To My Favorite Child

To my favorite child, Lily:
I love you the most. You introduced me to the world of motherhood and made us a family. I love how genuinely kind and sweet you are. I love how you consider any alone time with me now a special date, even if we just go to the market. I love how nurturing and compassionate you are to animals and people, alike. I love watching you draw and the pride you take in your art. I love how you hug like you’re never going to let go. I love how thoughtful you are, always. I love your tan lines and the tiny birthmark on your cheek. I love hearing from teachers and neighbors how wonderful you are, even though I already know. I love talking to you on the phone, on the rare occasion when I’m not at home. I love reading the little notes you leave around the house and hearing you read to your brothers. You are my absolute favorite.

To my favorite child,

Ben: I love you the most. You were the sweetest baby in the world and I literally didn’t put you down for over a year. I love your exuberance and enthusiasm. I love how you wake up every morning in a fantastic mood, no matter how you went to bed the night before. I love how easy to please you can be. I love the smell of your neck and the color of your magic eyes, whether they are green, gray or blue that day. I love holding your hand and the face you make when you spot me at school. I love the way your voice gets really high when you’re excited and that you actually squeal with delight. I love that you “remember being born.” I love how much you worship your sister and the way you watch her when she’s not looking. I love your favorite teddy bear and how cool you look in sunglasses. You are my absolute favorite.


To my favorite child, Evan: I love you the most. You will always be my baby, even though you insist that you are a big boy. I love your husky voice and the way your repeat everything you hear even though half the time, you have no idea what you’re saying. I love watching you try to keep up with your siblings and their friends. I love the humming sound you make when you really like what you’re eating. I love watching you play and how you can make a game of pretty much anything. I love how much you love making people laugh. I love the way you say my name. I love your pudgy thighs and your knees and the way you look in your pajamas. I love the way you hold my face with two hands when you give me a kiss. I love hearing you thump down the stairs in the morning. You round out our family, completely. You are my absolute favorite.

{For the record, you each got the exact same number of words. It’s even.}


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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Jennifer Leigh Matthews 1 year ago

I LOVE how she said they got the same amount of words, its even. I have three kids, and I understand every words wrote. One of kids makes me laugh more then anything in this world, I have a sweet hearted kind little girl and my oldest will always be smart, compassionate and sensitive, they all are different. I was scared I wouldn’t love more after I had my first child, but love is so strong and its amazing how I truly love them all the same.

Wendy Floyd Biggerstaff 1 year ago

LOVE this…I tell both of my boys “you are my favorite”

Heaven Jones 1 year ago

You had me crying before I got my first cup of coffee down :’) all 3 of mine are my favorite in their own ways and I really loved “same number of words” mine are like that too!

Deborah Laurenda Vrolyk 1 year ago

Well, it’s 2:44am, I’m up feeding my favourite baby while my favourite 5 year old sleeps peacefully, and I’m bawling. That was so perfect. I’m going to make time to write to my favourites this week!

Jeny Riordan 1 year ago

When my children were young, my great aunt passed away. At her memorial all of her adult children read a letter about their mother & each ended with, “Mom always said I was her favorite” I loved this, and from then on, I have told each of my children that they are my favorite. They are 22, 20 & 15. Last Christmas I had shirts made up for each of them that said “I am mom’s favorite” and I wrapped them. I have a pretty priceless video of them sitting together and opening them up and laughing.

Brittany Nicole Hahn 1 year ago

I love this. Made me smile

Leah Cusick 1 year ago

Aaaaand now I’m crying… <3

The Preemie Mommy 1 year ago

Good one…I still YEARS away from this stage, thank god!

Brandi Lazette Duffy 1 year ago

Love. Brought tears right to my eyes!

Amity Walsh Jones 1 year ago

I love this freakin much every child should have a love letter like this from their mother. It’s dead on too. I’m bawling.

Kelz Pyffer 1 year ago

I’m really against moms picking favorites. Ik how it feels to grow up like that and it sucks :(

Christine Witkowski Zimmer 1 year ago

So sweet

Cobb Huggins 1 year ago

Beautiful! I have two favorites of my own, and this really resonates with me. You are very gifted. What a great mom your three have.

Libby Chapman 1 year ago

Aaaaaaaaah Jill h ow special

Gail Jantamrian Hetra 1 year ago

My 3, who are now adults, are all my favorites too. Great column :-)

Lani 1 year ago

I have 6 year old triplets.. My firstborn is Lily, second is Ben, and third born is Cameron. It’s eery how your description of your Lily and Ben is so similar to mine! And they have one cousin.. His name is Evan:)

Rachel Ann Termini 1 year ago

I have six favorites. I tell them it is a secret between us.

Stephanie Bonjack 1 year ago

Thanks for the bucket of tears!

Denise Beaman 1 year ago

I hope each of my girls believe in their hearts that they were my favorite.

Angela Giordano 1 year ago

This was so beautiful! This is like how I tell the kiddies I love them all equally but differently. Thanks for posting this, made my day after all of the sad postings I’ve seen today!

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

My favorite is whoever is in the room. :) I tell my older one, you are my favorite kid over 13 and my tougher one, you are my favorite kid under 13. It changes with each birthday of the oldest child.

Hah! I accidentally wrote tougher instead of younger, even though it is true. I guess that was a Freudian slip–you know, when you say one thing but you mean your mother.

Gea de Jong-Kaynar 1 year ago


Bambi Q Weinstein 1 year ago

Ok you made me cry.

Melissa Hammond Rivera 1 year ago

I love everything you post on this site. It makes me feel like even in my bad days I am a great parent.

Abby Rose Blanch 1 year ago

Oh dear…crying!

Meagan Baker 1 year ago

Thank you for posting this, I don’t believe in having a favorite, they should be loved and treated fairly. I really hope my kids never feel that I have a favorite because I love them both equally with all of my heart

Amy @mommetime 1 year ago

Loved this post…. This: {For the record, you each got the exact same number of words. It’s even.} that is awesome –cracked me up! Just this morning my daughter says, “but Mom you gave her one more grape than you gave me…”

Miranda 1 year ago

I absolutely love this post! It’s beautiful. I have a feeling I’m gonna write something like this when my second child is born in december. My first child is a huge mamas boy.

Colleen Cameron Enders-hinman 1 year ago

Beautiful…I have 4 and “each one” is my “favorite”.♡

Anna Boyer 1 year ago

I have 3 favorite daughters <3

SB Lewis 1 year ago

Whaaaaaa!!! Oh, the tears.

Ellen McGilloway 1 year ago

I have two sons I love the most! <3

Becky Briggs 1 year ago

lol love the same number of words!

Martha Gaughan 1 year ago

Our third daughter is only two weeks old and this already resonates with me. So many different needs at the same time and three perfect little personalities to be loved individually as well as together x

Sarah Manro 1 year ago

I have a girl and 2 boys in the same order. I totally get it!

Trisha Beard 1 year ago

Scary Mommy, you are my absolute favorite!

Mysti Jacob Shellabarger 1 year ago

Love this! Your children are so beautiful!

Tut TheSphynx 1 year ago

No one loves one child more than another. You do however tend to have that one easy one who causes you 0 to little stress and you get along so well with. And it’s probably the one least like you.

Alexis Stein Tande 1 year ago

I’m not even kidding jill…still crying….

Stéphanie Fagnoni 1 year ago

I love my twins…and each one is my favorite……

Alexis Stein Tande 1 year ago

because I’m feeling sappy I read this with a few or maybe a lot of tears…

Maura Linkowski 1 year ago

Having just had my second, this so resonates. I love them both the most, so a million different reasons.

Sarah Sanchez 1 year ago

I love this because I feel the same way about my 3 favorites :)

Ruth Ivanisko 1 year ago

I love my children equally. However, that said. yes, the first get’s you all alone to yourself, so that is special. They should know how lucky it was to be the first.

Michelle Goddard 2 years ago

Geez, this got me balling for some reason!

Sara Ann 2 years ago

This is a wonderful idea! I love that you used the same number of words on each one, so thoughtful.

Amanda Martin 2 years ago

I love this, especially the last comment 'you're even'!

Jennifer Lizza 2 years ago

Beautiful! I can see why this would be a favorite post. I often find myself thinking about all the things I love about each of my boys…evenly but differently.

WeavingRoses 2 years ago

Beautiful. I can’t wait to have this slice of motherly heaven in my own life. Hopefully we’ll get pregnant with our first soon!

MandaLynne 2 years ago

You are not alone. I only have one child, so he is my favorite, however, I have two granddaughters and the youngest is my favorite. I can’t help it. I, like you, love them both but there is something about my Little One. I work very hard to be fair and not show favoritism, but it is difficult sometimes.

Amanda Johnson 2 years ago

This is fantastic and so true. Tears in my eyes reading it, wonderful and heart warming. Only a Mummy can understand and feel every emotion attached to every word in this post. Wonderful, love it xx

kyliasmommy 3 years ago

My dad would always say i was his favorite oldest daughter my sister his favorite middle and so on.. there were five of us

kyliasmommy 3 years ago

Oh that’s precious! Made me tear up. Lucky kids to have such a loving mama

Jessica Brown 4 years ago

Oh, Jill, that was so beautiful. Thanks for that. I have 4 kids and I need to do something like this for them–they deserve it. Great job. They’ll be so blown away by it when they get older, and realize how much mom loves them…even if she’s scary! 😛

Scary Mommy 4 years ago

Thanks so much! So appreciate you spreading the word– so happy you found me! :)

Teri 4 years ago

I nearly cried and I don’t know you or your children. That was sooo sweet. I know this was a while ago but I just discovered your site last night. I have already told every mom I know about it. You are awesome!

Summer819 4 years ago

Love, love, love this!! Just getting into reading your blogs and loving what I have read so far. Thanks for showing I’m not the only insecure, hormonal, sometimes a little off the deep end, head-over-heels in love with my kids kinda mom :-) Certain days it’s hard to feel like anyone else has a clue.

Denise 4 years ago

I just found your site and you are fabulous. LOVE this particular entry. My 9yo asks me who my favorite is all.the.time (he has a 4 yo sister) and I tell him he’s my favorite son, and dd is my favorite daughter. I will have to follow your lead and write something akin for each of them.

Thanks :)

Kelsey K 4 years ago

This is the sweetest thing I have ever read. I’m only a 19 year old college student (sans kids) and I cried the entire time I read this!

Siz 4 years ago

Am pregnant with my 2nd and often worry that i’ll love my first more…this made me realise that I’ll probably love them the same for different reasons…

JasmineLauren 4 years ago

So cute how they each got their own amount of words. This was so touching! It reminds me of me, my brother, and my mother. My brother and I are two extremely different people and I believe that we are both genuinely her favorite people in extremely different ways. I HAVE to share this with her. She will love it!

Ashley 4 years ago

Brilliant. After my Granny Sarah died (two of us cousins named our daughters Sarah, if that tells you anything about how much we loved her), come to find out, we all talked about this very thing. Every one of us, in our heart of hearts (all six of us), really, really believed that we were her favorite. Now I understand that we really were 😉

Jeannie 5 years ago


Deana 5 years ago

I love this post. I tell all 3 of my kids they are my favorite. They just roll their eyes at me, but they each know that I love them most.

jill 5 years ago

My favorite part of this is remembering to mention they have the same number of words!!! lol!!!

Steph – 3 of Mine 5 years ago

Oh my goodness, I just stumbled across this one in your blog history. So sweet. So true. And yes, totally tearing up!! You rock!

Andrea 5 years ago

I LOVE this post! It reminds me of my mother who always needs to make everything even, but more importantly it helps put to rest my fears that I won’t be able or know how to love more children the way I love my baby. It’s so hard to picture any others around when I just keep loving her more every day. (except when she’s screaming for no reason. Then I don’t feel all that lovey)

Kimberly 5 years ago

Absolutely fantastic! I loved each and every bit of all three letters…and to give each kid the same number of words…priceless!

Brenda Susan 5 years ago

Sorry about that, my last comment included the wrong website address, that’s not me. But interesting to find someone else with the same Blog name! Ha! This one is correct!

Brenda Susan 5 years ago

What a totally wonderful post! I just came across you this morning. Your Blog Title grabbed me because long ago when I was a new mommy I ranted in my journal about how we were never told the tough stuff about parenting. It was all sweet brochures about everlasting love.
I love that your generation is able to vent and share via blogging, FB etc.

Erin 5 years ago

OH MY GOD – this may be the most beautiful thing I have ever read – I love that you love your kids – I love your blog – I wish it was hormones but I have nothing to blame – I am shamelessly bawling and it feels good –
EVERY CHILD should have someone write them a letter like this –

as a high school teacher – often dealing with kids who have never had anyone feel this way about them – it would make a world of difference.

WOW. You are amazing.

Jessie 5 years ago

I am a virgin to your blog and this is where I chose to start. You are a rock star – I aspire to be a ‘scary mommy’ like you.
I look forward to keeping up with your blog :)

Jessica 5 years ago

I’m 36 and the oldest of 4, and when I call my parents my Dad will call out, “Sue, it’s your favorite daughter!” Of course, we’re all the favorite daughter! I love your article. I’m the also the mom of two girls– one is my favorite older daughter, the other my favorite younger daughter!

Pamela 5 years ago

I cried, too, and I am certainly not pregnant or especially hormonal… just a sap!

christy 5 years ago

I LOVED this post. I have two favorite children, and if we have a third, I’m sure I’ll have three!

Jennifer, Playgroups are no place for children 5 years ago

This is perfect, Jill. LOVE it.

StacyQ 5 years ago

This-is-so-fabulous! Love it love it!

Cristie Ritz King 5 years ago

Beautiful! Also, kinda eerie because it sounds like you’re describing my three almost perfectly. We are lucky mommies to have three favorites.
I’m going to share this post with the world (or at least the people I know.;) )

Rhea 5 years ago

Oh.My.Gosh. This post was perfection! I could feel the love you have for your kids wrapping around every word. Beautiful!

B 5 years ago

Love this!

The Flying Chalupa 5 years ago

I love posts like these and peeking into another mother’s love for her children. And well done on giving each the same “gift.”

Your Mommy Friend Lori 5 years ago

Best idea ever. Isn’t so great to love your children in such individual ways? That’s what makes them so special!!! My favorite is the one who isn’t annoying me at the moment…is that wrong?

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

That’s so sweet about your mom. The whole reason I started a blog was to leave the kids with something from me- hopefully they’ll appreciate it more than resent it!

OHN 5 years ago

I am SOOO doing this. My 3 boys all just assume they are the favorite…it’s rather comical as from day to day at least 2 of them are on my shit list.

Not to bring down the tone of this lovely post….but when my mom died, I sat at the bank with a lawyer and a representative from the state as we opened mom’s safe deposit box(in case she has squirrled away a zillion bucks that I was trying to avoid paying taxes on–jerks).
Inside, was a little note from her. A private joke that only I understood. You have NO idea how much that meant to me. I still have it (20 years later) and well up with tears every time I look at it.

Please make sure you keep those notes where the children will see them when the time is appropriate. You will be giving them the best gift they ever had.

Edie Mindell 5 years ago

Awwwwwwww… So sweet…… Letters from a mom to her kids always make me cry. The words you wrote to them made me ache for my children also. Maybe I’ll try writing my kids letters also.:-)

Frugal Vicki 5 years ago

I’ve seen something similar before and I love it! We just checked out a book from the library about a monster momma saying who she loves best. Too cute.

I am very impressed they all have the same number of words.

Erin I’m Gonna Kill Him 5 years ago

That was such a nice tribute to each child! I’m going to cut and paste it to my own three one day:)

alexis 5 years ago

jill, this totally made my day. sometimes it’s difficult to say all the things you love about your kids without saying anything that pisses you off about them, but you did it so well. no matter how much i complain about my children, they are my life–i think they’re probably the only people in world i would give up everything for (maybe my husband makes the list).

it’s so reassuring to know that you, who can find the humor and fun in all the crap that comes with being a mother, can also say exactly who her children are. loved it.

Kelly 5 years ago

And *THIS* is why I love you most! What a fantastic post, I read it twice with a smile each tme!

Kelly 5 years ago

And *THIS* is why I love you most! What a fantastic post!!!

dysfunctional mom 5 years ago

I love it! How in the world did you manage to do the exact same number of words? You are a rock star.

Jill 5 years ago

Isn’t it great having a favorite child? xx the other jill

Kate Shields 5 years ago

Deeeee.Lish.Us. Absolutely darling.

Farah 5 years ago

Sounds to me like middle child syndrome. Please don’t take it to heart, mom. Consider that when she is with mommy, big sister gets attention because she is the first to achieve everything (if only because of her birth order), and little sister is still toddling and needs mommy’s watchful eye. When she is at nana’s she’s the only one, and gets to have attention, hugs and kisses all to herself! Remember that our little people are opportunists by nature, so she’s only asking for what works best for HER! 😉

It’s perfectly normal and healthy for her to behave this way, and you are a great mom for indulging her even though it breaks your heart… I would suggest that you make some clear boundaries for her, and that means making sure you praise her for her unique gifts and talents, tell her you love her, and also explain that while she may lover her nana and want to live there forever, mommy gets to have her first and most.

A great book for her would be “The One in the Middle is the Green Kangaroo”.

Good luck!

beckie 5 years ago

I love this post. I read it twice, teared up and plucked my daughter from her crib for a big hug.

Mary D 5 years ago

Beautiful writing and the children are just as beautiful! Reading this as I am heading to bed for the night. How can I not have sweet dreams?!? Thank you

cassie 5 years ago

this brings me to a question that haunts me alot, i dont have a lot of time to expand on it, but i have 3 girls, 6, 4, and 1. the middle one constantly tells me she would rather live with her nana and never see us again. this is killing me. i try to make sure i am available for her whenever she needs me because i think in some way i may have shunned her or something. evertime the oppertunity arrises she wants to go there. and she never wants to come home. the only reason i get her to come home is for school. i love her so much. she is breaking my heart. should i take it so personally, she is only 4? but she means it with every ounce of herself. has anyone experianced this?

pamtastic 5 years ago

So diplomatic…and very sweet. I tell my kids all the time “I love you the most, don’t tell your sister” but I always say it where the other one can obviously hear me…they giggle everytime :-)

Melanie 5 years ago

This is a beautiful reminder to notice the uniqueness of our children, how blessed we are to have them in our lives, and to share that with them.

Allison @ Alli ‘ n Son 5 years ago

I love that you pointed out that each one has the same number of words. In true sibling form.

Kimberly 5 years ago

This is such a sweet post!

Jaime 5 years ago

Hi Jill,
I’ve been following your blog for a while and have only commented a couple of times. I loved reading these notes for and about your children. We have a four and a half year old. We’ve been trying for a second kiddo since January with no luck so far. Even with hopes and anticipation I was worrying and stressing over the distribution of love and the bonds we share with our children. My family is a bit atypical when compared to the “norm”. I am our daughters step-mother and I co-parent with her biological mother. Our little girl knows she has two moms and she swears she has the best two moms the way most kids swear to have the best mom and the best dad. I am the one who will carry next and I worry about the connections and if I will feel particularly attached to the second kid more than this one but then, in those quiet moments in the morning or as we’re getting ready for bed, our daughter will wrap her arms around my knees and tell me she loves me and I know she will always be my little girl, my first little girl and the poor child who had to experience my first attempts at parenthood. I think I might be indebted to her for the next few decades for that process. :) We are fortunate though, for those moments and I adore her.

jennifer 5 years ago

I love this idea! I am actually going to write all my kids a hand written letter this weekend! When i had my final baby i had a extreme high risk delivery and knew it was risky and i started to write goodbye letters to my kids (age range of 21 to 1) but i could not get past the first paragraph before the paper was drenched in my tears! Thanks for the terrific idea!

Gigi 5 years ago

I love that you wrote this. It was beautiful.

Practicing Mama 5 years ago

Love this–it is a sassier mommy version of the children’s book “You Are All My Favorites” which was one of the best gifts I received after the birth of my third child.

Farah 5 years ago

I really love reading your letters! I actually tell each of my kids that they are my favorite, and of course that they should keep it a secret! LOL

The truth is that I was blessed with such uniquely-minded children that I can find something about them that I absolutely love that the others don’t possess. They are all so different and they enrich my life so much.

I started a blog a week or so ago so that I can talk about mothering a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, but I couldn’t quite figure out how or what to write. Thank you for inspiring me to finally see what my blog should be about…

I just recently found you, but I will definiitely follow you from now on. GREAT JOB!

audrey @seemamarun 5 years ago

I absolutely love this post!

daisie 5 years ago

An absolutely brilliant post, all mothers see where you’re coming from and propbably couldn’t have put it so well. xxx

Mommy on the Spot 5 years ago

Such a sweet post!

Love that you made it totally even, too!

MargaretZ 5 years ago

okay – I’m crying. no fair.

amber 5 years ago

I only have one, though I want another, and I often catch myself thinking, “but how could I possibly ever love another child as much as I love her?” It’s good to know it’s possible to find a way.

Tara R. 5 years ago

I have one daughter, one son… I am always telling them ‘you’re my favorite girl’ or ‘favorite boy.’

You should make copies of these letters, and frame them for each of your kids. Such lovely, heartfelt expressions of devotion.

Jen 5 years ago

This post was awesome!

Peaches 5 years ago

Beautiful post!! I adore it. You are my absolute favorite.

Sunday 5 years ago

That was absolutely beautiful. I love how the first and last sentence were the same for each and that they even got an equal number of words.

Your kids are blessed to have such a great Mommy…I don’t think you’re scary at all! 😀

lydia 5 years ago

Love this! I totally lol’ed about the same number of words….my four count how many chips, fries, beans, etc. that the other has on their plate. So, I know how important cries of “it’s not fair!” are in a family with multiple children.

Jennifer 5 years ago

And this is what makes you awesome. I love it.

Wendy 5 years ago

Very very sweet. I may have to do this too :)

Julie 5 years ago

I love my kids differently. I had moments of fear when my youngest was a baby that he would get favored, b/c he was so loving all the time, and the other was 4 at the time and driving me CRAZY. But they are two different kids, one of them requires more physical attention, while the other one wants quality time. I definitely go through times where I’d rather be with one than the other, and right now w/ the older one in school, life is SO MUCH CALMER than having them both here all the time.

I dont’ really know if that says anything about favoring or not, I guess it’s safe to say, like you said Jill, they shake things up a lot!

Justine 5 years ago

Precious post! I only have one now but can’t wait to have another to see and love the similarities and differences between the kids. And love them all equally. Unequivocally.

Julie 5 years ago

Sweet sweet post! If you get any hate on this, well then the world is S.O.L.

jodifur 5 years ago

My mom still adds up hanukkah receipts between me and my sister to make sure she spent EXACTLY the same amount. That is what this post reminded me of.

Victoria 5 years ago

So sweet. They’ll treasure this when they get older.

Minnesota Mamaleh 5 years ago

tears *streaming* down my face. literally. who knew you could make me sappy?! this was beautiful, jill. truly.

Pres. Kathy 5 years ago

I absolutely love this!

Mardi 5 years ago

Love it!! So sweet:)

Brittany at Mommy Words 5 years ago

Wow this is precious and I am so with you – they are all my favorites for so many reasons. Right now though – Miles makes me exuberantly happy every day and he sounds so mch like Evan it is CRAZY. He rarely knows what he is repeating but he does it anyway and laughs so much and yes, he takes my face in his hands when he kisses me.

Your kids are all so lucky to have you as their mommy!

Yuliya 5 years ago

I’m a little sad the furry babies got no love, what if Lucky reads the blog? Tsk Tsk!

Lovely job, made me tear up.

naomi 5 years ago

mmm – sweet!! Add me to the list of “yep, going to copy that one” … and I agree too on the every year thing. I was writing a letter to each kiddo on their birthday, but I like this idea too!

Darling kiddos (“the smell of your neck” – yep, I’ve got one of those too!)

Lolli 5 years ago

Love this. I have a confession, though. My baby is my favorite. Most days. I think everyone knows it, too.

Katie 5 years ago

I love this post. Fantastic.

Melissa 5 years ago

So sweet. I die. Love it.

Loukia 5 years ago

This was so, so awesome, Jill! Aww, I LOVED reading this. You are such a wonderful mom and you have three amazing children. ALSO how on earth did you make it happen, to make sure each got the same amount of words? That is incredible. And so very, very good of you! Love this. xo

Lori 5 years ago

Fantastic post!!!

Liz @ Peace, Love & Guacamole 5 years ago

He “remembers being born”–that is awesome!

I loved this whole post, but the last part about the even number of words is pure genius! (And omg, so so necessary.)

Carrie 5 years ago

Amazing. They are really lucky children to have you as their mom!

Jacki 5 years ago

So glad to see that my son is not the only humming fool when he eats. Love this post, such a wonderful thing the the kids to read when they get older.

Candice 5 years ago

So brilliant. I would’ve been the child who counted the words to see who got the most. I need to remember to do this when/if I have more than one.

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

You are not alone- I know plenty of moms who feel the same way. And, I do feel like I favor a certain child or two, but it’s really whoever I see as being the weakest or neediest at any certain point. And whoever is driving me the least insane. Fortunately, they seem to shake things up quite a bit.

DC Urban Dad 5 years ago

I think Evan got an extra letter.

mecarol 5 years ago

Love this! For a minute I really thought you were picking one and I got all jiggledy inside worrying about your kids. Phew. I always say, “You’re my favorite 5-(or 6-) year-old.” That seems to make things even.

Lin 5 years ago

Aw, I love this!

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

So true about writing it every year– I’ll have to do that. And I love that about your mom.

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

Oh, I bet you say that to all the bloggers you read. 😛

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

If you should have more than one, you’ll see. There was no other way. :)

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

I totally blame the hormones. What have you become??

Scary Mommy 5 years ago

It was in birth order- simply factual- there’s no arguing that. :)

Zarah 5 years ago

Beautiful. Don’t mind admitting that I wish I’d written it. The ‘same number of words’ made me laugh because, at some point, they may actually count them. I once caught my lot counting beans and declaring that one had SOOOO many more than the others, lol.

Rae 5 years ago

Oh the tears! You melt my heart. You should frame each of these for them. SOOO Beautiful!

nic @mybottlesup 5 years ago

oohhhh i love this!!!!!!!!!

Kameron 5 years ago

That is such a sweet post. How funny that they all got the same number of words. That way they know it is fair!! ha!

Rebecca 5 years ago

I love how they had to get the same amount of words per kid…you’re a sick woman and I kind of love it!!!

From Belgium 5 years ago


Raquel 5 years ago

Although its not the “politically correct” thing to say. I have a favorite. One favorite, well two of the four. I love them all but two of them just make my life bliss while the other two hold the job of undoing the bliss. So when I saw the title I thought “yeah!, another mom being honest about favoring one kid over the other” But then I read it and yup, I’m still alone on this. It’s okay though you have inspired me to write similar letters to my children. And to be fair I will start with my least favorite. Let me say again, I LOVE them all but whew a couple of them, particularly one drives me insane. I am certain he is here to challenge my mothering techniques. I’m working on it.

Allison @ Motherhood, WTF? 5 years ago

So sweet! My mom used to tell us we were each her favorite. She’d say “you’re my favorite, but don’t tell your sister.” We both knew she said it to both of us, but we still both secretly believed she loved us best. How could she not?

This is a great blog post. I feel like we should all write something like this each year, since the kids change so much.

Christine 5 years ago

That was wonderful…

Dana 5 years ago

this is darling.

Lynn from For Love or Funny 5 years ago

Jill, I just want you to know that I love you the most. You are my absolute favorite blogger! :)

Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year 5 years ago

The exact same number of words? How did you accomplish that? Hell, you can tell I still only have one, I would have never even thought about the number of words.

Very sweet, by the way. :)

Cindy S 5 years ago

Beautiful! I want to copy and do it to my kids. Nice job.

Francesca 5 years ago

The baby must be making me hormonal.

I am sitting here, in the dark, before 5 am, crying over this post.


(Know that if I could bold the word love in red font, I would.)

Danielle 5 years ago

This is so entirely sweet. Love how you made it the exact number of words for each, great touch. We take so much time telling how unbelievable crazy they make us, it’s nice to hear the sweet stuff too.

Kara 5 years ago

Love this- so sweet. I may have to write letters to my kids like this. :)

Jana @ Attitude Adjustment 5 years ago

In the future, I hope Lily doesn’t harp on the fact that she got written about first, though. You could always justify it by saying she’s the only girl–“ladies first,” and all that. :)