Remember Your First Make-Out Sesh? 10 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Moms Recall Their First Kiss

Perfect first kisses are so overrated, and these Hollywood moms would agree.

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Your first kiss can be totally cringe, which is actually the case for many people — including a few of our favorite famous moms. Hopefully, these 10 kissing stories will help give you the courage to share your own. (It seriously can’t be worse than Rihanna’s.)

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Reese Witherspoon

The Cruel Intentions actress told Yahoo (via Elle), "I was in fifth grade and thought I was in love with a boy named Graham. So we kissed. Then he broke my heart and told everybody that I was flat-chested, and that's why he didn't like me anymore." Fun fact: She’s now friends with her first kiss on Facebook!

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Michelle Obama

On a Chicago playground, Theodore Ford made history during recess for being the first boy to smooch former FLOTUS Michelle Obama. The author recalled the story on Tom Joyner’s radio show, which Ford later guested on and joked that she “snuck up” on him during recess.

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Lucy Liu

Liu told Entertainment Weekly, "This guy that I had a huge crush on invited me to see Return of the Jedi. I was, like, 15 and very awkward. He walked me home, and then he kissed me. I didn't know what French kissing was. I remember [thinking], 'Oh my God! It's so disgusting!"'

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba spoke about her first kiss with a boy named Ross on the Larry King Now show. She said “he was awful” and also guilty of never picking her for neighborhood baseball games.

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Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl star told TV Fanatic, "I was 16, a guy I knew through friends from school, he was walking me home from the movies, and I honestly was so nervous and couldn't believe I was getting my first kiss, so I don't remember much else but turning around and running home.”

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Even fabulous fashion icons/pop stars have gross smooches stories. Rihanna told Rolling Stone magazine, "My first kiss was in high school, and it was the worst thing, ever. He pretty much dumped his entire saliva glands into my mouth. It traumatized me. I didn't kiss for, like, ever."

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Charlize Theron

The Academy Award-winning actress told NY Rock magazine (via Bustle) about her first kiss: "He had braces. We were in the backyard ... We just had watched Friday the 13th. What a real romance movie! So we were just standing there because it was so planned. Like OK, you're gonna come over, watch a movie, then we kiss."

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Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake

At 13, Spears shared her first kiss with Justin Timberlake. The pair worked on The Mickey Mouse Club and dated in their late teens.

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Drew Barrymore

Barrymore's first smooch was with Clueless actor Breckin Meyer, she revealed in her book Little Girl Lost. It happened when they were about 11, and Barrymore even helped him get an audition with his agent. Meyer joked to Access Hollywood, "If you do me a favor, I'll make out with you. That's how I was raised."

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Mila Kunis

When Kunis was 15 years old, she shared her first kiss with then-co-star/now-husband Ashton Kutcher. She told W Magazine, "My first genuine kiss was with him on the show. And when That '70s Show had a prom, my date for the prom turned out to be my fiancé. We can honestly say that we went to prom together!"

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