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Here Comes The (Movie) Bride! Every Time Jennifer Lopez Wore A Wedding Dress Onscreen

We love J.Lo in wedding white.

When Jennifer Lopez shared that she and Ben Affleck got hitched, she also revealed she wore an “old movie wedding dress.” This promptly set the internet ablaze in a mad search for the referenced flick. And although that movie has yet to be named, these classic Jennifer Lopez wedding dresses from her films are arguably just as dreamy as the one she wore to marry Ben.

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Jersey Girl | 2004

Jennifer Lopez plays Gertrude in her sweetest movie with now-husband Ben Affleck, who plays Ollie. Their dreamy relationship is cut short when Gertrude dies during childbirth, so he must learn to take care of their daughter through his trauma.


Monster-In-Law | 2005

JLo plays Charlie, who falls in love with a rich man with an unhinged mother. As they gear up for their wedding, Viola (played by Jane Fonda) terrorizes Charlie and tries to sabotage the wedding. It shows the hilarious relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law, and there’s even a slap scene.


The Wedding Planner | 2001

Jennifer Lopez plays Mary Fiore, a wedding planner who falls in love with a groom-to-be, played by Matthew McConaughey. It's a cute rom-com about following your heart, no matter what — including if your soulmate is already engaged.

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Enough | 2005

Just a heads up, this is not a rom-com. Lopez plays Slim, a woman who falls in love with an abusive man who endangers the lives of her and her daughter. To protect her family, she creates a plan to get rid of him once and for all.

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Marry Me | 2022

Jennifer plays Katarina, a megastar who learns just seconds before getting married in front of a global audience that her celebrity fiance has been unfaithful. She then takes a chance on love and goes out with an ordinary guy, played by Owen Wilson. He brings her down to earth and shows her what true love is.

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El Cantante | 2006

J.Lo plays Puchi, Puerto Rican singer Hector Lavoe's wife. Not only was he the pioneer of salsa music, but Lavoe is also played by Lopez's ex-husband, Marc Anthony. The film tells the story of Lavoe’s rise to fame and struggles with drug addiction.

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Shotgun Wedding | 2022

A couple's destination wedding takes a turn for the worse when criminals hijack it. While they work together to save their families, they fall in love with each other all over again.

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