The Product From The Future Is Here, New Parents, And It Rocks

The Product From The Future Is Here, New Parents, And It Rocks

Sponsored by Gerber BabyNes

Sponsored by Gerber BabyNes

Exhausted parents, your savior is here. Gerber just released BabyNes, a machine that serves up a perfectly mixed, tempered, and measured serving of baby formula and a brand new range of formulas with different age stages. What a time to be alive.

Is there anything worse than waking up in the middle of the night and attempting to mix a perfect bottle for your baby while you’re half asleep? Yes, there is — trying to also get the perfect temperature down. Enter BabyNes, the machine that does it all for you.

And it’s not just a machine, it’s also a whole feeding system. There are four stages of formula that come in different capsules — boasting Gerber’s “closest formula to breastmilk.” The machine recognizes each formula capsule by its unique barcode and provides a precisely measured bottle. All you have to do is press a button. Told you the future is here.

Hand measuring the formula and finding something sterile to warm it in is a thing of the past. The BabyNes is completely sterile, so you don’t even have to wash your half-asleep hands before you stumble to the kitchen to get your baby’s bottle. The machine uses “hermetically sealed capsules that protect the formula from contamination and a unique filter that keeps water bacteria-free. Its unique design allows formula flow directly from capsule to bottle, without contacting the Machine, and lets you adjust the temperature of each bottle.”

Where was this when I was feeding my babies? Where, Gerber?

And since it is the 21st century, BabyNes does not disappoint. It has built in Wi-Fi that can send info directly to your online “MyBabyNes” dashboard. “You can get feeding alerts; view and track your baby’s nutrition and growth; receive personalized nutritional advice; place capsule orders; or set up auto-replenishment on your computer, tablet, or smartphone,” Gerber brags on its site. Okay, maybe they’re not bragging, but they should be. This is amazing.

You can purchase the machine and formula capsules on It’s currently only being sold in-store at Giggle and Buy Buy Baby in the NYC area.

Anything that can make your life easier as a new parent is a plus. This is a huge plus. You can enter to win one below.

This post is sponsored by Gerber BabyNes. BabyNes by Gerber was developed to closely match a child’s changing nutritional needs. For more information about the formula, please visit or ask your pediatrician.

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