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‘And Just Like That...’ We Have Another Season Of The ‘Sex And The City’ Spinoff

HBO Max confirmed the return of their most popular original series, along with the return of the series’ iconic cast.

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And Just Like That... a second season of the Sex and the City revival on HBOMax has is set! The thre...
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Looks like we aren’t done catching up with the ladies of Sex and the City. On Tuesday, HBO Max announced that they renewed the SATC revival, And Just Like That.. for a second season. Is it too early for a round of celebration cosmos?

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis are set to return as their respective, iconic characters — Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, and Charlotte York Goldenblatt — as they navigate life, love, and career as more established adults in New York City.

"I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters — played by these powerful, amazing actors," executive producer Michael Patrick King said in a statement. "The fact is, we're all thrilled. And Just like That… our Sex life is back."

Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content at HBO Max, said that they are "delighted by the cultural conversation generated by these characters and their stories, set in a world we already know and love so much."

"We are proud of the work Michael Patrick King and our wonderful writers, producers, cast and crew have done to bring these stories to the screen," Aubrey added. "We can't wait for fans to see what's in store for season 2!"

Fans have been waiting eagerly to learn whether or not the series would continue after the first season’s last episode aired on February 3. The 10-episode first season takes place two decades after the series finale of Sex and the City.

For HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys, Season 2 was always "certainly a conversation." His confidence in the show's continuous success was palpable well before its renewal.

"I’m going to leave it up to these guys to figure out what they want to do, but I’m very happy with what they’ve done," he told Vulture in a 2021 interview. "I will tell you; it’s kind of what you want in a show like this. It really does feel like you’re picking up with old friends and haven’t missed a beat."

The show’s latter episodes definitely leave room for interesting Season 2 plots. For example, is this the last we’ve heard of Stafford Blatch, who left New York for Japan?

"People live in different places," King told Deadline. "It's not something we've even discussed at this point because it's so sad. We had 10 full, authentic, hilarious episodes for Stanford. Those just went away, and there's nothing really juicy about a real death, fictional death you can build around. Everybody knows Willie is gone, so there's no real trick that we would try to pull to make that non-reality. We can't bring Willie back, so I don't think we would even attempt to bring Stanford back because that's a lot."

The first episode had fans losing it with a shocking loss of a character, who will remain unnamed here, just in case you still haven’t gotten on the AJLT train and want to avoid spoilers. We got Charlotte’s iconic tampon tutorial for Lily in one episode, and the final episode opened up a host of questions, making it ripe for a second season.

The followup series is the streaming service’s most successful original series to date. When talking to Variety as the first season was wrapping up, King made it known that he wanted to continue the series.

“We did something that was hard to do, which is we took something familiar and did make it new,” King told Variety, “for better and for worse.”

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