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Soak Up The Sun With These 10+ Netflix Movies & Shows Sure To Put You In A Summer Mood

It’s a hot streaming summer.

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As the sunniest season approaches, Netflix is bringing the heat with 10+ new (to the streamer) movies and series that showcase summer adventures of all types. You’ll need more than SPF to get in the right headspace for the next few months, and these cinematic picks are the perfect prelude.

Merie Weismiller/Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox

Merie Weismiller/Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox

Surviving Summer | 2022

After getting kicked out of two private schools, Brooklyn teen Summer Torres gets sent to live with family friends in Australia. As she learns to be a better person, Summer gets wrapped in romance, epic ocean adventures, and surfing competitions that may inspire your own trip Down Under.


Titanic | 1997

Titanic may have set sail in the spring, but the film’s sunsets and steamy car scene are the building blocks of summer romance. Enjoy an epic love story between an aristocrat and poor artist, who meet just as their lives are about to change forever. And yeah... you’re going to need some tissues.

Merie Weismiller/Paramount Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox

It | 2017

In a town where children go missing, a group of misfit kids spends their summer uncovering the cause of these disappearances. At the core of the creepy mystery is a clown who eats children.

Warner Bros.

Steel Magnolias | 1989

Set in a sleepy Louisiana town, Steel Magnolias tells the story of a spunky group of women who go through hardships that fortify their friendship. This flick is also filled with Hollywood greats like Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and more!

TriStar Pictures

Two Summers | 2022

After 30 years, a group of friends come together for an island vacation. But things take a dark turn when they learn they're being blackmailed with footage from a tragic accident they've kept hidden for years.


Zoey 101 | 2005-2008

When the Pacific Coast Academy, a private boarding school in Malibu, decides to enroll girls, Zoey and her roomies easily make an impression. They must learn to navigate their teen issues as the girls and boys at PCA adjust to co-ed life.


Dear John | 2010

Nicholas Sparks does it again with Dear John. A summer romance blossoms into true love but is tested when John, a soldier on leave, must return to war. Through letters, the pair fight to keep their love alive, even though they’re a million miles apart.

Relativity Media/Kobal/Shutterstock

Dumb and Dumber | 1994

Jim Carrey and Jeff Bridges shine as two knuckleheads determined to return a briefcase to a woman who's left it behind at the airport. Together, they embark on a cross-country road trip to Aspen, and along the way, hijinks ensue.

Archive Photos/Getty Images

Mr. Bean's Holiday | 2007

Mr. Bean is an odd man who wins a trip to Cannes, where he accidentally separates a boy from his father. To reunite them, he embarks on a hilarious adventure throughout France, where he experiences true love and lots of bicycling.

John Macdougall/Getty Images

Edge of Seventeen | 1998

Being 17 is tricky, and for Eric, it’s incredibly challenging as he comes to terms with his sexuality. During the last days of school in 1984, Eric learns to accept himself as gay and become his true self.

Blue Streak Films

Uncharted | 2022

Tom Holland takes on a new adventure, not as Spiderman, but as Nathan Drake, a slick young man on a quest to find a 500-year-old treasure. Drake travels to beautiful places around the world, where each experience is filled with high adventure that may inspire you to go outdoors and have some fun.

Columbia Pictures/Atlas Entertainment

Love & Basketball | 2002

Summer is a time for love... and basketball, and thankfully this movie has both. Monica and Quincy share a passion for the game, and as they grow up, they fall in love while following their dreams, which forces them to figure out what their hearts truly want.

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks/New Line Cinema

Barbie: Mermaid Power | 2022

Nothing says summer like Barbie and Mermaids. Dive into an aquatic adventure with your Barbie dream child as Barbie and her pals splash into a fun-filled journey of mermaid mystery.

Mattel Television

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