It's Funny 'Cause It's True

Oldest Siblings Unite! 10 Tweets That’ll Make You Say, “Where’s The Lie?”

Facts: Firstborn kids deserve a little more credit.

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Being the oldest sibling comes with responsibility — and a few younger kids who may look up to you. It can be tricky, but where would parents (or any of us be) without them? Here are 10 tweets about being the oldest child that are both funny and frighteningly true in equal measure.


A true compliment.

Break in case of minor inconvenience.

Even older siblings need hugs.

“Unhinged” and responsible are basically synonyms.

The foundation of a true friendship.

Having a big brother can be a little brutal... LOLJK.

Your own personal super hero.

“How to Identify the Oldest Child: 101”

A title that is both earned and given.

Mean, but possibly fair.

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