13 New Horror Movies To Stream This Weekend After You Put The Kids To Bed

There’s no time like Friday the 13th for a scare fest.

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You’ve watched Encanto 7000 times. You see Bluey in your sleep. It’s time for the grownups to take back the TV and watch the nightmare-inducing scary movies you deserve.

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The Nun II

Following the events of the first film, The Nun 2 takes place in 1956 France and starts when a priest is violently murdered. As Sister Irene investigates, she once again comes face-to-face with the powerful demon nun Valak. In theaters and streaming via VOD.

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The Exorcist: Believer

If you loved Director David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween reboot trilogy, give this film a try — it’s his sequel to the 1973 horror classic The Exorcist. In it, single dad Victor Fielding must seek help when his daughter, Angela, and her friend Katherine show signs of demonic possession. In theaters now, followed by streaming on Peacock.

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Pet Sematary: Bloodlines

Calling all ‘90s kids who were terrified by the original Pet Sematary movies! A prequel to the 2019 Pet Sematary reboot, this film follows young Jud Crandall’s early life and the roots of the supernatural cemetery’s dark history. Streaming now on Paramount+.


Totally Killer

Like a little comedy with your horror? From Blumhouse, Totally Killer fits the bill. It stars Kiernan Shipka as a daughter who goes back in time to revisit her mom. Sounds sentimental, but the purpose of the pair’s time-traveling reunion is to defeat the Sweet Sixteen Killer. Streaming now on Prime Video.

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V/H/S 85

‘Tis the age of reboots, revisits, and adaptations — so are you really that surprised to see a new version of the iconic V/H/S? This time, a mixtape from the ‘80s surfaces with never-before-seen snuff footage disturbing enough to create serious chaos. Streaming now on Shudder.


The Royal Hotel

In this “Outback Horror,” two American female backpackers take jobs at a rundown hotel in a remote corner of Australia. The true terror here comes from the constant threat of violence that hangs over the young women. In theaters now.

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When Evil Lurks

When brothers Pedro and Jimmy discover a “rotten” — or a possessed being — has taken up residence in their small rural town, they must figure out how to get rid of the demon without creating more havoc. Warning: This one’s grisly. In theaters now, streaming on Shudder on Oct. 27.

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In Impuratus, Detective Clayton Douglas (the late Tom Sizemore) gets summoned to a remote insane asylum to meet a dying patient with an interesting past — he claims that he was possessed by an unspeakable evil in 1862. Streaming via VOD.

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Dear David

IYKYK! In 2017, Buzzfeed writer Adam Ellis went viral for his Twitter (now called X) thread describing his apartment being haunted by the ghost of a dead child. If you missed it then, follow the unsettling events now. In theaters and streaming via VOD on Oct. 13.


Dark Harvest

Set in a small Midwestern town, Dark Harvest tells the tale of a town plagued every fall by a giant pumpkin-headed creature called “Sawtooth Jack.” The young men in the village must capture and kill it before it makes it to the hamlet’s church — but the ritual is even darker than it seems. Streaming via VOD on Oct. 13.


The Bell Keeper

When a group of friends travels to a secluded campsite to film a documentary, the horror practically writes itself. They plan to debunk a myth that a mysterious bell summons a murderer if you ring it at midnight… but you can imagine how that goes. Streaming via VOD on Oct. 13.

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The Puppetman

Although convicted killer The Puppetman is locked away on Death Row, he claims his murderous actions were manipulations by an evil entity. And when his daughter Michal digs deeper, she finds herself in the battle of her life. Streaming on Shudder on Oct. 13.


15 Cameras

A couple buys a duplex, thinking they made the perfect starter home investment. Unfortunately, things start to unravel when they discover hidden cameras — and secrets — left behind by the duplex’s psychotic former owner. Streaming via VOD on Oct. 13.

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