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confessions-of-a-scary-mommyConfessions of a Scary Mommy is a New York Times bestselling collection of original essays that take an irreverent look at the underbelly of parenting — things most moms would never admit, but feel every day.

“Get ready to ditch those Prada shoes (and anything else nice you own) and face reality—you haven’t had a brutal boss until you’ve had a baby. Put this book at the top of your diaper bag.” — Lauren Weisberger, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada

“Any mother who doesn’t stifle a million knowing laughs . . . needs to make sure her funny bone wasn’t accidentally sucked into the diaper genie.” — Julie Klam, New York Times bestselling author

“Jill has blown the lid off what should and should not be said when discussing the experience of motherhood. . . . [She] dares to say the things that most mothers have thought, but few have had the courage to admit.” —

“A spot on hysterical look into the world of mommyville. Had me nodding my head in agreement and holding myself like a restless toddler because I didn’t want to put it down. Which, I do not recommend since you may actually pee yourself.” — Baby Center

“If motherhood is starting to feel like a story without a plot, my advice is to pretend you’re sick and lock yourself in the bathroom with this book. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

“Jill offers up the perfect antidote to overly earnest parenting guides. It’s like comfort food for anxious moms, served with a side of snark.” — Cynthia Copeland, author of The Diaper Diaries and Really Important Stuff My Kids Have Taught Me

“If you need an irreverent, hysterical and oftentimes too-close-for-comfort look at motherhood, you need Scary Mommy.” — The Huffington Post 

Read the first two chapters by clicking here or purchase from Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Indie Bound

The book has been released in the following countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Korea, Germany, China, Russia, Turkey and Esotonia.



Motherhood- Cover“Hilarious, brutal honesty about parenting.” — New York Times bestselling author and comedian Michael Ian Black.

Newly pregnant and scared out of her mind, Jill Smokler lay on her OBGYN’s examination table and was told the biggest lie she’d ever heard in her life: “Motherhood is the most natural thing in the world.”

Instead of quelling her nerves like that well intentioned nurse hoped to, Jill was instead set up for future of questioning exactly what DNA strand she was missing that made the whole motherhood experience feel less than natural to her. Wonderful? Yes. Miraculous? Of course. Worthwhile? Without a doubt. But natural? Not so much.

Jill’s first memoir, the New York Times bestseller Confessions of a Scary Mommy, rocketed to national fame with its down and dirty details about life with her three precious bundles of joy. Now Jill returns with Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies,) a collection of all-new essays debunking more than twenty pervasive myths about motherhood. She’s here to give you what few others will dare: The truth.

Read a chapter excerpt here, or purchase from Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Indie Bound


Books by Scary MommyAhhh, the holidays: a time of joy, celebration, serenity, and peace… Unless, of course, you have children.

Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays is filled with everything you need to survive the fall/winter rush of cheer in style… without having a mental breakdown.

From relatable, hilarious essays on everything from the Santa myth to being seated at the dreaded kids’ table, to easy-to-follow recipes that might include just a little something special to take the edge off (can anyone say Kahlua?), to fun and accessible gift ideas, this book is your ticket to peace of mind—and a laugh—during the busy, crazy holiday season.

Contributors to Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving The Holidays include some of your favorite Scary Mommy voices, along with some that might be new to you, too:

Kim Bongiorno • Christine Burke • Abby Byrd • Andrea Condodemetraky • Sarah Cottrell • Janie EmausVictoria FeddenNancy FriedmanAnna GebertDeborah GoldsteinAlice GomstynSharon GreenJessica GriffinMaria GuidoToni HammerNatalie HoageHarmony HobbsAmy HunterJulie LayKathryn LeehaneJennifer LizzaLola LolitaAlessandra MacalusoLeslie MarinelliHannah MayerJessica MayerAmanda MushroJennifer Weedon PalazzoTarja ParssinenRobyn PassanteCrystal PontiLily ReadJennifer ScharfAlisa SchindlerTammy ScottJennifer SimonAllison Slater TateJill SmoklerRita TempletonVicky WillenbergJoelle WislerMegan ZanderPretty impressive line up, I think.

Need more reason to purchase the book? A portion of all sales will benefit Scary Mommy Nation’s (an official 501(c)3 charity) Thanksgiving Project, striving to ensure that every Scary Mommy can celebrate Thanksgiving with her family.

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  1. 2

    Life with Kaishon says

    Motherhood is
    better than anything you can ever imagine.
    the poop and pee and throw up
    that doesn’t even matter.
    In the beginning it is overwhelming,
    but then,
    you wake up one morning, and you aren’t so needed.
    It’s a sad feeling.
    You will miss it.
    I miss all of the little things that used to drive me insane.
    In fact, I miss it so much,
    I am totally calling Gary and telling him we need another baby THIS INSTANT! : )

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    • 7

      Grace @ Sandier Pastures says

      Oh that is so nice and true. My mom who has six children, now all grown up always say it – she wakes up one morning and feel lonely that she isn’t that needed anymore!

      And it is too late for her to have another baby at 60!!

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    • 8

      Emer says

      I’ve got a message for you my dear – you are needed. You’re always needed. I’m 41 years of age and I still need my mammy. Unfortunately she’s with the angels 5 years now but I hope she knew how much she was needed. She certainly knew how much she was loved and appreciated. Ya never stop needing your mammy and your kids never stop needing you.

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  2. 9

    Krista says

    This was great, Jill.

    Currently to me, motherhood is laughing instead of crying when the toddler tells you “Daddy do it!” for the 1,345 time this week. Because even though that means she’d rather play outside with him, he’s most likely to get the dirty diaper too.

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  3. 16

    Alison@Mama Wants This says

    This is great, Jill and oh-so-true.

    Motherhood is realizing your limits can be pushed further than you ever imagined. And you’ll still be okay.

    Motherhood is happy sighs.

    Motherhood is holding sunshine in your arms.

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  4. 19

    liz says

    The constant screaming and fighting is what pushes me over the edge some days. Well that, and the fact they act like they don’t hear a word I say.

    Damn kids. :)

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    • 21

      Jennifer says

      That is the worst – and that’s what makes my husband and I get nitpicky and short-tempered with each other. I wish I could just ignore it but it’s impossible. So sick of articles that are titled “9 Ways to End Sibling Rivalry – THAT REALLY WORK!”

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  5. 22

    Amber says

    You are, simpley brilliant. Keep on Keepin’ on. Because when some of us mothers feel like giving up, your words are there to pull us back up again.

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