17 Hilarious Tweets About Kids With Imaginary Friends From Parents Just Trying To Roll With It

Kids are weird, after all.

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Imaginary friends are a totally expected part of childhood. But that doesn’t mean parents — and kids alike — don’t have something funny to say about them. These tweets about kids with imaginary friends are hilarious proof.

Send help.

Yep, that tracks.

Pro tip: If your kid asks this question, suggest “Sam.”

Tough break for Rusty.

Better than the alternative silent companion: Gingivitis.

This is giving Drop Dead Fred.

We all need a Waffles, right?

Sign us up for this service.

This kid’s imaginary friend might be me, tbh.

Well, this will definitely come up in therapy.

Guess who’s going to serve “imaginary” cake?

Sorry, kid.

Now Daddy’s new imaginary friend is named “Paranoia.”

At least she’ll have plenty of practice for frenemies IRL.

This is chilling.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

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