10 Signs You’re Ready for Another Baby

1. You have a Pinterest board titled “My imaginary baby.”

2. You still sway from side to side when you see a random infant in the grocery store.

3. You refuse to invest in family portraits… just in case.

4. You volunteer to throw baby showers for friends you barely know.

5.  You excitedly found the perfect summer beach bag… only to realize it was, in fact, a diaper bag.

6. You recently bought a six pack of ballerina baby socks because they were on sale and you just couldn’t pass them up.

7. You have a pack of infant diapers in the bottom of your bathroom drawer and it kills you that you didn’t time the sizing correctly.

8. You get annoyed when an acquaintance names her baby one of the ten names you once considered for your children.

9. You have a fraction of spare time, money and/or energy.

10. You’re holding a positive pregnancy test.

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Michelle 1 year ago

Appreciate your a different beneficial web page. The area different may just I am that sort of knowledge printed in a real ideal approach? I’ve a endeavor that I’m at the moment operating for, and I are already in the glance outside pertaining to like info.

Shauna Lynn 2 years ago

Oh I have baby fever baaaaadddd!!! This list just re-confirms my want for another one!! :)

Maura Brady 2 years ago

0 out of 10.

Glenda Palma 2 years ago

I guess i’m done with 2.

Domenica Loria 2 years ago

Pffft I have 1 and my man has 4 if I ever got pregnant again I would jump off the balcony!!! I won’t even drink the water here cause EVERYONE is having more!!!

Joleta Leach 2 years ago

Nope… 0/10. I’m good with the five I’ve got.

Charity Ford 2 years ago

I have ZERO symptoms/signs. Like I needed anyone to tell me this.

Nancy Young Carter 2 years ago

Check, check and check!

Syed Arhaan 2 years ago

I want 10 babies may be 😉

Kelly Goode 2 years ago

Nope. One and done.

Shaunacey 2 years ago

nope, not there yet!

Britanie Myers 2 years ago

I guess I’m the only crazy person here! I want so many babies!!! I’m
Already nuts might as well add more!

Zury Apolinario 2 years ago

Not ready then :-( lol

Michelle Wolbers Shady 2 years ago

One is enough! :)

Elaina Tuck 2 years ago

Nope. 0/10. I guess I’m done. Just two for me.

JoAnne Dietrich 2 years ago

I definitely do not want anymore children!

Suzy Weinberg Snyder 2 years ago

I am done my 3rd has put me over the edge. No more babies for me i am happy with my 3 :)

Olivia O’Toole 2 years ago

0 for 10. I’ll stick with the three I have!!!

Cassie House 2 years ago

Love #10

Kelly Irish DiDio 2 years ago

This is definitely not me! We got our boy and girl and are done!!!

Jaime Cook 2 years ago

Haha #10!!

Sindie Allum 2 years ago

No thanks! Three is enough!

Jessica Vaughn-Martin 2 years ago

Definitely NOT ready.. and doubt I will be

Brendaliz Mikaelson 2 years ago

Not ready, i’m sticking to 1.

Keyra Feliz 2 years ago

I guess I’m not ready for another one!

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 2 years ago

10 was how we knew it was time… My 13 year old and 5 month old didn’t agree lol

Chelsea Laker 2 years ago

Ha! I’m 0 for 10. Interesting…

Amber Haw 2 years ago

#10 was how we knew it was time!

Bonnie Turner 2 years ago

No. Thank. You. I love my two boys beyond compare. But our family IS complete!

Greta LaMountain Biagi 2 years ago

Hell freezes over :)


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