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13 Baby Names Inspired By Firefly Lane As Epic As Kate & Tully’s Friendship

The show may be ending, but the inspiration lives on.

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It’s finally time for the return of the hit Netflix series Firefly Lane, and although this season will be the series' swan song, we’re not letting go that easy. Join us in keeping Kate and Tully’s friendship alive forever with names inspired by the show’s amazing characters. Give ‘em to your kid, give ‘em to your dog... just give ‘em to someone.

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Katherine Heigl plays a charismatic, ambitious TV personality named Tully Hart, who has a sort of frenetic energy. That makes the meaning of this Irish name slightly ironic: “peaceful.”

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If you’re looking for something a little more classic, consider the other half of the show’s BFF duo. Played by Sarah Chalke, this shy but fiercely loyal mom and editor keeps Tully grounded (as much as possible). It feels fitting that Kate means “pure.”


Johnny and Kate’s daughter, Marah is still trying to figure out who she is — a feat made more difficult by her parents’ split. As a name, Marah means “bitter” and, well, that is a fairly accurate description of how this character starts the series.

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If you ask us, this sweet EMT didn’t get enough air time in Season 1 and deserves to be immortalized here. After all, his name does mean “the greatest.” (Too much to hope that he and Tully find happiness in Season 2?!)



When it comes to hot mess moms, you can’t get much hotter and messier than Tully’s mom Cloud (played by Beau Garrett). Still, there’s something about her free-spirited hippie ethos that’s wildly charming.

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Kate’s mom pretty much seems like your stereotypical suburban mom... but she’s not without her secrets. Her name has a mysterious quality too — of Greek origin, it means “pearl.”

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Andres Joseph’s arc as Seattle Digest photographer Gideon was short-lived, but it was memorable. He and Kate enjoyed a pretty steamy makeout session before she began overthinking it in typical Kate fashion. His name may mean “great warrior,” but this was a battle he was destined to lose.



Newcomer alert! Jolene Purdy joins the cast this season as Justine Jordan, an upbeat but no-nonsense talent agent. Her character’s name means “just, upright,” but we also love her name — Jolene means “pretty,” in case you’re curious.



Another new face in Season 2, Ignacio Serricchio plays Danny Diaz — a cocky sports reporter who catches Tully’s eye (and other things). Could this finally be the guy that really gets beneath Tully Hart’s skin? We’ll see. His name means “days,” and that sounds... intriguing.

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Was Kimber our favorite character in Season 1? Definitely not. Kate’s socialite boss was kind of the worst, actually. But we love Jenna Rosewow, and this cool shortened version of the name Kimberly means “royal fortress.”



Kate’s ex-husband Johnny Ryan is a complex man, and the last season didn’t end very well for him. But he’s still strangely likable, so hopefully this season shows us more of him. We like the idea of using his last name, which means “little king,” as a gender-neutral option.



We meet Charlotte in Season 2, as a quiet and reserved aspiring journalist in 1985 Seattle. She’s hopelessly crushing on Johnny, but something tells us she really comes into her own. This name means “free man.”

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OK, fine, this is kind of cheating — we realize we already included the name Kate. But Roan Curtis plays young Kate, and you can’t deny her name (which means “red-haired”) is worth making the list.


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