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British TV Shows To Stream If You're A Masterpiece Fan

Still chasing that Downton high? Finished with Bridgerton and looking for more longing glances? We’ve got you!


Discovery of Witches | 2020 - Present

Turns out Matthew Goode was born to play a handsome, brooding French vampire who falls in love with an academic specializing in the history of alchemy who is also a witch. Filmed in places like Oxford and Venice, this show is also unbelievably gorgeous. Stream on: Amazon, AMC+

Sky UK

Miss Scarlet and The Duke | 2020 - Present

When Eliza Scarlet’s father dies, she’s got three options: poverty, marriage, or taking over his detective agency. Obviously she picks the third and tangles constantly with the smoking-hot Detective Inspector William Wellington. Stream on: Amazon, PBS Passport

A+E Networks UK / Element 8 Entertainment / Shinawil Productions

All Creatures Great and Small | 2020 - Present

This adaptation of country vet James Harriot’s memoirs is beautiful, deeply wholesome, and will have you wildly invested in the wellbeing of various farm animals. Plus the guy who plays Harriot is adorable. Stream on: Amazon, PBS Passport

Playground Entertainment

Poldark | 2015 - 2019

No show has ever contained as many powerful smolders per episode as Poldark. Stream on: Amazon, PBS Passport


Ghosts | 2019 - Present

A delightful comedy about a couple that inherits a crumbling British estate, only to find that it comes packed full of ghosts. There’s an American version now, but you’ve got to start with the original. Stream on: HBO Max


The Durrells in Corfu | 2016 - 2019

This one follows the adventures of a British family living on the Greek island of Corfu in the 1930s. You will relate to the mom, who spends a lot of time dealing with the absolute ridiculousness of her offspring, and Corfu is so gorgeous on film it’s the next best thing to an actual vacation. Stream on: Amazon


Sanditon | 2019 - Present

This adaptation of Jane Austen’s unfinished final novel is written by Andrew Davies — the same man responsible for the classic BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. Stream on: Amazon, PBS Passport

Sid Gentle Films / Masterpiece

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