Today… on Today

What a day!!! I’m writing this from the hotel where I have exactly one hour of downtime, but wanted to share some pictures and videos from Today…

First up, the clip from my interview with Ann Curry and Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin.

Next up, my interview with Kathie Lee Gifford and Billy Ray Cyrus, who thinks that my name is cool. In return, I kind of called his daughter a slut. And then I pissed off Kathie Lee. Double whoops!

But, he did take a book home with him to share with his kids. My job is done.

And, no, my hair doesn’t always look like this. The folks at Ouidad not only threw me an amazing launch party, but they also did my hair. And have secured a place in my heart forever.

Just a day in the life of a mother of three, huh?

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Carisa Miller 2 years ago

So what are you doing tomorrow? Your day today sounds almost as exciting as the day I had a post put up on Scary Mommy. Umm…wait, now this is awkward. Congratulations!!!!

Smee48 3 years ago

Bwah haa haaaa…. I’m a little bit behind, considering it is now August and I am just now watching this clip. You kill me! Kathie Lee needs to relax a little. Your “which ever one pisses me off the least” comment cracked me up!
Oh, and I’m checking out Ouidad out next… your hair looks great!

Sue Robinson 3 years ago

So awesome!

erica 3 years ago

So… your legs look totally HAWT, and Tori Spelling looks like a robot.

Women Living Well 3 years ago

Congratulations on the launch of your book :) ! I enjoyed the clips of the Today Show!!!

Chelle 3 years ago

Seriously glad you posted the videos. I try to watch the ones of other mom-bloggers that I read but I don’t recall them ever posting them. You looked fabulous. :)

Sunny 3 years ago

Aw, that’s tough. So sorry to hear but love that your kids got all the old pics out…so sweet…and thinking about that funny red bone makes me laugh!

Regina 3 years ago

lol you said pissing me off on tv. I bet Kathie lee wet herself! You looked fabulous!

Tara @ 3 years ago

And…I LOVE Tori!

Tara @ 3 years ago

Congratulations! You looked amazing & very happy! You are an inspiration to all your fellow bloggers!

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

It was a good dress. :)

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

So loved reading that. Thank you SO much!!! XO

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

I’m thinking they both might have been. At least he was sweet about it! And, he did take the book for Miley. :)

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

She really was… interesting.

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

LOL! Love it!

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

I miss them so much I could cry. It’s not fair to know what’s possible and then be stuck with my mediocre skills.

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

My hair NEVER looks that good; I had it done the night before and somehow held overnight. It’s amazing what a professional can do!

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

Hi!! That is SO funny!!!

(In completely unrelated news, we had to put Penny to sleep a few weeks ago. :( The kids wanted to go through old pictures and now the house is covered with pictures of Penny, Gatsby and a red rubber bone. They make me smile.)

Charlotte 3 years ago

CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS! SO very happy to see a blogger get published and follow her dreams. It’s inspirational, truly. And your hair… it looks absolutely fabulous. I wish I could get my curls to behave like that!

PS: Loved your birth control line to Billy Ray. LMAO!!!

Allie | Ramblings of a WAHM 3 years ago

Great interviews! I think moms that have never read your blog will be picking up the book too! They have to. Especially those new moms that are just lost and cry and need someone to tell them they are normal.

I can’t wait for it to be in my mail!


Cassie 3 years ago

What a wonderful time you seem to be having! You are one lucky mommy!! Keep up the good work, and enjoy your (sort of) vacation!

WebSavvyMom 3 years ago

–>Congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading it.

Saying you didn’t think Miley could read would have been CLASSIC.


Kristina 3 years ago

I thought that your interview went great. Who cares if you made Kathie Lee mad? I feel like a Scary Mommy myself half the time. I can’t wait to read your book!

Kerrie McLoughlin 3 years ago

Congratulations! Holy crap, I can’t even handle the thought of doing a freaking writing teleclass, and here you are on TV in front of millions! You rock!

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 3 years ago

#1 You look HOT in all of those pictures and I am not just saying that.

#2 Thank you for being an inspiration to us all & demonstrating how being yourself really does get somewhere in life.


Kristin Shaw 3 years ago

KLG is, and always has been, a wind bag. She’s full of it and won’t admit it.
You handled it BEAUTIFULLY. Going live in front of millions is not easy!

Amber 3 years ago

P.S. That dress. I want that dress. You looked amazing.

Amber 3 years ago

Congratulations! You did awesome. I wonder how Kathy Lee thought you could get all three kids in the bathroom at the same time?

Great job. Soak it all in – and we want to hear those celebrity confessions!

Kim 3 years ago

You were amazing and cool as a cucumber! KLG-seriously?? She’s a piece of work! Gosh, I wish I had found you when I had my first son 4 years ago-I’m going to make sure all my new mom friends know about you! Your honesty is refreshing (and hilarious!) Cheers!

Denise 3 years ago

Loved it! You gave a great interview and looked fabulous! Can’t wait to read the book!!!!

Megan (Best of Fates) 3 years ago

Oh my gosh I’m SO excited for you!!! Seriously, this is all so amazing and you totally deserve it. HOWEVER… everyone talked over the part where you insinuated his daughter was a slut. What’s that about?! I wanted to hear it. See, that’s why they say every book launch has its disappointments.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 3 years ago

This is sooooo cool!

liz 3 years ago

You are a natural!

And how dare Kathie Lee not verify your name pronunciation until on air.

Carrie 3 years ago

You definitely brought class! You did fabulous…just a natural!

They should have just let you host the entire show. Really.

Bee @TheJugglingAct 3 years ago

Loved seeing you on tv! You rocked it! I can’t stand KLG. She made herself look bad. I think the birth control comment was very appropriate. Teenagers and those in their early 20’s need to know what motherhood is really like. I plan on giving my 18 year old step daughter the book to read. Good luck & keep rockin’!

Beth 3 years ago

You’re an inspiration Jill, can’t wait to read the book. I think your hair looks absolutely fabulous too, and you look so happy and glowing in the photo’s

Kelly 3 years ago

Oh, Jill….you were awesome!!! You were absolutely glowing :)
So incredibly proud of you! Wish I could give you a big huge hug then throw back a cocktail!

Sean Bianca 3 years ago

Congratulations on your book! You’ve given me hope that perhaps I too could get published one day.I’m not a Mom, but a 44 year old divorcee. I started a blog last fall about being single and divorced, over the age of 30 something.I make fun of men, women and myself!
Good luck to you!

Jadzia@Toddlerisms 3 years ago

I love these pictures — they are aspirational! And you look gorgeous in them.

Kim S 3 years ago

You did great but KLG was so uptight it was hard to believe she is a professional, which is why I watch GMA ( please tell me your going on there ???????)

Anna 3 years ago

Fantastic, so excited for you and for all of us having just another day as a mom of three who can live vicariously!

Marinka 3 years ago

So, so happy for you! And you looked amazing, which obviously is the most important thing!

sunny logsdon 3 years ago

I was at the gym and looked up and saw my old (ahem, long time ago) friend Jill on the Today show! I knew the book was coming out this week but didn’t realize expect to look up and see you on t.v. You are big time 😉 SO excited and happy for you. Can’t wait to read the book.

Erin 3 years ago

You really looked amazing – and those legs – whoooeeee!!! You sound smart, and funny and REAL – it was amazing.

not that I’m suprised:)

Stephanie 3 years ago

First of all, woo hooooooo!!! Second of all – dude – how did you keep a straight face with those two?! You did great! I would have done much, MUCH worse. Really way worse.

Jennifer Burden @World Moms Blog 3 years ago

Do you know how in sit-coms they have talk show hosts make guest appearances to make it look like the sit-com characters had “made it?” Your success is still so surreal to me!! Wow, this is for-real!

I’m enjoying your journey, Jill. You deserve it — great ideas!

Jen :)

Motherhood on the Rocks 3 years ago

You looked so beautiful! And I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard while watching the Today Show. Great segment!

Ninja Mom 3 years ago

Congrats! What a great day; what fabulous hair!

tracy@sellabitmum 3 years ago

You were awesome! Also you have amazing legs. xoxo Love you.

1 Bad Mom 3 years ago

You didn’t insult anybody, sheesh.

Karen K 3 years ago

Big Fan ..saw u on Today show w/ K.L & BRC. thought it was pretty funny your segment followed KL rant about child abuse in the US. Ha! Felt that she acted stuck up & never stoops to our level when being a parent, & B R C didn’t even get it ! I felt bad for u , but u ROCKED it anyway !! congrats & continued success!

One Honest Mom 3 years ago

Was KLG drunk? Cause she kinda sounded a little like it. Hey, whatever gets you through the day

Erin@MommyontheSpot 3 years ago

I watched this today. After I yelled at my kids to zip it or there would be no Doc McStuffins today or EVER.

Awesome job!! Congratulations!

Alison@Mama Wants This 3 years ago

You were awesome and smokin’ hot, Smokler!!

Congratulations again on the book launch. You deserve all the success.

Erin I’m Gonna Kill Him 3 years ago

You appeared poised and collected and, perhaps irritatingly, thinner than ever! I thought tv was supposed to add 10 pounds!?

OneMommy 3 years ago

So completely freakin’ awesome!

You go, girl!

Marie 3 years ago

It was with great pleasure that I watched you this morning!! You were amazing, and I can’t wait until your book arrives. Don’t forget to get some rest!

Susan @ Mommy Mind Trip 3 years ago

You are absolutely inspirational. I’ve never met you and I’m still so excited for you that I have tears in my eyes. And I’m not even on my period.

Megan 3 years ago

You are amazing! I’m so glad things keep getting better and better for you after all of your work. WOO.
And Miley needs her own copy.

angie lee 3 years ago

Such good stuff here, Jill!

Amy @ A Little Nosh 3 years ago

Wow, KL really didn’t care for the comment about which child is pissing you off the least, huh? She’s so freaking uptight.

Leigh 3 years ago

Umm, Jill. I’d love the interview. Hilarious. Love that you made Kathie Lee look uncomfortable.

Amanda 3 years ago

Congratulations!!! You were awesome on TV!! It’s like you were made to be on camera!

nancy pfeifer 3 years ago

Jill- you are awesome!!! congratulations! your hair is sooo cute!!

Elaine 3 years ago

I can’t say enough how much I love this whole experience for you and how excited I am that this has come to fruition!! And you look awesome!

And was Billy Ray drunk? Oy!!

Stacey 3 years ago

Very, very cool! You did great! I can’t wait to read the book!

Alissa 3 years ago

You look amazing!! So happy for you!


Kris 3 years ago

You are a freakin’ ROCK STAR!! Bravo to you for being such an amazing lady (and for being able to deal with KLG!). I think it’s hysterical that she got offended…. Whatever, you tell it like it is, you tell the truth, and you are MY HERO!! When my book showed up yesterday, I broke a nail trying to rip open the box…. Yeah, kinda excited! OH, and I’m so jealous you got to meet Tori Spelling…. She’s another mama who tells it like it is! Love you Jill!! :)

Cindy 3 years ago

Thought you were wonderful this morning on Today-so happy for you and all your achievements!

bree 3 years ago

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…”I hear it’s good birth control.” AWKWARD! I love it! Congrats on looking so HAWT! purple is your color, lady!

Dani 3 years ago

You deserve it all and look fantabulous everywhere. More importantly, you look happy :). Congrats.

Shannon 3 years ago


But I wouldn’t expect any less from you.

Sherrie Glickstein 3 years ago

Saw you on the Today Show and you were just terrific, funny and very cute. Good luck with the book sales and have fun in NYC!

Jana DeWitt 3 years ago

OMG your curls are beyond perfect!! And your LEGS!!! Sure hope your HD appreciates all your Goddess-ness. (that’s a word, isn’t it?) You looked fab and your gab was spot on. So proud!

Holly 3 years ago

Congrats on your success! And BTW I love Ouidad.

Patricia Scott 3 years ago

I am not a mother but you crack me up! Best wishes for your continued success both as an “honest mommy” and an author! Kudos!

Melinda 3 years ago


Congratulations!! I love what you’ve done. You are 100% right in that we moms of today just sort of wing it a lot of the time and hope for the best.

Now, I am not a “mean girl” and I think chicks should basically stand up for one another, but KLG is so out of touch and a close minded biatch! Poop to her! At least BRC has a sense of humor and was really trying to be supportive of you!! *deep breath, reel it in*

Again, congrats on your success and keep up the great work, we need you!! :)

Jessica 3 years ago

You were fabulous!! Im so excited that I started following you over a year ago. Thanks for the amazing community and helping to show people that motherhood is freaking hard.

Brooke 3 years ago

*has a billion

Brooke 3 years ago

Omg..Kathie Lee can suck it. “Parenting is such a joy” or what ever the hell she said. Puh-leez I’m sure she a billion nannies.

Desiree 3 years ago

It was such a blast to watch on The Today Show. I’ve been a fan of your blog since it started. I can’t wait to purchase the book.

Jamie 3 years ago

You did great!! I just finished catching up to your blog yesterday. It took me a week to read all of your posts…I really enjoyed it. I feel the same way. I grew up towards your neck of the woods. I am also a North Shore Girl…Congratulations on the book! I can’t wait to read it.

Carolyn 3 years ago

Oh I’m so excited for you! Congratulations.
I can’t wait for my copy to arrive. (Wish I’d done Kindle!!)

Mzje 3 years ago

From Holland: I loooooooooove you!!
At last someone who tells it like it is!!!

Kasey 3 years ago

So well done, Jill. I broke out in a sweat watching you so calmly answer Kathie Lee!! Congrats. Big exhale!

Michelle 3 years ago

Jill, you look great! Congratulations again.

Barbara 3 years ago

You….look….phenomenal. Way to go!

debi9kids 3 years ago

Now I can tell people I knew you in the blogging world WAY BACK when…. 😉
You’re a rock star!

Nina 3 years ago

Legs!!!!! You look AMAZING! Just put this post on FB. So excited for all this fun! What a day!!!

Scary Mommy 3 years ago

Thank you SO much, everyone! It really was a blast!

Moomser 3 years ago

So, so proud of you and happy for you! And thanks for posting this as we don’t get the today show in Italy and was curious to see you!

Seriously Sassy Mama 3 years ago

How crazy exciting for you!

Colleen 3 years ago

You were great and HONEST!! I love it!! I can’t wait for the book to get here, just checked Amazon and it is in transit!!

Jen 3 years ago

This all is just so awesome. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for you.

Rachel 3 years ago

You were awesome Jill. I tuned in special just to see you! Congrats on all your success. So well-deserved for such a fantastic lady! So happy for you — and I’m glad to see Jeff was there with you — I was hoping he could get in on the fun. :)

Kimberly Hosey (Arizona Writer) 3 years ago

I’m sure you barely/don’t remember who I am, but I am nevertheless tickled that an online friend/idol of mine is such hot stuff. You were great — warm, human, funny. All the good stuff.

The birth control comment was hilarious.

priscilla – the wheelchairmommy 3 years ago

I am truly happy for you, Jill!!! this is super exciting!

Ali 3 years ago

Frankly, pissing off Kathy Lee is on my bucket list, so congratulations. Only “down hill” because she’s an ass. You were amazing today. Rock on Jill!

Jennifer Cullen 3 years ago

You were fabulous! Congrats on the book. You’re awesomely scary.

amy 3 years ago

Loved you!! too bad KLG and Billy Ray kept talking over you but you rocked both segments. So glad I started following you via Classy Chaos! Keep it up and lets show the world the not so sparkly side of mommyhood and parenting.XOXO

Lin 3 years ago

You rocked the hell out of those interviews. Bravo to you for being able to handle it when Kathy Lee started getting annoyingly pushy…I thought it was hilarious.

I wait to read your book this weekend!

tracey 3 years ago

I am just smiling from ear to ear over here! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so so so proud of you and everything you’re accomplishing!! Enjoy the ride, Jill!!

Julie 3 years ago

I was a ScaryMommy groupie today. I got in the shower this morning and instructed my 8 year old to scream through the bathroom door if you came on before I got out. Thankfully you did not. :)

Christine @ Quasi Agitato 3 years ago

sounding smart and looking hot! way to go!!

NayLahknee 3 years ago

congrats Jill!!

TheNextMartha 3 years ago

Fan-fricking-tastic. Love it all.

Sunday Stilwell 3 years ago

Girl, you rocked that show!

sammi 3 years ago


I’m just so damn happy & excited for you! You rocked it today on that TV! You stayed true to who you are and what you represent in true Scary Mommy fashion and you looked fabulous while doing it. That dress? Hot! Congrats, again, on the book and this amazing journey you’re on.

Big hugs,

Sammie Xo :)

Iva @ This Side of Perfect 3 years ago

Will you think I’m completely shallow when I say I absolutely adore your hair? Any chance of you bringing them home with you after your tour is over?

Alexandra 3 years ago


It’s like you were made for this to happen.


Jennifer Rustgi 3 years ago

You the (wo)man!

Rae’ 3 years ago

You are so incredibly beautiful Jill and we are so very proud of you and your accomplishments! Keep up the amazing work!

Melinda 3 years ago

You were amazing Jill. I didnt plan on watching The Today Show but so glad I did! You looks great also! Looking forward to reading the book! have fun in NYC!!