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What to (Really) Expect When You’re Seven Months Pregnant

At seven months pregnant, prepare for the exhaustion to really set in. You thought you were tired before? Ha! While you will feel the need to sleep constantly, your mind will also start obsessing over the list of things you need to accomplish before your baby arrives making it difficult to sleep at all. It’s all nature’s way of preparing you for life with a newborn.

What to (Really) Expect When You’re Seven Months Pregnant

Speaking of dreams, you may also start experiencing ridiculously crazy, out of the ordinary pregnancy dreams. If you’re really lucky, these may come in the form of crazy hot sex dreams. If you’re really, really lucky, Ryan Gosling may make an appearance.

You’ve either had or will have the dreaded glucose screening test by now (tip: ask for the drink ice cold; it goes down much easier that way!) If you test positive on the first screening, you’ll need to take a longer glucose tolerance test to find out if you do have gestational diabetes. Even if it does come back positive, it’s not the end of the world. Really.

Your baby will be moving a ton now, and you might start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. Unlike real labor contractions, Braxton Hicks feel like your stomach is tightening and then loosening up. They’re totally normal, but if you’re concerned at all, call your doctor.

Stretch marks have probably reared their ugly head by now, and though they will fade with time, there’s no way to get rid of them completely. Really, though, after you see the number a c-section or vaginal delivery has on your body, stretch marks will be the least of your concerns!

Scary Mommy Tip: You may be starting to nest at this point, otherwise known as cleaning and organizing the house like a lunatic. Just be careful not to overdue it – you aren’t quite as invincible as you may think.

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What to (Really) Expect When You’re Seven Months Pregnant

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