How To Potty Train A Boy


Wondering how to potty train a boy? Even though your largely reluctant, borderline belligerent two-year-old is standing in his potty chair and peeing on your floor today, tomorrow (well, in seven days) he can be potty trained.

That’s right. How to potty train a boy.

Start to finish. Seven. Days.

I’m not saying it wasn’t so hard that I wanted to tie their naked little tails to the potty until they went give up; it was.  Totally.

But it wasn’t impossible and you too can be the proud owner of an, albeit reluctant, borderline belligerent, probably even slightly disgruntled, but pretty much all the way potty trained two (or three, or four?) year old boy if you do exactly as I say.

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Added bonus; no one will get hurt.

1.  Buy supplies.  Fancy potty chair…check.  Special, flushable,moist booty wiping towellettes…check.  Super fun reward for “making”…check.  Instructional materials in the form of Elmo potty books and DVDs…check.  One sexy pair of toddler sized drawers to get him in the mood… the only thing that worked for #3.

He honestly didn’t give a care about the potties or the books or even the rewards.  All he cared about was looking like an effing rock star in his big boy chonies (aka Mexican word for under shorts).

2.  Get over nudity.  Because chances are there will be a lot of it.  #3 spent most of his training time running around the house in the buff.  He liked to wear his big baller drawers, but once soiled, off they’d come leaving him to free ball it the rest of the day.  This technique actually made him more aware of the goings on in his junk, so he’d start to go and then grab it to make it stop, giving me ample time to grab him, and run his naked tail to one of the strategically located pee depots (we set up potties in various rooms to keep them within reach at all times).

3.  Bribery.  Some kids respond to the sticker charts and what not.  #1 did, #2 not so much, and #3 not at all.  Unless you count the dang Cheetos…

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Your choice on this one, but it could work, particularly at the beginning when you are just trying to coax the little baddie out of his diaper and onto the pot.  A little sit here, see what happens, don’t cry or kick Mommy in the face, and I’ll give you a sucker afterwards (even if you don’t actually produce anything).

4.  Get serious.  Mom, Dad, and every other human creature living in or making frequent trips to your potty party during the designated training period should be briefed on the get-kid-to-the-potty-quick procedures.  At Casa de Dummies, we devote one solid week to the training up of the kid.  We may have to alter our schedule to ensure that we are mostly just at home, but the mild inconvenience is totally worth it.  I haven’t changed crap pants in months, people.  MONTHS!  If that’s not incentive enough to take a week off and stay home then I don’t know what is.  Seriously, dragging it out over months is really not as effective.  The kid loses interest, you get sidetracked, and both of your wind up frustrated.  Potty training is just like every single other parenting issue ever; it’s all about consistency.  You can’t let him crap himself today and then expect him to remember that you don’t want him to crap himself tomorrow.  If you can’t devote time and effort to the battle, I say don’t start it until you can (or until your kid is about to head off to kindergarten, whichever comes first).

5.  It’s all about the preparation.  Every cloth diapering mom will tell you that one of the benefits of putting your kid in them is ease of potty training.  It is true.  But, there is hope for those of you who didn’t: DON’T USE PULL-UPS!  Use undies…

I know, Pull-Ups are convenient and they prevent you from having to follow your kid around with a bottle of carpet cleaner.  I get it.  And, when we had to leave the house, we used them too.  But, I’m telling you, if you want to get on the fast track to potty trained bliss you will go straight from diapers to underwear (the absorbent padded kind are fine) and skip the Pull-Up middle man.  Let me explain why.

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  1. Kids get sick of standing in a puddle of urine.  Even the most belligerent ones will figure out that standing in a puddle of urine at the park or the store (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen, but if it does it will be a teaching moment!) sucks, and standing in a puddle of urine at home ain’t all that fun either!
  2. Kids learn what the Pull-Up is for.  #3, evil mastermind that he is, learned this quickly.  He would pee in the Pull-Up every time I put one on him.  It was like his comfort zone because he knew I wouldn’t know that he peed them for a while and he wouldn’t care that he peed them ever.  They know Pull-Ups are for peeing.  Even the ones where they get those nasty micro beads all over their package so they “feel wet” aren’t deterrents to the most reluctant bunch.
  3. They are more expensive than diapers and like 95% less durable and absorbent.  Why would you want to pay more for something if it doesn’t suck less?

There you have it, friends. Best of luck!

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Amanda writes at, a humor, lifestyle blog written by the best mom in the world. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn. Also, she may be slightly delusional.


mark 2 months ago

Potty training can be so hard, I’ve also been there. But luckily I saw a good website and tried a 3 day method I found there. That really worked great, wish I knew of that earlier. Can really recommend it to every parent that is struggling out there!
All the best have a great day

Aslan 2 months ago

HI, Im a preschool teacher, so as you can imagine i run in to every problem possible w toilet training. One of the big issues I have is, I am not allowed to give the children a treat as a reward, the treat thing works great, but they asked me to stop. I have a sticker chart, and have moved to a dry erase board w/ smiley faces they like it they draw it themselves. If any of you moms have any advice I would love to hear it. Thanks If you are looking start potty training . This is unique method and see result in 3 days. I highly recommended this

Eden 2 months ago

HI, Im a preschool teacher, so as you can imagine i run in to every problem possible w toilet training. One of the big issues I have is, I am not allowed to give the children a treat as a reward, the treat thing works great, but they asked me to stop. I have a sticker chart, and have moved to a dry erase board w/ smiley faces they like it they draw it themselves. If any of you moms have any advice I would love to hear it. Thanks If you are looking start potty training . This is unique method and see result in 3 days. I highly recommended this

martin 2 months ago

I had so much trouble potty training for my first born son and i did lot of review for best potty training, I came across a great online guide that gave me specific methods to potty train my son, which got him completely trained in under a week! I have since used this for my other relatives also and had the same great results with him. If you looking for good potty training check this
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Jacky 8 months ago

Potty training can be so hard, I’ve also been there. But luckily I stumbled upon a website and tried a 3 day method I found there. That really worked great, wish I knew of that earlier. Can really recommend it to every parent that is struggling out there!

Matt 8 months ago

I tried this potty training method and it worked for my son.

Wasted money so many times. It worked for us! My little one just turned 19 months. He def goes poop on the potty EVERYTIME and tells us. He is too little yet to “know” when he has to pee (thats what our pedi said at his 18 month check up). We use cloth diapers and hes just getting to the point where he knows when hes wet and does not like it. I think by the end of the month he will get the hang of peeing. Today we made it out of the house for 2 hours with out a pee accident. GOOD LUCK!

Lindsey 8 months ago

I tried Lora’s 3 day method and was very dissapointed. It was basically take the diaper off for 3 days, and deal with it. I came across so many different problems and the program did not help. I ended up getting a different 3 day program and it was SO much better. It talked about EVERYTHING outings, trips, public restrooms, potty fears, stubborness everything I was basically dealing with. I HIGHLY recommend it

Megan 1 year ago

My huband and I started my son out on the pot early…around 7 months….just at bathtime. We would sit him on the pot while we got his bath ready. (The sound of water encourages the flow!) and we just kept up with that. He was two years old yesterday and is full trained except at night. However he wakes up in the middle of the night and says “Mommy, pee, change” and as soon as we change him he is back in bed. We do a sticker chart and he usually gets an m&m for going.

Niveen 1 year ago

What about nap times?

Raj 1 year ago

I am went to job..

kristina franks 1 year ago

My 2 year old will be 3 this year and he isn’t getting potty trading down what to do

Bekah 1 year ago

My 2yr old son has been potty trained for 6 months. But he has recently started to wet his bed, bed wetting has never been an issue. We have been doing everything right in the evening, no drinks of any kind past dinner time, potty before bed. He has started being very difficult about going pee before bed, he will sit on the toilet and hold his penis and say “NO pee”. What do I do?? He sleeps in a twin size bed, so when he wets it, its a whole bed chang and a lot of work. I will not put any kind of diaper on him, that would be a huge step backward.

Kesha 1 year ago

I keep getting mixed signals from everyone about how and when to potty train. My son is 3 years 2 months and we’ve struggled to find the right method. I have been told to keep encouraging him and taking him to the bathroom on a regular basis and he will learn on his own. However I have been told to make him sit there til he uses the potty no matter how long it takes with no food or drink or toys til he goes and that is the way it should be done. I feel that method is a little cruel and unproductive. I just don’t know what to do.

cristalrella 2 years ago

My little guy is 18 months and has been announcing for a couple weeks when he has to poopy – and we can tell by his face and stance if he is going. His pants are full within minutes of him announcing. Last night, we asked him if he wanted to sit on his potty when he announced it. We got on the elmo potty (pants still on), and then he wanted on the big toilet. Then I asked him if we should take his diaper off “off” he says. So i take it off – next thing you know, he is going poopy on the big toilet! got down, flushed and that was it. I don’t know that it really registered with him what had just happened . . . he can’t take his own pants on and off yet. Is it too soon? His diapers are dry about 80% of the time he wakes from overnight and naptime.

    Bekah 1 year ago

    No it is not to soon, jump on this oppertunity. As kids get older we miss our window to spotty train them, as they become independent and don’t want to do what you ask. If he is showing this much interest go for it. But be strong, you might get a day or two or three in to it and feel like its not going well and you want to stop. What worked really well for me was to keep a record of “hits” and “misses” you will see a gradual improvement every day!!!

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Jennifer 2 years ago

I guess i have the worst of worst nx j have been consistantly trying since he was 2 and absolutely no way does he care if his ubdies r wet if his pullups diapers or even his reusable semi cloth pullup is wet or pooped in we r slowly making progresa but like snail slow he is my first and i am totally out of options i guess if he wants to pee his pants until grade school he will maybe an embarrassing moment at a sleep over will nip it in the butt when he is 4 or 5 lets hope

potty training tips for pooping 2 years ago

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Margie 2 years ago

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jc 2 years ago

Try the towel potty training method.

Jackie 2 years ago

We got our twins potty trained thanks to a method we found an this site
Can really recommend it to any parent struggling out there!

Sam Walker 2 years ago

My son and I used these helpful tips at first but even after using them and many other resources we still had a hard time training my grandson. I came across this site that showed my son and I how to potty train his son within three days and it was even guaranteed. . . There were some great techniques and helpful information there that I felt compelled to share with others. We've been trying to potty train his son for the last six weeks with no luck, Googling potty training was turning up outdated techniques and some of them we believe were even harmful. Until we came across this site, that a friend of mines told me about and within three days it worked. We followed the instructions and "eureka" we found a successful formula. I just felt that others might have been in the same place me and my son were last week. So I hope this helps and good luck with your training…. O' almost forgot here's the site:

Joshua 2 years ago

My boy learnt to pee naked!!!

Joshua 2 years ago

my boy just learnt yipee now I don’t have to go to potty with him:)

Anna Nevels Powers 2 years ago

Got a 2.5 year old daycare boy and hes 100% day trained pee and poop AS LONG AS hes naked! Today makes a week and he will go 100% by himself if hes naked. How do we get bottoms on him now and keep the success? Im 100% ok with him bottomless as is mom but outside and old to play wont work . He will have to be in at least pants outside.

    Joshua 2 years ago

    My boy learnt same as yours

erin 3 years ago

My oldest will b 2 n December my youngest will be one a few days before they r both boys my oldest one watches daddy using the potty then will ask to go but when we put him on it he screams his lunges out what should we do?

Heiti 3 years ago

I wish had come across your blog before I started, so I could have a more solid plan. I did the three-day potty training with my 22 month old son this past weekend.
Day 1 was pretty good, my son was motivated to use the potty, but I still had to put him on the potty every 15-30 minutes. Day 2, I got up and was excited … but the morning was worse that Day 1! But after nap, we didn’t have any accidents! On Day 3, we had a few accidents in the morning but the afternoon was successful. Yesterday was Day 4 and it seems like he can hold his pee longer now, almost an hour!! Is this normal?

Thank you so much for posting this bog! It kept me going when I was frustrated!

I love your blog!!

    Sandy 2 years ago

    Hi Heiti,
    I just began potty training my 2 year old son. I’m in the same boat with you! Today was our 3rd day in potty lesson and it was a total miss until the evening. Yesterday wasn’t so bad and his first day-Monday surprisingly only 3 misses despite his unwillingness to cooperate. I’m hoping for a better 4th! I’m hopeful that these ups and downs will eventually come to a halt!

ABCHELY 3 years ago

Any tips for getting daycare on board? My son is at daycare 8-10 hours a day so it is imperative that our daycare provider understand our mission to potty train. How do I make sure our daycare provider is being consistent?

Molly 3 years ago

I did the sticker chart, underwear, timers, dads, books, whole 9 yards. I lasted 3 days with zero, absolute zero successes before I pulled the plug and we went back to diapers. On the 3rd day in the final 30 minutes I really thought he’d do it because he seemed motivated but after sitting for about 3 minutes he went right out to the livingroom and peed in his undies for the umpteeth time and I had to wave the white flag. At first I thought he just wasn’t sure he knew when he needed to go but on that 3rd day he knew and straight up didn’t want to go on the potty. kid is enough to make me want to drink with this potty training thing. we have books. we have an ipad ap. we have the Elmo dvd. The sticker chart got him to “try” by sitting on the potty but he’s too uptight to actually GO on the potty.2 different days he sat there voluntarily for 30 whole minutes and produced nothing. He’s 3.5 and I see no hope. I’ve been talking it up for a Monday re-try(it’s Thursday now) after a week “off” so I could grocery shop and get my sanity back. I’ve decided to invest in a shower curtain liner for him to sit his stubborn butt on in an effort to curb the puddles on the couch and maybe I can last a full 7 days and we will achieve success. The question I have is this: How many days did you have a zero success rate? I expected accidents but I thought we’d have luck at least once a day going in the potty. Is my son especially BAD at this potty idea or is this typical learning curve?

    Jennifer 2 years ago

    My son is 3.5 too and i have tried everything imaginable and still he pees im his diaper a lot m his undies cloth pullups n reg pullups i mean ge goes on yhe potty but then will also go in his pants my pediatrician said he is smart enough to know if he doesnt want to do it he doesnt hVe to do it plain n simple. Its so frustrating

Maegan 3 years ago

I have a two year old that will pee no problem but refuses to poop!! Like brings me the diaper and says I need to poop diaper Please!! I bring him to the potty grab him a book and he just can’t sit still and won’t poop. He will then hold it till he has the diaper on at night. What should I do?

Gin 3 years ago

we cloth diapered and started potty training our son at 18 months (he would tell us when he peed his diaper). Did it in 3 days… not to say we were accident free, but he knew what to do. We protected ourselves when out and about by putting a diaper over undies, so he still felt all the wetness, but without wetting his pants/floor.

Angela 3 years ago

She’s right!!!! I used the 3 day potty method with both of my kids (#1 23 mos and #2 2 1/2). no pull ups and very important – tell your kid to throw the diapers in the trash on the first morning. They see them go in and know they’re gone forever. I do cheat and use a pull up at night. But #2 wakes up to pee nearly 100% of the time. I’m too lazy & scared to take that final step. But soon!

Leah 3 years ago

This is how I trained both my kids. I was told by someone that if your child is ready he/she can be trained in a week and it is true. Everything you said is exactly what you should do. The boy, however, was a little more difficult than the girl. He sometimes preferred to whip his underwear down and pee in a corner (why he did this, I don’t know), but he still had the right idea. At least, in that commercial we see, the boy pooped in the bathtub, not a corner of the house.

Erika 3 years ago

Yup, definitely some really good pointers. Skip the Pull-ups (except at night unless you love changing sheets constantly). If your kid is resisting, back off for a month or two! Getting into a potty power struggle sucks – they start going on the floor whenever they’re peeved about something and you get frustrated from cleaning it up. Bare bums definitely speed up the process when they can see what’s going on. Also, even once they get the hang of it, they’ll probably still need reminders about going for a long while after before they’re in tune enough with their bodies to get themselves there in time every time.

JCR 3 years ago

These “I trained my kids in a week” things are really frustrating, because it doesn’t work for everyone. It really does depend on the kid. Our daughter had been accident-free at night and naptimes for quite some time, so we knew she was physically ready, but boy, we just couldn’t figure out how to make her care.

We did pretty much this same thing during 10 days of of back-to-back snowstorms when my daughter was two and a half, and although she jumped into the whole thing enthusiastically at first, with the big-girl panties and the naked time and the stickers, it took another three or four months before she was even “mostly trained”.
And it was another year before she was completely trained, with no regular accidents–and even then she’d occasionally lose focus and backslide for a week or two at a time, in particular if the school routine changed and the built-in bathroom breaks were different, or there was a substitute and she was shy about asking to go, or if she was using a strange bathroom that smelled different or something.

For a long time, though, she just couldn’t break her focus when she was in the middle of something. And if you asked her if she needed to go, the answer was ALWAYS “no”, even if there was pee running down her leg at the time! (The #1 lesson I learned: tell, don’t ask. For the first few months, it should be “it’s time to try”, not “Do you need to go?” Even at age 5 1/2, I do this before bed and before leaving the house, because if I ask, we’re inevitably scrambling for a potty as soon as we get out of the neighborhood.)

She did get the hang of things pretty quickly, but the novelty of the rewards and the praise wore off after a while. At 2 1/2, she just didn’t get the delayed-gratification thing, and she was more focused on playing than on whatever reward she’d get if she went potty. We tried setting timers to remind her to take a break and try, which worked for a while–especially since she could set them and turn them off herself–but we couldn’t keep that up forever.

We had our first wave of success by making it “her responsibility”. Once she got the hang of things, we told her we could see that she was a big girl now, and it was her responsibility to take care of her body. If she had an accident, she had to clean it up, rinse and hang up her clothes, etc. (with our discreet help, of course). Not as a punishment–there was no humiliation or punitive sense about it–but as a natural consequence. (And we certainly didn’t do this until we were sure that she had the physical ability to know when she needed to go and to hold it until she got there.)
And since an accident meant that whatever she was playing with was too exciting for her to remember to go potty, the legos or dollhouse or whatever had to be put away for the rest of the day. Again, not as a punishment, but as a natural consequence.
We then subtly reminded her by periodically making a big deal about how we weren’t going to be reminding her any more–especially when we could see the wiggle start up! This really worked better than anything, once she’d gotten the hang of the physical part.

Once we realized that being accident-free wasn’t as important to her as continuing what she was doing, we also started promising to watch her toys, or letting her bring a doll or figurine to set on the sink so that she felt like she was still playing–anything to allow her to go without feeling like she was taking some huge break from what she was doing. It worked better to make less of a big deal that to have the big hoopla every time.

But I think it’s important for parents to realize that the potty-training “boot camp” approach doesn’t work for every kid. Once the promised week passes and the child is still having accidents regularly, it’s so easy to get frustrated with them, which doesn’t help the process at all.
The best tools are an abundant supply of patience and an acknowledgement of who your kid is and what’s important to them (in my daughter’s case, independence and the ability to keep playing when she was focused on something).

    dumb mom 3 years ago

    Totally true. This won’t work for every child. The best thing I did was wait until my boys were ready. They began at different ages because each of them was different. But, consistency is an important part of every parenting method and that’s what was really important for us. Once we got them to the point that we knew they were developmentally ready for the journey. I didn’t PLAN to get them potty trained in 7 days, it just worked out that at the end of the week, they all were.

Misty 3 years ago

I have 5 children. That’s right, I’m medicated now. The youngest of the minions are 3 year old twins. One boy and one girl. Guess which one is fully potty trained and which one isn’t. That’s right, the baby man, the only winkie in the house besides daddy. I am totally convinced that I will be sending him to college in Depends!! We have tried EVERYTHING!! Put him in the big boy undies. Yep, puddles. He doesn’t care. He will walk around all day in those things no giving a hoot that he just sat on my sofa and left a huge wet spot!! Gotta poop son? Nope mom thanks, but I took care of that in the laundry room and don’t care that I’m walking around with a big ‘ole lump in my drawers! ARRGGGHH!! SOOOO, now that I have read this, I have new ideas. We will see what happens in 7 days! Thanks so much!!

    cortney 2 years ago

    haha sounds EXACTLY like my son. wet underwear does not bother him one bit! so frustrating one day he was playing and i asked him if he wanted to go potty he said no and i felt his underwear and they were soaked, so it was time for find the pee puddle game haha.

jodi 3 years ago

My daughter turned the in august. We have the pee on the potty thing down solid. She even toilets herself. She has never pooped on the potty though. She will hold it, sometimes I think for days, and sneak off and go in her pants when the opportunity arises. She’s number four for me.

    Misty 3 years ago

    Potty training my 4 girls was so very easy. My 7 year old however, refused to poop in the potty! She was absolutely TERRIFIED!! How did we get her to start? MONEY!! Waved it in her face and told her if she went poop in the potty she could have it and buy whatever she wanted. Worked like a charm! Good luck honey!

Deb 3 years ago

This is wonderful advice, I would like to try it, but if I have to spend an entire week, 24hrs, 7 days..with my overly dramatic, bullheaded, loud, crazy, into EVERYTHING, did I say crazy….2.5 yr. old daughter I just might jump off that bridge I keep looking for! lol

Brad @ Mr. Write Away 3 years ago

The wife and I are about to embark on the potty training adventure… Your advice is better than locking them in the bathroom until they make it happen. Of course we would never do that. We just heard it works. We wouldn’t do that though. Nope.

Thanks for sharing!

Autumn 3 years ago

I trained my littlest one when he turned four. He would have nothing to do with it till then. I took all the diapers away and i put underwear and a plastic cloth diaper cover over it(to “catch” the majority of it.) Took him a week and he has had no accident since. Good Luck moms.

Falon 3 years ago

I completely agree with this!!! 2 of my boys potty trained this way and it was so easy and so quick! And cleaning up a few pee spots on the carpet is cake compared to potty training for months!

Jessica McFadden – A Parent in America 3 years ago

Bookmarking, printing, tatooing this to my ass. I love it so much and will be doing this once Alice is two!

workout mommy 3 years ago

awww crap. (Literally) I have to start/do this asap! Thanks for the nudge that I needed! :)

Mama Melch 3 years ago

Amanda is a genius, and I love her soo much. Amanda: I’m trying this, documenting it all, and calling you if it doesn’t work.

lesbomom 3 years ago

I thought I recognized that little handsome dude on the SM FB page. :) Hey there!!!! I am definitely a lover of the cloth diapers as Munchkin was in them and then potty trained relatively easily (THANKYOUBABYJESUS!!), but this sounds like a GREAT guide for the others out there….take the week off and GET ‘ER (or “IM) DONE!!!

Lauren 3 years ago

Man I wish I’d read this last week when I was home with ds for Xmas vacation :/

Megan 3 years ago

Both my son and daughter pee on the potty. My daughter is trying to make it when she has to do #2 but my son waits until I put his night time diaper on. He has gotten so sneaky lately that he has been stealing them and putting them on himself. He’s going to be 4 next month and he could give a shit (pun intended)less if he’s sitting in poop. UGH!!!!!!

    Jenny 3 years ago

    My son is almost 3 1/2 and has no desire at all to use the potty. He could sit in a soggy crappy diaper all day! I already decided to try underwear next weekend since we will be home and go for it! He doesn’t like his pants wet from jumping in a puddle, so hopefully this works! I am glad I read this! We’ve tried everything to playing videos on the potty, to M&M’s, to money…NOTHING!

      irenebv 1 year ago

      My son just turned 3 and daycare is about to kick us out! We are pressure to potty train. He has no desire to pee on the potty and we are stressed out of our minds. We both work and can’t afford to take days off. So unfair!!! We are doing all we Can.

    Paula 11 months ago

    My son is the same way it feels so hopeless.

Heather Buen 3 years ago

I will start potty training this weekend.

    Sara 1 year ago

    Heather, How did things go since you started potty training? I just start also, its been a stuggler. Found some decent tips and free stuff over at its worth a look. I have been using the charts and videos, seems to be helping a bit.

Heather 3 years ago

This seems more geared toward boys. What about little girls?

    dumb mom 3 years ago

    TOTALLY geared toward boys. Because that’s all I have. 3 sons. No daughters. No idea what to do with a little girl in any arena really. Sorry:(

    Nickie 3 years ago

    I potty trained both my boys and girls this way. It really only took one week for all 4 of my kids!

    melinda 1 year ago

    The 3 day start Potty training program is AWESOME. There is a section for boys and girls, younger kids, older. Kids that are afraid of the potty and SOOOOO much more. I got Lora Jenson’s 3 day program and was so disappointed, this one talks about EVERYTHING:travels, outings, public restrooms, night training, and has tricks for just about every trouble I ran into. Highly recommend it

Kris 3 years ago

any hints for nighttime potty training though?

    anne k 3 years ago

    i’d love some hints for overnights too. my soon to be 3yo girl has been in big girl pants for 3 months, no accidents or issues during the day. but at night, it’s a totally different story. she goes potty before bed, nothing to drink for 1.5 hours before bed, doesn’t matter, 5 days out of the week she wakes up wet… so now she wears overnight pants, which are so expensive!

      Laury 11 months ago

      Night time accidents can be due to your child’s body totally relaxing while she sleeps, causing the muscles holding her urine to release. She will need to learn while sleeping to not totally relax. It can be a physical maturation for her body to learn. If she is not dry most nights she may not be ready yet, not her fault or yours, nor is it a matter of when she drinks. If she needs to use diapers for a while longer let her. It is normal for some kids to have accidents at night until 7 years or older. Talk to her doctor about when it may become concerning, or if it becomes a social issue for her. For older kids see if they still make “wee alerts” or “pee alarms” I wouldn’t use one for her age, but the pad is placed on their bed and the second it gets wet it sounds an alarm, waking her and you. You will take her to the bathroom and wash her face, dry the mat and put on dry sheets. This teaches her body that when she relaxes to the point of releasing her urine to tense up and eventually tense before she relaxes. Takes about a week or two of being dry at night. It cost me $50 twenty years ago but worth it. Again, I do not recommend it for someone so young, talk to your doctor first.

      Baby 1 year ago

      This link was absolutely worthless. Thanks for advertising your crappy blog on this post (which, in contrast, is useful).

Melissa 3 years ago

Ugh, I’ve been avoiding this subject like the plague! Mostly b/c hubby works away from home & is gone 6weeks at a time leaving me to handle this solo (live every other bloody parenting thing). I will do as you suggest and devote an entire week to getting this kid trained. Wish me luck!

    Keely 3 years ago

    In the same boat over here! Good luck to you (and me, too!)

    Raj 1 year ago

    plz hlp me i am wet to job…

      Carolina 1 year ago

      I used the 3 day potty potty training program. HIGHLY recommend it. You will have a potty trained child without worrying if you are doing it right. It is all laid out step by step. Here’s the one I used AMAZING

        Sarah 11 months ago

        Thanks for recommending this Carolina. I was skeptical because of the cheesy video. BUT this really worked! As a matter of fact it’s been a whole week with no accidents. And my daughter really did get the hang of it in 3 days, well about 5 for poop. But still we were trying for weeks on our own and couldn’t get her to do it. And I love the “bumps in the road section” this was a lifesaver, and probably the reason we were so successful. Thanks again. Everyone should know about this!


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