10 Things To Do In Paris With Kids

Paris with kids? Oui, oui!

But going anywhere with kids in Paris, it is key to remember that it is one of the most visited places in the world and places are often packed. A good rule of thumb for taking kids to events in Paris is to avoid museums on Wednesdays (French children have no school on Wednesdays) and during school vacations. Here are ten of an endless list of things to do in Paris with your family. Bon voyage!!

1. The Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) – Seeing the Tour Eiffel is a must for anyone visiting the City of Lights and can be tackled one of two ways, depending on the ages of your children. For those of us who fail to plan ahead and buy tickets online via the website, wait in the shorter line to buy the cheaper stair tickets. Older kids will enjoy climbing the 600+ stairs to the top, but be sure to stop on the first level to see a short film on the history of the Eiffel Tower and pick up a copy of the interactive Follow Gus booklet which offers kids the opportunity to learn while climbing the steps. Parents can rest their feet and have a café while soaking in the views and letting the kids run around.

For those of you with kids under the ages of 6, skip the trip to the top. Instead, bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic on the Champ de Mars. Young kids can enjoy the views of the tower and when they get bored (which for my son is in 10 minutes or less), head over to the playground, ride the carousel, and of course, enjoy an ice cream cone, “les glaciers” in French.

2. The Cite des Science is really a one stop place for families with kids in Paris, especially on rainy or cold days. Within the Cites des Science is the Cite des Enfants, with two sections, one for children ages 2 to 7, and the second for kids 5 to 12 years old. Each area is packed full of amazing indoor activities that translate into fun no matter what language you speak. Parents, be advised that you should buy your tickets online via the website, or if in person, purchase for the next “time slot,” which is for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Afterwards, be sure to hit up the free L’Aquarium in the basement. There are rotating exhibits within the Cite Des Science and you can also get tickets to see a movie in the Geode.

On warmer days, walk along the canal and cross over to the free playground that features zip lines and bouncing trampolines, alongside the more typical French equipment and sandboxes. There’s also, yes, you guessed it, a carousel.

3. A walk on the Champs Elysees – Starting at the Arc de Triomphe, walk as far as you can make it along the Champs Elysees. Older kids will appreciate traveling the 284 stairs (or elevator ride) to the top of the Arc, which feature unobstructed views of the twelve streets that stem out from the Arc. From there, head down the Champs Elysees and be sure to stop at Laduree for one of their world-famous macaroons. Along the walk, there is the Disney store, Swatch, and plenty to keep Moms happy. If you need a bathroom break, and let’s face it – who doesn’t with kids in Paris, use the toilets in McDonald’s, they’re free and fairly clean.

4. The Tuileries and the Musee de l’Orangerie – Don’t get me wrong, the Louvre is amazing… but it’s often crowded and overwhelming to little ones. Instead, hit up the Musee de l’Organerie, home to Monet’s famous water lilies. Rarely crowded and if you hit it up first thing in the morning, they’ll let you take your stroller around and surprisingly enough, held my toddler’s attention for far longer than I had imagined. Afterwards, stroll through the Tuileries, soaking in the beautiful garden, fountains, and statues. Enjoy an ice cream from Angelina and relax in one of the iron chairs while the kids burn off some steam.

5. For older kids in Paris, take advantage of the more macabre sights in Paris. The Catacombs, which are quarries that were eventually lined with the skeletons of bodies moved from their previous home, the Cemetery of the Innocents. Note: it’s dark and NOT stroller friendly! In addition to the Catacombs, older kids might enjoy walking through one of the many cemeteries in Paris. Our favorite is the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise, home to the final resting place of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison.

6. Notre Dame – Young kids won’t appreciate Notre Dame but they will love it if you go on Sunday morning. Stop by Square Louis-Lepine for the Marche Aux Oiseau, or the bird market, that takes place there on Sunday mornings only. After that you can head to Notre Dame to see Sunday mass in full effect.

7. The area around Sacre-Coeur is super-touristy but kids will love the vibe. You can either walk up the 270 steps to the top or take a ride on the little train. Once at the top, look out for peddlers selling name trains and an occasional marionette show. If you’re looking to enjoy one of the best croissants in Paris, be sure to take a side trip to Gontran Cherrier, located at 22 Rue Caulaincourt in the 18th arrondissment.

8. The Jardins and playgrounds – Paris is full of them. Our favorites include the Jardin du Luxembourg, which has a fenced in, pay to use playground that is worth the cost, not to mention sailboat watching at the fountains, Parc Georges Brassen in the 15th arrondissment, Parc Monceau in the 8th, and Jardin des Plants in the 5th.

9. Take a bus tour with L’Open and be sure to do a Seine River cruise. It’s okay to be a tourist, and do the touristy thing.

10. Bois de Boulonge – The Central Park (and then some) of Paris is the Bois de Boulogne and is home to a ton of kid-friendly things for families to do. Our favorite things to do include walking around the Parc de Bagatelle, which feels like a secret garden and isn’t crowded…where peacocks and exotic birds roam free. Be sure to rent a rowboat and head out on the Lac Inferieur, fish, and ride bikes. Lastly, the Jardin d’Acclimatation, a paid-entry mini-amusement park and zoo are fun places to take kids. During the summer, kids in Paris can run through the splash pad to cool off.

Got any other tips for navigating Paris with kids? Leave them in the comments!

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Jacki is the mother to an American family chronicling their daily expat adventures in Paris, France and trips around the world. Find her at HJ Underway.


Jennifer 1 year ago

Hiya, Im thinking of a trip with kids to paris in feb. What do you suggest for travel out there?

Warm regards

armida 1 year ago

I suggest some other additional things to do in Paris with kids

Musee D Orsay –
The Museum is the foremost centre of Impressionist painting (which focuses on natural light, bold colours and outdoors for its influence), but it wasn’t always so. It began its life as the Gare d’Orsay (the Orsay Railway Station), a structure whichused more metal in its construction than the Eiffel Tower.

The Palais Royal –
The Palais-Royal came to be known over the years for it’s beautiful ornamental gardens, court-gatherings, and the best of Paris high society parties.

Versailles Palace –
The Palace of Versailles or simply Versailles is a royal castle situated in Versailles in the Ile-de-France region of France. In French it is the Chateau de Versailles. When the chateau was built, Versailles was a country village.

Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise –
Journey up the glorious Seine and identify the sights of Paris from another point of view with the Paris Pass. From the water it is conceivable to see the numerous bridges and landmarks of Paris as you could never plan to from the land area.

Grand Palais –
A classicist stone facade, art-nouveau ironwork and a massive dome of glass make this extravagant piece of architecture a very distinctive landmark of Paris. Built to glorify French art, the building has hostedexhibitions, elaborate fashion shows, fencing competitions, equestrian displays and even a boxing match, and continues in a similar vein today.

Heather 1 year ago

some great tips thank you, but just one little thing from the end of the first tip: “les glaciers” means the ice cream makers; ice cream cone is “cornet à glace” (le / un)…

erin 2 years ago

Wow, thanks! We just moved to Spain with our two young kids, and I love the idea of seeing Paris, but was not somexcited about seeing Paris with whiny kids. This is an amazing, thoughtful list obviously written by so eone who has been there, in every sense.

Jane b 2 years ago

Is it true you can smack children in Paris?

hardik parmar 2 years ago

i want to travell in london i want to see every place in london

Stefanie Lewis Tavolato 2 years ago

We are heading to Paris next weekend w our 8 & 10 yr olds and this is exactly what I needed. Thanks for sharing!!

Shanan 3 years ago

I live in France about 2 hours south of Paris. The most memorable moments when I have brought my children to Paris has been to go to a boulangerie and buy sandwiches, drink & pastries ( also an idea for a cheap meal) . Take these goodies and go to the Champ de Mars behind the Eiffel Tower and wait for it to light up. You’d have to look up what time it lights up per season but it is the best time. The kids picnic and play on the grass and just love watching everything! Also the bateau mouche boat tour is a must!

Sarah 3 years ago

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Emma 3 years ago

I’ve been living in Paris since 2006 and with a baby since 2011. I just wanted to add that Paris as a whole is not stroller or baby friendly. The catacombs are completely INACCESSIBLE to strollers. Montmartre is also VERY stroller unfriendly, unless you like carrying yours up flights of 200+ steps or walking longgg detours around the perimeter of the neighbourhood to avoid them. The entire tourist core of Montmartre is paved in jagged, uneven cobblestones that’ll give your (newborn) baby a good rattle for his money – to be avoided. Same with Père Lachaise, for the same reasons.
Many many bar/restaurant restrooms are in basements, down twisting staircases, and dirty. I think there are about three changing tables in the whole city. The vast majority of subway stops do not have elevators and escalators are narrow.
Paris with older children, sure – Paris with a baby? Wait until their older children.

    Lauren 2 years ago

    We went to Paris in August with our then 8 month-old, and had a great time! Yes, we avoided Montmartre and the Metro (only taking it once or twice, folding up our City Mini stroller and carrying it up and down the stairs…not that big of a deal really). Never tried to find a changing table (cause I lived in France for two years and, well…yeah). Just put the back of the stroller all the way down and changed her on the street, or out in the open at the Jardin de Luxembourg, along with all the other French parents. When I wanted some exercise besides walking, I strapped her into the Ergo and climbed the Eiffel Tower using the stairs. Great for momma AND baby! We rented an apartment, so we had dinner at home every night, but we had some *fantastic* lunches out with the baby, including at Joel Robuchon’s place on the Champs-Elysees. It was a fantastic trip, and I highly encourage people to take their babies to Paris! One needs to be open and flexible, but the same goes for parenting (and traveling, too, actually) — so it’s nothing new.

    Danielle A 2 years ago

    I agree. Completely stroller unfriendly. If the baby is small enough and happy enough to be in a wearable baby carrier, then that would be the perfect option. It’s hard when they are too big to be carried, but too little to walk all day. If kids are old enough to deal with their own trottinette, that’s fun too.

Rebecca 3 years ago

Love this! We went to Italy with our son a few years ago and loved it, so thanks for the Paris tip sheet! Here’s my trip post, “Boy Meets Italy” http://wp.me/p22xxF-91

Lady Jennie 3 years ago

You go Jacki! So happy to see a fellow “Parisian” here. Great tips. I especially love walking down the Champs Elyséees – so much to see there, and really pretty at Christmas time with the markets lining the lower half.

Ana Gaby 3 years ago

Great list! I think some of the museums are awesome, too! We particularly enjoyed the Centre Pompidieu and the Sewage Museum. Quite unique. A short thirty minute ride to Versailles is also worth considering if all your kids want to do is run around gardens!

Johanna 3 years ago

Nice list. I would add the playground at Luxembourg gardens. Nice destinations for toddlers and kids.

By Word of Mouth Musings 3 years ago

I would love to pack and head there … umm, tomorrow 😉
Will actually be over in March/April 2013 – so thank you!

Shanna @ Motherhood on the Rocks 3 years ago

Wow! Her bio is humbling! You rock, Jacki!

Brittany 3 years ago

Love all those places and can’t wait to take the kids! We are planning a 6 week trip to Paris for summer 2014 so if you are still there I would love to meet up! The kids are doing a French program in the morning and we’ll be hitting the city every afternoon!

    Kay 2 years ago

    Hi Brittany! Enrolling the kids in a French program is a wonderful idea. We are going to be in Paris for 6 weeks this summer also and have a six year old daughter. It would be great to arrange a play date if you’re interested! Especially considering that there are so many fun things to do. We’ll be there from the end of May to the beginning of July.

Alison 3 years ago

Great tips and ideas, Jacki!
I REALLY want to go to Paris. :)


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