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10+ Fantastical Series Like Locke & Key To Binge After You’ve Finished The Final Season

More shows bursting with magic and sibling humor.


The Locke & Key series may have ended with Season 3, but your magical adventures are far from over. If your jam is mystical shows with dark twists and turns, check out these 10+ mysterious shows and get whisked away into the world of fantasy all over again!


The Sandman | 2022-

After being imprisoned by a wizard, Dream (aka The Sandman) escapes and goes on a quest to retrieve his lost tools. Since he’s been away, the world has descended into chaos, and the path to fixing it is dangerous and filled with unique characters like Death, Destiny, and even the devil.


The Haunting of Bly Manor | 2020

Think The Others, but in series form and with several mind-blowing twists. A young woman named Danni takes a job as a nanny for two little kids, but the house is filled with an evil darkness. As it grows stronger, Danni must make the ultimate sacrifice to save the children she's come to love.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | 2018-2020

This show seamlessly balances the OG TV show's themes with a fresh and creepier hook. In the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the stakes are higher and filled with more menacing thrills. For Sabrina and her aunties, Hilda and Zelda, each day is a deadly and sinister battle.


Stranger Things | 2016-

A group of kids must fight against evil supernatural beings and secret governments to protect their town and friends. In 1980s Indiana, the youngsters discover new mysteries and a paranormal underworld that is just the tip of their bizarre journey.


The Umbrella Academy | 2019-2022

After a billionaire scientist adopts seven extraordinary kids, he trains them to "save the world." When they reunite again as adults, it turns out they might have to deliver the universe from extinction after all — and, supernatural or not, working with your siblings can be a major headache.


Grimm | 2011-2017

Looking for a show with ass-kicking supernatural flare? Then Grimm is for you! A detective learns he comes from a family of hunters who fight magical beings, and between his human job and the enchanted one, things fly off the handle in a fantastical way.

National Broadcasting Company (NBC), CTV Television Network

Supernatural | 2005-2020

Two brothers travel across the country to fight murderous supernatural creatures. In each episode, a new monster leads to a gory and horrific case, but the terror is well matched by the hilarious sibling bond the Winchester brothers share.

Kripke Enterprises/Warner Bros. Television

Once Upon A Time | 2011-2018

In a sleepy town in Maine, fairy tales are real. The world of magic and real life are intertwined, and a woman with a complicated past is lured to the mystical town by her long-lost son — whimsical adventure promptly ensues.

Disney-ABC Domestic Television/American Broadcasting Company

Charmed | 1998-2006

Three sisters living in San Francisco discover they're witches. Together, they use their unique abilities to keep the world safe while trying to balance their careers and relationships. (Charmed is also filled with peak ‘90s fashion, BTW.)

The WB Television Network/TNT

Sleepy Hollow | 2013-2017

When Ichabod Crane is dragged a few centuries into the future, it's an adjustment, to say the least. His arch nemesis, the Headless Horseman, has also followed him, but with the help of his new friends, he works to solve an archaic mystery and avoid his ancient adversary.

Paramount Pictures, Mandalay Pictures

The Magicians | 2015-2020

An interesting group of students are recruited to attend a secret academy where they come face to face with the perils and privileges of the magical word. They may not be siblings, but they do become a family.

Photo by Syfy Media/Eric Milner

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