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Psst…You Really Need To Read These Confessions

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Confession: I worry that if I ever go into a coma, nobody will manage my chin hairs before they turn into a full-on beard.

Obviously this isn’t an anonymous confession – Hi, Internet, Rita Templeton here with a chin hair problem – but putting it all out there on the web is a big part of my job description. However, we all have things we need to get off our chests (hopefully it isn’t unwanted hair). We don’t always want to do it publicly, and we don’t always have friends or family that we feel close enough to confide in.

Enter Scary Mommy Confessions, an ever-changing collection of 100% anonymous confessions from people who need a place to let it all out. They can confess their own secrets, or give support for others’ confessions by clicking either “Like” or “Hug” or “Me Too!” (no negative response options, obviously, because nobody wants to be trolled by a judgmental dickface).

I go there on the regular; there’s so much to be said for reading the things people can’t say out loud. It always makes me feel better about my life in some way, whether it’s because I realize my own problems are more trivial than I thought, or because I find a confession I can deeply relate to and it makes me feel normal. And no matter what anyone is going through, someone has confessed to something similar – whether it’s marital issues or parenting woes or how often they replace their bath towels (or don’t).


The secret admissions range from humorous …

To serious …

To heartbreaking …

To the relatable, everyday stuff …

To the kinds of things you could only say in strict confidence.

Every time I read through the confessions, I’m guaranteed to be moved to both laughter and tears, and to feel less alone in my failures and weirdness. But if you’re heading over there to check things out, beware, because of all the differing stories and opinions you’ll find, there’s one thing we can all seem to agree on …

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Psst...You Really Need To Read These Confessions

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