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12 Bath & Body Works Scents For When You Desperately Need A Beach Day

A different (but better) dose of vitamin sea awaits!

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With B&BW fragrances like Beach Weather, Sea Island Shore, and Summer Boardwalk, every day can feel like a beach day this summer — no sandcastle toys required. Upgrade to a new signature beach-inspired scent with the summery aromas ahead.

Bath & Body Works

Summer Boardwalk

Only available as a three-wick candle, Summer Boardwalk features notes of caramel glazed popcorn, warm taffy apples, and salty-sweet cream. In other words, you’ll feel like you’re at a beach town fair.

Bath & Body Works

At The Beach

It doesn’t get much better than the heavenly aroma of toasted coconut, bergamot waters, and fresh blossoms. B&BW’s new beachy scent is available as a shower gel, body moisturizer, and body scrub.

Bath & Body Works

Beach Weather

Stuck at the office daydreaming about a beach getaway? Turn your room into a summery oasis with a Beach Weather scented wallflower. It features notes of sundried sandalwood, island coconut, breezy palm trees, and crashing waves.

Bath & Body Works

Tiki Beach

If coconut is your fragrance of choice, pick up a three-wick Tiki Beach candle before they’re all sold out! The coconutty paradise-themed candle smells like warm vanilla, orchids, and toasted coconut.

Bath & Body Works

Underwater Oasis

Made up of sparkling bergamot, jasmine, and blue musk, Underwater Oasis will bring the sea breeze to you — sans the sandy toes and sticky sunscreen. You can also buy the scent as a fragrance mist.

Bath & Body Works

Aloe & Palm

You can’t have a beach day without palm trees and a bottle of aloe on standby (screw you, sunburns!). If you like the smell of fresh laundry and eucalyptus, this wallflower fragrance is for you.

Bath & Body Works

Salted Grapefruit Shore

A picnic on the beach? Sounds romantic and chic… and like a lot of work. Instead, cultivate an at-home beach day with your kiddos and friends thanks to this grapefruit/huckleberry scented candle.

Bath & Body Works

Sea Island Shore

Sea Island Shore is summertime in a bottle. The scent is reminiscent of long days spent laying under the sun and sand between your toes. It’s like getting kissed by the sea! Available as a hydrating body cream or mist.

Bath & Body Works

Sunrise Marina

Described as a “fresh burst of coastal air mingling with bright beach wood,” a Sunrise Marina scented candle will transform your home into a beach cottage.

Bath & Body Works

Ocean Driftwood

If the notes in this fragrance don't wet your beach towel, you aren’t a true beachgoer: beachside oak, sea-washed mahogany, and ocean lavender. We’ll be lighting this candle all summer long.

Bath & Body Works

Coco Paradise

If you favor a more subtle, upscale coconut scent, Coco Paradise is your girl. Described as a “soothing oasis of luxury,” she smells of salted coconut monoi, sugared neroli, and bronzed sandalwood.

Fiji White Sands

When B&BW describes a scent as smelling like “the sweetest, brightest beach day ever,” you know it’s gotta be good. This fan favorite’s main notes are fresh-cut sugarcane, white nectarine, and sandalwood.

Bath & Body Works

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