Kate Auletta

Kate is the Editor-in-Chief at Scary Mommy. In her role, she oversees the overall editorial direction and vision of the site, working closely with the social media and newsletter teams. She’s so thrilled and honored to be apart of the engaging, smart and snarky community of fellow Scary Mommies.

Prior to joining BDG, Kate spent over 11 years at HuffPost, where she started as the founding Travel editor in 2010, and later worked as the Managing Editor of Voices, focusing on the Parenting and Women verticals. She finished up her tenure as the Senior Editor for Parenting and Culture, overseeing all parenting, travel and streaming coverage across the website. She organized HuffPost’s first-ever parenting conference, called How To Raise A Kid, which took place in Brooklyn in 2018. She was on the founding team at WSJ. Magazine, and has also worked in the editorial departments at House & Garden (RIP) and InStyle (also RIP).

She’s a native New Yorker and a 2004 graduate of Davidson College, where she majored in History. She’s the mom of two delightfully rambunctious elementary-aged boys, whom she shares with her husband, along with an equally delightful and but certainly more rambunctious cavapoo puppy named Franklin.

You can read more about her at her Linkedin profile here.

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