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10 Shows Like The White Lotus, Because “Dark Posh” Is A Vibe

TFW you need a new obsession because you’re waiting for the return of your current obsession.


There’s so much to enjoy about The White Lotus, from run-and-gun action to the mystery, romance, and obscenely gorgeous settings. What’s not to love? The wait until Season 3. Hopefully, one or some of these shows like White Lotus will fill your time.


The Resort

When two newlyweds head to another lush resort setting, they’re soon caught up in solving a puzzling mystery. It’s gorgeous, thrilling, and stars two familiar faces — William Jackson Harper (The Good Place) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother).


Only Murders In The Building

Featuring more rich people in fancy settings, this “murder mystery” is set in an upscale New York apartment building. The show follows three unlikely neighbors-turned-“friends” starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short.



Maya Rudolph plays a recently divorced millionaire with more money and more time than she knows what to do with. When she decides to “reconnect” with her charity and take a more hands-on approach, a world of self-discovery awaits.

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Why Women Kill

Sex, drama, murder... WWK has it all. Spanning multiple decades and packed with phenomenal leading ladies, the dramedy follows the lives of housewives who have been led to commit murder in the name of love and revenge.


Summer House

This may be a “reality” show, but there’s nothing real about it. Summer House follows a handful of gorgeous, rich New Yorkers who spend every weekend of the summer in Montauk, New York, taking up space in a gorgeous beach house. Think Jersey Shore meets Gossip Girl.


And Just Like That

You can’t continue the spiral into indulgent elitist dribble without touching base on the gals from Sex in the City. This reboot features three of the four original cast members and comes with its fair share of sex, extravagance, and death.



When a group of three best friends experiences the death of their fourth, they each make drastic changes in their lives as they grapple with grief. Starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Eliza Coupe, this dramedy is the perfect blend of tear-jerking moments and the cause of quiet snickers.


Bad Sisters

This one has flown under the radar long enough. After the untimely death of both their parents, a group of sisters promises loyalty and protection by any means possible. And “by any means” can get a bit sketchy. Part family drama, part thriller, and absolutely a love letter to the bonds of sisters.

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Dead To Me

Death, mystery, and unlikely friendship hold this show together. Mix in some witty dialogue and the likes of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, and you’ve got a recipe for true entertainment.



Back to the lush resort settings we go! Acapulco follows a young, wanted Mexican man who lands his dream job in a fancy resort hotel. Except you’ve seen White Lotus, and the job is anything but glamorous.

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