Deirdre Kaye

Deirdre is a writer/journalist and mother to one very smart, sweet deviled egg. She’s written SEO content for ScaryMommy since 2019. During her time here, she’s covered just about any topic you can imagine. Her favorite beats are entertainment, travel, and parenting.

While finishing her journalism degree from the University of Cincinnati, Deirdre stumbled upon an interesting way to pass time: Chasing bands around the world. This helped her to nab a job as a music intern at her local alternative newspaper, CityBeat. A decade later, she still enjoys writing for the paper, covering live music and sharing her favorite restaurants with the community. Her work at CityBeat also parlayed into a job as the TV Editor at SheKnows. While there, she attended and covered numerous comic cons, award shows, and television premieres.

These days Deirdre works from home and balances her freelance writing career with her in-kitchen musical comedy routine. If you haven’t heard her operatic rendition of Blippi’s, “The Excavator Song,” count yourself lucky. She enjoys taking three months to finish a book, planning all the tiny details of road trips she’ll never take, and painting the walls of her Craftsman Bungalow with a two-inch brush because, “rollers waste so much paint.” Speaking of her bungalow, Deirdre can usually be found handwashing dishes in her dishwasher-less kitchen. If you enjoy her writing, for the love of God, send paper plates.

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