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12 ‘80s Movies Like Stranger Things To Bond Over With Your Hawkins-Obsessed Teen

Secret governments, experiments gone awry, and kids who save the day? We got you.

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Stranger Things is basically E.T. on steroids. From the schweet fashion to the righteous music, it’s safe to say we’re all “running up that hill” to satisfy our ‘80s cravings. Binge-watching these ‘80s movies like Stranger Things is also the perfect way to connect with your kids and feed their appetite for this bitchin’ decade.

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The Goonies | 1985

The Goonies is filled with controversial characters, but at its core, it’s a film about a group of scrappy kids who embark on an epic treasure hunt to save their town. It’s filled with teen romance and friendship, and has a kids-can-do-anything vibe that’s a lot like Stranger Things.

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The Breakfast Club | 1985

Are you missing the ‘80s fashion from Stranger Things? The Breakfast Club is not only a killer display of style, but it also has a modest storyline with great depth. A group of teens from different cliques (not unlike ST) bond during detention.

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Beetlejuice | 1988

The ghosts of a recently deceased couple hire Beetlejuice, a strange spirit, to help them scare away a new family that has moved into their home. The new family’s daughter is played by Winona Ryder (aka Joyce Byers), who unwittingly becomes part of Beetlejuice's elaborate plan to rejoin the land of the living.

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E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial | 1982

A lost alien crashes on earth, and with the help of a little boy and his family, they work to get E.T. home. It has the perfect amount of sci-fi which is expertly leveled by a cast of kids who save the day while battling a secret government.

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Say Anything | 1989

Think about it: Diana and Lloyd’s relationship is a lot like Eleven and Mike’s — a super-smart but socially awkward girl meets a charming loner who gives her a carefree experience she never knew existed. The pair eventually fall in love, but their individual plans and her father (cough, Hopper) threaten to tear them apart.

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Stand By Me | 1986

A group of 12-year-old boys go in search of a dead body one summer, but they run into a world of danger that sees them growing up far faster than they could have expected. Sound familiar? And, like Stranger Things, this classic was chock full of an all-star young Hollywood cast.

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The Lost Boys | 1987

When brothers Michael and Sam move to Santa Clara with their mom, they soon realize the town has a sinister presence. It’s not demogorgons, but close — demonic teenage vampires. And the soundtrack? So ‘80s.

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The Monster Squad | 1987

When a group of monsters threatens their hometown, five preteens band together to fight off the bad entities and save the day. I mean, c’mon... you can’t get much closer to the saga of Hawkins than that. Besides, the one-liners alone make this worth watching.

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The Legend of Billie Jean | 1985

Teens today have Elle, Max, Nancy, and Erica. Teens in the ‘80s had Billie Jean, Ophelia, and Putter. Badass young women railing against injustices and evil forces. Could you ask for anything more?

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The NeverEnding Story | 1984

Ten-year-old social outcast Bastian Bux discovers a book at his local library that lands him in a dark and fantastical other world being plagued by a malevolent force, not unlike in The Upside Down. Besides, given the vocal stylings of Dusty Buns and Susie Poo in Season 3, this had to make the list.

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Real Genius | 1985

When a teenage prodigy discovers a laser he helped create is at risk of being used for sinister purposes, he and a group of college friends work together to foil the evil plot. And while the graphics aren’t as good as in Stranger Things, the popcorn scene is epic.

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Firestarter | 1984

Drew Barrymore brings Stephen King's sci-fi thriller to life. She plays a little girl who can start fires with her mind, and let’s just say, A LOT of people get burned.

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