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August Is Here, & So Are these 10 New Hulu Releases To Binge With Your Kids

The streaming content you need for family bonding time.

Hulu recently dropped a batch of fresh streaming content for August, perfect for bingeing with your kids. So, if the end of summer has the whole fam feeling down, lift your spirits with these new and exciting Hulu shows and movies to add to your queue.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens | 2020-2022

If your little one loves Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is a spin-off series they'll appreciate. It has a similar premise to the original show and includes magical creatures that emerge from ancient cards. The protagonist, Yuga Ohdo, is daring with a spunky spirit that makes the show very entertaining.

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Ghostbusters | 1984

A group of brainy friends who study the paranormal join forces to start a ghost extermination business. As distraught souls run wild in New York City, the gang realizes they may have bitten off more than they can chew after facing a deadly ghoul.

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Doc McStuffins: The Doc Is 10 | 2022

Doc McStuffins is just like any other doctor — only she's 10 and treats toys that come to life when no one (aside from her) is looking. This special series follows the aspiring physician as she saves her toys from illness and boo-boos.

Disney ABC

Despicable Me | 2010

Gru is an evil villain who creates a wicked scheme to use three orphan girls to steal the moon. But after spending time with the trio of sisters, he grows fond of them, making his mission a bit more complicated. Oh, and there’s an enormous mob of little yellow creatures that add extra cuteness with their shenanigans.

Universal Pictures

The Croods: Family Tree | 2021-

This animated series is based on the 2013 animated movie The Croods. The series follows a cave-dwelling family navigating a new and evolving world. Each day is an adventure where the family must learn to grow with the times and each other.

DreamWorks Animation

Spider-Man | 2002

An unpopular teen is bitten by a radioactive spider that gives him the ability to climb walls and shoot webs. He has all the powers of an arachnid, but unfortunately, his new supernatural gifts come with uncanny adversaries and great responsibility. Above all, it's a superhero flick, so prepare to enjoy great fight scenes and mind-blowing CGI!

Cascade Film, Columbia Pictures

Step Up Revolution | 2012

A young woman moves to Miami with dreams of becoming a professional dancer but unexpectedly falls in love. Her budding romance helps her to expand her dance skills and changes her perspective. A great movie to watch with tweens and teens, Step Up Revolution is also filled with fantastic dance sequences that are so much fun to watch!

Summit Entertainment, Lionsgate

Trolls: TrollsTopia | 2020-2022

In the magical series that delves into the world of trolls, Poppy learns there are five other troll tribes in the forest. So with the help of her friends, she works to bring these communities together through magical adventure and joyful humor.

DreamWorks Animation Television

Paul Bart: Mall Cop | 2009

Paul Bart, played by Kevin James in this highly entertaining movie, is a shopping mall security guard who takes his skills to the next level when criminals overrun the mall. On a dangerous, comical, and unexpected mission, Bart must save the day and finally prove he’s something more.

Columbia Pictures

The Muppets Take Manhattan | 1984

Kermit and the gang head to New York City, hoping to get their musical on Broadway. But their road to stardom is laden with obstacles, chaos, and absolute hilarity. It's a movie about following your dreams no matter what, which the Muppets showcase through a musical journey.

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