Motherhood Comes Naturally Pub Day!

Someday, I will get through every tweet and every message and every text and every Facebook post and every missed call and thank you each of you personally for your support. But because I can barely keep my eyes open, it won’t be tonight. Until then, an enormous mass thank you to every person who bought the book, spread the word, shared my excitement and supported me today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

In case you missed them, here are the Today Show clips. The first one is from the eight o’clock hour where I took questions from Today fans who seemed to think I was some sort of parenting expert. Um… sorry folks!


And then the ten o’clock hour where Kathie Lee once again proved to be a huge Scary Mommy fan

She can barely contain her excitement. Also? I’m pretty sure she was wasted.

Jill Smokler
I did find Matt in the green room and demand that he take a picture with me. He looks a tad frightened as well.

Matt on Today

Maybe it was the random sketchy guy behind me my bodyguard who scared them.

jill smokler TV

(Best freeze frame ever.)

But, really, it was a blast. Thanks again for the good wishes and for tuning in!

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What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom 3 years ago

You look great and happy and confident! Love your sense of humor. Big congrats on the book!!

OHmommy 3 years ago

Brava, Jill. And boo to Kathy Lee – is she for real? What a joke!

Katia 3 years ago

Congratulations, Jill, and kudos for having the guts to tell the world you do not enjoy playing tag or hide and seek and floaties in your cup. I don’t care what Cathy Lee says. I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate floaties in her alcohol.

Kimberly 3 years ago

You deserve every sale, every moment on TV, every moment of that long shower and soft bed. Thanks for pioneering the way for imperfect parents everywhere!

kristen brakeman 3 years ago

So so so so so COOL!

Kristin @ What She Said 3 years ago

Many, many, MANY congratulations, Jill! You are pure grace under pressure.

Also, I can’t stand Kathie Lee. She acts like such a fool. I’m sorry – it had to be said. And if I ever made it big and wrote a book and got invited to appear on the Today show opposite her and Hoda, I’m pretty sure my body language would convey that. In spades.

Fortunately for everyone involved, that’s probably not going to happen. But you? You go girl!

Anita @ Losing Austin 3 years ago

Wow! That is an amazing day of book sales. Congratulations :)


Anna 3 years ago

Huge congrats and I loved the book!

Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense 3 years ago

Lady, you are nothing short of inspiring. Congrats on your well-deserved success. =)

Christine @ Love, Life, Surf 3 years ago

Amazing and so well deserved. Congrats Jill!

Nina 3 years ago

SO well deserved! You work so hard and are so talented and have earned every bit of this success. Meanwhile, I have to tell you that you look AMAZING! (Hopefully my focus on that doesn’t knock your women’s studies ranking down one or two.) 😉

I totally giggled about the questions from the random parents. Did the producers mix up humorist/essayist/blogger with “expert?” You handled it perfectly. Really.

Momchalant 3 years ago

I am so excited for you! I think I’m a little too excited because I can feel your excitement on top of my excitement.

Kiran 3 years ago

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person! You don’t have to respond to me. I know you’re there if I need. Conquer the world, sister!

Rach 3 years ago

People love you because you are real. Honest. The end. And, yes, Kathie Lee is “THAT MOM”.

Stephanie 3 years ago

Yay! So awesome! Plus, that dress was so cute. And I’m pretty sure Kathie Lee is “that mom” we all write about. Just sayin’.

Debbie 3 years ago

Jill love your honesty and the interviews. Sometime mothers have to wing it that is all there is to it.
Thanks you

Gigi 3 years ago

Jill, so happy for you! I am a follower, and so excited to see you in NJ tonight to get your book. Keep it up, Mamma!!

Rebecca 3 years ago

Congrats! What a well-deserved, fabulous day – enjoy! And you looked great!

Alexandra 3 years ago

Couldn’t happen to a lovelier woman: this is what happens when someone writes truthfully: they give support to all of us wallowing in the lies and self doubt.

Motherhood IS hard. And it’s a blessing to have someone with a presence validate that. You did it,Jill, and your kindness and generosity of spirit is what built your following. CONGRATULATIONS. I couldn’t be prouder of someone I know.

Jack 3 years ago

Mazal Tov!

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 3 years ago

Congratulations on everything you have achieved!
I just received word that my copy has shipped and honestly can’t wait to read it!

Gina Jacobs Thomas (@totallyfullofit) 3 years ago

BIG CONGRATS Jill! How very exciting. I could hardly wait to crack it open. And you looked fabulous on the Today show!

Lynn from For Love or Funny 3 years ago

Yay, Jill!!! You look great, and I loved seeing you on TV.

The Mean Mama 3 years ago

Happy Mother’s Day!?! What the hell Hoda?? that’s over a month away, which in mommy time is like for.ev.ver

Tonia Silver Lain 3 years ago

OMG! I love you even more now! Those questions were fantastic and you didn’t blink an eye! I love the lady at the end who looks so serious waiting for some magical advice for her college kid! And Kathie Lee is just so Kathie Lee. Props for not a single eye roll with the crazy questions. I had plenty while I was watching for you. Great job!

grownandflown 3 years ago

Just one word, awesome, and then and few others….well deserved congratulations.

Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) 3 years ago

Nice job on the Today Show and even nicer job on the book sales! =)

Carisa Miller 3 years ago

So what are you doing tomorrow? Your day today sounds almost as exciting as the day I had a post put up on Scary Mommy. Um…wait, now this is awkward. Congratulations!!!!!

Terese Lavallee 3 years ago

Congratulations, Jill! You looked stunning and handled the interview with grace, honesty, and humor… even when Kathy Lee was being troll-rific. You kick ass, mama!

P.S. My copy of your book was shipped today! Squeeee!!

Meryl 3 years ago

Hmm. I’m not a futurist and certainly no expert on work life balance so I’m not sure how that got attached to my prior post. My most recent show is about modern dads!

Meryl 3 years ago

I was at the Dr.’s office with my daughter waiting to see if her boot could come off, looked up, and there you were! It made my day to enjoy your appearance on the Today Show. I’m looking forward to reading your book! If you would like to come on my show and talk parenting and your book, let me know. I had a lot of fun doing a show with funny moms, Jenna McCarthy and Karen Bergreen, last year and would love to do another similar episode.

Cat 3 years ago

Jill you are the voice of motherhood!! I salute you! And Kathie Lee needs help

Alissa | 3 years ago

You are such an incredible example of grace under pressure. Lovely job.

Jessica W. 3 years ago

You should look at your ranking on the Barnes and Noble site too! I’ll be ordering my nookbook first thing in the morning. After I send the kids to school and can find my giftcard that’s under a pile of stuff!

Becca B 3 years ago

Kathy Lee is such a BITCH! I was really hoping you were going to smack her during that interview Jill. (Mom’s like Kathy Lee are a prime example why playdates DO suck!)

Congrats to you Jill. You’re awesome and I’m waiting for my copy of your book to be delivered!

Amber 3 years ago

You rock!! And I so cannot wait to read your new book.

And yes, playdates are awful. I even cringe at the word playdate. Can’t it just be, “Hey I’m going to McDonalds, wanna join my kid?” But then again, most parents would be all, “Le gasp! NOT McDonalds! Think of all the fats and the oils!” Parenting in 2013 is exhausting, yo.

MJ 3 years ago

So I watched you this morning, the first interview (DVR’d it in fact so I can watch it again LOL) and you’re AWESOME. I just now watched the clip with Kathie Lee and ugh. I dislike her even more now. Someone should dislodge the stick from her ass. >_< Could she BE any more RUDE?? It's not like she parented her kids anyway, I'm sure she had a nanny for her precious kids. ugh. I can't figure out why NBC keeps her on, she's so RUDE to every guest on the show, especially if they dare be real people.

Anyway, you did an AWESOME job Jill!!! As always, you're keeping it real, making sure we all know we're not alone out here!! Keep it up, my dear!!!

Krisi 3 years ago

You did GREAT! I LOVE you! I LOVE the clips! And I LOVE how it bad it made Kathie Lee look. I realize that she wants to appear perfect, but I bet that she hides in the shower to eat a Snickers just like the rest of us!( A snickers…a bag of snickers…whatever).

Sara 3 years ago

I devoured the book today while ignoring my children. Loved it, even more than the first, which I never thought I’d say. Congrats – couldn’t be happier for you!!!

Kat 3 years ago

I’m hoping Kathie Lee was just being sarcastic and playful with you. Otherwise…ew.

    Nicole @MTDLBlog 3 years ago

    Wasn’t she horrible? She has totally lost touch with what it’s like to be in the trenches of motherhood. OR she had nannies for the tough stuff? Ugh. But, Jill handled her like a pro!

Galit Breen 3 years ago

So ridiculously happy for you!! xo

Alison 3 years ago

Yay, go you!!! Congratulations again!

Kim S 3 years ago

So excited to read the new book. I’m still waiting on the delivery from Amazon. It should be here Friday. You did great on the today show!

Yaya 3 years ago


Lorie Shewbridge 3 years ago

WooHoo… how stinkin’ exciting. I would totally flip if I got to be on the Today show, esp. with KLG and Hoda.
Enjoy every last minute of your stardom, you deserve it. Congratulations.

Ariana 3 years ago

Congratulations! it was a fun watch!

anymommy 3 years ago

Incredible. Sleep well. Sleep in tomorrow!!!

Alexis 3 years ago

OK I get that this isn’t the point but YOU LOOK FABULOUS. Seriously – hair, makeup, the whole package. Also you speak SO WELL on camera. No nervous ticks (like…um…well), no awkward hand gestures. You look like a pro. I mean it!

    Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 3 years ago

    Since when is that not the point?!?! HELLO?! (And thank you. Amazing what the professionals can do!!!)

      Arnebya 3 years ago

      I meant to say yesterday but it completely got away from me GODDAMN I LOVE THOSE SHOES. Because yes, shoes are still the point.

    Melissa 3 years ago

    If this were facebook I would like this comment so many times. 😉 Instead I shall comment that I said the same thing (Only I mentioned her keeping her knees together too lol)

lynn @ Maven of Savin’ 3 years ago

That is SOOO awesome!! CONGRATS and enjoy!!

Megan 3 years ago

Yay for the little (and HUGE, #67??!?) things in life!!! We love you Jill, screw Kathie Lee. She’s an uptight bitch. Too bad for her she has no sense of humor.

So excited about the new book and so happy for you!

JD Bailey @ Honest Mom 3 years ago

Jill, I’m SO HAPPY for you! You deserve everything good and fabulous and wonderful. Love your book. Love you. Big hugs!!!

Desiree 3 years ago

Saw you on the show at 840. It was hilarious! Those poor people. I pre-ordered the book and it looks like it’ll be delivered to me on Thursday. It’s always a pleasure to support you, Jill!

Kelly 3 years ago

What a day! I can imagine you must need to sleep for a week now. Loved the clips, and congrats on the book sales!!! So exciting. :)

Amy – Funny is Family 3 years ago

Congratulations! What an amazing day. Drink it all in…you deserve it!

Megan 3 years ago

Yay!!!! Congrats!!!!


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