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12 ‘80s Movies Like Stranger Things To Bond Over With Your Hawkins-Obsessed Teen

Secret governments, experiments gone awry, and kids who save the day? We got you.

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Stranger Things is basically E.T. on steroids. From the schweet fashion to the righteous music, it’s safe to say we’re all “running up that hill” to satisfy our ‘80s cravings. Binge-watching these ‘80s movies like Stranger Things is also the perfect way to connect with your kids and feed their appetite for this bitchin’ decade.

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The Goonies | 1985

The Goonies is filled with controversial characters, but at its core, it’s a film about a group of scrappy kids who embark on an epic treasure hunt to save their town. It’s filled with teen romance and friendship, and has a kids-can-do-anything vibe that’s a lot like Stranger Things.

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