10 Reasons Postpartum Sex Isn’t Happening


1. I don’t fucking FEEL like it. I mean, I want to… but I don’t feel like it. You know how sometimes you’re hungry and feel like you’re starving to DEATH, but then nothing really sounds good to eat? It’s kinda like that. I love you, and I want to sex you up, but my brain and my body are not exactly sparking on the same wavelength right now.

2. My boobs are sore. And I just got done feeding our kid out of them, so there’s that, too. But mostly, they’re sore and I don’t want them touched any more today. Maybe ever… But at least not right now.

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3. One or both of us smells like baby vomit. And I might have spit up in my hair. Who can tell anymore? It might just be on the pillowcase, but regardless, it’s not the most romantic aroma.

4. When I asked for a back rub, I actually meant that my back is KILLING me and I’d like a massage. That was not code for “Please grope me and squeeze my ass.” If I could get just a little affection without being mauled, that would be great, thanks. I’m still a little tender in places.

5. There may or may not be a jungle growing downstairs and I don’t think you want to go there. Let’s just say I haven’t seen a tub of wax or a razor blade since before I went into the hospital.

6. The crying is about as sexy as a limp dishrag. Who wants to get busy with all this crying and snot happening every other 30 minutes? Oh no, not the baby. I meant ME. My after-baby hormones are pure insanity. Tears do not make a good lubricant.

7. I feel fat and mushy. No, I don’t mean I emotionally feel like I look fat and mushy. I mean I physically AM fat and mushy. I’m jigglier than a bowl of your grandma’s jello surprise right now.

8. Who’s idea was it to put the baby’s bassinet in OUR bedroom? I don’t know how anyone ever gets to kid #2 before kid #1 moves into their own room. I cannot even fathom trying to concentrate on having a good time while baby snores drift across the same room. Not. Gonna. Happen.

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9. I’ve been on solitary diaper duty for the last 96 hours. Don’t make me start a star chart. Resentment is not an aphrodisiac.

10. I don’t want our children born 10 months apart, thank you very much. Can you blame me?

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The Puzzled Mom 1 week ago

Omigosh. All hilariously true. I can honestly say only after nearly 5 months post-partum had “a roll in the hay” begun to sound more appealing than doing the dishes. It took a lot of time, antidepressants, and healing from a tear to get there. There were some things that I found out the hard way (no pun intended) that did make a difference, though — https://thepuzzledmom.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/sensory-issues-8-ways-to-handle-intimacy/ .

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

my daughter is 8 years old and i still HATE sex!!! DON’T TOUCH ME

Brandi Pate 1 year ago

I was cleared at 4 wks after the birth of my 1st, and exactly 9 months and 2 days later, I gave birth to twin girls! ( premature birth) so.. I had 3 children born in 2005. For 3 months I can say I have 3 daughters that are the same age!

Fran Connor 1 year ago

We were abt 3wks now tht she’s 2yrs she’s now known as c*ck block

Bonnie Nicoll Ciesluk 1 year ago

#4 even still with a 19, 7 and 4 year old! If I don’t want to get it on I have to avoid all affection and contact or it will turn into #4 every time!

Ashley Mickels 1 year ago

Hahaha that’s awesome

Hollie Smith 1 year ago

I have boys that are the same age for a wk!!!! apparently #10 applies to me!

Ashley Frerk 1 year ago


Micaela Rios Solomon 1 year ago

I waited two weeks and because thats as long as I could hold out.

Shannon Moore 1 year ago

i did it 2 wks after youngest 2, both of which were over 9lbs. but i only had 1 stitch. apparently, my vag is made of rubber or elastic.

Debbie Gross 1 year ago

My baby is almost 8 and #4 and #9 are still true. Although diaper duty is now dishes, laundry, getting kids bathed, etc.

Jenna Muncer 1 year ago

They left out the part about the excruciating pain.

Eleanor Marinelli 1 year ago

Love it.

Charlotte Soos 1 year ago

To quote a childbirth song: its like eating a meal after you’ve just been sick.

SeanandRachel Lafferty 1 year ago

That’s about how it is! Lol!!! Love this Justinand Paige Brown!

Geraldine Huggins 1 year ago

Love this picture.

Justinand Paige Brown 1 year ago

Omg this post literally describes my life. Lmao

Judy Oddo Baumann 1 year ago

When I had my babies way back they said not for 6 weeks. Yeah but that 6 weeks went too fast. Still so tired.

Kilee Zeman 1 year ago

Oh good lord! YES! Exactly my thoughts!! It would be great if you moved two states away, haha.

April Lamkin 1 year ago

Remember when that husband made a chart of every time he asked to get laid, and she refused, and she put him on blast??? I remember many not understanding her reasons. This is probably her reasons. Know it was mine.

Candy KC Satterfield Register 1 year ago

—and here I am, the freak who had sex three times just four days after my c-section and still wanted more. LOL

Jacquie Johnson Albert 1 year ago

All true!

Melanie Hendrickson 1 year ago

Ok my husband and I never even looked or touched each other until 10 weeks out.

Jemma Armitage 1 year ago

Should of listened to this last time I have a nearly 1year old and a 1 month old lol not all shits and giggles …..or mabey it is lol x

Sandra McCrystal Huesing 1 year ago

All men should read and heed this

Tara McGrath 1 year ago

Love. This.

The Dead Vagina Walking article was excellent, too!

Rob Cueny 1 year ago

aww man

Bekah Shadix 1 year ago

My son was 10 pounds, and came out the baby door lol so my lady business was a no fly area for 2 months. Stitches, bleeding, just PAIN. And I was breastfeeding, also have another child, so my exhaustion level was zombie. And I had zero interest. Now, once the baby was sleeping more regularly, and my hormones had calmed down, everything went back to fairly normal. Not as often, I mean, I have 2 kids, and a house to take care of. But I never resented my boyfriend. Well…maybe a bit when I was pushing the giant that is my son out.

Kristine Price Sweet 1 year ago


Paula Santos 1 year ago

OMG!it’s really gone a happen that way…


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