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Simone has worked in media for the past four years. Her byline has appeared in The Riverdale Press, HerMoney,, Black Enterprise, BuzzFeed, and Finurah. In 2019, she received a New York Press Associate award for her coverage in Education at the Riverdale Press. She earned her bachelor's degree in English and film from the University of Rochester and her masters in journalism at the Columbia School of Journalism. Simone lives in Harlem and enjoys reading nonfiction novels.

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Woah, Baby

13 Of Blake Lively's Best Maternity Style Moments

BySimone R. Johnson

The style icon (and favorite celeb mom) is expecting Baby No. 4 with husband Ryan Reynolds.

Sweet dreams

15 Funny Shows To Watch After A Scary Movie Night

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The mental palate cleansers you need to help you fall asleep.

At Least There's Candy

10 Hilarious Halloween Memes & Tweets From Parents

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With kids, Halloween is a strangely sweet-slash-horrific time of year. Here are 10 Halloween memes and tweets that really capture the experience for parents.

Apple-solutely delicious

10 Easy & Awesome Apple Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Like Visiting An Orchard

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There’s more to apple recipes than apple pie. Add to your fall yumminess with these 10 easy apple recipes.

Brb, Locking The Doors

10 Unsettling Shows Like 'The Watcher' Based On True Stories

BySimone R. Johnson

Eerie testament to the fact you can never be too careful.

*Hides under covers*

11 Horror Shows Like 'The Midnight Club' You & Your Teen Will Love (And Fear)

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Need more spooky series? Check out these 11 shows like “The Midnight Club,” packed with teen terror and mystery.

Fall Food Without The Fuss

Get Cozy With These 10 Easy Canned Pumpkin Recipes

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Pumpkin spice up the kitchen with these 10 easy canned pumpkin recipes.

true terror

10 Serial Killer Shows & Documentaries As Unsettling As 'Dahmer'

BySimone R. Johnson

Evan Peters’ Jeffrey Dahmer portrayal is a haunting reminder that the psychology of serial killers is both bewildering and truly, unspeakably awful.

Like Friends, But Famous

10 Celebrity Podcasts To Make Your Morning Commute Fly By

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Looking to fill the silence? These 10 celebrity podcasts are packed with amazing stories and guests.

Seasonal Sweets

10 Easy Fall Dessert Recipes That'll Make You Love Autumn Even More

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Start the first day of autumn off right with these 10 quick and easy fall dessert recipes.

reigning shows

Give Yourself the Royal Treatment & Binge These 10 Shows Like 'The Crown'

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Rule your weekend watchlist with these royally riveting series.

a royal celebration

Prince Harry Is 38! Flip Through These 17 Photos of The Duke Over The Years

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To celebrate Prince Harry’s birthday, check out these photos of him over the years, from baby to father.

Serving Looks

12 Mamas Who Wore Fierce Fashion At the 2022 Emmys

BySimone R. Johnson

Fashion moments at the Emmys are just as important as nominees. Here are 12 moms who slayed their looks.

It's Funny 'Cause It's True

Oldest Siblings Unite! 10 Tweets That’ll Make You Say, “Where’s The Lie?”

BySimone R. Johnson

Facts: Firstborn kids deserve a little more credit.

Monarchal Movies

10 Royal Movies Filled With Regal Whimsy & Romance

BySimone R. Johnson

In honor of the late Queen Elizabeth II's style and grace, here are 10 movies that remind us all of the whimsy and beauty of royal life.

A Tribute To A Life Well-Lived

In Remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II’s Passing, Look Through These 20 Pictures of The Queen’s Grandchildren and Children

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20 photos of the Queen Elizabeths children and grandchild that highlight her rule as monarch and grandmother.

Out of Office

Tough Week At Work? Celebrate The Weekend With These 10 Labor Movies

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Here’s your OOO holiday binge-watching guide.

Soothing cinema

Dropping Your Kid Off At College? These 10 College Movies Can Help You Cope

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Your baby is going to be just fine.

puppy power

Don’t You Just Love Doggos?

BySimone R. Johnson

This International Dog Day, enjoy these precious pics of celebs and their beloved pups.

magic galore

10+ Fantastical Series Like Locke and Key to Watch After You’ve Finished the Final Season

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Locke & Key Season 3 is the series finale of the magical show. Continue the magic with these 10+ other shows filled with mystery and fantasy.