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Need Some Royal Treatment After This Week? Rule The Weekend With These 10 Royal Movies

Embark on a regal escape in honor of the late, great QE2.

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Although these royal movies don’t hold a candle to the late Queen Elizabeth II’s grace and prestige, they can be of great comfort as the world mourns a true icon. So here are 10 flicks filled with regal fairytales and magic in honor of Her Majesty.

Netflix, Motion Picture Corporation of America

Ever After: A Cinderella Story | 1998

Cinderella stories are always a great choice, and Drew Barrymore shines in this live-action retelling. Barrymore's Cinderella is tough as nails, and there's more depth to her love story, making you fall in love and root for the characters even more.

Twentieth Century Fox/Twentieth Century Fox Film Company

The Royal Treatment | 2022

Izzy is a down-to-earth hairdresser who travels from New York City to be a prince’s personal stylist for his upcoming wedding. As they spend more time together, they fall in love, which complicates things for his royal family.

Calabrian Rhode Productions, Focus Features International, Netflix

Marie Antoinette | 2006

Marie Antoinette definitely has one of the more interesting royal stories, and in this flick, Kirsten Dunst embodies the French queen from her marriage to Louis XVI at 14 to her rule as queen at 19. With a few cinematic liberties, this film brings history to life in a captivating way.

Columbia Pictures, Pricel, Tohokushinsha Film Corporation

Cinderella | 1950

Cinderella lives with her evil stepmother and sisters, but with the help of her fairy godmother, she sneaks away to the prince’s ball, where they fall in love. But due to a strict magical curfew and poor communication, they become separated, which kicks off a kingdom-wide search for true love.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Princess Diaries | 2001

Mia is a regular teenage girl, but her world is turned upside down when her grandmother, the queen of Genovia, announces that she’s a princess. An awkward and insecure Mia must suddenly learn to embody the grace and elegance of royalty while she tries to find her true self.

Walt Disney Pictures, BrownHouse Productions

The Prince and Me | 2004

A goal-driven college student meets a playboy prince, and although sparks fly, maintaining a relationship with a royal is far from easy. They ultimately bring out the best in each other, and, together learn just how strong love can be.

Lions Gate Films, Sobini Films, Epsilon Motion Pictures, Paramount Pictures

The Princess Switch | 2018

After a Chicago baker and a duchess bump into each other, they learn they look exactly alike and use the opportunity to take a break from their everyday lives. It’s the ultimate switcheroo filled with hilarity as the girls try to fit into the other’s life without being exposed.

Netflix, Motion Picture Corporation of America

The King and I | 1999

A British widow takes a job as a live-in governess and schoolteacher to the King of Siam's children. Along the way, they learn just how different they are and that merging their worlds and customs may be just what the kids need.

Morgan Creek Entertainment, Rankin/Bass Productions

The King’s Speech | 2010

This film follows the journey of King George VI, who struggled with stammering. In 1936, when he was called to take the throne, he fought to overcome his speech impediment with the help of his speech therapist.

The Weinstein Company, UK Film Council, Momentum Pictures

Roman Holiday | 1953

Starlet Audrey Hepburn plays a sheltered princess who breaks free from her chaperones. Throughout her adventure of freedom, she meets an American newsman in Rome and falls in love. This film is bursting with old Hollywood glam and romance that’ll capture your heart.

Paramount Pictures, Paramount British Pictures

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