10 Reasons Age Three is More Terrible Than Two


1. At two, they can barely talk. At three, they never shut the hell up.

2. At two, they cry. At three, they throw temper tantrums so epic, you become convinced that they are possessed by the devil.

3. At two, they’re happy to eat anything you present to them. At three, they eat only three foods (usually consisting of a starch and processed cheese).

4. At two, baths are a ten-minute event, the result of which is a clean child. At three, baths take over an hour, and result in a drenched bathroom, sopping wet mommy, and 16 used towels.

5. At two, they wear diapers that can be changed on your watch. At three, they’re potty trained and the world revolves around their bladders and bowels.

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6. At two, they are distracted by a box of Gerber Puffs at the grocery store. At three, they want to dictate your entire food list.

7. At two, they let you dress them, looking innocent and adorable. At three, they insist on picking out their clothes, looking like pint sized versions of mental institution inhabitants.

8. At two, they don’t like to get dirty. At three, they thrive on it.

9. At two, you can do things for them, saving infinite amounts of time. At three, they must do everything by themselves, taking FOR-fucking-EVER.

10. At two, manipulation is the last thing on their minds. At three, they own you. And they know it.

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Ice Age Avalanche hack 3 months ago

Otherwise it’s likely to take us an excessive amount of hours to improve our car.

Kevin 3 months ago

I would and have. Doesn’t mean I love her any less – she’s my princess. But when she acts like an asshole, she acts like an asshole. I don’t call her a bitch out loud. But in my head I sure do.

Amanda 3 months ago

Waiting till you hit the f*cking fours!! 3 is a cake walk compared to 4. You are welcome for the warning.

Samantha 4 months ago

LOL Sometimes I look at my husband and say, “Your kid is being a bit of a dick right now.” Especially when he’s just done something to make my other kids annoyed. I would never tell my child this though. But yeah. It happens.

rebecca woodin 4 months ago

I have a 3 year old like this. My mom thought i was exaggerating at first lol. Nope shes satanic for me!

rebecca woodin 4 months ago

Best article on this issue out there. I literally LOLd every point. Now to find one on 4s here… lol

Living Room Lessons 6 months ago

Looking for something to do with these crazy 3 year olds?! Check out http://www.livingroomlessons.com for fun and educational, at-home activities for preschoolers.

irene marshall 6 months ago

I am a gigi of a 3yr old girl and take care of her for my daughter 7 days a week. She is an angle with me but is Evil with her mother. I dont understand why this is??? My daughter can scream at the top of her lungs at her and refuses to listen. Any advice both driving me crazy. I feel like im raising 2 3 yr olds!!!!

DC 6 months ago

i teach 3 year year-olds, and if they have parents who talk about them that way, calling them “pricks,” it is no wonder they behave that way. Study your child development and interact with them effectively, and you will not have these problems! I have 3 kids and all were an absolute joy at these ages. If you can’t handle these early years, good luck with the teen years, and see what calling your kid a “prick” then will bring you!

Kimberly Shelton 6 months ago

Thank God what I have been thinking about seeking pediatric psychotic care for my 3 yr old is actually normal for his age. Lol

Paulette 6 months ago

My son is 18 months and already trying to do things a 3 year old does so I am not looking forward to him turning 2 or 3

join 6 months ago

its the Terrible Two’s and the Bring You To Your Knees Threes!

JoAnn DePalma 6 months ago

3s are worst than 2s amen

yusra domingo 6 months ago

Its so Damn true you think you over the 2’s but then the 3’s are so much more dramatic and OMW its hectic.

Chris Russell 6 months ago

I always said that..raised 5…

Madison Hedge 6 months ago

Shut up

I’ve got q two year old

Just hush

Sheila Raymond 6 months ago

Oh how very true.

Latoya Jones 6 months ago

I have 4 in one on the way

Sue Simon 6 months ago

That was true for us!

Abigail Camacho 6 months ago

Lol!! You can only hope she’s ahead of the curve and not practicing for when she’s 3.

Marie Sanders 6 months ago

ha ha, that’s cute… now try a 14 year old… 😛

Rebecca Mecham Bagley 6 months ago

To be fair, triplets at ANY age is crazy hard and over the top! KUDOS to you!!!

Rebecca Mecham Bagley 6 months ago

I LOVED 3 with my kids! LOVED it!!! It was my favorite age. Though, I loved 2 as well…either I’m really lucky or just crazy…LOL!

Steve Martinson 6 months ago

They learn to lie at 3.

Heidi Adams 6 months ago

I mostly enjoyed the 2s and 3s. Now, 13s I am not enjoying so much. Why does everything have to be an argument? Didn’t we settle that when he was 3?

Melanie Dh 6 months ago

Might want to consider how folks struggling with mental illness might feel about #7.

Geraldine Petrak 6 months ago

Depends on the child.

Alli Roberts 6 months ago


Ola Manning 6 months ago

What?!? I asked when my son turned 3, “terrible 2 is history, what’s next?” 😀 I believe 3 is more terrible than 2 😀

Holly Speach 6 months ago

Ok maybe this sounds bad, but every time I see this posted, I think how creepy that little boy looks. It’s like he’s right out of a scary movie!

Mickey Gerber 6 months ago

I’ve always said the terrible twos means it lasts two years. Such funny and true posts!

Julie Owen 6 months ago

The terrible two’s means when it starts, it lasts for two years. Not necessarily at age two.

Sandy Dozier Lillard Adams 6 months ago

Wait until they are four; they will begin trying to control and manipulate you.

Jessica Ploch 6 months ago

Age 3 stinks

Lisa Creson 6 months ago

My boy was an angel at 2. I thought ‘terrible twos are such BS’. Then he turned 3, and all hell broke loose.

(He’s 4.5 now, and I would say 3 was the worst of it).

Elaine Armitage 6 months ago

Oh help!!! :-0

Candice Wilson StOnge 6 months ago


Teresa Bradfield-Anker 6 months ago

Go on with that delusion it will make it easier to deal lol!,

Teresa Bradfield-Anker 6 months ago

Sooo true!

Donna Quinton 6 months ago

No one tells you the “terrible twos” lasts two years! Between 4 and 5 you can start reasoning with them. It does get easier after this…

Margaret Rodgers Barthe 6 months ago

And you need to remember every moment….because too soon they will be “grown up” and you will wish for two or three or four again!

Amanda Reszkowski 6 months ago

This could not be more true.

Mandy Engelbrecht 6 months ago

two was great, three was a nightmare & 4 not much better – now he’s nearly 18 & somehow we both survived & love each other still

Jenn Dixon 6 months ago

My mom babysat for years and used to say it was terrible two, but god-awful three.

Erin Block 6 months ago

I. Am. Terrified!!! Lol, After reading some of these comments I’m thinking I’d like to run away (or slip into a coma) until Miss 2.5 is well clear of 3!! She has been ‘challenging’ for about a year now….god help me!

Tsitsi Chiwashira 6 months ago

I feel so much better after reading the comments….lol

Tracey Bailey 6 months ago

Haha Yep! I’ve inly referred to my little guy as the spawn of satan once though. He’s sweet enough to make up for it (most of the time)!

Adrienne Doyle 6 months ago

Lmao at #9… Soooo true!!! It’s all true! LOVE my babies though

Bec Evans 6 months ago

I have twin 8yr olds, in my opinion I would take an army of 2 and 3yr olds any day over the dramatics and attitudes of 8yr olds

Priscilla Girardot 6 months ago

I think I might be one of the few who feels like things have gotten a million times easier since birth. Aiden was a colic baby and the most stubborn child I have ever met. Not kidding. He’s such a sweet angel and would flip into needing an exorcism in 2.5 seconds. It was crazy. Once he hit three he completely changed. I also think my parenting changed as well. He was my first and I’m naturally a passive person. I learned the hard way, be stern and consistent or prepare yourself for the worst of all. Now he is four and approaching five soon and I can honestly say life with him is 100% easier. He listens to me (most of the time) and actually enjoys being a good helper & listener. Thank you to the heavens above! Haha. We had another after Aiden with hopes we’d get the exact opposite and we did! Hallelujah! Vanden is a walk in the park compared to his brother. Aiden definitely prepared us and now we can handle anything. I had my tubes tied after Vanden and I do not regret it, lol. Two boys is more than enough for us! Wishing you all luck

Jennifer Piedra 6 months ago


Kylie Wright 6 months ago

Soooooo true!!!!!

Traci Brignoni 6 months ago


Francesca Lao 6 months ago

OMG this is scary…..lol

Lindsey Aylward 6 months ago

I find four to be much worse than three.

June 6 months ago

I think it depends on your perspective & expectations. I didn’t read all the comments, though one or two I did horrified me!
My mother, (who would now be 84) a former elementary school teacher always said 3 year olds were delightful as they are so curious about their world & hungry to learn.
I think we need to change our thinking around children sometimes, they are children, with growing minds, not mini adults plotting to make our lives difficult. I am sure my mother found every age interesting as that was the way she thought, her expectations were positive.
I don’t get why some people have children & are then in such a hurry for them to grow up, can’t we enjoy them at every age?

Lisa Giles 6 months ago

Anyone who says the terrible twos are the worst, obviously gave away their kid before they hit 3.

Nova Kane 6 months ago

I’ve always said this.

Luci Johnson Craig Grubbs 6 months ago

Spot on! My youngest is turning 4 soon and I am hoping he will more relaxed!

Autumn Huddleston Murray 6 months ago

Yes!! 3 is my least favorite age and my youngest is fast approaching the tyrannical 3 phase!! Every little thing sets off a huge fit of rage.

Nymarie Ramos-Gonzalez 6 months ago

I only remember my oldest going through this age. It started at 18 mos. (he would bash his head against the tile floor in the kitchen!) but I swear the day he turned 3, it was over.

Natalie Hendrix 6 months ago

Lord help me now.

Aleccia Lin Shaffer 6 months ago

A friend of mine has written a book about this very subject called “Three Year Olds are A**holes”.

Her name is Sarah Fader, for any interested in keeping her upcoming word on their “to read” list. 😀

Lynn Butler 6 months ago

When my son was two he was an ANGEL, I could not believe how good he was…then he turned three….

Elizabeth Giamalva 6 months ago

I always put my hand on my daughters head and jokingly say, “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPAL YOU!” I repeat it 3 times. Lol
she doesn’t think it’s funny.

Rachel Wickern Packard 6 months ago

My dad always says, “those who say terrible twos, hasn’t had a three year old.”

Krys Hackett-Soss 6 months ago

Agreed – it’s a rough age for sure!

Carly Arkell 6 months ago

I’m praying 5 is when I get a reprieve!

Rebecca Louise Herbunot 6 months ago

Not one age is worse than the others. Every age comes with its own set of challenges and frustration. Stop trying to compare

Andrea Dre Miller 6 months ago

At 3? Boy I bet you never went out

Erin Cross Jones 6 months ago

At least the teenagers sleep!

M Elissa D As 6 months ago

5 yrs old is pretty good!

Missy Gibson Hightower 6 months ago

I always said terrible twos but terrifying threes lol

Melissa Myers Arklind 6 months ago

He hasn’t had those baby puffs in a long time. I forgot all about those, he use to love them. ☺️

Melissa Myers Arklind 6 months ago
Sherri Broeking 6 months ago

Amen, sister!! All three of mine were worse at age 3.

Amanda Johnson Tison 6 months ago

Two hasn’t been that bad for us. I am afraid of three though. Even though we have hit many of these already.

Megan Burrow 6 months ago

Lalala, can’t hear you! Lalala, can’t hear you!!

Kathleen McCudden 6 months ago

God help me. My son flipped the ‘terrible’ switch a week before he turned 2!

Tana Garrett 6 months ago

The terrible two’s actually mean -the next two decades. ….

Becky Leanna Conley 6 months ago

So is 15

Luna Chick 6 months ago

Depends on the kid

Lexy Grewing Schwartz 6 months ago

Agree 3 is tougher than 2!

Angela Imhoff 6 months ago

She’s 2 months away from 3, but 9 and 10 are so true!!

Nicole Adams 6 months ago

Amen. I thought it was just me. I think year 2 is funny, but 3 yr Olds *shudder*

Kate White 6 months ago

Yeah three is definitely the age from hell. They’re like little teenagers without the raging hormones.

Karlo Ann-Marie 6 months ago

Ages from 2 to whenever they die sucks

Dawna Reynolds Leslie 6 months ago

terrible two’s, terrifying three’s

Linda Spencer 6 months ago

Geez who wears the pants my kids NEVER threw a fit and they had manners

Gina Arterberry 6 months ago

Add mine to the mix too!

Gina Arterberry 6 months ago

I actually heard someone say once that they are called “terrible twos” because it starts and doesn’t end for “two” years.

Krysta Barnhart 6 months ago

…four boys and two girls here, several of whom don’t wanna shower half of the time, lol! Kids are fun 😀

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 6 months ago

15 is the worse, hands down. Lol!

Paige Parsons 6 months ago

Erica – they’re our only kids, so we don’t know any better. I am thankful for blissful ignorance!!

Erica Nance Unger 6 months ago

I have four boys all three years apart. I can’t even begin to imagine how crazy your house must be!! (But so worth it, I know! :-))

Christina Ferris 6 months ago

Wait for 15…you will wish for 3.

Michelle Molesky Laskey 6 months ago


BrandonandSamantha Oberbeck 6 months ago

One can only hope!

Ayla Ervin 6 months ago

I have a three year old as of Tuesday. Eek

Ellie Thompson 6 months ago

True story. ..three is hell age

Susie Pratt 6 months ago

I thought 3 was more challenging! But then for a girl, middle and high school win the contest hands down! The best is yet to come! Prayers for you all!

Steven Hopalong Nugent 6 months ago

I have found 3 to be a lovely age, nowhere near as many tantrums nowadays.

Melissa Pukajlo Brumbaugh 6 months ago

#9 for sureee!!

Darlene McDonough 6 months ago

I’ll take the terrible two’s!

Lisa Rankin 6 months ago

Well half the stuff mentioned in that comment my son does now hes just turned 2 in October there…..kill me now god knows how he will be at 3. fingers crossed he will be an angel hahaha

Elizabeth Paige 6 months ago

Lol! I agree. It was instantaneous for my son. He was sweet and cuddly until his second birthday and then.. BAM!

Melanie Kamenik 6 months ago

I also have a 1 year old and 2 year old! My 2 year old is already a little demon and it’s going to get worse. Ugh. I’m freaking out about having 2 and 3 year old next year.

Janet Kortright 6 months ago

I LOVE the 3’s!!! I teach 3 year olds. My favorite age. Love the sassiness, independence, curiosity. They’re so willing to please,help and learn. The catch on to everything and ask questions that make you think. Makes my day brighter. My days are not boring. Yes, people think I’m crazy.

Kerri Goodwin Love 6 months ago

My 16 year old daughter is far more difficult now than she was at 2-4. I can’t put her in bed and make her take a nap when she’s being cranky these days!!

Shawnda Sparks 6 months ago

Lol!!!! So so true!!!

Rachel Smith French 6 months ago

Terrible twos, meet terrorist threes.

Letitia Tappa 6 months ago

Four was horrid for both my kids.

Cassie Cheddar 6 months ago

Yes, please let us be done sooner

Cassie Cheddar 6 months ago

Every time DD reaches a milestone there’s some freaking article about how the next one is worse. Oh well, apart from toilet training apparently my 2yo is really 3

Sylvia Pasztor 6 months ago

Oh no

Skye Henderson Cieslak 6 months ago

Oh my dear god yes!!! I adore my 3 yr old, especially when he is sound asleep

Laurel Linville Dunlap 6 months ago

I’ve always thought so! Threes are worse.

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

Think we all can get a group discount if the priest does the ceremony for all of us via webcam?

Erin Pierce Mendenhall 6 months ago

Oh mama! You’re going to earn your sainthood by the end of it!

Erin Pierce Mendenhall 6 months ago

This makes me feel so much better. My son was WAY more challenging at 3. Two was his practice round lol

Kristine Nugent-Ohls 6 months ago

I’ve heard it called the f*ckin’ fours.

Nashay Robinson 6 months ago

Lol, true!

Jason M Schæffer 6 months ago

LoL! Pretty much all of them.

JoAnn Schlosser 6 months ago

3 is 2 on purpose? #10 is my grandboys. Good thing they haven’t found my buttons yet. Their poor mom!

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

Right?! Noooo!

Michelle Renée Lloyd 6 months ago

Ooh nooo! My daughter just turned 2 and I was convinced terrible twos started early for her.

Stacie Jordan 6 months ago

My 18 month is ahead of the curve. 18 month-2 is all about anger and aggression, 3 is more about manipulation and threeanger attitude. This is at least what’s currently going on here. It’s crazy how it flips on a dime and all they want to do is giggle and cuddle.

Stacey Thurling 6 months ago

lmao i swear between you and I we could of written this article hahaha

Laurie Mason 6 months ago

3 is the worst!!! 4 isn’t much better

KristieAnn Singer 6 months ago

Oh oh oh oh we have a 2.5 year old nazi in the house he’s our 3rd and we’re all dumb founded…my 12&14 were not like him at all….I keep telling my husband it will get better but I am scared of 3 very very scared!!!

MDH 6 months ago

Personally, i found the 3’s much easier than the 2’s.
1) they were old enough for preschool
2) communication way easier
3)willingness to learn
4)enrolled in preschool giving me several hours of freedom a week
5) their true personality emerging and starting to do things for themselves instead of always wanting mommy to do it for them
6) grandma and grandpa wiling to have them for a full weekend now that kids showed definite likes

and did I mention the most important aspect of that time – preschool 3 mornings a week.

(kids are now 7&8, another baby due 8 weeks.)

KristieAnn Singer 6 months ago

oh man I am sorry I am totally have taking comfort in knowing your house is probably more ridiculous than mine lol that’s terrible I know but I will pray for you ugh ALOT!

Jennifer Greenwald 6 months ago

#9 is the best, but all describe it well.

Becky Wight 6 months ago

For the boy, 0-3 was no problem…then the Fucking Fours arrived for about a month or two. The girl is only 2 and has been hell on wheels since day 1. The Terrible Two’s are real in this house, as is the struggle. I’m terrified what the three’s are going to bring with her!!

Carolyn Francis Quivers 6 months ago

If you don’t handle it well as a parent when they are three and allow them to “own” you then there is not an age when it will be any better.

Taara Datta Donley 6 months ago

Molly, you have totally bummed me out…. My son is nearly four and possessed. My daughter is only one and you’re telling me she’s going to be worse than my maniac son???? I’m going to cry… :(

Taara Datta Donley 6 months ago

Are you kidding me? I’ve been clinging to the hope that it will get better after my son turns four…. Seriously? Not even a little better????

Susan 6 months ago

The three-nage years almost killed me with #1. #2 is just two, so we’ll see how that shapes up. But the good news, in our house, is that four was much better, and four-and-a-half was positively delightful!

Michelle Behme 6 months ago

Well this is scary, my son is turning 3 and 2 months lol

Jennifer Genus 6 months ago

So very true

Mary Britto 6 months ago

One and a half is worse then both!!

Rebecca Newport 6 months ago

That’s hilarious, we’ve had the choosing his own clothes & wanting to get dressed himself today :) He went out in batman pyjama bottoms & a batman short sleeved tshirt! Then he had a massive tantrum in the car because he’d dropped his toy & we couldn’t reach it in the front, I had to stop the car so I could get out & get it for him. Oh & then he had a wee on his car seat! :-/ you’ve got all this to come 😉 xxx

Ally Knight Heppding 6 months ago

Oh my word! YES!!! They didn’t have a 3 year old then. The day each of mine turned 2 1/2 they turned into the spawn of satan! Once they turned 4 they were good. I loathe the age of 3

Lisa Styles 6 months ago

4 is definitely worse!

Lisa Michelle 6 months ago

I agree! Three is the worst age.

Jennifer Lynn 6 months ago

And four is even worse than three…I fear this shall go on forever….lmao

Tonjia Harris 6 months ago

The terrorizing 3’s!!!!!

Stacey Platt Loe 6 months ago

Life with a threenager sucks! And is also awesome.

Tricia 6 months ago

The terrible twos is not an age….it’s a period of time. It’s two years of struggle against a child who is learning their own mind. The sooner we all realize this the better. Too many people expect it to start at 24 months and last 12 and are totally unprepared when it starts at 18 or 36 months and last 24.

Nicole Bellavia McGowan 6 months ago

So true!! 3 is like having a teenager

Karen Redcloud 6 months ago

Have always agreed, 2s get you ready for 3s. ……signed mom to 5 boys!

Stephanie Pucci 6 months ago

It’s a cake walk til 3.5….. you just don’t realize it until they are 4! Lol

Tzitlalli Diaz 6 months ago

Ooooohh yes!!!

Donna Jensen 6 months ago

That little boy is scary as hell!!!!!

Misses Severson 6 months ago

Hahaha, easy life you must have with 5 kids. Don’t kid yourself or us!

Charisse Brown Jones 6 months ago

A 3 year old is far worse than a 2 year old. I’ve always said who ever came up with the lame saying “terrible two’s” did so prematurely. But you know what’s even worse than a 3 year old?! THREE of them at the same time!! Yes, I have now 5 year old triplets and I have NO IDEA how I survived the 3 year old stage! Lol!!

Misses Severson 6 months ago

=-o how?? lol

Molly McKee Nickson 6 months ago

From 13 months till right around 3 I did not enjoy parenting at all. Everything felt impossible. Then suddenly I had this darling little boy who liked to accompany me on my errands and “help” me. Everyone said I would hate 3 but I’m actually extremely grateful for it. He is more sassy now and has more words to tell me his opinions. But I’ll take that over the insanity of s 2 year old any day.

Destyn Taylor 6 months ago

Not looking forward to worse

Angie 6 months ago

But, fours….. Four year olds are delightful. Infact four, five, and six are great years. Then the preteen stuff starts 9-10ish…. With my last one, I have enjoyed the twos and threes more since I have older ones which are even MORE challenging. Try to enjoy each stage as much as possible. Someday they will be teenagers and you would much prefer the toddler tandram over candy than that stuff!

Misses Severson 6 months ago

4 isn’t worse and here’s why- when they are 4, you can make deals with them (bribe) and they understand lol..My son calmed down a lot after 4 and was so sweet up until now. He will be 5 next month and I am hoping this teenager phase passes!

Nicole Homewood 6 months ago

I called them the tri-terror tots when mine each hit 3.

Grace Porter 6 months ago

I have a two and a three year old! (14 month gap) so once I’m out of the terrible 3’s with one, straight into it with the second! :-o……. 4 year olds are angels, right???

Christence Sharon Taylor Guilford 6 months ago

My daughter is three and I’m pretty sure the closest you can get to a miniature version of Regina George.

Michelle Cherry McConchie 6 months ago

My daughter, at 2, was an angel. At 3, a small demon took over. At 4, an attitude took over.

Misses Severson 6 months ago

Lmao ‘fuck you fours’. So true!!!!!!!!!!!

Misses Severson 6 months ago

My son is almost 5 and is acting like a teen lately. Glad I am not alone lol..3 was the hardest age for sure..

Renee Hassija-Nicklas 6 months ago

Lol love this! So much truth!!

Kayleigh Boulton 6 months ago

My 2 year old does nearly all of these already :-/

Alisha Powers 6 months ago

My son is 6 and some days are still hell.

Sarah Bedal 6 months ago

They’re all different, no doubt. My 4 year old had the sass and attitude of a teenager. I’m sure it’s karma coming back to get me, I must have really given my mom a hard time. ☺️

Casey Parlato Monti 6 months ago

My kid must be advanced. He mastered all of this by 26 months… Hence terrible twos.

Britney Eastep Gonzalez 6 months ago

For real. Two was a breeze compared to three!!

Paige Parsons 6 months ago

Perhaps we should say this: all toddlers smell BAD! :)

Lauren Spilling 6 months ago

4 is more terrible and also 5 and I expect 6 to be worse. Its all lies to make us feel better. :)

MaryAnn Catabia 6 months ago

I think the 4’s are the worst then the 14’s….;)

Lesley Bobish 6 months ago

You aren’t kidding!

Stephanie Reed Moore 6 months ago

This was true with both my kids!!

Naomi Rae 6 months ago

Terrible twos, traumatic (for parents) threes, feral fours… and so on…

Meri Quinn 6 months ago

My mother always told me:
“Terrible twos
Trying threes
Fearless fours
F***ing fives
And then it starts to get better… Not!”

Josephine Morgan 6 months ago

Never had this with my son.my friend says every house hold should have a “jacob” it sounds like I’ve been very lucky lol

Sarah Meyer 6 months ago

My three year old BOY was a right pain…but he has Aspergers and has his own challenges. At 11, he still acts 3 quite often. lol
My three year old DAUGHTER was just a saint…I swear. Now 4, she’s got a bit more of a ‘tude, but generally she’s a super well mannered, behaved, easy child. Compensation I think because her brother was and is still rather hard to deal with (the Aspie thing…)
Or she’s saving it all for her teens. I should start stockpiling the booze now, I guess. 😉

Christine Bartos Werlein 6 months ago

Amen!! I’ve always believed this, and it was true of all three of my kids.

Susan Danielle Greenwell 6 months ago

I have always said this to my new Mom friends. Two has NOTHING on three!!!

Sondi Wilson 6 months ago

15 is waaaaaaay worse than any toddler stage.

Maryann Silverman 6 months ago

The terrible twos are practice for the torturous 3’s

Cara Keyser 6 months ago

This was definitely true with my oldest, but I dread to think my 2 year old will be worse next year!!! Lol. He has pretty bad terrible 2s…

Janel Cunningham 6 months ago


Yolanda White McKinney 6 months ago

Take note. That horrid 3yr old behavior rears its ugly head @ the tween/teen years. Consider it a warning of what’s to come

Shenoah Clegg 6 months ago


Polina D Makasini Davies 6 months ago

I’m laughing my add off when I know I shouldn’t. My Son turns 2 in June, so I’ll be putting up with this sooner than I think but can’t help giggle. Ill read this post next year and slap myself

Kaytee Postma 6 months ago

My kids are a little bit like mutants from 18 months until about 4. My 2nd just turned 4 and I’m waiting for my sweet little girl to re-emerge…..hasn’t happened yet!

Lahis Garcia 6 months ago

OMG. I am praying that 2 goes by quickly. But if by age 3 I can get at least a full night sleep, I can deal with the rest.

Cari Parker 6 months ago

photoshopped eyes?

Rachael Amy Kendall 6 months ago

O dear, we’re not even at 2- 20 months and he’s already tantruming

Deana M. Rullán 6 months ago

I have said this a million times!!!

Penny Cox 6 months ago

Two year olds have got nothing on fifteen year olds!

Julie Kneller Henley 6 months ago

So much!

Jamie 6 months ago

Once you made it through the terrible twos and the terrifying threes, you will be even more horrified by the fuck-you-fours…

Jill 6 months ago

#9 is my every day and I hate it!! Oh and my boss calls it the “fuck you threes.” Fitting!

Michelle Wickham 6 months ago

So very true lol

Tiffany Perry 6 months ago

I dislike this knowledge…. When my son turns three, I’ll have a two year old daughter. I foresee gray hairs in my not so distant future.

Olivia Parolari Weststeyn 6 months ago

Fully agree! 3 is way worse than 2!

Ashley Leigh Ann Kegley 6 months ago

Amen there

Jennifer Capps 6 months ago

I definitely have to agree. 2 1/2-3 1/2 can be a bear. With lots of patience and gentle guidance you will so have an amazing 4 year old. A few glasses of wine on the bad days.

Jamie Lynn Bear 6 months ago

nope. Terrible one and a half. Two and three are breezy.

Eileen McElligott Ahlstrom 6 months ago

The two’s were a snap compared to the three’s!!!

Jill Irving 6 months ago

Terrible two’s, f#!king three’s, and sweet four’s ♡♡

Erin Foreman 6 months ago

4 has not shown to be much, if any better either lol.

Kim Gamm 6 months ago

The two’s weren’t bad with my son, but the very day he turned 3..OY. All hell broke loose. He turned 3 in December, so we have at least 10 more months of this. I just hope he’ll be potty trained by mid-June..as of right now, no luck :(

Candie Scanlon 6 months ago

Lol!! So TRUE

Cori West Jones Hensler 6 months ago

I’d take 3 over 13-17 any day.

Marwa Jad Owens 6 months ago

Three is freaking demonic! If one more person tells me to “enjoy these moments they go by quick” I’m gonna snap back with “well can they move quicker?! Because age 3 I do not want to take slow & cherish!” Love him to bits and pieces but MAN that child gives me a run for my money!

Sarah Jane Robnett 6 months ago

Turbulent twos and terrible threes

Martina Galvin 6 months ago

Mine are 11 months apart so I lived that. They were and still are bff’s. I think it’s actually a little easier with them so close. That’s the age they REALLY start playing together. Good luck 😉

Becky Langton 6 months ago

I have three children aged 4 …. 22 months ( the devil lol) and 7 months. I do not remember my 4 year old bieng that evil tho. Every thing worked with him, time out… sticker charts ect…. ava on the other hand Doesn’t care at all, she eats the sticker charts n plays on the naughty step, jumping on n off….. she terrorfies me lol.. her older brother ( 4year) takes himself upstairs most the day coz he even says she annoys him lol. She’s full on hard work haha love her to bits and she has her * nice moments* but few n far between atm!! Other parents pass judgement which is the worst part or ppl without kids. Arghhh n iv got it all to come again next year with my 7 month old lol…Weres nearest funny farm lol xx

Martina Galvin 6 months ago

I loved 4!!!

Tina Mullican 6 months ago

Still better than a teenager

Allison McCabe Matto 6 months ago

Best birth control in the world: Age 3

Bethany Cardoza Lopes 6 months ago

I developed selective hearing when mine turned 3 lol. She said to me a little while ago, “mommy are you even hearing me right now?” Nope, just like you never “hear” me kiddo!

Justine Speyer 6 months ago

Age 5 was the hardest for me

Janet Jordan 6 months ago

I thought we were blessed to have escaped the “terrible two” phase- she was an angel. Since turning 3, she’s a different child. And yes to the food issue- she currently “requests” (via large, tearless tantrum) dry cereal for breakfast, cheese for lunch, and Mac and cheese for dinner. Every single day. All other foods are currently yucky. Expect chocolate and cheese flavoured chips. Oh, and tomato sauce. And finally- did anyone’s child suddenly develop selective hearing when they turned 3????

Kim Montesano 6 months ago

my son turned three in october and daughter will turn two next month… i will let you know how it goes! LOL

Liz Crognali 6 months ago

I’ve been dealing with every single one of these for awhile and she’s still 2 1/2.

Rheanna Rocha 6 months ago

2 and 3 were hell for me, 4 and 5 have been so. Much. Better.

Molly McKee Nickson 6 months ago

My observation is that girls are worse at 3 than boys

Claire Schoenherr 6 months ago

Aww I absolutely loved when my daughter turned 3, and older (she’s nearly 6) 2 was hell for us. X

Rheanna Rocha 6 months ago

You aren’t alone. My daughter had tantrums before she walked (and she walked at 13 months). Terrible twos started by one and lasted until 2 1/2. 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 was… Terrible. Hellish. Three was far worse than two, but she’s never been easy by any stretch of the imagination. She’s 5 now and so much more manageable and mostly agreeable.

Just be consistent and try to teach her. It gets better but it could take awhile. If you haven’t already, do some research on spirited children and “high needs babies/toddlers.” Some support always helps. :)

Molly McKee Nickson 6 months ago

For my son I disagree 100%. He is sooooo much easier at 3 than at 2. At 2 he had no listening skills and pretty much bounced off the walls and threw him self to the ground in daily tantrums. I can actually take him to a restaurant, grocery store or clothing store without leaving sweating and possibly in tears. I am done having kids thank god because I don’t think I would survive another round of the 1/2 years.

Lyndsay Sims-Wade 6 months ago

I have 2 girls, 2 and 5 years old, I was hoping to hear it gets better hahaha!!

Krystle Marie Canico 6 months ago

There is hope 4 years is when it all comes together.
✔Potty training is done
✔Manners generally learned
✔ can dress themselves
✔ feed themselves, less messy

BrandonandSamantha Oberbeck 6 months ago

My son is 2 (as of 2 weeks ago) & with the exception of the potty training, he is a 3 year old according to this article.

Sarah Jane 6 months ago

This is hilarious

Amber Beermann Wagner 6 months ago

And if you have a girl the sass shows up at age 7.

Laura Marquette Bell 6 months ago

My daughter turns three in May. She’s already doing most everything on this list.

Katie Lechterman 6 months ago

Great. My son just turned 3 and was already doingn most of them!! Aaahhh

Amanda Hennessey 6 months ago

Wow mine are about to be 2 and it’s pretty rough already… Off to drink my sorrows! Lol

Jeana Toftum Jaeger 6 months ago

3 has never been bad for us, I think 4 is the worst.

Jessica Dudley 6 months ago

tantrum threes

Jessica Dudley 6 months ago

so true, omg

Kelsey Ghere 6 months ago

Hahahaha so much awesomeness in this comment

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

Best part? I also have daughter who is 11 days old. So I have a threenager who is also up to her eyeballs in envy.

For her, revenge is a dish best served cold ..on the floor, along with the dish of pancakes she demanded for breakfast but refused to eat because they weren’t the right size.

Sue King 6 months ago

It’s the ‘horrible threes’…

Stacy Fisher 6 months ago

Yep!! 3 is the year of making mommy crazy on a regular!

Dina Susanne 6 months ago

We have a 4 and a 2 yr old. That sound… And that smell…

Lynn Houston 6 months ago

So true. Three is worse than two!

Madison Brambo 6 months ago

God help me. We are not even two months into three!!!

Lisa Cote 6 months ago

I think my three kids must be abnormal. I never dealt with the terrible two’s or three’s. They have been fantastic children, who are fantastic teens and also turning into fantastic young adults(theybare 20, 16 and 13). I’m truly blessed, I guess :)

Dina Susanne 6 months ago

Boys smell? My little princess smells like a Carrion Flower, and its easier to shower the cat than her..

Kelly O’Connor Manuel 6 months ago

I say this all the time! It’s not the terrible two’s you should be afraid of … It’s the treacherous three’s!

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

… so you’re saying I’m screwed for another 2 years? Just in time for Sophia to hit this stage. Better start stocking up on xanax…

Mel Austin 6 months ago

My 2 yr old boy has been speaking non stop, in full sentences, since before he even turned two. He’s already potty trained, regularly informs me in no uncertain terms that he’s not going to do something, or that he is going to do something that I’ve just told him not to do. He’ll be 3 in a couple of months so I’m just expecting more of the same.

Kelly Hayward 6 months ago

So so so so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jo Herschell 6 months ago

Haha! I feel for you, I have twins but can’t be half as bad as triplets! I have a special needs 5 year old, twins 3 and 9 month old girl, boys and girls seem very different! The twins fright constantly, by 4pm I’m nearing the end of my patience!

Charlotte Clarke 6 months ago

I keep trying to explain my twin 3yr olds behaviour to my mum but she swears down none of her 6kids were like this….blacking out whole years in hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Christine Baynton 6 months ago

People warned me about 3. They were right. Luckily for us, 4 has been good.

Dina Susanne 6 months ago

Ohh, we can still get one of those?

Jay Neff 6 months ago

I remember 4 being the worst. Then, they hit 5, and suddenly, it was all sunshine.

Sara 6 months ago

My kid does all of these and he’s two so does this mean it will get worse?!

Mandy Lancaster 6 months ago

So true. Two was a picnic compared to the sassy 3’s. Eish!

Becky Langton 6 months ago

My daughter isn’t two till may n im sure she’s possesed by the devil lately she is a nightmare! ! Constant screaming, tellin me no, hitting, tantrums, not listening to ANYTHING! PLEASE tell me im not alone? ???

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

4 and 5 are no picnic either.

Daniel Vierra 6 months ago

oh great

Leslie Epstein 6 months ago

For us, 4 and 5 were WONDERFUL. Hope you get some relief!

Leslie Jennings-Harper 6 months ago

Oh my god I just LOL! Leah Jennings

Megan Therese 6 months ago

The good thing is I feel like I deal with 8 out of 10 already! So can it really get much worse?

Lyndsay Sims-Wade 6 months ago

Neither is 5 lol!!!

BK Owens 6 months ago

I’m afraid it’s nothing but downhill from 3 on. I’m hoping for college age improvement.

Natasha Anna Applegate 6 months ago

SO very true!

Claudia Mitchell 6 months ago

I agree 100%. Three yeAr olds will literally drive you mad

Loan Pham Lynch 6 months ago

I take that back, she does have kids. Let’s hope she doesn’t take after her mom with the poor grammar and judgmental attitude.

Leslie Epstein 6 months ago

Mine is 8 now, and I STILL have PTSD from when she was 2 1/2 to 3 1/2. Demonic doesn’t even begin to cover it lol!!!! Of course, I was the mom that was like “Oh, maybe this is the worst it will get” when she was approaching 2. HAHAHAHAHA. Luckily, she laughs now when I tell her the stories and show her the tantrum videos. Now to wait until she’s a teenager…ugh….lol

Linda Nicely 6 months ago


Jess Dailey Hammonds 6 months ago

Thanks I think!

Loan Pham Lynch 6 months ago

The OP probably doesn’t have kids

Tai Rountree James 6 months ago

I have been trying to tell everyone– it’s terrible three’s not two’s!

Chelsea Dixon Stutsman 6 months ago

4 was worse for us :( 2 and 3 were a breeze!

Karie Bennett 6 months ago

Omg yes.it.is!!!!

Mary K Simmons 6 months ago

So you never get frustrated, never have to see a meltdown, long nights that wear you down? Wait till your lovelies are teenagers.. The before 5 years prepares you for the final 5 years, in which you know nothing and they have an opinion on everything.

Danielle Marie Caissie 6 months ago

For a normal child I agree. My now 5 year old was a rough 3 year old. My current 2 year old does these things and more. But still in diapers and too immature to control his feelings, AT ALL.

Kerry Adams Corum 6 months ago


Jessica Sileo 6 months ago

I’ve ALWAYS said that!

Jackie Lynn Kaminski 6 months ago

I find the older my son gets the worse he gets. He is 7 and everything is a fit if it doesn’t go his way. Ugh. Once the twos are gone, the madness doesn’t end. Sometimes I think he is a girl in a boy’s body.

Mary K Simmons 6 months ago

3 was hard. I’d never go back but it really never gets easier. It’s hard all the time even my mom has the occasional hard day with my sisters or/and I.

Lola Love 6 months ago

I have 5 kids :) I have learned a lot :)

Sheri Garvey 6 months ago

My daughter will be 3 in April. It seems like each day is worse than the last! I’ve had enough of her “threenager” attitude already and she hasn’t even turned 3 yet!

Jessie Romero-Mitacchione 6 months ago


Kimberly Pidgeon 6 months ago


Cathrin Holt 6 months ago

Same shit, bigger pile.

Jess Dailey Hammonds 6 months ago

Please dont say 4 is worse! My son turned 4 on monday and I was hoping the crazy manipulative moster would dissipate soon!!

CL Lebron 6 months ago

Omg im scared
He turns 3 next month

Lauren Marie 6 months ago

It’s not.

Bonnie Susla Tarazona 6 months ago

The f***ing fives have been the worst by far

Nicole Sullivan 6 months ago

Psshhh if you think 2,3, or 4 is rough you have no clue. Wait until they’re teens! I have 8 from 8months – 17. A 3 year old is gravy! LMAO

CL Lebron 6 months ago


Elizabeth Paige 6 months ago

Lol i was just explaining this to my husband yesterday! We have a two year old and a one year old.. So next year it will be a 2 year old and a three year old

Dana Saler Obenauer 6 months ago

Three is a warm up for four.

Cheramie Howe Hopper 6 months ago

My daughter is doing this entire list. She’s 2.5. What is going to happen to me at 3???

Martha Saltis Catevenis 6 months ago

Threenagers are the worst….lol

Angie Clary Lehman 6 months ago

This comment is trash. Now slide off that high horse hunny and take a joke.

Lara Casella Parkes 6 months ago

So very true.

Charlotte Krech 6 months ago


Cassia Elizabeth 6 months ago

This is true! The day my son turned three his head spun around and he spit fire.

Anita Buist 6 months ago

Learn basic grammar and spelling before spending time on the internet.

Annette Smith Dewbre 6 months ago

Laughing now …mine are grown and so are my grand sons…But oh soooo True

Taneika Cotogutierrez 6 months ago

Sooo true! We sailed through the twos with no problem…and then..BAM! My children were possessed. No one warns you about it…

Cathrin Holt 6 months ago

Throw down threes!

Angie Clary Lehman 6 months ago

I’ll have my 4th three year old this year. All girls. I figured out the terrible two thing was bull with my first.

Lola Love 6 months ago

I disagree it is all in how u raise ur kids structure and discipline and keep them on a routine

Paige Parsons 6 months ago

Blessings can be major pains in the ass. Jonah got swallowed by a whale, and his experience was a blessing. It was also a huge pain in the ass until he had finished his experience. Sometimes the things you need most are the biggest pains! I put children in that category. :) Kids are stressful, but pretty darn amazing, too.

Desiree Lord 6 months ago

Ain’t that the truth!

Charlotte Krech 6 months ago

You probably shouldn’t follow a site based on satire of having children. I do not have to count my blessing every second of the day. I am allowed to get frustrated to the point of tears if I want to. It happens, they can be mean little shits. Do I love them, yes.., more than my own life. By your logic I should never be frustrated with my job, my spouse, my house, or anything else because all of those things are a blessing too. Let’s just all admit you have stupid logic.

Kirsty Bentley 6 months ago

I have twins approaching their 3rd birthday and some of these are starting to happen already

Sophie McCarten 6 months ago

3 is hands down the worst age!!!

Tracey Jozwiak 6 months ago

I like the term threenager.

Jill Vaughn 6 months ago

It must be nice to have the perfect kid! Because mine is 4 and she’s a lovely human at times and other times she’s a pyscho!

Tracey Thomas 6 months ago

True story

Jo Smith-Whiting 6 months ago

Don’t say that, I’m living in hope lol

Stefanie Wittenberg Hager 6 months ago

Absolutely true. Three is awful!!!

Chrystal Jason Sande 6 months ago

You two are my hero’s. I have 3 boys different ages 9,3,2 and that is hard enough. Can’t imagine if they were all 3 at the same time

Chyann Napalapalai 6 months ago

“If you want them be good to them if you think there trash don’t have any”
1.It took a few times reading that to get an idea of what you were trying to say.
2. They’re*
3. Saying that parenting is hard isn’t the same as saying your kids are trash. Take a chill pill.

Jo Smith-Whiting 6 months ago

So true!!! I literally just said earlier when my son was having a 45 minute meltdown because I wouldn’t let him drink his juice on the toilet that whoever said the twos with were terrible obviously didn’t have a three year old.

Lake Iverson 6 months ago

No…..I’m not ready

Julie Markert 6 months ago

God bless you! My twin boys are 11 and if they don’t hate each other they are wrestling or bickering. Whole new smelly boy thing starting. Good luck with THREE!

Tracy Jo Hilden 6 months ago

Wait till 4

Chrystal Jason Sande 6 months ago

This comment is made up of pure awesomeness lol

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

Hahaha its beginning to like it is. At least we aren’t alone lol

Murphy Van Meter 6 months ago

Bless your heart.

Jana Choudhry 6 months ago

I don’t think two is terrible.

Colleen Whale 6 months ago

My youngest turns 3 in June. I am dreading it!

Sarah Bedal 6 months ago

Not sure 4 is much better

Chrystal Jason Sande 6 months ago

Well gee. You have a big sense of humor. Cue the sanctimommies? 😉

Crystal Boucher 6 months ago

I’d say it did

Dawn Oswald 6 months ago

I tease about giving my child an exorcism I think a little too often. Lol is this normal?

Shannon LaMonds Michele 6 months ago


Debbie Ng 6 months ago

I am not looking forward to my youngest turning 3 in September. It is rough as it is!

Paige Parsons 6 months ago

It’s true!!! It’s so, so true. We have triplet boys approaching three, and it’s like Thunderdome 24/7 here. Everyone’s pissed off, hungry, tired, and really smelly all the damn time.

Jennifer Shreve 6 months ago

My daughter turned 3 on Tuesday… Instead of a birthday party I’m considering an exorcism.

Debbie Ng 6 months ago

That actually made zero sense.

Crystal Boucher 6 months ago

All kids are a blessing .. if you want them be good to them if you think there trash don’t have any

Alicia Anne Creger 6 months ago

I thought the same thing!! When my son turned three, I wanted the “Terrible Twos” back!!!

Katrina Theiss 6 months ago

I worked at a daycare and the threes were SO much more difficult than the twos.

Tiffant 6 months ago

Oh god. Right on spot. My daughter is about 2 months shy of 3 … and good God how things are changing. She’s got me pulling my hair out wanting to curl up in a corner and cuddle with a bottle of wine after she *finally* goes to sleep. I never… ever… ended a day this exhausted and mentally worn out during her early months of age 2. Just over the last month or so it’s turned into “NO!” and “I WANT THIS NOW!” and the good ol’ throwing herself on the floor and screaming and kicking. Of course, every little thing I say to her upsets her, too, so I’m met with 10 minutes of whining just to get her to let me put a clean shirt on her.

But… her dad just came to pick her up for his weekend with her.. and I miss her already. Apparently I love her :)

NYC23 7 months ago

You are a bitch for not understanding. No one actually thinks their kid is a bitch, but it is certainly fun to say!!!

tommy 7 months ago

Agreed. I was about to share this with my wife, then saw the F word there. Not sure why that was necessary. oh well.

KaylaS 7 months ago

Haha! Yes!! My oldest is three going on four. It gets worse and worse. I stopped watching horror movies since I live with a real one!

Lynne 7 months ago

I agree that holding the child in a firm embrace (so that they can’t hurt themselves or you) is a good way to deal with most tantrums. If the child struggles to get free, I calmly say, “I’m going to hold you and keep you safe until you can calm yourself down.” The minute the kid calms down, I open my arms and leave it up to them if they want to get off my lap or not. Often, they will just sit for another minute or two and cuddle.

After using that techinque for years with several kids, one of my little ones would run to me and say, “Hold me! I’m gonna blow!” Then she would carry on for a minute or two while I held her.

Clare R UK 8 months ago

Urrrgh, so, so true. My three year old girl, hates me, loves daddy so much it hurts (so she relishes in telling me). One on one she is awesome, a true delight, involve daddy or the outside world and she is a head case!! I literally am at my wits end!! nine long months until she turns 4! and crazily I have decided to do this all again and am 17 weeks pregnant!!

Susette 8 months ago

That wasn’t my experience. My toddlers (4 of them), all had difficult “twos”, (which started at about 18 months), but by age 3 they were done with snot-slinging temper tantrums and could be reasoned with. They had much more language by then.

Tiffany 8 months ago

I fear this is what my near future holds.

Tiffany 8 months ago

As the mother of a daughter who just turned one and already is crazy, this terrifies me.

Elise Holmes 8 months ago

My son isn’t even 2 and he does all the stuff you listed for age 3 rofl

Helen Russo 8 months ago

most definitely 3 was worse than 2!!!

Donna Brabbs Webb 8 months ago

2 and 3 has been really easy for the past 3 kids. 4 has always been our hard year, though my third has been easier than the first 2. Not sure what to expect for our 4th.

Rebecca Bills 8 months ago

wonderful ones trying twos terrifying threes fearsome fours fabulous fives scary sixes sassy seven energetic eights naughty nines time out tens. after that you hit pre teens and teenagers that just explains its self lol

Rebecca Bills 8 months ago

lol i have my own list

Alec Lasalla 8 months ago

oh ya—what about when they hit 17?

Mj Martin 8 months ago

It’s true Three is difficult!

Megan Novak 8 months ago

Three has been crazy here, but not for these reasons listed. I’m scared reading the comments saying 4 is worse. I don’t know if I can take much worse. And I have to do it all over again with my now 8 month old. Hold me.

Sarah MacBurnie 8 months ago

I totally agree.

Tom Terri B 8 months ago

I told you threes Will really test you, it gets better one day at a time!

Alyson Maliszewski 8 months ago

Ha! So true. I like #9 though all apply to my child. We will see what age 4 brings…

Jessica Vaughn-Martin 8 months ago

They don’t call them threenagers for nothing… praying for 4 over here.

Heather Semp Horth 8 months ago

#9- sigh.

Maggie Samardich 8 months ago

Amen. I thought we were fortunate to have a smooth 2nd year with our twins…well as smooth as having twins can be, ha. Just before their 3rd birthday, WAM! Most, if not every night, I feel as if I’ve made it through a battlezone… barely 😉

Mara Davenport 8 months ago

And 4 so far isn’t any better than 3 was for us!!!!

Krystyn Leigh 8 months ago

2 was a breeze. 4 was Rosemary’s baby.

Becca Watkins 8 months ago

4 sucks ass! My tiny terrorist is something else

Becca 8 months ago

4 sucks ass too

Rachel Bromley 8 months ago

Could. Not. Agree. More!!

Tanis Pink 8 months ago

Nope preteen/teen is a million times worse than twos or threes

Kimberly Theeuwes 8 months ago

Mine does most of that already at 2

Debbie Ortega 8 months ago

Make sense now…

Margie Thompson 8 months ago

I think our two year skipped two. She sounds more like a three. Ha

Kaitlyn Rosa 8 months ago

My two year old has been in his “terrible two’s” since he was one, and I’m nervous for three. God, help me. Lol

Kara Van Kleeff Shenton 8 months ago

I have said always the terrible 2’s last til 5!

Nora Threlfall 8 months ago

Very true and I hear that the Effin four’s are next! Ugh…

Brian Monahan 8 months ago

Terrible two’s can last 2 decades

Shenandoah Grafflin 8 months ago

Ha! Every woman in my family says “It’s the terrible twos and *&%$#@! threes!”

Josie 8 months ago

I call it “three-nagers” (like teenagers) . And it’s a flipping horrible, yet, beautiful age.

Keeley Hydon 8 months ago

He’s 27,months

Keeley Hydon 8 months ago

My 2year old son does a few of these already. We’re strict parents but sometimes I feel like he’s the boss, mainly because I can’t be bothered with the hassle!!

Kim Burleson Lowe 8 months ago

I swear my girl woke up possessed the morning of her 3rd birthday. I kept waiting for the projectile vomiting to start.

Michelle Schober 8 months ago

Absolutely agree

Natalie Esturiene 8 months ago

3 is the only reason why I’m rethinking my idea of having another kid.

Aimee Armand 8 months ago

I always say the terrible twos and the worse threes. It’s a fact.

Sara Marie 8 months ago

We call them “Threenagers” at our house. :/

Dana Thurman 8 months ago

I thought 3 was bad… Now i have a tween girl. They make toddlerhood look like a vacation.

Ayesha Herb 8 months ago

Yes it’s all so very true…hysterical! And I get a double dose with twin 3yr olds. Since they hit 3.5, the intensity seems to have mellowed a bit, but I am afraid it’s more like a volcano heating up for an eruption soon.

Shannon Marie 8 months ago

Please tell me this isn’t true, I’m going to become an alcoholic.

Livia Bane 8 months ago

And 4 is more terrible than 3… And the list goes on I’m sure.

Ashley Pehlic 8 months ago

My son already does some of these at two. I am scared to see what three brings. >.<

Tara Ingram LeChasseur 8 months ago

Oddly, this list describes my two year old to a Tee.

Ema Leese 8 months ago

My 3rd child is 20months old and she is all those things and more.. she is worse than my 5 and 7yr old..I think it’s the youngest child syndrome

Angela Trkulja 8 months ago

Beyond true!

Mariah Leah Whigham 8 months ago

They own you. And they know it.

Melissa 8 months ago

Don’t think for a second that a second child will be anything like the first. My first was so difficult. My second – easiest kid ever. Never really had a terrible twos or threes. Don’t let a year or two of bad behavior discourage you from giving your child a truely wonderful gift – a sibling. Now that my kids are a little older – watching them play together is one of my greatest joys.

Tanna Hylleberg 8 months ago

If your kid is that bad a three and four then you as a parent need to do more discipline. A three, four, and five year old are old enough to listen to you and follow directions.weather it is time out, a spanking, or to take things away.

mommylovesmy two 8 months ago

I just have to say I also think calling three year olds behavior such names is ridiculous. I am a mother and I would have to say I would never no matter how old. My family however doesn’t do theyname calling. My husband and I have never said a bad word to each other.

Jackie Hatch Sawyer 8 months ago

And 6 is actually almost fun at times.

Jackie Hatch Sawyer 8 months ago

Amen to that! 4 is better though.

Jessica Mac 8 months ago

Oh boy …..

Diane Bailey Paules 8 months ago

And four gets worse!

Becky Zimmerman 8 months ago

They say 4 yr old boys have more testosterone running through them than full grown men. It’s a surge, but it does level out. I believe it, as our son just turned 5. I missed the “terrible two” phase with our eldest girl. I’m expecting it to come out when she hits teens. The second girl has been one hell of a rollercoaster since conception. I’m not sure what to expect of this little darling I’m growing right now, but she’s an active one to say the least.

Barbara Cooke 8 months ago

To grandma, they are both wonderful years.

Staci Beutel 8 months ago

#7 – Bwahahaha! Clearly a sane, adult human being did not put together that outfit and yet I still feel the need to let people know she picked her own clothes today.

Cathy Elizabeth 8 months ago

I have twin 2yr old twin boys who will be 3 next month. I was hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Cynthia Sanchez 8 months ago

And, what’s with the creepy kid in the above pic?

DeeAnna Griffin 8 months ago

Started at eighteen months and he is twenty seven, still there

Courtney Mattila 8 months ago

This is my life right now.

Heather Brandon 8 months ago

Really? As the mom of a 2 year old and a 3 year old, 3 is light years better than 2. My 3 year old can dress herself, tell me what hurts, explain why she’s upset, clean up messes and entertain herself for 30 minutes. My 2 year old can throw himself on the floor and scream really loudly.

Beth Rose 8 months ago

So far 3 has been the most challenging, my daughter became slightly more human at 4, my son is currently 4 1/2?and waiting for the improvement. My youngest just turned 3 and was a very sweat 2 year/old and is just starting to act “3”

Katie Stolp 8 months ago

I have one in the 3’s and one that’s 2 right now, I Dont know which one is worse

Jeny Mason Riordan 8 months ago

My husband says that a 4 year old is just a 2 year old with two year’s experience.

Sue King 8 months ago

Always called them the ‘horrible threes’.

Amy Seibert 8 months ago

Yeah, twos are nothing compared to the threes. My kids are 6, 4, and 1. Three was by far the worst age so far. The tantrums are MASSIVE. Once they hit 4, it’s like something clicks and they become “normal.” I’m still not looking forward to the teenage years though.

Deb Reed 8 months ago

Terrible two’s,tiresome threes,and the f-in fours! So far fine fives!

Katie Scheidt 8 months ago

Great list so true. 3 was hell. I thought 4 would be better. Nope, more opinions, more meltdowns and tons more drama.

Kathleen Provitola 8 months ago


Jenny Curtis 8 months ago

Well great. In the twos now. Thanks a bunch for making the future seem like the pit of hell. Awesome.

Bryna Darling 8 months ago

indeed it was.

Becca Cordes 8 months ago

Four is the worst so far

Rachel O Connor 8 months ago

My twin girls are 2.5 and speech is quite delayed so the tantrums are not a hair off spectacular. I’m really hoping 3 is easier than 2!

Kim Doner McSorley 8 months ago

My oldest 2 were way worse at 3! My 3rd was the epitome of the terrible 2’s, insisted on wearing a snowsuit in August. He looked like a friggin serial killer. Now I have an 8 month old who’s the most adorable little nightmare you’ve ever seen. So 1. Yes, I’m nuts, been through this 3 times and went back in again and 2. Whether my youngest is a psycho at 2 or 3, it’ll be funny someday. In like, 2036.

Emilyandtj Brinjak 8 months ago

Well, she was a pain in the ass to dress and feed at that age, because she only wanted to wear sleeveless dresses, but you guys……..don’t spoil them and they won’t be dickwads. If they throw a tantrum. they’re in fucking trouble. Big trouble! You’re bigger than them, if they keep on being asswads up until they’re 4, then you have to reign their little asses in!!! They’re searching for limits that they’re not getting! YOu’re the fucking boss not them….lock them in their fucking rooms, do what you can now so they don’t grow any bigger like that! They sit there and worry that if you can’t stand up to their little 3 and a half foot asses, how thee hell are you going to function if you’re ever in real trouble. Fuck um…..don’t let them treat you like that. They’ll love you for it.

Jaime Hinrichs 8 months ago

So true! I have always said its terrible 3’s

Danielle Marie Caissie 8 months ago

My now 5 year old was terrible at 3. My 2 year old is terrible now and started at 18 months. Ugh

Jennie Rose Losey 8 months ago

no no no no no 4 is more terrible than 2

Lisa Cote 8 months ago

I will take the behaviours and hissy fits of a 3yr old over a 13yr old anyday!

Lauren Martin 8 months ago

And 4 is even worse

Anita Ainsworth Brown 8 months ago

2’s are awesome…its the effin’ fours that will get you every time…they are tyrannical 3’s in bigger bodies and with better vocabularies. I love being a mom. I love my children more than breath. I could have packed them off to tibet from age 4-6!

Linda Languirand 8 months ago

Which carries over to 4 & 5.

Rachel Mae Campbell 8 months ago

All of the 3 year old things sound like my 2 year old, maybe I can get it out of the way by the time he’s 3!

Jodi Caruso 8 months ago


Cindy von Metzger 8 months ago

I call it the trying 3s and the f***en 4s :)

Nikki Sallee Clair 8 months ago

Obviously the “terrible twos” means there is TWO years of it…. I don’t know what to say bout four… She’s 3 1/2 n he just turned 2….

Mary K Simmons 8 months ago

And 13 is worse than those ages together.. It doesn’t get easier.. EVER

Alyson Bundus 8 months ago

So freaking true

Freda Lau 8 months ago

Nah.. Nothing is or was terrible.. My girl is three now going on to four.. The only monstrosity is her big appetite for a skinny little penguin..

Jocelyn Dwyer-Ellison 8 months ago

These are all so true!!!

Tosha Maldonado 8 months ago

I remember those days.. I have triplets. Three 3yr olds was enough for a person to lose their mind. Glad that’s over!!

Christi Monson 8 months ago

I miss 2. 3 months into 3 and I’m ready to ship this one off until her little brother (due in April) is 5.

Deb Porter 8 months ago

After raising 4 the only thing I can add is that the best day of your life is the day they get on the bus to go to kindergarten. And the worst day is the day they get on the bus to go to kindergarten. From then on Mom knows nothing and Teacher knows all!

Allison Wehr 8 months ago

I couldn’t agree more!

Mary Derringer 8 months ago

It seems to get worse as they get older lol

Amanda Powers 8 months ago

This is so true. I HATED 3. 2 was a breeze.

Amy Dozier 8 months ago

So far 3 has been 1,000 times better than 2 but we are only in by 2 months, lol

Cynthia J Bowman Bobadilla 8 months ago

My kids are 32and 37….I started young lol.. I remarried and we have full custody of my 14 month old stepson. He’s a handful. I always said trying twos and terrible threes because by three they have a mouth…. I guess I’m going to be finding out for sure.

Maria Tang 8 months ago

3 year olds are just 2 year olds with practice.

Suzanne Melanson Vogel 8 months ago

Nobody warned me about 4. I cross into that particular tornado path again in February. 4 is atrocious.

Bonnie McLaughlin 8 months ago

A-freaking-men !!! Of course all the veteran mamas warned me .. I was so naive ;/ but with the chaos also comes the reward, being a mama is so bittersweet

Barb Hart 8 months ago

This was exactly my experience. My sister, Deb Porter, warned me three was worse than two, and she was right.

Claire Brown 8 months ago

Good gracious I think Taylor must of missed out the “two’s” and gone straight to “three” let’s hope that when his birthday comes in Feb he will leave it all behind him. He is every single one of these attached lol

Laurie Braslins 8 months ago

my 4yo is still throwing tantrums

Britanni Jeanette Button 8 months ago

We call it “terrorist threes” :) lol.

Janine Ramos Johnson 8 months ago

Apparently I have a 3 year old who is only 2 lol maybe 3 will be better?

Lori Nunez 8 months ago

My mother always said terrorifc 3’s!!

kalellie 8 months ago

My daughter has been exactly like this since she turned 2. Either my kid is advanced or every other kid is slow (i know thats not the case). Unless you research such a topic, every situation is different. But my daughter has done every single one of these since the age of 2 if not before. It can only improve

Michelle Markey 8 months ago

As crazy as two, three, and four have been, what I am really not looking forward to is 13.

Wilma Fingerdoo 8 months ago

That kid looks like he just got done catching a house on fire.

Holly Cramer 8 months ago

I’ve been saying this for 20 years!!! LOL

Mandy Engelbrecht 8 months ago

4 is worse than 3 – 2 was a breeze & 3 not too bad, but 4 was horrific, almost as bad as 13…

Lyndsay Sims-Wade 8 months ago

Lmao!! I absolutely have a ‘for fuck sake four’ girl right now, temper, attitude, talking back. …. she was fine, until she hit 4!! I also have an incredibly feisty 2 year old who im hoping levels out a little!! The 2 year old is harder work on her own than the 4 year old and 12 week old!!

Dina Kruckenberg Toland 8 months ago

And 12 is the worst yet.

Stephanie Schneider Canales 8 months ago

the almost 3 sucks!!, I have a wonderful mix of 2 yr old and 3 yr old in one little human that loves to scream – stop bothering me poopiehead!!

Theresa Hill 8 months ago

I always said the terrible 2’s are TWO YEARS around the age of 2 extending into 3.

Megan Randlett Camunez 8 months ago

I think I’m in the minority. From 18 months till about 3 is hellish for me! Once 3 1/2 hits they start to get better. That’s been my experience with 2 of my boys. We’ll see if the trend continues with my 3rd boy.

Amanda Johnson Tison 8 months ago

I feel we have a lot of these already at 2.5 years old and it hasn’t been too bad… Yet
… But I’m dreading what’s to come if it gets worse. Yikes!!

Chantal Granger 8 months ago

Both my girls were horrible when 3 but have one dayhome guy that is wonderful now thats he’s 5 and one 5yr old that is now has behavior issues since his bday

Cassie Lamb 8 months ago

That kid is creepy, no?

Torryn Brazell 8 months ago

2.5 to 3.5 years old was a fabulous and wonderous age for our boys.

Amy Wiese 8 months ago

My life right now!!

Jill Marshall Granlund 8 months ago

I’m sorry but the kid in the picture is creepy!

Katie Tookie-Tookie 8 months ago

Three-nagers. *shutter

Brandi-Lee Mouck 8 months ago

I have a very difficult 2 year old and an incredibly difficult 4 year old… And I’m due with our 3rd in April. I think I’m hoping my hair turns white by the time I’m 35.. ugh

Kacy Phillips Hansen 8 months ago

Currently my two boys are 5 & 3. This has been my experience. “The Not So Terrible Twos”, “Tyrannical Threes”, “For FuckSake Fours”, “Wish I Were High-Fives”. Can’t wait to see what age 6 brings.

Charis Andrews Hanberry 8 months ago

Word. 2 ain’t got nuthin’ in 3!!

Tania Sargent 8 months ago

Just wait until 4. They don’t even become a quarter reasonable until at least 5. 7 they know everything.

Sarah 8 months ago

While my 3yo can be everything described, I would not go back to the screaming tantrums she had as she approached and turned 2 if my life depended on it. Those meltdowns were epic, heartbreaking, exhausting and, some days, nonstop. I would be in tears myself by the end of the day and started to think maybe I should be having her evaluated to find out if there was something wrong with her. Now there is (usually) some reasoning with her.

Rebeca Rojo 8 months ago

omg yes! I’ve always said that about my oldest son haha! terrible threes indeed 😀

Kaitlin Ellingham 8 months ago

Completely agree. So far 3 and 4 have been absolutely horrible. 2 was a frickin walk in the park compared to this sh*t.

Shaye Boucher 8 months ago

OMG sooooo much worse! More vocal, more opinions, more sass, and fight you on everything like miniature teenagers trapped in a demonic tiny 3 year old body…way worse than two! ‘I don’t like that” becomes the popular phrase that makes you want to bang your head into the wall, as well as “I’m not tired!” as the naps become almost as extinct as the dinosaurs. The phrase “terrible twos” was coined by someone who never had experience with a three year old.

Meghan Gunsten 8 months ago

4 is the evil step-sibling to 3…..they are smarter, sneakier, and overall more entitled. It’s a blast!

Kristin Bassett 8 months ago

We had terrific twos and terribly terrible threes!

Lara Byrne 8 months ago

I’ve heard 4 is worse?

Jennifer Akins Benson 8 months ago

Each age just gets its own set of challenges…each more extreme than the next. It’s like, they are continually training us for the ultimate – the teenage years.

Candace Gray 8 months ago

What about five lol. It’s only gotten worse!!!

Rob Gallentine 8 months ago

I didn’t remember all of those things from my kids, but I am being reminded now! LOL

Sara Byk 8 months ago

I couldn’t stand any of my kids when they were four. Four was – so far – the worst. But my 13yo has started talking about driving. Why in God’s name does ANYBODY think teenagers should drive?!?

Sara Fowler 8 months ago

Yes!!! Any articles about 4????

ShiLpa RaGhav 8 months ago


Breanna Gardner 8 months ago

Terrible 2s cause 3s are too bad to talk about!!

Vikki Holliday-Kieffer 8 months ago

Those are nothing compared to the teen years! lol

Andrea Jones 8 months ago

Haha number 7

Chris 8 months ago

I love it!! Love ur posts!! Always make my day!! With 5 kids and 4 step kids, you offer me some giggles! Thank you

Barb Hass Jahn 8 months ago

So damn true!

Kristin Schreibman 8 months ago

3 sucked way harder than 2 :/ and 4 is not much better than 3

Katie Duval Haddock 8 months ago

Just wait until your kid is a teenager – there is no age worse!!!!!

Nikki Hahn 8 months ago

Oh my god!!!! My sweet loving cute little one turned 4 and I wondered who stole my kids brain!!!! Sooooooo smart… then yr 4 took his common sense :( no tantrums, just stupidity..

Marjorie Pace Barbour 8 months ago

Four isn’t a cake walk either. I found five to be when things settle down some. But then you’re entering KG and a new set of struggles. Every age comes with a set of challenges but they’re cummulative in that you’ve mastered the behaviors from the younger ages so you’re more prepared for the next batch of drama

Vicky Klemme 8 months ago

I think that is just when it starts! It doesn’t end until 18- sometimes longer! :)

Vanessa Anderson 8 months ago

Yes it is!!!!

Shannon Elizabeth 8 months ago

Absolutely agree…lol

Martha Saltis Catevenis 8 months ago

yes yes yes… three is much worse than two

Jennifer Kisner 8 months ago

It doesn’t seem to be any better at 4.

Toni Kirk 8 months ago

Omg! For. Real.

Morgann Johnson 8 months ago

Yep, 2 1/2 and we’re already there. The chatterbox part is fun but the “doing everything himself part”….AHHHHHHH!!!

Paola Kennedy 8 months ago

So.much.truth. Hahahahaha!!!

Jessica Geiger 8 months ago

Mine will be 3 on January 3rd. She is potty trained but now I am spending as much on Toilet paper as I was on diapers. 😉 Also she will tell me “stop telling me what to do, MOM” . Yep 2 was easier. LOL

Jessica Simonson 8 months ago


Robynn Jackson 8 months ago

The terrible twos and the tyrant threes. That’s what I call them

Trisha Jamison Santi 8 months ago


Molly Fittipaldi 8 months ago

Totally agree!

Megan Zuber 8 months ago

My two year old (22 months) does almost everything a three year old does.

Frederick Schroeder 8 months ago

Agreed. Threes were worse than twos.

Sarah Marsic 8 months ago

Oh, yes it it! Twos are cake compared to threes! It is definitely a trying, but fun age!

Kori 9 months ago

I got a good laugh out of this. My daughter is 2 and a half and the last few months have been, well, kind of terrible. She does most of the things on your “three” list. The only thing we don’t have going from that list yet is her being potty trained. Everyone keeps telling me three is worse than 2 and I don’t know if my daughter is just advanced (lol) or what. I’m hoping this is the worst it will get!! Can she just be four yet? :)

Brett 9 months ago

My new 3 year old is going to turn me into a raging alcoholic.

Adrienne 10 months ago

I don’t get it.. my two year old does all these things.. except for the dirty, he does not like to get dirty.

Sarah M. 10 months ago

Toddlers are assholes. That’s all there is to it. Two, three, more, less, it doesn’t matter what age they are. They’re jerks. And yes, I have two in my home right now so I KNOW what I’m talking about. Anyone know anything about performing exorcisms?

Gabi 10 months ago

Ok, every child is different and I only have one of my own, on his way to 2, BUT! He throws epic tantrums already, rolling on the floor/bed etc. because I didn’t read his mind and didn’t give him milk. He doesn’t eat anything pretty much but grapes, cheerios, tomatoes, sausages and peanutbutter and jam on bread (not toast), unless of course somebody else is giving their child/grandchild something, than he eats it, whatever it is, or candy from grandma or daddy. Diaper changes are torture, he kicks me in the stomach or boob constantly while I tell him not to do that as it hurts mommy and he laughs and does it again, holds my arm in his little legs so I can’t put the diaper on him… If it gets worse at 3 I might end up in a mental institution 😀 And still I love him and love the way he is! Isn’t that awesome or what!

Teresa 10 months ago

This site is entertaining, but what bothers me about all of these posts is the vocabulary of these young parents. Do any of you know the definition of the word ‘obstinate’? The next time you feel the urge to use the “B” word, referring to your 3 year old, try calling her a ‘princess’. She will think it’s the best compliment ever! Think about typical princess like behavior for a minute…they’re obstinate spoiled little (bitches). Face it, if you’re posting it, you will eventually say it out loud, even to your BFF, but you will say it…and it will eventually be overheard by your child…AND repeated, by your child, most likely calling her mommy one :-) . And, in our society of blame, you will say she heard it at daycare, or the school bus, but NEVER from her parents. GROW UP!
Here’s an interesting fact: children acquire 90% of their vocabulary from their parents and household in which they are raised. If this is the language you want your child to use, keep using those words yourself.

Heather 11 months ago

I just asked my sister the other day when they started teaching manipulation in preschool. I love my daughter however sometimes I wonder who the hell she is, she has turned in to Sybil with a birthday. Sigh…off to find the purple pants again.

Clair 11 months ago

Bwahahaha, just wait until they’re teenagers!

Lia 11 months ago

Yikes, it gets worse?! My daughter just turned 2, and she’s already exhibiting most of these features. Maybe then 3 won’t be so bad? (It’s ok if you lie to me- I need to believe it right now)

Lisa 11 months ago

I am so happy to have found this! I feel like a failure as a mom. It is nice to know other people have the feeling their child is possessed as well!

Bridget 11 months ago

Life is different with your own kids, Sarah.

jenna 11 months ago

Threenagers! Who’d have em?

Vic 11 months ago

I say my son is being a prick regularly. During his nap today I actually looked at DH and said “wow…your son is being an asshole today” it happens. ..i promise

EB 12 months ago

I said “pshaw” out loud when I read this. Consider the writer lucky!! By two years old, we were thoroughly entrenched in all the behaviors she attributed to a three year old. : / If anything, the tantrums have gotten just a degree less epic…

Casey 12 months ago

Terrible twos, trying threes, and the f-ed up fours. I hope something gives and its not me!

Christine Tutone 1 year ago

Oh no! I thought my grandson would be a model citizen when he turned 3. I better work harder while he’s 2.

Ashley Miller 1 year ago

Spot On! True and hilarious!

Murdermancer 1 year ago

Think 3 is bad? Just wait ten more years.

Teri 1 year ago

If you talk to him the whole time, then he’s not getting the chance to learn how to self soothe. If you wait until after the time out (and your 1 min per year is perfect), then he will be better able to understand why he’s in time out, because the emotions will have had time to calm down. I’m a mother of 3 grown kids and have one 17 month old grand daughter who has just started playing “what’s in your hand? means run away as fast as you can”, lol.

Mara 1 year ago

after this mornings drop off with Miss Threenager I wholeheartedly agree!

Carly 1 year ago

People have different levels of filters. For me it’s think, type/write, say and do. There are things I think that I would never write, things I write that I would never say etc. I have had some awful thoughts about my kids over the years, most of them are immediately regretted but they have still popped into my head. I have a select group of friends that I feel like I can be totally honest with and we often discuss our children’s behaviour. Kids can be bitchy, rude, mean (both boys and girls) and I don’t see a problem describing the BEHAVIOUR as such but I would never, ever call my daughter or son a bitch. I think the distinction between the two is clear.

Kiri 1 year ago

Oh yes. I dragged my screaming just-3 out from under the table by her leg tonight and held her so tight while she let the torment of her confiscated toy wash away in the flood of her tears. She was too tired to cope after a full day of trying to be in charge. Sometimes it all gets too much and they just need to be held oh-so-tightly and loved.

Siobhan 1 year ago

My daughter is two in September & this is her all over, I’m hoping by three she’ll of friend out of it :-)

matt 1 year ago

oh yes i would!!

monika 1 year ago

I worked as a preschool teacher fpr about 5 years before having a child and I told people this time and time again. This claim, which was met with disbelief, is now proving true for all of my friends with 3year olds. Luckily I have another year and a half before the 3’s hit. Fore warned is forearmed

Lipglossjunky73 1 year ago

If it makes if better, I called my son “bitchy” at that age!

Namrata 1 year ago

My son isnt even 2 yet and I see 9 out of 10 things happening already! sigh!..I must have a prodigy

Aleta 1 year ago

I was laughing at the list and then shivering with fear…. my son isn’t yet two. Oh boy. I’m going to treasure this time all the more :) But yikes, he is already getting picky about food!!

barb 1 year ago

the one thing I have not seen in any comment is- sometimes they really needs their asses swatted. spare the rod spoil the child

Faye Brown 1 year ago

I hate to break it to the young mothers…but terrible twos actually means from 2 to 22 — you may get a slight break around 10 and 11 but then you are right back at it from 12 to 22 —

Caroliner 1 year ago

This post brought a terrifying realization to me… my child already does these things and he’s still 3 months shy of 3. Dear lord what am I in for?!

Silver lining it did make me chuckle and realize my kid isn’t bizarre or “off” he’s just um… turning 3. And it will take some preparing on my part, mainly stocking up on enough wine to get me through the year.

kristen 1 year ago

Hell’s Yea. Cudos and blessings to you and your family.

Sarah 1 year ago

Calling a three year old’s behaviour bitchy (even if it’s just her behaviour you are calling that) makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve nannied for years and boys can be that way too, but you wouldn’t say he’s acting “asshole-y” or “like a prick”, because.. man, these kids are THREE. They aren’t 15! I get that sometimes we don’t think through what we say or type so I hope that this is the case for the OP (no judgement, I have foot in mouth moments all the time) but seeing somebody defend it does make me feel queasy.

motherofadragon 1 year ago

well then oh though my baby is 1 and half he has the brain of a 3 year I guess cause he does all that stuff now lol

Jenn 1 year ago

My sister has used the baby sign language with her 18 mo old and it really seems to help her be calm that she has a way to communicate with Mommy and doesn’t have to try and get frustrated when she can’t say what she is needing. But yes you can use time outs as a calm down period, a min per age.. Sitting them in an empty playpen for a minute or two if they are just going on tantrums so they know you are not going to cater to screaming. Babies understand muchmore than a lot give them credit for, it amazes me how much my niece can communicate at her age.. I didn’t know about the baby sign language when mine were babies.

Breanna Marie 1 year ago

Awww she has no clue… poor lady!

Anne Horne 1 year ago

This couldn’t apply to our adorable Cameron! Are you feeling the ‘pinch’ Mom? Hang in there – – each stage has it good parts and agrivations!

R.May 1 year ago

Yes. But. Their level of awesomeness is in direct reverse proportion to the insanity. All their mental abilities that make them terrors also make them hilarious little weird ass people. Three is still my favorite age. They rock my socks.

Tammi Laycox 1 year ago


Betsy Burnett 1 year ago

This would be funnier . . . if it wasn’t the absolute truth.

beth 1 year ago

ohhhh I LOVEEEE this post!! It is soooo true!!!!!

Charlotte 1 year ago

Your comment was awesome. Great insight, thanks!

Carrie 1 year ago

At this age they also don’t have all the words to express what they want or need. Yes they can talk but only have been for 2 yrs or so. And they are also forming their emotions at this age, really far worse then teen yrs. they need guidance on how to deal with emotion the correct way so they can do that’ll after on, or u will forever be “fighting” them.

Susie 1 year ago

I’m so in this right now!!!!! Will it end at 4? Please tell me yes! But my 2s weren’t a walk in the park so I doubt it!

Dan 1 year ago

Kids at this stage are undergoing massive developments and change. They react negatively when these changes aren’t being met. Yes they have massive intensity and energy but its for good reason! Letting them be dependant (doing everything for them), explaining stuff in abstract form as opposed to letting them get hands on concrete experiences does not aid their needs. Screens also do little to help them develop – they are really just another form of pacifier. Maria Montessori has some of the best methods to date on helping little humans become better bigger ones. Worth googling :-)

Tracey Perard Blankers 1 year ago

This is funny and so true. And for me 4 is even worse. I’m hoping 5 is our turn around year

Dan 1 year ago

It’s sad to see these replies and the post itself. Kids at this stage are undergoing massive developments and change. They react negatively when these changes aren’t being met. Yes they have massive intensity and energy but its for good reason! Letting them be dependant (doing everything for them), explaining stuff in abstract form as opposed to letting them get hands on concrete experiences does not aid their needs. Screens also do little to help them develop – they are really just another form of pacifier. Maria Montessori has some of the best methods to date on helping little humans become better bigger ones. Worth googling :-)

revenia 1 year ago

Well said! I dont like that word in reference to anything especially your child!!!

Dylan 1 year ago

Its so sad to see these replies and the post itself. Kids are in the most developmental stage of their life

Jen 1 year ago

Haha most of these 3yo things are the case for my son already (he’s 2 and a half now). If he’s going to get worse in 6 months… that’s it, I’m building a padded room. Whether it’s for him or for me is still undecided >.<

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

there was no such thing as terrible two in my house. two year olds are great. it’s when they learn to talk, and sass, and backtalk, and talk some more…that’s when you want to pull your hair out!!! when they just won’t shut up! GGRRRR!!!

naomi 1 year ago

Ha and then they turn 4. 😉

Alex Bentley 1 year ago

How about we stop generalizing about kids altogether? My son has had his bad moments at 2 and 3, but his good/cute/amazing moments far outweigh the negative. If you view kids as a burden, that’s what you’ll get.

Kate Couper Watson 1 year ago

Is this what you’ve been trying to tell me, Kate Mackenzie?

Jennifer 1 year ago

Totally agree! My four year old daughter, while she has her adorable moments, and she is so smart and well mannered… rules this house! We are actually starting behavior therapy soon because she gets so out of control with her tantrums..When she has a tantrum, I have to hold her down, because I’m getting kicked at, and hit, and spit at, and bitten. So, I have to wait it out. Otherwise, she doesn’t listen when I’m talking to her, she talks back like she’s 16, she lies and steals things from me and friends when we go out. I’m so embarrassed I have to constantly return things to people..lol. I cannot understand her….there MUST be evil forces at work here, because they just take over her.

Jennifer Morrison 1 year ago

I think he’s plenty old enough for *some* discipline. I started putting my daughter in time outs at that age. Trust me, it will make it much easier to use time out when he’s older, if he knows about it now. Just put him in a chair, tell him why he’s there and then don’t talk to him. When he finishes, just tell him he’s finished his time, and go about play. Or take away toys, TV when he acts up. May lead to some tantrums, but worth it in the end. And BE CONSISTENT! My daughter is just reaching the Fabulous Fours, I had gotten lucky up until now…NOW, she thinks she owns me. She talks back like a little teenager, I’ve caught her in lies and stealing, and the tantrums….whoa, I’ve been kicked, bit, spit at, yelled at, etc…Hopefully, it won’t be that bad for you, I think it’s a girl thing..lol. Just make sure you start now. I can’t WAIT for five!

nicole 1 year ago

I have twin two yr olds that are the same way..they listen to everything daddy says and terrorize me when I’m alone with them..it’s crazy

Elizabeth Marie Thornborrow 1 year ago

Omg it’s so true

Deb Yax Genslak 1 year ago

Awesome! And so true!

Andrea Butler Tian 1 year ago

Two and three are nothing. Wait until they are 13. Teenagers temporarily become toddlers in big kid bodies.

Don’t worry about it 1 year ago

My toddler doesn’t own me. She knows who the parent is. But holy moly the tantrums… Thankfully, my will is stronger than hers 😉

Emily Bartkowicz 1 year ago

Oh so true!!!!

Usha Chopra 1 year ago

How cute esp for Grandparents!!!

Liliana Monteiro Chece 1 year ago

So true. I have one at home.

Crystal Abbott 1 year ago

I don’t even have to read this to know Its true!!

Patrick De Waard 1 year ago

My son must have read this.

Susan G Slaydon 1 year ago

This is spot on!!

Katerina Teloniatis 1 year ago

Jesus, you mean to tell me it gets worse?

Meghan Kostkowski 1 year ago

Good article. That kid looks like Damian from The Omen.

Lois 1 year ago

Really? Mom might need to mature along with her 3 year old. Your language is not fit for modeling and training.

Kristi Gilbert 1 year ago

A-men! *waving hands in the air*

Mary Foyder 1 year ago

I think my two year old is actually three according to this… What the hell happens next year?

Rochelle Underwood 1 year ago

Knowledge is power, Nicole Novak! You’ve been warned! 😉

Melany Ledbetter Jarjosa 1 year ago

Three was my favorite age! I loved it when my kids were that age, and I used to teach preschool.

Myrna Oliveros 1 year ago

I have a teenager (17) Doesn’t listen, never finds anything, complaints about everything, has a Diva attitude and is lazy as hell…give me a toddler anytime!

Tammina Cadeau 1 year ago

#9 & 10 haha

Adrienne 1 year ago

You nailed it with #9 !! My daughter is the queen of ” I can do it ” which usually results in taking us 15 minutes to get it of the ficking driveway on a daily basis cuz she has to buckle the dam seat belt !

Tonya Haymart Powell 1 year ago

Terrible Twos is a phrase coined by a vengeful mother of a three year old. Just when you think you’ve escaped , satan takes over your baby.

Heather Ann Stephenson 1 year ago

Oh my daughters started their drama at 2 lol… it just got worse and yeah they talked and talked at 2 as well lol my youngest is 2 and she is the the one who is the most calm

Kirstin 1 year ago

I REALLY appreciated reason #9. I about busted out in laughing tears! I thought 2 yrs. was bad but now my daughter is at 2yrs. and 11 months. Her and I have hit an all time low and it’s getting worse. “Dun dun DONE!” She is possessed by a demon and I am spitting venom like one. Scary mommy for sure. It can’t get worse than this… Right?… Right?

Joann Gettings 1 year ago

That is so true, love it!

Virginia Llorca 1 year ago

My grand daughter is a cliche’. Her brother, now 12, was more reasonable as was their mom, so we were all shocked. Glad to know this is typical for a 3. Do they all read the same instruction manual?

Rebecca Garcia 1 year ago

3 sucks for sure!!!! Mine will be 4 next week I am really hoping it gets better!

Sarah Good 1 year ago

So I’m not the only one losing my sanity? Oh well *big smile, eye twitches* 😛

Erika Lundy 1 year ago

Somebody should have told me! It’s the terrible 3s and foolish 4s

Ashley Marie Breiner 1 year ago

Oh the truth in this!

Kat M 1 year ago

This is so true, I have a 4 year old and a six year old and it has been this way with both of them. :)

Verne Sherman 1 year ago

Three was much worse than two.

Karen Pearsall 1 year ago

So totally true!

Pamela Stipp 1 year ago

I agree. 3 is definitely the hardest age

Sharon McDivitt Greier 1 year ago

My gf and I had each of our 4 kids within a few mos of each other. We always said terrible twos, trying threes and f

Fablo 1 year ago

This is hilarious. When my daughter was turning three I remember thinking that we dodged the bullet- she had been pleasant and wonderful through two! I must have been an amazing parent! Then, almost on que, the devil arrived! Three was AWFUL!!!

Filio Tsoukala 1 year ago

agree. but three is closer to four and then they are great to hang out with

Susan Mejia 1 year ago

Try 6 and almost 3 year old boys 😉 at 2 lol piece of cake!!!!

Cruz Dominic 1 year ago

Four has been way worse than three around here.

Bev Frye 1 year ago

I’m not even going to read the reasons; I believe it’s true.

MotherTo Tai 1 year ago

For real … 3 is a rough age.

Queen of Evil 1 year ago

Age 5 is just as challenging. Expanded vocabulary. Uncanny ability to remember the bad words that you try desperately NOT to say, and repeats them at THE WORST possible times, like after church lunch in a restaurant with your family … as in, pass me the damn salt. please. Also, they have teenage level sarcasm abilities and already refuse to let you hug them in public. Plus, if you have a boy, he’s already starting to have that sweaty funky boy smell that will instantly make you remember elementary school. 5 year olds will drive you to drink. Seriously.

Dawn Scott 1 year ago

We thought that we were so lucky as he was such a good boy at two, but wow now that he is three his tantrums amaze me!

Lala 1 year ago

I get what both are saying, if I could just play ref, I honestly think there is a HUGE difference in calling a girl a bitch vs describing behavior as bitchy. A bitch I think even towards a stranger who could maybe even fit the term is still cringe worthy. Yet to say something like, “today’s parent meeting was full of bitchiness,” or as are some days in my own home, my 3 year old can truly act bitchy too. It just means 100% in-your-face, non-stop boundary testing, queen bee persona, naughty, haughty & severely argumentative. Its quicker to say bitchy. It would never mean she is a bitch..ahhhh never. It means that afternoon, or the last three days lol she has acted bitchy. If it was my son who has not reached 3 and did the same I would call it asshole-ish. Neither of these terms would I use in earshot of my children and I dont think any mom would. We are here to vent and our kids arent reading this.
This concept we have ALL heard, “if it was a guy, people would say he is powerful but since she is a powerful woman she is labeled a bitch.” I think is a load of crap and may have been so in the 80s. There are assertive, powerful, precise, successful women who manage their empires without any bitchiness at all and some who just do, and there are men who run theirs well and some like a complete ass. Power & success don’t have to equate to rudeness, bitchiness does.

thelittledabbler 1 year ago

It’s all about allowing the to make choices,. They need to know their input is valued, even when you’d rather they just be quiet and do as you say. At the grocery store, give your child a task. Say, “Can you pick out TWO cereals” or “Help me find a green vegetable.” When given a task and being allowed to make small decisions, your child’s self-confidence and self-worth will grow.

On another note, it makes me deeply, deeply sad to hear parents call their little girls bitches. You reap what you sow. Just remember that.

Christine McPherson 1 year ago

At 17 and 19, you wish you had all that back!!!

Elizabeth A Hays 1 year ago

Are you having this framed for your sister?

Kimmy Ripley 1 year ago

My 4 1/2 year-old has never gone through any of these “terrible” years. No complaints here! Maybe it will be payback time when she’s a teenager. *shrug*

May 1 year ago

Love the blog posted above. Some great humour and truth to it. I did want to leave a comment for Karen who posted that her daughter has become ” bitchy”. I too have a three-year-old daughter but I would never refer to her as bitchy and can’t understand why some women say this about their OWN daughters… whatever age they may be, joking or not. It makes me cringe. Not only is it wrong in my opinion, it also perpetuates a stereotype that we all strive to get away from. Sad.

Cindy Kocik Roberts 1 year ago

LOL LOL LOL new parents, LOL

Mary Sheridan Faubion-Arling 1 year ago

Ive always called it the threatening threes

Suzanne McCaskill 1 year ago

Omg!!! I fuckin Love this!!! Def sharing…. This is my reality as well!!!

Maggie Elizabeth 1 year ago

All three if my kids, the day they turned three, turned into a-holes. They were fine through their twos.

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

Neither of my kids were “terrible” until age 3!

Daniel Sparrow 1 year ago

One of our friends (you know who you are) refers to theirs as a ‘threenager’ for many of these reasons.

Michelle Yingling Clawson 1 year ago

I do have Triplett boys, now 15 and a 9 year old. Yikes. Lol

Michelle Yingling Clawson 1 year ago

Lol, so true.

Michelle Bundzinski Bedard 1 year ago

I have always said there is no such thing as terrible twos! All hell broke loose when all 6 of my kids turned 3! (Not all at once! LOL)

Dawn Browning 1 year ago

I beg to differ… I think the fact she was in bed by 6.45pm tonight with no story tells you just how ‘angelic’ she’s being!!! x

Beth Stolte 1 year ago

The terrible twos may be the biggest parenting myth. LOL

Lisa Lavery Juley 1 year ago

So freaking true.

Sherry Ann Swanson 1 year ago

Nope, the f*#

Margie Ghione 1 year ago

Yes, but you can still physically control them and out run them for a while. It is ever changing as they get older and always a challenge. Never a dull moment!

Lorenna Freeland 1 year ago

Wait till they become teenagers.Then your going to wish they where 2 again.

Cynthia Thompson 1 year ago


Linda Hess 1 year ago

I’ve always said three is worse than two.

Jan Kelley 1 year ago

I agree. I think threes are much more difficult than twos.

Bridget 1 year ago

I enjoyed reading this up until number 7. Would you be willing to revise this and not be so demeaning to people with intellectual disabilities. I have a brother with Down syndrome and take great offense to your comparison to a mental institution inhabitant on the way a three year old dresses.

Anne Marie Duquette 1 year ago

That tantrums are the worst.

Michelle Guido 1 year ago

Omg i laughed so hard because i see all of this creeping up now with my almost 3 year old

Jessi 1 year ago

I must have spawned some sort off super child! At 1 he was in the terrible two stage and since he was about a year and a half he’s been in the terrific threes. The only thing on this list I haven’t had to deal with yet is the potty training thing, but that’s on its way this summer. God help me if he’s worse at 3!

Kate McCormick Van Savage 1 year ago

So, so, so very true!!!

Denise Anderson Samson 1 year ago

OMG! This is sooo true!

tatpiercedmum 1 year ago

Because 2 and 3 year old girls love daddy! When my husband is home our 2 yr old twin girls are freaking angels. When it’s them against me… I mean me and them…. They’re evil!! My first born (by only 6 minutes) doesn’t speak well… Normally. But today she screamed on the top of her lungs “GIVE ME MY BOOK!”. This is our life now.
P.S. I’m so glad my hubby doesn’t want anymore either.

Stacey Leal 1 year ago

Hehe… Joseph Craig Leal Norie Leal

Angie Clary Lehman 1 year ago

I’ve been saying this since my first child was three!

Catlin Roberts 1 year ago

“It’s a trap!” hahaha

L’Don Allen 1 year ago

I just laughed out loud. I cackled.

Kathryn Foster 1 year ago

Ha!! :)

Fit Fab Mommy 1 year ago

OMG this is my daughter!!! She will be three next week!

Barbara Stikker 1 year ago

And just wait until they turn 15– you’ll be longing for these problems!

Amanda Brelage 1 year ago

LOL my first was an ANGEL at 2… but 3…. holy moly:)!

Karen Phillips 1 year ago

Oh hell yes to all of those

Rhiannon Owen 1 year ago

Nope. Not at all! My 2-year-old fits this whole list. The descriptions of 2 are more like 18 months.

Jackie Farrugia 1 year ago

14. Far worse!

Maria Carlson 1 year ago

Then there’s the f*cking awful fours . . .

Melissa Horne-Lopez 1 year ago


Mallory 1 year ago

Ummm, my 18-month-old already does some of these things.

Emma Jayne Cleary 1 year ago

Love this!

Candy Newby 1 year ago

Some things should be kept a secret so they can be surprised like the rest of us…

Dawn Browning 1 year ago

Couldn’t agree with this article more! I’m really being tested by my three year old!!!

Kathryn E. Stutler 1 year ago

2–3—4 —- and on up—-each year has its “troubles”

Tiffanie Edwards 1 year ago

Laughed and laughed and laughed! So true!

Edward N Lea Guida 1 year ago

Mine are older now but I always said that

Jane Gould 1 year ago

Totally agree! Three was much harder than two.

Krystal Alvarado 1 year ago
Tammy Ledford Hisoire 1 year ago

Well im glad it will end in a few years until then I may become a alcoholic

Amber Hurd Marienthal 1 year ago

Lol. Just wait until they are all 13! I’d stock pile Xanax if I was you.

Tracy Pieprzyk Barber 1 year ago

That’s funny!

Brandon Ferguson 1 year ago

Haha I am glad to know I’m not the only parent that uses the phrase in number 9

Tricia Holmes 1 year ago

Hahaha! No one escapes some period of difficulty parenting. It may be 2, and it may be 22. Parenting is not for wimps.

Tiffany Leticia Alvarez 1 year ago

omg…right in the middle of this madness now with my 3 year old son.

Susan Jennings Kelly 1 year ago

So funny and so true! Reading this as I listen to Brian battle over which panties my almost 3 yr old is going to wear. :)

Kazuko Beckerman 1 year ago

Poor soul…two’s got nothing on three!!!

John Piotraschke 1 year ago

Next time, this is the question… “have ya lived with a teenager?”

Elsa Kuhr Rock 1 year ago

😀 😀 😀 !

Brooke Wondra 1 year ago

Three was DEF worse than two with my first child.. my second just turned 3 and I’m just waiting for that “light switch” to go on and the hell to come..

Mary 1 year ago

Pick your battles, who cares what they wear as long as they wear something. Of course special occasions were different. I told my kids they were allowed to not like 4 foods, everything else they ate. They picked the 4 foods. Didn’t always work, but cut down on the battles, they ate what was on their plate when they got hungry enough. I tired, not always successfully, to ask myself if their not so great behavior was something that would end them up in prison or was on a college application. If not I tried not to freak out over it. Colleges don’t care when they were potty trained or if they dressed funny or if they eat peas.

Carol Burke 1 year ago

Thanks for attacking me.. it was an open conversation..I’m ok … I wasn’t trying to hurt any one on here.. I won’t be writing on this post any more..

Keah Young-Mroz 1 year ago

Omg! The closer my daughter got to three, the more I wondered”who’s child is this”. I bought, what happened to my sweet, adorable little princess? Lol
The 2’s have NOTHING on the 3’s!

Sue Hutto 1 year ago

It just gets worse until they leave home. That’s why graduation is so celebrated.

Aimee Zanner McGuire 1 year ago

My kiddo has mid/high functioning autism and is almost 5. It’s been double party time here for years 😉

Lisa Shamaly 1 year ago

Truth! 3 was the worst with both my boys!

Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 1 year ago

“Mompetitions” are so annoying. I cannot stand when people say “just wait til ____.” No two children are the same. Just let each mother experience her children growing up. Why do we need a blog post to validate everything or compete over who has it worse? Jeez.

Lynda Gerhardstein 1 year ago

Lol!! So so true!

Terri 1 year ago

21 months I started putting our 3 1/2 year old in time outs. Talking to him about why the whole time.

One minute per how old they are.

Mary 1 year ago

The pediatrician used to tell my mom, tongue in cheek, “Don’t worry they will outgrow this stage soon, and grow into a worse one.” Someone else said that our 2 and 3 year old children are not really ours, aliens came down and replaced our adorable children with the personalities of their offspring at that age. And not to worry, we get our own kids back in a few years. I raised 4 kids, all of their stages were different. I think some of their behavior is just who they are as people. My third is 22 years old and I am still waiting for the terrible 2 and 3’s and for those horrible teen years. His laid back personality has been there since his birth. The others all made up for it though. In my own experience, boys were easier than the girls. I found the younger years so much harder than the tween and teenage years. I am one of those strange people who would rather sit and talk to teens than hold a baby. My baby leaves for college in 41 days (she is counting), and I will miss having house full of teenagers.

Cindy Gram 1 year ago

At two they begin to acquire a thing we like to call “mother deaf”. At three they have mastered it. They finally get that hearing back at approximately 21.

Karen Buck 1 year ago

So right!! I was director of many pre/k’s—couldn’t eke a 3 yr old teacher. Two’s still love us deeply!

Caroline Saunders 1 year ago

Lmaooo yepp! 3 and 4 are way worse lol

Lauren Chapin Karpew 1 year ago

Oh, how nice for her. Wait until she has another…that kid will be the spawn of satan.

Cat 1 year ago

I have twin 3 year old girls. They started dictating what they would wear since 18 months old and it has only got worse since then. My friend tells me that a 3 year old is just like hormonal 13 year old. Gee can’t wait, not!!!!

Shannon Burns 1 year ago

Lmao. Love it!

Jane Lanham 1 year ago

Total agreement!

Nikki Mueller 1 year ago

My 2 year old is more like the kid described in the list for 3 year olds. So will he get worse then? Oh and he recently took up smacking people, fun times. Based on everyone’s comments, it sounds like every age from here will be trouble.

Bill Parker 1 year ago

3?!! how about age 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and counting!!!!! Don’t think will ever stop!

Nicole LoGuercio Matonis 1 year ago

Bigger kids bigger problems.

Rebecca Carrera 1 year ago

Hilarious! She really is very unprepared!

Mari Prater Brown 1 year ago

Going through the terrible twenties!

Elizabeth Overmier 1 year ago

Number 3 is so true.

Amanda Orozco 1 year ago

Oh boy.

Jodi Sheridan 1 year ago

Ha! 3 is a piece of cake, baby. 15 & 13…some days I feel like being thrifty is less about building a nest egg and more about raising emergency bail money.

Jen 1 year ago

So glad this is only a phase. I don’t have my own kids yet but I am currently pregnant. I have 2 step kids though and when the youngest was 3 (and I first entered the picture), I almost ran for the hills because of his attitude, tantrums, back talk, etc. lol

k 1 year ago

Maybe that’s just your kid.. Haha. My two year old never shuts up. What is this ;quiet time’ you speak of? I’m convinced my two year old will implode during tantrums. My kid hasn’t eaten anything she’s been offered aside from bread and cheese since she turned one. IDK why your two year old wasn’t potty trained… Kids get dirty, it’s part of life. Thankfully, my girl is an ‘in and out’ bath time sort of girl. Although things take a little longer when she does them on her own, she’s learning and I don’t see how you can resent that. And lastly, you’re the parent, you have the upper hand. When they get out of control, you put them back in line. Period. IT might take a little for them to understand, but they will get it.
On a side note, it’s really so nice of your commentators to call their children ‘bitchy and hateful’. My child might throw the worlds most intense tantrums, but I love her still, and she’s not ‘bitchy’ or ‘hateful’. Instill good values in your children and maybe they won’t act like the bitch they see you act like..

Joyce Eisele 1 year ago

I love you so much!!!!

Lynn Walton 1 year ago


Kim France 1 year ago

Oh my god! We have have that 3yr old! All of a sudden my sweet Alex turned into an attitude waiting to happen!

Annie Smith 1 year ago

So funny!

Justine Barnes 1 year ago

I was fortunate enough to just skate right through 2 AND 3 without any real episodes or tantrums.. But the day he turned 4, it was epic meltdowns and all sorts of craziness!

Lindsey D’Lugos 1 year ago

Roflmao! So true! Dd was so good during the 2’s but OMG when she hit 3, it was done!!
Now Ds hit the terrible 2’s at like 18 months. I’m hoping that means 3 will be easy….. Yeah, who am I kidding :/

Susan Ahlfield 1 year ago

lol I always said the terrible twos just lead to the terrible threes, fours etc. Every age is a new challenge and just when you think you have it made … they become teenagers.

Rachel ‘Werner’ Alioto 1 year ago

#2 is so true for my “Threenager”! Right Mike Alioto? Ha!

Jillian King 1 year ago

Someone told me that four is when they calm down…… I am pretty sure they lied.

Rebekah Lynn Shelton 1 year ago

I took my oldest to a child psychologist when he was 3. I thought something was seriously wrong, with him or me!! She laughed and told me a glass of wine at night will help! LOL 3 was a living nightmare (that lacked sleep!) how did I cope with 3, I had 2 more!!! LOL gotta love them!

Rosa Hoffman 1 year ago

Just had this conversation with a new mom at work, poor thing doesn’t have a clue! Lol I think I’ll forward this to her….

Annie Norris 1 year ago

No kidding! 2 was fabulous! 3-oh brother!

Niccole English 1 year ago

After reading this list I have come to the conclusion that my 2 yr old might actually be a 3 yr old and somewhere along the way I missed a yr of her life :/

Ray Lowe 1 year ago

Not CJ! He will be the exception to this “rule”!

Collette Legel 1 year ago


Marybeth Musenga 1 year ago

Funny and true!!

Lucy 1 year ago

Depends on the kid and the consistency of discipline, activities etc but yes it is so hard, but 3.5 i can see a lot of good things developing not just see… he is very helpful I can see a light :)

Rorye Levinson Hoberman 1 year ago

Totally agree it should be the terrible 3s

Lisa Wineinger Hannon 1 year ago

I always thought 2’s were sweet and threes were terrible..:)

Jennifer Bittner 1 year ago

I called the three’s “the tantrum threes!” Give me the terrible 2’s anyday over the 3’s!

Susan Statz Hoeffner 1 year ago

7 is my nasty number.

Catherine Rivera 1 year ago

I have 3 girls, now ages 10, 8, and 18 months. The oldest did the ‘terrible twos’ from 12 months until now and will probably stay there. The middle girl never did, she has been a cake walk! The third, is stuck somewhere between. It’s not easy. Let this lady have another child, they are always different.

Pam 1 year ago

Do you love your children? From many of the posts, it sounds like many of you want to scream at your children all day. I get it, I am a mom, but my goodness all of the F bombs are not necessary. I also take great offense to #6 and the reference to the mentally ill. Our society needs to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental illness. No one would compare a cancer patient to anything and get away with it! Off my soap box now.

Heather McFarlane 1 year ago

Three year olds are assholes

Deborah Beyer Oxley 1 year ago

This is great!! So true. They own you and they know it!

Kirstin Leiby 1 year ago

Three is so much worse than two, I can’t even tell you.

Melissa Chapman 1 year ago

just wait till 13.

Helena Awdry 1 year ago

Very very true but it actually gets worse every year after that too! Hahaha. Fun times.

Debra Pennington O’Brien 1 year ago

They don’t call them. The “troublesome threes” for nothing!

Ben Levy 1 year ago

My wife is currently dealing with my “narcissistic 34’s”

April Lamkin 1 year ago

#9 is the best lol

Stephanie Schmit Ableidinger 1 year ago

I just scanned past this on a friends newsfeed, I have never been to this page before. What I wouldn’t do to see the terrible three’s right now. My son would have turned 3 in April, he passed away when he was 4 months old. When having a frustrating day with your children, no matter what their age, remind yourself what a gift each day is. Some parents don’t get a lifetime with their beautiful children…being a parent is truly a blessing, even on the difficult days.

Cathy Keizer 1 year ago

Hilarious !

Alexandra Bond 1 year ago

Lol spot on!

Melissa Earls 1 year ago

Couldnt be more true! She will learn soon enough lol

Jessica Joyner 1 year ago

With the exception of the potty training one, every single one of these applies to my two year old.

Becky Karasek Nyce 1 year ago

Yeah. They really are. Omg.

Monica Marie 1 year ago

I’m in so living this perpetual Nightmare. I’m losing my mind

Michele Elms Watson 1 year ago

I agree the Fing Fours were the worse. I spent two years back to back in them and found them more difficult than my sons teen years.

Brianna Kearns 1 year ago

So true!!! Two’s were easy peasy!!!! Now my 3 year old thinks he knows everything lol

Janelle Moreno 1 year ago

Omg…I have been saying this for yrs. Two is innocent mischief, three is all premeditated….lol

Jessica Leigh 1 year ago

The 3’s are far more challenging!

Becki Fox 1 year ago

Amen sista !!!

Michael Simpson 1 year ago

No doubt. I learned about this truism when I was a pre k teacher. Fortunately state law forbid makes from teaching any child under 3. So glad I didn’t have that age group. Trouble!!!! My #1 had no issues #2 trouble and #3 I between good and devil. :-)

Catherine Koziupa Obrig 1 year ago


Amy Knight Campbell 1 year ago

This was totally me! I thought I had escaped. Now I have a 3.5 year old. Oh my!!!

Marlene Goncalves-Paquet 1 year ago

I’ve told parents of two year olds this, and they look at me
like I’m lying.

Carey 1 year ago

My sister says terrible twos, horrible threes and frickin fours.

Katie Huggins 1 year ago


Nicole Gofman 1 year ago

Scarily true!

Karin Skaletsky 1 year ago

So funny

Lori McGuire 1 year ago

Yep. She does all 10!!

Pam Collins Munroe 1 year ago

I would agree. At two they could have a little melt down but once they realized it was not going to get them anywhere they would calm down. At exactly 3 1/2 my girls all became little teenagers. They became moody, able to hold a grudge all day, and they now had verbal skills to say things they knew to be hurtful just for spite.

Abby Summer 1 year ago

Was scared to read this but my 2 & a half year old Punk seems to already be possessed. Lucky he is cute and I love him :)

Tammy Herring Williams 1 year ago


Donna Galipeau 1 year ago

laugh and laugh and laugh-

Georgina Vant 1 year ago

I think my child skipped 2 and went straight to 3 lol PATIENCE, PATIENCE!

Darlene Howe Boissonnault 1 year ago

So true! Made me chuckle!

Michelle Denise Watkins 1 year ago

She must know Caelum! 3 has been rough!

Amy Horton 1 year ago

Three was the absolute worst. Praise God that four has been better. At times I truly thought he was possessed O.o

Bridget 1 year ago

Oh my! Terrible 2’s & 3’s are really just preparing you for teenagers. Press on!

Lea Bifano-Vozzella 1 year ago

Awesome and so, so true!

Adrienne Farnsworth Gusso 1 year ago

Oh. Know.

Becca Schmeltzer 1 year ago

We are right in the middle. 2 1/2

Tamara Hansen Reese 1 year ago

We called three “calculated misery” #threenager — going through it with our first makes us laugh at the stuff our two year old does knowing ‘at least he’s not three yet’

Elizabeth Trezza Brooke-Powell 1 year ago

I really only agree with 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 7, 7, 7!!!!!!!, 9 & 10

Pauline Maria Ruffa 1 year ago

very true!

Tove Maren Stakkestad 1 year ago

This is so spot on! An evil force takes our children for little over a year – and hopefully they are returned to us – slightly changed.

Stephanie Robin Porterfield 1 year ago

I love #9.

Charlotte Dale 1 year ago

Urgh, just wait til they hit 5. It’s like having a stroppy teenager in the house

Keriann Sullivan Wilmot 1 year ago

Wait until next year – when he demands his own drink and banana bread – then whines because he doesn’t like the nuts. Proceeding to asks her to pick out all the nuts, while she’s driving. How’s that latte now my friend? Worth the trip? :-)

Stacy Iovino 1 year ago


Tanya Howell Nesgoda 1 year ago

Yes Lord it is!!!

Betsy Boswell Robinson 1 year ago

When my kids were little I called it the fearsome 4’s ! Then they grew up and became TEENAGERS

Michael Hentigan 1 year ago

Quit complaining and have another one !!

Andrea Jones Totten 1 year ago

This is so true!

Francine Silva 1 year ago

rebellious teenagers are the worse. They can rip the hearts of parents to shreds and all the parents can do is try to be tough and hope that common sense will set in before they completely ruin their life or get killed.

faye 1 year ago

What a load of crap my child is 2 and already potty trained and i have Know problem with him Messing anywhere he is a very Independent young man and does everything himself already so you can have a full convocation with him and he Understand Everything so g dont Know if people are just lazy with there Toddlers but i really do think this is a load of rubbish

Diana Lee 1 year ago

Even saying what she said is asking for hell to descend upon you!

Sherlolly Watson 1 year ago

Wait till he’s 5 going on 16.

Deborah Morse 1 year ago

I have been a three year old preschool teacher for twenty years with 16 three year olds in my class each year five days a week and I would take them any day over a two year old.

Samara Salvione 1 year ago

Three was WAY worse!

Anita Willerson 1 year ago

Love it!!! And sooooooo true!

Suzy Berry 1 year ago

Haha, yes this is us at the moment!

Wendy Rowson 1 year ago

Made me laugh a lot! Number 7 is so Oscar!

Yvonne Hernandez 1 year ago

Ha! Wow!! I’m the youngest of triplets and on my way to introducing my first baby!!! My mom has the best stories, and she really believes my new addition, will give her all the revenge she deserves!! Yikes!! Bless your heart!!! All the best!

Holy Fuck 1 year ago

I have a little one who has just turned three. On the subjects of toddler meltdowns, WOW do they become epic after two!

Brandy Morgan-Gambill 1 year ago

My girl just turned 4 weeks ago, I’m not sure if either of us are gonna make it to 5! The 3’s just about killed me and this ain’t looking any better!

Jennifer Teodoro-Tristan 1 year ago

Totally agree.

Rebecca Allen 1 year ago

Love #10!

Christyn Rumble 1 year ago

My son will turn 5 in 57 days. Literally, I’M COUNTING THE DAYS..

Patricia Williams 1 year ago

NOoo! Well I can say that at 2 and a half a lot of this is already freakin happening- hopefully it won’t be a huge shock!

Chelsie Simon 1 year ago

I agree four has been our toughest year with behaviors with Ella. Liam is still very laid back we shall see what three bring us though.

Emily Chambers 1 year ago

Probably shouldn’t of read that considering my boy is turning 3 in 4 days, but most of it is him anyway lol

Mike Balentine 1 year ago

Wow that was funny!

Rayisa Torossyan 1 year ago

My son does 8 out of the 10 already.. FML…

Naani Abercrombie 1 year ago

I found 5 the most horrific. With a girl anyway. #emotional

Corrina Fisher 1 year ago

OMG! How true is this!!!!

Dee Wright 1 year ago

12 is when your child turns vile,
horrible age son is nearly 18 now and finally normal again….so I went and had another baby just to self harm he’s one now 11 more years till satan comes and swaps my child again

Carolyn Boulay 1 year ago

I totally agree!

Amy Lalor 1 year ago

Im finding 4yrs old even worse then 3!

Ro Riedhammer 1 year ago

Yes. X10

Sheila Rigney 1 year ago

But but… my 2 year old already does 9 of these… is 3 going to be worse?!?!?!

Karen Dickenman Robertson 1 year ago

I am laughing so hard right now, my husband just shushed me so I don’t wake our 3 year old little angel up in the middle of the night!

Jen Mason 1 year ago


Harry Nairn 1 year ago

Love it

Nicole Karger 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing..this is so my world right now…..!!!

Kimi Sherwood 1 year ago

Mine wasn’t so bad at 3. Now she’s four and knows her own mind more….

Carolina Guntenaar 1 year ago

thanks for the warning on four ; )

Lisa ‘Scales’ Masters 1 year ago

So true! Three is just a warm-up for when they turn 13!!

Gloria Horabuena 1 year ago

Just remember who the learning child is and who the teaching adult is.

Leah Mawston 1 year ago

I love the expression ‘threenager’ 😉

Shira Newman 1 year ago

Oh, you mean my THREEnager? Yeah, life is fun right now.

Christine Vinciguerra Cumiskey 1 year ago

Lol! Yup!!!

Mykal NobleBlood 1 year ago

1, 6, 9, and 10 and increase them ten fold due to high functioning autism. Welcome to my world.
Thanks for the laugh and reminder that they all do it to some extent.

Angie Groff 1 year ago

Bless you!

Amanda Conner 1 year ago

This is so true!!!!! I get it now! Lol

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

6-9 isn’t bad as long as you have gotten rid of the tantrums by then.. At least mine were good. They were back to wanting to please and became helpful.

Nicole Diana Martin 1 year ago

I’m scared.

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

My favorite saying is we spend the first 2 years teaching them to walk and talk, then the next 16 telling them to sit down and shut up. lol

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

13 sucks too, but it starts getting better at 14

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

I actually would have been more worried if my kids didn’t go through it. It is a perfectly normal developmental milestone. It is where kids begin to have their own opinions and start wanting to do for themselves. It is where they start wanting to separate from Mom, but not too far. They are learning feelings and emotions, but do not have control yet. It isn’t a parenting problem, it is them wanting to please themselves more than pleasing you.

Michael S. Davey 1 year ago

#9 is SO true!!!!!

Holly Lovings 1 year ago

Love your honesty and I only had one at a time. Bless You. lol

Holly Lovings 1 year ago

Yes it is!

Stephanie Fulton 1 year ago

Hum! I wonder if they would have hurt him it you’d gave them to him.

My boy is awful about deciding he’s starved the moment I start to cook. 21 months and hangs on my legs while I cook. Or tries raiding my fridge.

JoAnne Spear 1 year ago

12 and 13 were freaking horrible. I really thought I was going to end up going insane. My girls were the worst, they wanted to be treated like adults and act like 3 year olds. 15-17 have been easier, I just made the rules really clear and the consequences really suck and it has been ok.

Maureen Jimenez 1 year ago

Spot on

Maria Paniagua 1 year ago

Thought the same thing, then noticed at age 3 my 3rd was a little more naughty.

Summer Wuepper 1 year ago

Lmao. My three year old pitched an epic fit tonight because I had to cook the onion rings and he wanted them cold. Why?!why?!

Beck Wilkinson 1 year ago

age four was the worst for my son – testosterone goes up then

Justyna Kudlawiec 1 year ago

My older son had this at age 4, luckily at that point you could have had some conversation with him. My 2 year old is now 2 and I can’t wait till he stops all his nonsens. He started at 18 months and I’m just wondering how much more can I take.

Lizzi Mills 1 year ago

Carol – all I can say is you were very very lucky. I’m afraid you’re in the minority and we’re all jealous. Unfortunately that also means that it’s not a parenting issue. It’s a development issue and MOST kids go through it. Just thank god yours didn’t – just please (politely and respectfully) don’t put it down to parenting because that’s just nonsense and a little patronising. Mums need to commiserate not compete!

Cheryl Comer-Rigg 1 year ago

Oh god! I was comforting myself with my DD being out of age 2 next month 😉

Fabiola Vergara-Rubí 1 year ago

Sooo true! My son is 3 and he is nuts! He is the only boy on both sides of the family and uses that to his advantage with sisters, nieces, aunts, grandparents and anyone who comes in close contact with us lol

Alexandra Rosas 1 year ago

Two was nothing. Three made me lose my mind.

Jessica Bretthauer 1 year ago


Jennifer Borrego 1 year ago

I have said this for years now!!!! Two was a cake walk three was my hell! Now they are older and it is getting easier again. Very self sufficient but now they can carry on a conversation about what they like and how their day was.

Nancy Ellen Jones 1 year ago

Number 9 number 9 number 9

Rachel Thompson 1 year ago

So true wish my little girl had the terrible 2’s instead of 3’s

Andi Hammer 1 year ago

I’m always amazed that the World’s Most Perfect Mom has time for FaceBook! /eyeroll

Emily Hottle Halcon 1 year ago

Oh my…YES, YES, YES! On my second 3 year old, and can tell you it is survivable. Just stock up on wine and chocolate.

Cara Carcoba Junsch 1 year ago

My youngest was great at two Snd three .. But four was a different story altogether !!!!!

Taunya Hernandez 1 year ago

My little guy is definitely living out #1. NEVER SHUTS UP!

Corrie Hemminger 1 year ago

My two year old must think she is three. Don’t even want to know what I’m in for when she does hit three.

Gini Armstrong 1 year ago

And then they turn four-and-a-half…

Jill M Johnson Walsh 1 year ago

We have just reached the F**k It 4’s!
Much worse already than 3!

Ryan A Wilson 1 year ago


Kari Bharucha 1 year ago

Four has been worse in terms of behavior, talking back, fighting and arguments with friends and family, etc… And he’s my “easy kid”. Lord help me with his sister, she just turned two and already has verbal skills and independence to rival most 3 year olds so she’s well on her way to doing most of the 3 year old traits described.

Karen Jackson 1 year ago

Lol been there!!!

Kari Bharucha 1 year ago

Was thinking the exact same thing. Mine is barely two and already does most of this. Thankfully her older brother never did much of any of those things, until maybe 4 years old, good thing for her or she never would have come into existence. Was SO MUCH more laid back as a mom of one vs. two. Literally can’t imagine life with more than these two or else I true my think I’d loose my mind. Thankfully one is often quite laid back.

Alicia Ferguson Brender 1 year ago

All so very true! Laughed out loud!!!

Kate Wilson 1 year ago


Jullee Hill Wolfe 1 year ago

Always have said 3 was wayyyyyy worse than 2, he was lucky to see 4.

Michelle George 1 year ago

#2frightens me. My son just turned 1 and can throw pretty epic tantrums now…

Christy Killian Alipio 1 year ago

This so funny on so many levels!!! Lmao!

Nikki Studt 1 year ago

We have always said that it’s not the AGE 2, but a 2 year period of time that STARTs around the Age of 2!

Darcie 1 year ago

I dunno, my daughter must be gifted- she’s already way ahead of the curve here… So, does that mean, three will be a breeze, or more of the same craziness?

Stephanie Fulton 1 year ago

Depends how you define terrible I guess. I wouldn’t define them as terrible though, most days. I think consistency of consequences help a lot. None of us are saints though. There’s no way in my kids are going to steam roll me though no matter how big of a honking fit they throw. Check with me in the teen years though… If I get ten fold it might flatten me.

kristen 1 year ago

My mother always reminded me that it was really 2 1/2 – 3 1/2 years old. They grow out of that phase eventually. Then, prepare yourself for the horrible tantrums at age 4!

Pat Trowse 1 year ago

Number 9……. Sheeeesh!

patricia 1 year ago

Lol i dont know if i should laugh or cry… my daughter is barely two and according to this post, she’s already acting like age three.

Stephanie Fulton 1 year ago

I’d say not raising your voice to your child isn’t passive parenting. I by no means would ever been able to stick to that rule. That as an example is not passive parenting. No consequences is passive parenting.

Renee Griffus 1 year ago

Aah throttle me threes!

Christina Fogarty 1 year ago

Hats off to you! My twin girls are 5 now and are a mess! Love them to pieces :)

Madeline Bramer 1 year ago

So so true. Terrible 2s got nuthin’ on 3s!!!!!

Michelle 1 year ago

Hahahaha its the “terrible twos” and the “traumatic threes” but I feel its my duty to warn you lovely unsuspecting mums, its definitely been my worst nightmare now that my 2 have reached their “tw*tty teens” lol I’m sorry, but they get even more horrible, enjoy your angelic little darlings while they are tiny, then my best advice? Boarding school!!! 😉 good luck xxx

Feebie 1 year ago

I always tell people they call it the terrible 2s because by the time you get past 3 you don’t want to talk about it or even remember it. But 4 brings back your clever entertaining child.

Vanessa Bowers Lundquist 1 year ago

Heck yes

Lena Sanders 1 year ago

My kid was and still is the best tempered.

Robin Whetstine 1 year ago

10 is my life!

Andrea Atkinson 1 year ago

Ok, my oldest is 4…and she’s sooo easy…I will take her anywhere….now my 2 yr old daughter is the devil…as in when she gets mad she hurts me, herself, and everyone around her….I just drink lots of vino ;))

Toni Tomasino Myers 1 year ago

Four is super rough!!

Paullette Doubledee 1 year ago

50 reasons why 18 is the WORST of all ages.

Christy Foster Holt 1 year ago

Lol! The sad thing is that they all apply!! Your precious boy will be perfect though! Well, until his older cousin Emi, teaches him!

Mary Smith 1 year ago

4 is harder than 3 for me. I don’t know why.

Kjersten Herkel 1 year ago

3,4,9 my life…..

Deb Williams 1 year ago

Every mom needs this list!

Evelyn Espinoza 1 year ago

I think God accidentally gave mine a double dosage, and skipped yours. Lol ☺️

Christina Schmidt- VanWagenen 1 year ago

Three was awful, two was a breeze. I tell people that all the time.

Evelyn 1 year ago

My daughter does everything single one of these, problem is, she is only 2. So, does that mean skip the terrible twos and went right to being three…..or am I going to get it worse when she does turn three? I made a stand a month ago and threw away all her soothers, and some days I find myself wishing she’d find one I missed just so I might get a few minutes during the day where she isn’t asking me a question. And now, when I answer it, I’m getting the ‘Why?’ Already!!! I thought I would have at least a couple more years where she would take everything I said at face value.

Dana Marie Travis 1 year ago

Omg! Hilarious!!! And sooooo true.

Becky 1 year ago

She turns three at the end of October and we are already checked off on half this list….oh great. Thought I would be happy to be finished with diapers but the whole day now revolves around trips to the bathroom. Sigh.

Helen Russo 1 year ago

oh.my.God, YES! Two was a piece of cake, total breeze. Then at roughly 3, 3m I was thinking I should have named my dd Linda Blair!

Jackie Long 1 year ago

i found 3 and a half absolute hell

Janine Madonia Elam 1 year ago

9 and 10 so true for sure!

Shannon Cummings 1 year ago

Oh you wrote this for me.

Tabitha Mary 1 year ago

Accurate. Four sucks, too.

Jamie Lynn Kraut 1 year ago

Lol. The trips are now 9 and we have a 2 yr old girl in addition.
Alpha???? It changes often. They are all different in every way imaginable.
Four girls…..my husband has no boy sperm. Not sure what we would do w a boy. We are DONE :) love them all to pieces. Don’t like them often but LOVE them always.

Christina Austin 1 year ago

4 is worst! “Why did I ever teach this sassy mouth to speak??!”
On the other hand I’ve never laughed so hard either.

Letitia Tappa 1 year ago

My kids were horrid at 4. 2 & 3 weren’t too bad.

Kat 1 year ago

Sarah, our kids are the same ages. My daugther is 7, my son is 3 and my youngest daughter is almost 2. Both of my oldest kids were way worse at 3 than at 2. My daugther didn’t come back from the depths until she was about 6, but now the 1st grade drama has started. Sigh.

My youngest has been going through the terrible two’s since she turned 1. I fear for my sanity. That kid is a tough cookie.

Katy Williams 1 year ago

My step-daughter started coping a huge attitude at age 3, and my step-son started the attitude thing at age 4! Ugh!!!

Coralyn Becker 1 year ago

Same here 4 was worse :/

Tracy Sand-Livingston 1 year ago

Terrible two’s and torturous threes…

Naomi McKinnell 1 year ago

My son’s temper tantrums can only be worse at 3 than 2 if he learns to breathe fire.

Julie Sull Han 1 year ago

You’re right, she has no idea what’s coming! Haha!

Amber Koernke 1 year ago

I must have gotten this at 2-……. lol

Lisa Creson 1 year ago

Please…say it isn’t so?!?

Marlene Russell 1 year ago

I agree

Melanie Williams 1 year ago

How true this is! Lol

Adam McArthur 1 year ago

Omfg that’s gonna suck.

April Swan Ricketson 1 year ago

How about f*cking awful fours. That’s about where we are right now.

Tanya Ligouri 1 year ago

they are never sweeter than age 2!

Suzy Dub 1 year ago

Hahaha! He’s there already! Except for the dressing himself. ..I love when they do that!

Brandy Maricle 1 year ago

We are smack dab in the middle of 3, and I quite possibly think I may not make it. My son was such an angel until this year. Then his horns came in.

Cindy Hampton 1 year ago

I bet her friends have a different story about her kids LOL

Tamara Kendler Majoros 1 year ago

I love my threenager but he is a total a-hole sometimes

Carissa Colwell- Neimeyer 1 year ago

I’ll take 3 back any day! I find my 8 & 13 yo GIRLS to be waaaay harder. Sass, talking back, eye rolling and I guarantee they listened better at 3 than now. And mom knows NOTHING!

Alyssa Murphy Maxon 1 year ago

So what I’m taking away from all these comments is that they suck at all ages until they’re 25. Fantastic, 24 years to go.

Robin Jones Maloney 1 year ago

5 was the worst for our family by far, with both kids. But oldest is only 9, so we still have the pre-teens and teen years to look forward to…

Elizabeth Zukrel 1 year ago

I better enjoy this year!

Lisa Creson 1 year ago

Much, much worse.

Kim L Brister-Thomas 1 year ago

The truth has finally been published!

Alicia Denen 1 year ago

Completely agree. My daughter was so sweet when she was 2…turned into Satan when she turned 3.

Chris Becker Omerod 1 year ago

And of course, the terrifying teens coming down the road.

Anna Lisa Cavazos-Jenkins 1 year ago

Yup, that pretty much sums up the threatening threes. They will, of course, be followed by the frightening fours

Glorimar Ripoll Balet 1 year ago

Yeap, you got it right!

Sue Jones 1 year ago

This is the absolute truth lol

Lisa Seneca 1 year ago

Three is bad, and four is even worse.

CheriEstelle Robert Dodd 1 year ago

THIS is sooooooooo hilarious! I JUST said to my 3 yr old (who just turned 3 a week ago) WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING??? I thought it was terrible 2’s I was supposed to watch out, they were a BREEZE!!!

Christy Chasteen Wilde 1 year ago

Oh sh#%! I’m in trouble then. The two’s are already giving me a run for my money!

Brandi Cunliffe 1 year ago

After reading this list, my 2 year old should be considered a 3 year old.

Jessica Glasbergen 1 year ago

It’s not the terrible twos …. Or 3s …. It’s the fucking 4s 😉

Annamaria-Guarneri Mckean 1 year ago

Nah. By 3 my oldest was pretty cool we ate the same foods and laughed at the wiggles. .I also had a 2 year old at the same time..my 2 eldest are a year apart and that saved me.

Lisa McMillan 1 year ago

Number 7 & 9 crack me up!

Sandy Timbs 1 year ago

Yep! :-)

Heather Bee 1 year ago

My daughter is 3 and I love this age so much….I seriously want to freeze her at 3.

Melissa Johnson 1 year ago


Birdie Bird 1 year ago

Hell yes!!!!!

Kris Colette Marshall 1 year ago


Sarah Louise Christiansen Masten 1 year ago


Anna Pike 1 year ago

Mine will be 3 in September & we’ve already been dealing with some if these for the last year! He’s getting easier to deal with at times because we’re communicating better, but when it’s bad….

Sarah Jane Gross 1 year ago

My two year old does all these 3 year old things…. I don’t know if that’s good or bad…

Michele Smith Johnson 1 year ago

So true….didn’t realize it until he was 3!

Kristen Brecht 1 year ago

But I ❤️ every moment of it! Even the hard times.

Megan O’Malley 1 year ago

Wrong. My 2 year old does most of these already. I’ve also been through the older ages with my nephew who lived with us for awhile. The truth is this stage starts around 1 1/2-2 and finally ends at 5 or 6 once they are in school and can do most things for themselves.

Nicole Robles 1 year ago

My kid is 2 and every single one of these already applies to him. LOL

Tammy Whitehead 1 year ago

I’d take the terrible twos over teenage years. … can I go back to worrying about my son making a mess at a restaurant

Debbie Maydak 1 year ago

3 through 18

Deyelle MacDonald 1 year ago

So true! Every single one!

Sandra Barr Brown 1 year ago

So funny! So true!!

Michelle Burton Stelmaszek 1 year ago

They don’t call the threenagers for the hell of it!!!

Leslie Renee Cline 1 year ago

My son had that sweet little shirt :))

Bridget Fenstermaker 1 year ago

Sooooo true!

Misty White Ford 1 year ago

I had three girls and always said three was much worse than two!!!

Joan Wood 1 year ago

I always say who coined the phrase “terrible twos” never met a three year old!

Kimberly Maupin 1 year ago

age three was my favorite with my daughter. She was very attentive and aware of feelings.

Becky Doerr Ceszyk 1 year ago

I’ve always said 2’s were a cake walk it’s more like terrible 3’s, well fuck me 4’s and I’m gonna have to jack you up 5’s.

Katy M. Porta 1 year ago

Lmao!!! Yup kids can avoid terrible 2/3’s all together because everyone is just that terrible of a parent….. WOW!

Susan Burke 1 year ago

Crazy, I actually can’t relate to this one… Except for #2 and that three DEFINITELY is worse than two

Estella Montoya-Riley 1 year ago

Tanya Hensley- every word of this is sooo true!!! Lol

Carol Burke 1 year ago

I had 3 children and not one of my children went through a stage of terrible 2 or 3 ‘s.. it starts at home how you bring children up..

Katy M. Porta 1 year ago

Lmao!! Good luck to her. I enjoy listening to new moms think they have it under control while they look down on other moms. Surprise! Surprise!

Sarah Hanisko 1 year ago

Thanks for making me cry. 😉 my 2 year old is doing most of that….FML.

Kathy Osinski O’Hair 1 year ago

I’m living it :-

Michelle Henley Johnson 1 year ago

Amen! 4 is tough too but I agree that 3 was the worst!

Stephanie Setzco 1 year ago


Mary E. Mayberry 1 year ago

Yeah, I don’t appreciate the mental institution one. While it was meant to be a joke, it wasn’t funny. As someone who went her whole life undiagnosed bi-polar and a had to do a stint at the mental hospital after a very scary event (a break down resulting in a suicide attempt), I really don’t appreciate that.

Also, you made an assumption every child is potty trained at 3. That was also callous as some children have developmental issues, like my first daughter, who wasn’t potty trained until the age of 4 and a half.

Please think before writing these. Normally they are wonderful and accurate. It is not the case with this one.

And if any of you are thinking “oh, lighten up lady” then you’re part of the problem people like me face, so thanks for that.

Jamie Lynn Hays Bivens 1 year ago

I’ll admit, the toddler stage is monstrous yet enjoying. Learn to love it, because before you know it, they are off to kindergarten and may not want you to show affection in front of others or just start acting a lot older in general. It flies by :(

Sharyn Berger 1 year ago

Holy hell, this is dead on

Elliot London 1 year ago

Age 3 with both my girls was a swift descent into tantrum hell. I just hope it was not a dress rehearsal for age 12.

Gina 1 year ago

In August I will have one kid turning 4 and finally starting to come back to us and another one turning 2 and already starting with the terrible 3’s having watched her sister closely. What they don’t tell you about having kids close in age lol.

Erikka Sund Neal 1 year ago

Three is far worse than two.

Ilene Wohl 1 year ago

That’s hysterical !!!!

Teressa Berning Ricke 1 year ago

I have said this with all my kids.

Brooke Nichole Griffin 1 year ago

then my 2 year old must be 3 bc he acts more like how 3 is described.. i swear he hit the terrible 2’s at 18 months.

Dana Schwab 1 year ago

It’s a secret NO ONE tells you… I hated 3 three times!

Samantha Wiseman 1 year ago

3 is terrible!!!

Jennifer Quilici 1 year ago

Yep, it starts with 2 & 3.. Then moves to 4 &5 &6 &7 &8 & 9 ahh then the teen years. Yay!

Jana Byrd 1 year ago

This is so true. We had terrible 3’s

Teresa Luccioni Browning 1 year ago

Amen to that!

Jen Snyder 1 year ago

Three is nothing 16 is the multiple personality age. Lol!

Jenna Umansky 1 year ago

This was funny until #7. Your derogatory remark about people in mental institutions was unkind, mean, and unnecessary. I know witty and intelligent women who read your blog so I assumed you too were witty and intelligent. I was wrong.

Diane Burke Ptacin 1 year ago

Tryantical 3s
Flakey 4s

Jessica Urban 1 year ago

Ive been saying that twos are easy. Threes oh boy!!!

Ashley Markisohn 1 year ago

Is it so bad to want to keep a positive attitude and hope for the best? I want to enjoy the sweet moments I have with my little bit, and yes laugh off the challenges – but not dread the future! Parenting is hard enough…

Amanda Belliveau Nelson 1 year ago

I really needed this today. Thank you so much to whomever invented this site. I am a stay at home mom of 3 kids under 4 with a husband who runs his own business and I do all the admin work. Today was a hard day but with a good laugh I can go to bed a little less stressed.
Thank you again so much

Robin Geier 1 year ago

Threes were way worse than twos!!!!

Debbie Windsor 1 year ago

HA HA HA HA>..must be her first kid !! JUST WAIT FOR IT…WAIT FOR IT….it’s coming…….

Beth Seward Stockdale 1 year ago

I hated 3… it was the age of ‘my do it myself!’

Lisa Wachsmuth 1 year ago

Before you know it they’ve grown up so enjoy the 2s,,3s, 5s. teens and on! Nothing lasts forever. Children go they phases and it’s all normal❤️❤️

Imelda Castillo 1 year ago

I hope I survive my son’s threes! 😛

Erinn Hecht 1 year ago

Three to four and a half was the absolute worst! I just kept reminding myself that it would be over at some point. And I kept reminding him that he was lucky he was cute…

Michelle Remmel 1 year ago

lulz I work with a mom with a “perfect two year old” who employs “passive parenting” (ie: we dont raise our voice to our child) Yeah…good luck with that, honey.

Michele Riedy Fuhrman 1 year ago

It doesn’t stop at 2. Mine is 6.

Naomi Barlow 1 year ago

Soooo true!

Erika Gaeta 1 year ago

Oh great my son is 2 and his doin most things on the list….better start getting ready for the horrible 3s

Laurie Cavalieri 1 year ago


Michelle Shipley Dumler 1 year ago

Our son has always been a bit ahead of the curve…we were fine until 30 months…holy crap!!! I keep telling myself being assertive will serve him well as an adult…assuming he survives the threes…

Kathleen Stubbs 1 year ago

Looks like kid on the Omen

Suzi Buckley 1 year ago

Lol, I thought I skipped it with my first. Was crazy! Lol

Tonia Nance 1 year ago

Ok- I’m not even gonna read this!!!

Jeanene Hild 1 year ago

My daughter is almost ten and we have yet to have any of these issues.

Amanda Reed 1 year ago

Hahaha LOVE THIS! SOOOOO TRUE!! Terri Hunter

Lisa Smith- Vandermeer 1 year ago

I have always said-terrible twos, terrifying threes.

Katie VanderWal 1 year ago

Twos? Threes? Forget about it! Fours are where it’s at!

Nancy Babb 1 year ago

Beyond funny and sooo very true

Rhonda Christie 1 year ago

I know this for a fact….2 year olds are a breeze..3 years old must do everything themselves!!!!!!!!!!

Aly Marie Mann 1 year ago

So true! 3 is awful…

Megan Kinkade Laiacono 1 year ago

I’ve been saying three is worse than two since my first born turned three over six years ago. 😉

Michele Feiler Goldberg 1 year ago

Love it!

luana 1 year ago

Terrible Twos lead to Tornado Threes can’t wait until they’re Finaly Four.

Jeniece Stone-Lage 1 year ago

Wow. Thanks Jennifer Stone but I’m well aware any child that’s half me and half Dustin Lage will fully embrace terrible 2s… and 3s!

Wendy Graziosi Schwarz 1 year ago

In #9, why isn’t fucking in all caps, too? HaHAAAAAAA! YES MA’AM!

Tammy Prinkey- Butler 1 year ago

Well I skipped the terrible twos, the horrible threes, and the f*ck you fours!…then I had baby number two and three and they both made up and are still currently making up for what I missed with my first!! Lol..

Erin Bean 1 year ago

Funny but so true

Mary K Simmons 1 year ago

It never gets easier. 13 is worse than 3. There is no easy age

Nicole Bashaw Daughters 1 year ago

Yep. Very true for me. The twos were a breeze compared to the threes.

Jaime Fox 1 year ago

I liked this without actually reading it. Don’t need to. Been there, it’s true! Yeah I’ll still read it just to remember the “good times”. :-)
Ok, I read it. #7 and #9 YES!
Still living with #7 and she’ll be 7 in a couple months. I love her!!!

Jess 1 year ago

I envy those of you who “don’t believe in terrible twos”… You must have lucked out…this list Is my newly two year old to a “T”. (Except maybe 3 and 7.)?I hope I don’t have two more years…

Bethany Schaffner 1 year ago

My mother always said this to be true. And boy, was she right. I now pass on this bit of ‘wisdom’ to the moms I know.

Rechelle Musser Ochsner 1 year ago


Marwa Jad Owens 1 year ago

Everything on this list my two year old already does

Kaylyn Breakell Duval 1 year ago

While this is true with my 3 year old at the moment, I’d also like to say that I’m not a fan of 5 either! My 5 year old is terribly mean to me!!!

Joan Smith 1 year ago


Susanne Lomax Greenwood 1 year ago

Could not agree more. Never understood or experienced the “terrible two’s” …Three is the official phase of “look out, here I am, like NOW!”

Tammy Ledford Hisoire 1 year ago

12 sucks :/ I’ll take 3 any day over this crap ……. Want want want complain complain complain lazy lazy lazy mad mad mad I know he used to be but I can’t remember the last time I actually felt this kid was happy

Haylee Maree 1 year ago

Thundering 3s I call it lol

Patricia Medeiros 1 year ago

wait til they hit 4 i thought 3 was bad hell no 4 is way worse

Mandi Huffaker 1 year ago

next article “20 reasons why 4 will be your hell”

Jennifer Pfeifer Shiemke 1 year ago

Nope. The summer of 4.

Amber Davis Bird 1 year ago

Love this

Brittany Frazier 1 year ago

FML my son does most of these now and will be 2 in Oct your telling me I have over 2 years left of this?!

Erin 1 year ago

It terrible two’s, treacherous three’s, and I was told fabulous four’s. Well I am here to tell you two’s were bad, three’s had its ups and downs, and we are now fully in the four’s only to find out, I was either lied to, my child is an exception to the rule, or she is just a late bloomer when it comes to it getting better. Right now I am calling this phase the filter less four’s. No filter, I hate you for making me get shots (preparing for school). I hate you because I don’t want to eat that (yesterday, she begged me to make it) or that is the wrong foot (putting in shoes). She knows it all I know nothing. Every day she tells me that I didn’t do something right. But I guess the upside of this, is she can dress herself and isn’t following my every move when I get home from work. And there are moments and sometimes even full days where she is an angel. So if Four’s are fabulous. They missed my house or they got lost.

Dana Megan Frankovich 1 year ago

This is terrifying. Especially since I’m having trouble with my 2.5 year old

Laura Shadel Lock 1 year ago

Terrible 2s,threatening 3s,ferocious 4s,feisty 5s,sassy 6s,severe 7s,energetic 8s….havent been to 9s yet

Pam Ell 1 year ago


Andrea 1 year ago

My oldest was a very well mannered and respected toddler, until about a month ago! She will be three in November and I swear on everything that is holy I will not survive this!!! Btw did I mention my youngest is one today!!!! I’m even wanting one more, BUT I have to make sure I can survive my oldest first!! She is possessed I’m not even lying!! I call her my demon child because she acts like a demon, 24-frigin 7!!!! Tell me the truth though, will it EVER end!?!?!?????

Tammy Golden 1 year ago

3 was soooo much worse than 2 for all of mine!

Katie Pecha Wiegand 1 year ago

Ugh! So true!

Corinne Dougherty 1 year ago

Yup the week before 3 and it’s a complete disaster!

Amy Stephens Kirkpatrick 1 year ago


Karla Burt 1 year ago

My sons been doin all these since he was two!! Please dnt say there’s another year lol

Mrsacard 1 year ago

I’m experiencing ALL of this at 2. Maybe 3 will actually be BETTER

Shirley Moore 1 year ago

the TREMENDOUS Threes!! OMG!

Catt Pili Bjorgo 1 year ago

Due in Sept and now wish for a sudden death during my push! Thanks a lot of making me excited about this.

Melissa Hall-Reid 1 year ago

I think I just said this today!

Katie Helm Smith 1 year ago

My son pretty much already acts like the three year old you’re describing. So now I’m thinking his three year old year is going to be even worse… Greaaaaat.

Michele Liberton 1 year ago

3 is defintely worse than 2… then you’re good till around 8… lol!

Diamonte Z. Walker 1 year ago

I call them the thrashing threes.

Cassandra Heaps 1 year ago

Number 7 for sure! My 6 year old is still that way because she doesn’t care what others think!

Regina Pei Xi Liu 1 year ago

Terrible 2
Wilful 3
Temperamental 4
Stubborn 5
Those are what I told my husband.

6?? Sensible 6? I don’t know yet. Shall see when my child turns 6

Angela Maniaci 1 year ago

Yes yes yes yes yes. All of it, yes. I don’t even want to think about the commenter below. Jamie Lynn Kraut, you are my hero, and I raise my glass to you.

Christine Rizzo Torres 1 year ago

Wait I went thru this all already with my son when he was 2 now he’s 3 he seems so much better am I in the clear or will it get bad again :(

Casey Coleman 1 year ago

I’m living with a three year old at the moment and the “terrible twos” were nothing compared to the monster I have now lol, lucky his cute and I love him 😉

Brianna Weichel 1 year ago


Ryan Blomfield 1 year ago


Eliza O’Rourke 1 year ago

Living proof…3 weeks from his third birthday and he’s lost.his.mind.

Tamara Edwards 1 year ago

My daughters not quite 2 yet and does most of these already. I think I might be in trouble. Lol

Brandi Ryan Johnson 1 year ago

It comes in threes, 3, 6, oh crap he’s 8…make that 9 in two months!!!

Joan Ioanis 1 year ago

Lol. So much truth here.

Jaclyn Sterling 1 year ago


Laura Fortney 1 year ago

Lmao I was that soul at Starbucks once upon a time, now I’m knee deep in the trenches of the terrible threes!!!! Greg

Holly Mac Neil 1 year ago

It gets crazier every year….

Amber Weinacht 1 year ago

For real! She’s in for a rude awakening soon. Haaaaaaahahaha!!!!! And by the way, anonymous lady, if it’s a boy, it won’t end till about age 9 or 10. Have fun!!!!!

Debbie Gandon 1 year ago

And it only gets worse at 4 when the attitude comes along! :-(

Jennifer Williford 1 year ago

My lil guy just turned 4 and hasn’t hit terrible anything yet. Makes me worried about his teenager years lol

Shana Cantrell Klinefelter 1 year ago

The first time around it was a nightmare! The second time around it was awesome! I guess it just depends on the child. I can relate to this post with my older son except for the “barely talking” part! My younger son was even more fun when he turned three. Two was a great age for both of them.

Diane Caccamo Wolin 1 year ago

I loved those days when my kids picked out ridiculous, mismatched clothes. And when Zac was three and screamed all through Target for 30 minutes that he “wanted a damn Barbie.” Good times.

Jessica Thomson 1 year ago

My life right now.

Michelle Inwinterpark 1 year ago

It’s what I’ve said for years. It’s not the terrible twos it is the terrible threes

Michelle Caballero Parsons 1 year ago

My daughter is only 2 1/2 and has been like this for a while

Melanie 1 year ago

…But four is even worse…

Christi Adrian-Monson 1 year ago

Sounds like my day… and we’re still a couple months away from 3.

Connie Erickson 1 year ago

Ain’t that the truth!!

Kelly Beninghove 1 year ago

Bahahahahahahaha!! So true!

Meaghan Caston 1 year ago

3 was OK for us, but we made up for it with the F U fours

Jennifer L Collins 1 year ago

I loved the 3 yr old with both of mine. At least they can voice much better what hurts and what may be wrong. They do ask why constantly and are learning about their own independence. It was tougher than the 2s, BUT I will take a room full of 3 year olds over one or two teens ANY day.

Kathy Smith Thomas 1 year ago

This is so true!!!

Melissa McFall Murray 1 year ago

A dad at our preschool once commented that a three year old is nothing but a professional two year old. He was spot on.

Justine LeFever McCrory 1 year ago

Jinxed herself.

Heather Livingstone 1 year ago

My second kid does all the horrible 3 year old stuff at two. Fortunately my 5 year old has become almost reasonable. It’s not like she’s never problem, but usually I can explain things and she understands and cares. Loving 5 so far.

Christy Coan Synsteby 1 year ago

My terrible started at 17 months…. We may not make it 3!

Jennifer Fritzemeier 1 year ago


Julia Beavers- Schiendelman 1 year ago

Erin Proctor and this is bestow upon you 😉 I will be here when December hits… With a craft beer in hand!

Katia Zavala 1 year ago

Ha ha 1, 3,7 and nine for sure

Vicky Gray 1 year ago

Funny but true

Kristin Hart McComber 1 year ago


Volante Carlson 1 year ago

LOL! Any *seasoned* parent will know that 3 is worse than 2. 😉 though, every child is different. in the younger years, i’ve found 3 to be the hardest.. now on the other side.. i think the 9-10 stage is a pita..

Brandi Worrell 1 year ago

My twins are 3 1/2, so I’m ass deep in this 3 year old attitude/mentality. 😐 I cannot do anything for them without a massive meltdown and screaming “I DO IT!!!!!” >.<

Micheline Cuomo 1 year ago

Ummmm…. Did i miss something my son is two and this list basically describes him now so what am I in for at three ??

Jeny Riordan 1 year ago

My husband decided 4 is the worst. He says it is a two year old with 2 years experience.

Sarah Soares 1 year ago

F-ing 4s were the worst for me.

Aimee Hempy-De La Cruz 1 year ago

2 was fine— 3 sent me to regular counseling!!! Begging for ideas to keep from pummeling him HAHAHAAA. I will say it did work bcz I did it without spanking. Lost my mind in the process tho! Literally. Til he was 6 I was a nutty mess!

Jenna Hislope Kent 1 year ago

That’s stupid, if you teach your child from an early age to obey it will only get better, not perfect but better. You love them first, and that means you teach them personal discipline.

Sue Hoffa 1 year ago

I am finding that 4 is just a smarter version of 3.

Sandy Womack 1 year ago

Nothing compares to 9 this is the second go around with 9 it is no better than the first time. I have all boys and 9 sucks, they are mean, argue about everything, and smart mouth. I will take 3!!!!!

Michael Carr 1 year ago

NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Parent of 2 1/2 year old)

Christine 1 year ago

I totally agree the 3’s are worse than 2’s but 4’s are worse than both of them combined!! We’re at 4 1/2 and I now drink more than I have in the 3 years prior!

Lori Beeler 1 year ago

Kind of wonder if the terrible toddler years 2,3,4 – they all are rough in their own way – is a glimpse of how the teenage years will go. I need to know this so I can start preparing now.

Nicole Allen 1 year ago


Michelle Hamlin 1 year ago

Age three is far worse! At least in my house with both of my kids it was.

Jon L’Esperance 1 year ago

The comments are just as awesome as the article!

Trish Hammons 1 year ago

Ahahaha. So true.

Justin Calvaruzo 1 year ago

#9….screw the rest, that one drives me bat-shit crazy

Dana Lopez 1 year ago

The 3s were so much harder!!

Kristina Davis 1 year ago

So everything they describe at 2 I had at 1 and likewise with 2-3 so am I through the worst of it? Till 12?

Kristen Stotts 1 year ago

Amanda Moore, just what we were talking about. lol

Kathy McAdams Casteel 1 year ago

So true

Joni Bailey Krantz 1 year ago

Sooooo true!!

Jade Laliberte 1 year ago

Ha ha. So true!

Lisa Schorr-McAnally 1 year ago

Yep the two’s are only the beginning lol

Kristen Stotts 1 year ago

I swear the author of this post must be a fly on the wall in my house.

Sara Petrick 1 year ago

Some kids do skip the terribleness! My son had one tantrum ever. He was always a rule follower, liked to be clean, and was calm and had a long attention span. He’s 6 now, and still a great kid. Hopefully, his teen years go as smooth! Lol (His little sister is not quite as well behaved.)

Janel Cunningham 1 year ago

This is SO true. I’ve said this for YEARS.

Tasha Kay Moore 1 year ago

Haha! Amy Cookson look what you get to look forward to. :)

Lisa-Marie Dugan 1 year ago

My husband is 29 and still has tantrums lmfao

Jessica Young-Swartz 1 year ago

Absolute truth! So perfect!

Amy Fischer-Madden 1 year ago

Twos and threes were a breeze, terrible fours have kicked in here. Is it illegal to duct tape him to a wall? lol

Christine Cooper 1 year ago

lol My son will be 3 in less than 2 weeks. He is already doing the bath time thing. UGH

Betsy Argentieri 1 year ago

omg why does no one tell you about the moody 3’s?! My son is such a diva! But he’s cute….so I’ll keep him.

jenn 1 year ago

I have always called them the FUCKING fours….. because I found I wanted to say that word an awful lot!! Terrific 2s, trying 3s, fucking 4s…… thankfully 5 is back to wonderful (most days!)

Cristina Stella 1 year ago

Omg sooooo true!!!

April Osborn 1 year ago

Ohhhh great

Erin Burns Baird 1 year ago

Hysterical! #9 made me laugh out loud

Jamie Lyle 1 year ago

Sigh. I remember being the mom that thought, “Hey, the terrible-twos aren’t so bad” and then OH MY GOD he turned 3.

*smacks forehead*

Katy Murray 1 year ago


Mary McManus 1 year ago

Try the thrilling 30’s! Haha!!!! Just kidding! Kids of all ages have their challenges and enjoyment!

Shannon Denae Goodwin 1 year ago

My daughter is way worse at three than at two! She’s a tyrant!

Dena Wood McElhannon 1 year ago

I work in a preschool with 2 , 3 and 4 year olds and this is absolutely correct!

Cori Scales Angelino 1 year ago

Three convinced me that my child has been swapped out during the night by some kind of demon, the likes of which He’ll has never seen.

Carrie Spivey 1 year ago

Sh*t…2-6 was EASY! Try 7-19 ADHD boy.

Mary Tuazon 1 year ago

I’m hoping Isabel was just advanced and by 3, it will be over!

Tammy Smith Mudd 1 year ago

Please tell me 4 is better because my 3 year old daughter is killing me! I have to walk on egg shells around her or something little blows up into a 15 minute crying spree. She eats nothing I make and argues about everything

Elizabeth Williams Winterhalter 1 year ago

4’s will make you WISH they were 2 again

Theresa Goheens 1 year ago

I am now into my fifth round of torturing threes with my grandson… I am ready for the ice pic! I also have another grandson to go through it with… custodial for both.

Martina Galvin 1 year ago

Irish twins (11 months apart) meant two years straight of living with a 3 year old. Quite the challenge! I must say I do chuckle then warn newer moms who think the terrible twos are tough 😉

Patty Poston Wall 1 year ago

There is always teen agers

Cheri Heiller Knebel 1 year ago

my pediatrician warned me about the “F’ing fours”. Holy cow!!!

Jesse Calsetta 1 year ago

Everything is true lol. Its all true for my son.

Colleen Collett 1 year ago

Scary how true this is

Kristen Jacobs 1 year ago

Terroristic threes

Ally Gearin 1 year ago

My kid is already awful at 2. I’m scared. Lol…

Ej Mccracken 1 year ago

17 isnt much better

Tut TheSphynx 1 year ago

Maybe he’s just a laid back person. Some kids are pretty cool and grow into pretty rad adults.

Cin Di Lo 1 year ago

I called that year the “Theatrical Trees”

Karen Ross Olenick 1 year ago

“Tumultuous threes ” we called them!

Kerri M. Barclay 1 year ago

100% agree! I tell all Moms who tell me how great their two year old is and how they don’t understand the phrase “terrible twos” that three for me was potty training hell, the word “why” and “NO” non-stop! Oh and I forgot the throwing themselves in the middle of the supermarket aisle tantrum!

Stacy C Adams 1 year ago

OMG I have said this ever since my first child turned 3!!!!!

Tammy Smith Mudd 1 year ago

3 was WAY worse than 2

Holly Polgue Kurth 1 year ago

Oh I so agree… We didn’t deal with terrible twos but it would have prepared us for the traumatic threes! Whew! I didn’t know who was going to survive to 5. LOL my darling has turned 7. I love him so!

Kim LaPlante Demarest 1 year ago

I agree!!! I hated three!! And I have twins, the age of two was nothing

Lydia Durham 1 year ago

Ha ha. I’ve always said two has nothing on three. 😉

Aleida Diaz 1 year ago

No shit!

Sam Kelley 1 year ago

My doc said terrible twos and terrifying threes. Joy. :/

Nessa Grace 1 year ago


Andrea Sanserino 1 year ago

Yikes, yes the 4s are even worse!

Mia Rodriguez 1 year ago

And 4 is worse than 3…

Sarah Legaspi 1 year ago

I call them the thunderous threes!

Helen Clark 1 year ago

So accurate!!!!! Laughed so much reading this.

Kaeurn Laoe Prez 1 year ago

BEST post EV-UH!!! Hysterical and sadly true at the same time

Joanna Rojas Batroff 1 year ago

Lol yup this is pretty much my life right now.

Krista Nabors Bland 1 year ago

Yes! Age 3 was the worst!

Jamie Jo 1 year ago

this isn’t meant to describe all 3 year olds. it may be parenting techniques, but my 3 year old son does not behave this way, other than the occasional fit before bed because he is really tired.

Brittany Lord 1 year ago

My son will be two in two weeks and does all of this except the manipulating and hour long baths… does this mean 3 will be not so bad? :)

Kindra Keller 1 year ago

Three is way worse than two… WAY worse! My first is almost four, and starting to get easier.

Wendy Roehr Martin 1 year ago

Ahahaha! Three is SO much worse than two!

Megan Mulligan 1 year ago


Jennyfer Veronica Sharp 1 year ago

Lol!! Number 9 is epic!! However enjoy them u will never get back those toddler terrible years back. I have a teenager now!!

Becky Drake 1 year ago

Sounds about right

Rachel Jackson Krieger 1 year ago

Headed into the threes now…peace be with this household.

Tracey Smith 1 year ago

Love this, especially #9.

Katrina Kieren 1 year ago

Oh god 3 & 4 …

Lareina Harris Clark 1 year ago

That sounds more like my 2.5 yo but she has been at it since 2. You mean this shit gets worse?! Lol

Alecia Clark 1 year ago

Oh geeze. All but one of these three year old things pertain to my 2 yr old. He already reasons with us to try to get his way!!!

Vanessa Christensen 1 year ago

Omg! Wait until they are teenagers! Blech all Gray hairs arrive then

Alice Newman 1 year ago

I currently have a two- and a three-year old, both boys. I say at least once every other day that I will swap 5 duplicates of my two-year-old for my three-year-old.

Stacie Head Ridley 1 year ago

I don’t drink but my 3 yr old has made me want to hit the bottle hard some days!!!!

Sarah Harwood 1 year ago

This is legit. It happened with my second born. And then after three, four was even worse.

Dianne Stenz 1 year ago

Wait for your turn (maybe or maybe NOT) hehe!

Erika 1 year ago

The ‘terrible’ twos are followed by the tyrannical threes–end of story. Three is a thousand times worse than two. They’re all little demons charged with inflicting the utmost, utter misery.

Brittny Stansfield 1 year ago


Brianne 1 year ago

My daughter who is now 11, thankfully once she got passed 4 or 5, got better with age. There were extenuating circumstances as far as the anger and attitude from 3 to 5. She exhibited the stubborn, headstrong, Im going to do it myself attitude at 18 months old. Parenting her has always been a challenge, but definitely worth it! I love her to pieces, and having a child now who knows her own mind and is not easily swayed by peers as we move into the teen years is well worth the battles early on. I have learned to be thankful for some of the aspects of my daughter’s personality that drove me crazy years ago. Enjoy all your young ones, they grow up way too fast!

Sara Maile Shoemaker 1 year ago

Three is so much worse than two!

Heather Hofstetter 1 year ago

And 4 is a bitch, because that’s about when they figure out they’re as smart as (or smarter than!) you are.

Betsie Missler Parren 1 year ago

I’d lol if it weren’t so true!

Paige Jensen Poletes 1 year ago

Yep! Pretty much!

Melissa Ingino-Vella 1 year ago

Yup, yup, yup!!!!! So true!!!

Melissa Crawford 1 year ago

Well let’s see…
My oldest and only girl is 23 and thank God her “badness” was only from age 12 to 13
My three boys are 21 19 and 12, most days I would say they are ALL 3…. so yeah terrible 2’s ain’t got nothing on 3 LOL

Juney Macroney 1 year ago

Lol. This was my experience

Heather Reiss-Geoffrey 1 year ago

Oh boy is this true…and then there is 4….really looking forward to 5

Sara Whyte 1 year ago

4 was a turning point for us. He still has his moments but nothing like 2-3

Doreen Roosma Rau 1 year ago

So true! But before or even after you have your first baby, you swear it won’t be your child…

Anja-Christina Bishop 1 year ago

They are 13 and 15 now. I’ve got my fill of the terrible twos late with the first one and the second one (a girl) decided to start early and I’m not quite sure she stopped after Kindergarten. . Then again there must be a ‘reason’ why this woman needed Starbucks, right?!

Alicia Lindsey Joerres 1 year ago

Lol! I’m finding this out now!

Jennifer Talbot Vattes 1 year ago


Jocelyn Zellmer 1 year ago

Looking forward to it!

Melanie Lynn 1 year ago

Oh yeah. And 4 was even worse.

Sylvia J Sattler Hofland 1 year ago

I survived, and it was hell, all 4 times!! I know, I know. :-)

Laura Gabauer 1 year ago

I think I sort if lined that she us strong willed and knows what she wants

Lisa Long 1 year ago

I always say I can’t wait until certain people’s children turn 3 hehe

Grace Fell Regan 1 year ago

Three is bad, sorry, Misty. 11-15 is equally so.

Bethany Stone 1 year ago

I’m dying laughing!!!!

Caroline Castello Bhargava 1 year ago

So true!!

Shelly Cross 1 year ago

As a 2yr old teacher I chuckle whenever parents tell me they are done with 2 and ready for 3 :)

Anne-Marie Johnson Leake 1 year ago

So true, but I still loved every minute of it!

Laura Gabauer 1 year ago

Loved 5. 10 to about 13 sucked because there would be tears and drama for no reason

Robin Monique 1 year ago

“Threenager” stage is not fun lol :-/

Beth Burns 1 year ago

So the truth! !

Elisabeth Bennett 1 year ago

I have doubts I will survive 2. Fudge.

Nikki Palen 1 year ago

Whoever said it gets better should elaborate and include that it gets better after the kids are grown and likely with kids of their own,especially daughters! My daughter grew her attitude at 4yrs old and at almost 12 it’s as strong as ever! My 3 boys have nothing on her…

Robin Monique 1 year ago

Haha sooooo true

Julie Cecil Cardarelli 1 year ago

And 4 can be iffy 😉

Jennifer Bell 1 year ago

My daughter didnt have terrible 2’s but definitely terrible 3’s lol

Stacie Conkin 1 year ago

Mine just turned two. I can relate to over half of these already.

Laura Gabauer 1 year ago

Misty 12-17 was not too bad since I could have the allusion I had done control. Now when she goes away to college in the fall… I always joke she was born 40,what if she decides to act 18?

Jessika Mason 1 year ago

Yeah my almost 3-yo is a bossy little whiner who thinks she’s 21 and needs to party all night!

Lauren Hutchins 1 year ago

Yup. My daughter was an angel…from conception to exactly age 3. She is now 11…so the past 8 years have been a continuation of the “terrible 2’s” which I now just call the “wonder years” (as in “I wonder how I survived”).

Sylvia J Sattler Hofland 1 year ago

Try 5!!

Marisol Robledo Holder 1 year ago

2 & 3 were a breeze for my two younger kids. However, I’m now referring the 4th year to the F@*#!?G Fours.

Alison 1 year ago

Too funny… However, I say 4 & 5 years old are the worst – I called them the f**king 4s and f**king 5s!!!!

Erin Kelly 1 year ago

Nope. Wrong. The worst age is 14. Just wait.

Shrina Slankard Holloway 1 year ago

I remember saying..its terrible two’s and absolutely God awful, terrible threes…lol

Dana Pouder De Pena 1 year ago

My first son went through a terrible twos year. I thought I’d escaped it with my second son…OMG his three year was horrendous!!!

Jessica Grundy 1 year ago

Yes !!!

Aarika Harris 1 year ago

Will be curious if number 8 holds true for miss Hannah Lyndsey

Michaela Martin-Potter 1 year ago

I love some of these comments, totally hilarious

Amanda Corn 1 year ago

A customer once told me it’s the terrible twos, the horrible threes and the f*ck you fours… She was right!

Elizabeth Reckner 1 year ago

My son has been a terror since her turned one and just turned two recently! The attitude and tantrums are horrible!!! He was such an easy going baby. Were pregnant with our second I’m praying he calms by then Lol

Erin Kelly 1 year ago

Wait till 11-13…..worst years yet. Made 2 & 3 seem like a cake walk.

Chris Baudino 1 year ago

My son is almost 3. He thinks he rules the house lol Poor little guy, youngest of 4 just trying to make noise 😉

Amanda Haas 1 year ago

The NP at our primary care office calls it having a three-nager. All the attitude of a teenager without the ability to see anything but themselves.

Nicole Butler 1 year ago


Tonjia Harris 1 year ago

Age 4 is worse than 3! Trust me on this! (Still wouldn’t change it for the world

Karen Genever-Watling 1 year ago

There’s a reason my mother always warned me about the Tyrannical Threes…

Bobbi Lathrop Scott 1 year ago

My child just turned three today. I have noticed some if these new behaviors over the past few weeks.

Michaela Martin-Potter 1 year ago

She has no clue what’s ahead, lol

Jennifer Gates 1 year ago

Oh yeah. My son skipped terrible twos.

Shauntell Campbell 1 year ago

Year three took me on a rollercoaster and three months into year four. I am wondering when will it stop!

Misty Wise Custer 1 year ago

Three does not scare me. 12-20 scares me.

Mandy Knapp 1 year ago

Try terrible from 18 months till 4 and still going.

Laydee Juliana 1 year ago

The ornery ones
The terrible twos
The tyrannical threes
The fudge* me fours (*we know what word I meant)
The fantastic fives
The sensational sixes
The sucky sevens
I’m looking forward to elating eights! :)

That’s my experience with my first, not my second so far. 😉

Sandi Browning Graser 1 year ago

Omg. Funny!

Margie Ceriello 1 year ago

Yes! My daughter was an angel at 2. At 3? Well..not so much lol. Terrible 3s is so much more accurate

Alyssa Stephanie 1 year ago

3 years? My 20 month old daughter already does all of this…….

Fagan Forhan 1 year ago

The F’n 4 ‘ s are no joy either!

Amy Faulkner 1 year ago

Mine is 2 and does all of this already

Liz Miller 1 year ago

Amen…#9 seriously I can’t take it

Kara Elliott 1 year ago

What a terrible article so what your 3 year old wants to pick out clothes, talks constantly and likes to take a long bath filled with fun . I happen to enjoy my child and all these so called terrible things about being 3.

Anna Rubin 1 year ago

It’s called the terrible-twos because it lasts for two years!

Cyndi Meeks Saia 1 year ago

I’ve always said, terrific twos, terrible threes

Kathryn 1 year ago

I thought toddlers were bad until I had teenagers…just wait-the best is yet to come! Ba ha ha ha ha !

Sherri Sanderson Walsh 1 year ago

Terrible twos and HORRIFIC threes!

Meg Schmidt 1 year ago

Is there a 10 reasons age 4 is more terrible than 3?

Amber Preston 1 year ago

I was just saying that the terrible two stage was a breeze compared to the three year old stage.

Betty Davis Garza 1 year ago

And wait until they get to be nine!!! It’s only the beginning.

Kathy Nash 1 year ago


Lyndsey Stang 1 year ago

HAHAHA living that now.

Mo Sous le Radar 1 year ago

Absolutely! I was shocked at the 3’s.

Brandy Taapken 1 year ago

Been in daycare work for twelve years and now have a 14 month old always said terrible twos HORRIBLE threes I am waiting for my turn LOL 😉 but I waited a long time so I’m ready at least I hope so haha

Melissa Scott 1 year ago

I’m convinced “terrible twos” is just a warning of what’s to come. It is definitely an escalating scale, they just don’t reveal that until it’s too late so that we will still be willing to procreate.

Jennifer Breva 1 year ago

Terrible 2’s should refer to the two years of trouble. 3 and 4.

Jessica Holden Lauderdale 1 year ago

Like my MIL says .. It’s not terrible 2’s it’s he “effin”( clean version) 4’s!

Lisa Mariotti Sipes 1 year ago

At 1 they walk, at 2 they talk, at 3 they talk back!
(and if the sass at 8 gets worse, i’m not sure my daughter will see her teens!)

Kim Hardin 1 year ago

I’ve always said 3’s are worse than 2’s! I have 4 girls ages 9, 8,&5yr old twins. I’m not looking forward to the teens though! I work with them as well at a group home. Lol

Christina Zuniga-Peters 1 year ago

Amen!!! It’s NOT terrible 2’s, it’s HORRIBLE 3’s!!

Melanie Pacino Cohen 1 year ago

Lmao I have always thought age 3 was way worse than 2 !!!

Amanda Young 1 year ago

I called it the terrible 3 and 4’s. Hell who are we kidding, it gets harder and easier in different ways no matter what age.

Maitte Penalver 1 year ago

Yes yes yes fours have been brutal and five is just around the corner and Lord help me

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

The 3 year old described is my 2 year old. But that’s OK because compared to 12 she’s still an angel

April Johnson 1 year ago

I say anyone that thinks 2 is bad hasnt meant a 3 yet.

Traci Hudson 1 year ago


Amy Polk 1 year ago

Two was fine for my boy, three not so much. Just wait for 16!

Jessica Lamb Martini 1 year ago

so true. Both my kids breezed through 2 but 3 hit us with a vengence!

Addie Williams 1 year ago

Three was way worse for both of mine

Bobbi Sue Clint Hoflund 1 year ago

My oldest son was horrible at 2 so 3 just seemed normal but my youngest son was such a sweet thing at 2 and then he turned 3 and good lord it went down hill

Annette Harvey Young 1 year ago

After living through 3 of them, I agree wholeheartedly. 3 year olds are a thousand times worse than 2 year olds.

Judiann Tobin 1 year ago

Very true

Brittney Clark 1 year ago

So agree!!!! Three is horrible!!

Randi Almond 1 year ago

Our son was a cool cucumber… Now he is 4 almost 5. Dear lord the tantrums. His sister is 2 and has been an attitude queen since birth, haha ♥♥

Helen Sanborn 1 year ago

So true!!!

Caroline 1 year ago

A three-year-old is just a two-year-old with experience…

Jennifer Sadie 1 year ago

Haha totally #4 but she did that when she was 2 so I can only imagine how it is going to be now that she is 3

Holly Fortini 1 year ago

Lol!!!!! Soooooo true

Roxanne Berry 1 year ago


Seth Duplechain 1 year ago

Skye I call bullshit on #10

Crystal Nerwinski 1 year ago

3 was so much worse than 2. That lady is in for a huge surprise. lol

Tammy Foor Collier 1 year ago

I’m pretty sure age 4 wasn’t a walk in the park. Lol

Viridiana Torres 1 year ago

I like how the boy in the article looks evil lol

Rebecca Chadwick 1 year ago

HA! My two year old daughter is this list! My three almost 4 year old boy is a saint compared to her.

Shannon Gonzaga 1 year ago

3.5-4 year olds are always the worst to me.

Heather Kreiser Kemp 1 year ago

One of the best dr’s I work with in the ER says “terrible twos, tricky threes and then the f*cking fours”!! I didn’t get it until my kids turned 4, then realized he’s right!

Crystal Workman 1 year ago

So what happens when your two year old is already this and has been for 6 months.

Yvonne Hersha-Krellwitz 1 year ago

Wait till the sassy seven…raising my granddaughters now…times change.

Melissa Miller 1 year ago

Like! Like! Like!!! Three sucked in so many more ways than two! Thank God they get older!

Dawn Sperry Barnes 1 year ago

I often say it starts with the terrible twos and doesn’t get better until….. well, my oldest is 21 and it still isn’t too damn peachy!!

Liz Welch Nelson 1 year ago

I may have to write why age 4 is even worse

Jami Dornbush Basala 1 year ago

Totally agreed with my children-twos are NOTHING compared to threes!!

Tracey Sgroi-Donathan 1 year ago

Wait til 19! Damn!

Steph Powers 1 year ago

Omg yes.

Bobbie Wallis 1 year ago

This is so my twin girls who just turned 3 today

Катерина Капканова 1 year ago

I don’t know, toddlers are awesome, I can take all the tantrums, the meltdowns, what ever they can dish out. It’s 7 year-old and up that is driving me bonkers!!

Melissa Windley 1 year ago


Jennifer Sironen 1 year ago

Haha! So true!

Tracey Sgroi-Donathan 1 year ago

Some kids are just late bloomers… Lol

Tracy Deming 1 year ago

2 is easy, it’s age 3 by far! And then the tween years

Deanna Clarke-Baynes 1 year ago

Yes 100x’s over!! Ashley Hutchinson, we were just talking about this!

Jenny Long 1 year ago

I never had a real issue with my kids as toddlers. They were a lot of work, to be sure, but the issues came when they became old enough to have some reasoning ability and outside influence from preschool and elementary school. Which is where we are now. Constant diatribe against “unfairness,” talking back and disrespect. Buckle up, parenting is hard. 😉

Keandra Day 1 year ago

I have twin 4 year olds .I’m. In.a.nightmare.

Stark Raving Dad 1 year ago

Oh man, just by saying those words out loud…what has she DONE?!

Kristin Munsell Tripp 1 year ago

Oh, man. Two is awesome. Just wait til four. Eesh.

Carmen Marie 1 year ago

My youngest was terrible from the time I brought her home from the hospital. Lol

Michelle Pulliam 1 year ago


Bernadette Marie Hyland 1 year ago

Had terrible threes with all three of mine

Cynthia E Chunka 1 year ago

Absolutely, 3’s are worse! !!!!

Monica Montenegro 1 year ago

Love this! So true! Number 4 is spot on and it doesn’t end @ 3yrs old, my 6 year manages to drench my bathroom too. I sometimes wonder if I will feel relieved when they stop this or maybe not because as it stands I have a spotless bathroom since I have to mop & clean it every night=)

Lauren Rohr 1 year ago

At least you can sorta physically control a three year old. I’ll take a surly toddler over my tween/teen step daughters any day. Teenagers. Are. Horrid.

Mel Long 1 year ago

OMG 3 yr olds are devilish!

Nirasha Jaganath 1 year ago


Breezy B. Marie 1 year ago

Then my two year old must actually be three. She is a beautiful epic storm. lol

Megan Poirier 1 year ago

BUT four……omg four. I. Can’t. Even. Explain.

Maddy Clatterbuck 1 year ago

I have ALWAYS said this……

Nicole Poleo 1 year ago

All of it soo true! Why I am in the two year old room. Three they become manic depressive!

Jill Obidinski Bailey 1 year ago

3 is a hot holy mess

Andrea Wald McDonald 1 year ago

My son used to be the sweetest, most laid back kid ever. Then he turned three. My daughter was way worse at three than two as well, but she was always a bit more high maintenance, so it didn’t take us so much by surprise.

Renee Graham-Wood 1 year ago


Jen Rose 1 year ago

That’s why its called treacherous threes

Jennifer Ware 1 year ago

Preach! Three was horrible for my daughter. She’s 8 1/2 now but my twin boys just turned 3 two days ago. The twos were INSANE so I know I’m in for a (double) crazy ride!

Gina Lute Geasa 1 year ago

I’ve never understood
Why people talk about the Terrible Two’s when it’s Three
that is truly terrifying

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

I have a one year old but my niece is three and I’m convinced she’s a demon spawn. Not looking forward to my son’s third birthday.

Carmen Holland 1 year ago


Amanda Follin 1 year ago

I am waiting for the terrible 3s to go away!!!!!

Heather Hendry 1 year ago

I see most of you do not have teenagers… toddler years are amazing!! And my oldest is a teen my youngest is two and i have two inbetween

Chrystal Conrad Nation 1 year ago

Oh great…mine is 20 months and driving me crazy.

kristin 1 year ago

Ha ha, totally get this… I have three boys, 2 years old is a breeze, 3 years old was just plain hard!

Allie Braddy 1 year ago


Lisa Green Durocher 1 year ago

Yep! Three is difficult!

Natalie Leshner 1 year ago

I thought that too! Then Kathie Babers Jacobus told me it’s the Terrific Twos, Terrible Threes!

Brittany Ann 1 year ago

Lol! Be careful about bragging the universe is generally obliged to check your ego for you! :)

Andrea Tolle 1 year ago

I thought someone had switched my son with someone else’s when he turned 3.

Sheena Wakefield 1 year ago

I tell all of my friends with babes that terrible 2’s are so much worse than the terrifying 3’s!!

Kari Adams 1 year ago

This speaks to me on a personal level

Rachel Evans 1 year ago

Three is so much worse!! My 13 year old had less attitude than my 3 year old!

Colleen Spanninger Ounan 1 year ago

Ain’t it the truth! Just wait until the tween & teen yrs. Good times!

LeAnne Kay 1 year ago

Threes were definitely worse with my boys.

Nicole Krane Steffens 1 year ago

I totally agree. The f’ing 3’s were horrible!

Christy Denes 1 year ago

ha! three is infinitely worse than 2. I don’t know why people go around talking about the terrible twos at all.

Rachel Marquardt 1 year ago

um. you must not know MY 2 year old. she is this. like, exactly!! (minus the potty changed-ness)

Miranda 1 year ago

Yes!! A-fucking-men!!! My son was an angel at two. Now, at three, he’s a demon with an angel face!

Sarah Hollister 1 year ago

I am not looking forward to threevil with my little girl.

Amanda Hadder 1 year ago

love my son but he was a little terror, monster at 4 & now at 14 not much better smh

Amber LM 1 year ago

Wait til teenager !! Worse than little ones

Jennifer Sciotto 1 year ago


Melissa Donahue 1 year ago

Yep. It was like a light switch on his 3rd birthday!!!

Marisa Zaiatz Dora 1 year ago

ohhhhh rookie mistake. . . never brag about how awesomely behaved your kid is. . . murphy’s law will take over instantly!

Angela Coffin Gable 1 year ago

Ha, we called the threes the throttle me threes!

Zeenie Latif White 1 year ago


Chelsea Hopson 1 year ago

My oldest daughter turns three next week. Two was awesome. She was potty trained way before two, spoke clearly and was so bright that she just amazed me. Well now all that brightness had just turned into a bad attitude and a smart mouth. She’s horrible! My son was also pretty bad at this age. I’m hoping that by some luck my little one cruises through the “horrible threes” without this behavior lol.

Jean Bucko Mihalick 1 year ago

Then they become teenagers!!!

Stef Costello 1 year ago

True Story!!

Taryn Wieller Abernethy 1 year ago

Ughhhhhh I swear I’m not going to have my sanity by the time my 3 year old has his next birthday!

Courtney Bruner King 1 year ago

Just had this conversation today!

Phyllis Rodolosi Sanfilippo 1 year ago

And girls are worse than boys, fact.

Angiie Mon 1 year ago

hahaha try age four!

Kathleen McDermott Kraynick 1 year ago

And at 13…

Kazia Jordan Wagner 1 year ago

True in some children

Mel Issa Norris 1 year ago

Wait til 16…. 29 was the breakthrough!!

Monica Redd 1 year ago

3 4 & 5 are so much worse than 2!!! lol

Alex Laboy 1 year ago

Wait until teen years…

Ainsley Monaghan-Rossi 1 year ago

Oh, she has no idea what is coming….

Jenny Bates Sosa 1 year ago

My 3 year old to a T!

Grace Oddet 1 year ago


Heather Kelly 1 year ago

I can give you 10 reasons that 4 is worse than 3!

Joana Roush 1 year ago

Lmao yeah my
Boy was a sweet angel at 2 and now that he’s 3!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh lord!

Phyllis Rodolosi Sanfilippo 1 year ago

And ladies, i have ages 6 to almost 21. It gets worse before better. I’m still waiting for the better with my oldest!

Carla Kirkpatrick 1 year ago

I have twin girls and I can certainly a-test that at 3 it does get a bit worse… they are now 8 and act like they are going on 18… Heaven help me when they do turn 18!!!

Heather Grabowski Moss 1 year ago

We called them the F@!&ING fours with both our girls…birth control at its finest.

Angela Neary 1 year ago

Bless their heart…they have no idea what they’re in for! Threenagers are the worst!! (I love mine dearly, but good god…it’s exhausting!)

Stephenie Franks 1 year ago


Sara Johnson-Phegley 1 year ago

I could add 10 more to this, easy!

Jennifer Griffin Berry 1 year ago

My son will be 4 next month. 3 was definitely far worse than 2!

Sarah DiEugenio 1 year ago

Teen years are not so great either lol

Leslie Dupre’ Brodnax 1 year ago

EXACTLY!!! My oldest was a dream until 3, then all hell broke loose!!!

Jamie Lynn Kraut 1 year ago

Try triplets at three. All girls. They almost didn’t see four.

Kelli Neessen Stephens 1 year ago

F#>% you 4s!!!

Chrissy McIntyre 1 year ago

3’s are definitely way more terrible than 2’s!

Heather Williams 1 year ago

Yeah, I was all proud and feeling good…then my kid turned 3 and I take it all back! Lol

Amy Thrower 1 year ago

I really did LOL!

Meg Shade Falciani 1 year ago

Threes are twos with experience.

Charis Andrews Hanberry 1 year ago

Yep. My boys both had terrible 3’s!!

Michelle Clark-Gaudet 1 year ago

Three and four were much harder years.

Kayleen Gover 1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more!!!

Sarah DiEugenio 1 year ago

Terrible twos and terrorist threes LOL

Lisa Marie 1 year ago

oh no… my daughter is only 1… lol

Avalon Gall 1 year ago

Try age 4! That tops 2 & 3!

Jessica Macari 1 year ago

Yes yes and yes. Like my daughter flipped a switch a three! Tantrums galore and refusing to potty train. Two was easy!

Tiffany Dawbin 1 year ago


Erin Brooks 1 year ago

My 2 year old does all of these…

Amber Phillips 1 year ago

Whomever said “terrible two’s” never had a three year old. Bahahahahaha!

Jennifer Funderburk 1 year ago

My daughters terrible twos, went to terrible threes, and now into ferocious four…although she is a lil diva

Amity Walsh Jones 1 year ago

Terrible two’s and the effing four’s

Jamie Lynn Kraut 1 year ago

9 and 10. OMG so freaking true!!

Jessica Sato 1 year ago

All day it have been discussing the terrors of having a toddler and this shows up in my feed… Irony?

Angela Johnson 1 year ago

Oh gee…Graham is finally “ahead” in something…yay?

Ashley Shortt 1 year ago

4 and 5 are MISERABLE. “terrible twos, trying threes and F*cking fours”

Phyllis Rodolosi Sanfilippo 1 year ago

Rude awakening whe