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10 Shows Just as Steamy As ‘Bridgerton’

Binged ‘Bridgerton’ already? These series will leave you satisfied.

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Gossip Girl | 2007-2012 & 2021-Present

These teens may not be duchesses or queens of the Regency era, but they are New York City royalty and privileged teens who find themselves in all kinds of risque positions.

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The Great | 2020-

If you're still looking to be immersed in an 18th century show, The Great is the perfect option. It tells the story of Catherine the Great and her journey to, well, greatness. Along with the story, there’s also a bunch of suggestive content to keep you glued to your screen.


Outlander | 2014-

Outlander is basically Bridgerton’s hotter older brother. It has a bit more grit and less whimsy than Bridgerton but still plenty of allure. There’s even a splash of sci-fi.


Sex/Life | 2021-

Sex/Life is about a woman who runs into her ex, which causes her to take her sexual fantasies to another level. The show is a drama/comedy and, like the title suggests, has loads of sex in it.


The Sex Lives of College Girls | 2021-

This show is not a period piece, but its hilarity and fresh comedic take makes it worth the watch. It’s still a sexy series that even has its own storylines of forbidden love-esque situations.


Harlots | 2017-2019

We love a woman in charge, and in Harlots a woman runs a brothel during the 18th century. She and her girls run the town until a competing brothel comes on the scene.


Scandal | 2012-2018

This show is the definition of forbidden love and has extremely passionate sex scenes. It has a great balance of sexy and killer speeches which makes it an all around good show.


Reign | 2013-2017

Reign takes us back to the 16th century. It tells the loosely accurate story of Mary Stuart, who is based on Mary, Queen of Scots. This show is chock-full of sexual strategy that makes the show both sultry and exciting.


Dickinson | 2019-2021

This show tells the coming of age story of Emily Dickinson. Dickinson explores gender and society in the 19th century, but it definitely has its spicy moments.

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Poldark | 2015-2019

Poldark is about an extremely charming British soldier who returns home after the American Revolutionary War. He gets wrapped up in steamy and tantalizing relationships while he tries to start his business.

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