2.5yo. I loathe young toddlers. And I have one happily sleeping upstairs.

Loretta Garcia-Finder 1 year ago

So true Tanya ! This morning mine yelled at me bc I didn’t want toilet paper and then 2 mins later told me “you did it, good job momma” after I made the bed. Lol ❤️

Lisa MacDonald Harvey Shipman 1 year ago

Toddlers are my FAVE!

Ruth Fearn 1 year ago

Ahhhh age 2 is my fav yr….they say the most random things n r sooo sweet….can’t wait for our twinnies are that age……teenager drama is exhausting n like smashing ur head against a wall…..my mother assures me they become nice again about 22 lol

Dezzrie Johnson 1 year ago

My toddler is 3 next month. Hes been horrible for the last 6-8 months. I also have a 9 and 10 year old. I would rather deal with their emotional breakdowns and school angst any day!!!

Joyce Edmonds 1 year ago

These are my favourite years! 8 months-2.5 years! The innocence of it all! And then 3 comes…*shudder*

Suzanne Bennett 1 year ago

So cute

Nikki LaCour 1 year ago


Jennifer Sampaio 1 year ago

I love toddlers! I love infants right until they hit 5 and become talking back monsters. Then it’s all down hill,lol

Teena 1 year ago

Ahhh yes #10, my son calls fire trucks ” fire fucks”. Too make matters funnier his uncle drives them so when I told him Uncle drives a fire truck he repeated back, ” Uncles a fire fuck! “

SteveandApril Miller 1 year ago

I CHOOSE to work with toddlers every weekday…tried other jobs this summer and have gone back to my toddlers because I missed them so much!

Elizabeth Marmo Barker 1 year ago

I loved the toddler years….. and every one after. Yeah, im mentally u stable. Lol

Lareina Harris Clark 1 year ago

I prefer the toddler age over baby any day

Trish Hammons 1 year ago

2-4 LOVE them (even yours).

Sallie Lewis Fulmer 1 year ago

Toddlers are my fav!

I Got a Dumpster Family 1 year ago

I love my twin toddlers so very much! they are the most fun!

Sharon Perry Lee 1 year ago

I liked the 5-7 year old range best. I miss that. ♡

Morgan McNamara 1 year ago

I love toddlers. So funny and innocent..always learning and exploring. Everything is new. Simple things make them happy. At least my toddler is lol So tiny and hilarious. I wish she could stay this age (22 months) forever!!

Lauren Mack 1 year ago

I love this!

Emily 1 year ago

My two-year-old daughter and I recently had a conversation in which she demanded, from her carseat, to drive the car. In traffic. Not just sitting on my lap in the driveway, pretending to drive the car. No amount of explanation would suffice (“You can’t drive the car because it’s not safe. Because you’re two. Because OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION.”). She screamed all the way to school: “I NEED DRIVE THE CAR! MAMA, I NEED DRIVE THE CAAAAAARRRR!”

After it was over, it was pretty hilarious. I mean, she was absolutely convinced there was no reason she shouldn’t drive the car, and clearly thought I was being willfully difficult by not letting her. Single-minded doesn’t even begin to describe her.

Akasha Pearson 1 year ago

I like babies, my husband like toddlers, works well seeing as we have two boys and they want to do things just like dad quickly LOL

Sabine Elliot 1 year ago


Michelle Austreng Wachtendonk 1 year ago

I LOVED the toddler years. no back talk, eye rolling, or puberty!!

Phoenix Fourleaf 1 year ago

Toddlers are cute and cuddly. That makes up for a whole bunch of other things. Potty training is a colossal pain in the patoot, however. Especially with boys.

Christie Scianni 1 year ago

That was my favorite age. Learning to walk and talk. Miss my wiggly worms.

Sara Gremlin 1 year ago

And this is why I choose to work with infants and toddlers as a provider in the Birth to three program in IL. They are the best! They are forgiving and accepting of little and big hurts. The love in spite of…

Melissa Mathison 1 year ago

They had a code pink for a missing 3 year old and the only thing I could think of was “why the hell would someone take a 3 year old, they’re assholes.” Don’t worry, he was found a few minutes later with one of his relatives.

Kimberly Paradis 1 year ago

Toddlers are fun..it is sad they have to grow up LOL

Aimee Hempy-De La Cruz 1 year ago

Whew toddler stage had me living in a loony bin inside of my head – nonstop therapy for this mom bcz I don’t spank bcz I was so often and belted. I don’t miss a single thing about that age! I have nothing but respect for moms who do it and it doesn’t shake them to their core bcz it broke me daily. I hated myself for how I felt. Bravo to moms it doesn’t get to, including my mom who had me n my 2 sisses all at the toddler stage at the same time! Bravo moms! You are stronger than me!!!!

Sarah ‘Mann’ Subias 1 year ago

Love this!

Vicki Lesage 1 year ago

During pretty much every tantrum (so, you know, ALLTHETIME) I whisper to my husband “He’s so cute, it’s hard to be mad at him.” That little scrunched up face, the HUGE tears – I just want to squeeze him! And then tell him to knock it the hell off.

Carrie Floyd 1 year ago

I absolutely love my toddler! She makes me laugh even on the hardest of day. Not to say that I never get frustrated but she is so much fun! And without a doubt I know how very much she loves me! It’s hard not to love the person who is so open about the fact that they love you more than anyone or anything else!

Britnie Carpenter 1 year ago

Oh my toddler is loving the fact that we have a newborn now. She knows as soon as Mommy starts nursing everything in the house is fair game! It’s interesting seeing how creative she gets.

Melanie Ripley 1 year ago

Oh yes my three year old explained to a tee!

Katie Marchetti 1 year ago

^ bahahahahhahah

Mary Panstingel 1 year ago

a blender without a lid – but fun.

Shallini H. Seewdat-Prasad 1 year ago


Jennifer Fisher Banzet 1 year ago

As long as they know sign language, toddlers are awesome.

Robbie Nehring 1 year ago

I love toddlers

Kristin Unrein Maiorano 1 year ago

Lemonade from lemons, toddlers suck. Mine however are awesome

Anne Grisenthwaite 1 year ago

I am a children’s librarian and my Toddler Storytime is my favorite thing ever!! They are so full of joy and enthusiasm and they crack me up every time.
That being said, when my youngest son turned four, I may have been heard to yell, “I never have to live with a three year-old again!!” :)

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

How could you not love a toddler everything is so fun and exciting for them they’re happy to eat pb&j 3 times a day, they love without judgement, and they l I very to “swim” in the bath tub

Kimberly Whitcher 1 year ago

I miss my kids being toddlers :(

Shiloh Langgaard 1 year ago

I have a toddler. I don’t have a teenager, yet. So I can’t really relate….to a degree. My 2.5 year old son is quite a challenge. I’m not gray though. In my first marriage, I had a step daughter, whom I still love very much, but she was a good teenager. All the crazy stuff happened way after her dad and I divorced. And she still was good ~ normal teenage behavior, I guess.

Sarah Johnston 1 year ago

My toddler is much harder work than my pre teen but his innocence about his naughtiness is so cute over a snarky 9 year old lol

Michele Barnhart 1 year ago

I will take a toddler over a teenager any day of the week!! Toddlers are very easy to understand

Magdalena Grabowska-Stopyra 1 year ago

Love it!

Cath Bruyning 1 year ago

“Well, at least mine. Yours is kind of annoying.” 😀

Barbara Weaver Penland 1 year ago

I love toddlers! I’d take a toddler over a middle schooler any day of the week!


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