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10 Shows Like The Crown That Explore The Intrigue (& Style) Of Monarchies

The perfect watch list until The Crown returns this November!

Sophie Mutevelia/Netflix

With the recent passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the world has once again become riveted by royal lineage. And with monarchies so fascinating in real life, it’s not surprising that so many shows (like The Crown) have been created to explore them in fiction — in some cases, very thinly veiled fiction! The following 10 series are prime examples.

Alex Bailey/Netflix

The White Princess | 2017

This series is based on the story of Elizabeth of York, the White Queen's daughter. It follows her interesting marriage to Henry VII.

Angus Young/Starz Entertainment

Victoria | 2016 — 2019

If Queen Victoria is more your speed, dive into her journey to the throne at 18. There is also a bit of romance in her story with her husband, Prince Albert.

Mammoth Screen, PBS Masterpiece

The Spanish Princess | 2019—2020

This historical drama tells the tale of the Spanish Princess Catherine of Aragon. Her journey is far from easy as she tries to find her footing during her ascent to power.

Nick Briggs/Starz Entertainment

The Great | 2020—

The Great takes on a comedic interpretation of royal history and is definitely worth the binge. After a royal woman marries an emperor in 18th century Russia, she struggles to balance being a good leader and her own happiness.

Thruline Entertainment, Echo Lake Entertainment

The Tudors | 2007—2010

It's safe to say one of the more interesting parts of King Henry VIII’s reign was his marriages. So if you're just as fascinated by his relationships as the rest of the world, this dramatic series is for you.

Peace Arch Entertainment Group, Showtime Networks

Elizabeth I | 2005

This mini-series may not have as many seasons as The Crown, but it’s filled with solid historical storytelling. It's a slow burner that follows the exciting life of Queen Elizabeth I and her reign.

HBO Films, Channel 4 Television Corporation

The White Queen | 2013

This dramatic series is about a fight for the throne between three determined women with their eyes on the crown. The show takes place in 15th century England, where these women duke it out by using political and social warfare.

BBC Drama Productions

Reign | 2013—2017

This saucy retelling of the story of Mary, Queen of Scots, is filled with political drama and sexual tension, which she tries to navigate before the eyes of the French court.

CBS Television Studios, World 2000 Entertainment

Becoming Elizabeth | 2022—

Elizabeth Tudor is an orphaned teen who adds a new meaning to the rags-to-riches narrative. As she pushes through the political tension of the English court, she devises a plan to grab the crown.

Nick Briggs/Starz Entertainment

Medici | 2016—2019

Even the de Medici clan had family drama. Set in 15th century Florence, Cosimo de Medici must take on his late father's bank dynasty and assume tremendous responsibility to keep his family’s legacy alive.

Big Light Productions, Lux Vide Produzione

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