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Where Somber Meets Silly: 10 Shows Like Dead To Me That’ll Make You Cry... With Laughter

Dark humor? We got you.

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Already binged Dead to Me and looking for other series filled with more offbeat humor than sadness? These 10 shows also follow characters dealing with death in the most unconventional ways. So, if you’re in the mood for a unique brand of comedy this weekend, curl up with these shows.


I Am Not Okay with This | 2022

Sydney is learning to adjust after her father's death, but it isn't easy for the unpopular teen. As the cynical young woman tries to find her footing, she begins to go through bizarre changes. While coping with tragedy and strange new abilities, an unlikely friend helps her along the way.


The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window | 2022

This show's plot is almost as insane as its title. Kristen Bell plays Anna, a woman who becomes a shut-in after losing her daughter and separating from her husband. Although Anna’s situation is sad, the storyline is a weird AF binge you won't regret.


Santa Clarita Diet | 2017-2019

When Sheila, played by Drew Barrymore, develops a taste for human flesh, she and her husband are forced to make adjustments. In the weirdest way, the situation actually strengthens their family, and a lot of good comes out of Sheila basically being a zombie. Santa Clarita Diet may be just as quirky as Barrymore, but it has horror-level gore that puts it in a comedic league of its own.


Pivoting | 2022

After their best friend suddenly dies, three women decide to live fuller lives — but soon learn that being their best selves is easier said than done. As they aim to take life by the horns, they find themselves in interesting and amusing situations.

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After Life | 2019-2022

Death affects everyone differently, and for nice guy Tony Johnson (played by Ricky Gervais), it changes his outlook on life. After contemplating suicide, Tony adapts an IDGAF attitude that completely shocks the people in his life. His quips and encounters are truly hilarious.


The Good Place | 2016-2020

Can't get enough Kristen Bell? In this NBC sitcom, she plays Eleanor, a woman who's died and gone to heaven, aka "the good place." While in this utopia, Eleanor discovers she's been mixed up with a different Eleanor and wrongly placed. In fear of being sent to "the bad place," she tries to blend in despite her cynical and unfriendly personality.

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Insatiable | 2018-2019

Controversial is an understatement. Insatiable is definitely one of Netflix's less socially conscious pieces, but like Dead to Me, it’s dark with comedic levity. The show is about beauty queen Patty Bladell (played by Debby Allen), who, on her journey to the top, blossoms into a serial killer.


Firefly Lane | 2021-

This show is definitely on the lighter-hearted side of the spectrum. Firefly Lane follows besties Tully and Kate from their teens to their 40s. Throughout their friendship, they experience life-changing hurdles that not only strengthen them as women, but their bond as well.

Workin' Moms | 2017-

Being a mom is no joke, but it definitely has its moments. This comedy tells the stories of a group of women trying to balance work and motherhood. The series touches on the woes, wonders, and wins of being a mom in a funny and relatable way.


Imposters | 2017-2018

Three people who've been conned by the same woman band together to track her down and seek justice. But during their pursuit, it's hard for them to separate their love for her from the truth. As the beloved trickster tries to make her next score, she faces an even greater threat as the authorities move in on her.


Russian Doll | 2019

Think Groundhog Day, but way less cheerful. A woman in New York City gets trapped in a time loop where she keeps reliving her birthday. Toward the end of each night, she dies, and as she tries to piece together her strange and deadly situation, she learns more about her life in one day than in all her 36 years combined.


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