Baby Boy Names: Simple Yet Classic One Syllable Boy Names

Simple One-Syllable Boy Names

Dominick! Jefferson! Forester! They’re all great boy names, but they’re long. And on this list, long just doesn’t cut it. Because this list is all about one syllable boy names: perfect for middle names, or when you just want to give your little guy a simple, streamlined moniker.

Maybe you have a long last name and need to balance things out. Maybe you need a short middle name to go with that lengthy first name you love. Or you want something to rhyme with your last name. Or maybe you just like to keep things as pared-down as possible. Whatever it is, you’re not alone in that search of yours. According to the most recent search data available, one-syllable boy names are searched for nearly 12,100 times per month. We’ve rounded up classic, cool, and even unique one-syllable names for your tot that will grow well from the playground to the boardroom. More importantly, it’s not a name you’ll tire of saying, or even yelling across the room. “Knox, put that down! Kit, stop poking your sister! Ben, we don’t pee there!” all have such a good ring to them.

While the names share the one syllable bit, their origins are as diverse as the United Nations. Greek, Hebrew, African, Chinese, Indian, and Irish just to name a few. Some are even dueling for the most popular boy names in preschools across the country.

Either way, these cute, uncomplicated one-syllable boy names have you covered. Whether it’s a classic like Ben, Abe, or Chang, or cooler names like Ace, Reign, or Slade, this is the list to keep mulling over as you lock down your baby boy’s name.

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