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10 Offbeat & Hilarious Shows Like Never Have I Ever to Watch After You Blow Through Season 3

There’s no show out there just like this gem — but these will help fill the void.

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3 Arts Entertainment/Kaling International

Awkward | 2011-2016

When Jenna gets into an accident, the entire student body assumes it was intentional, which coincidentally gives her instant popularity. As she navigates her new fame, boys, teen life, and awkwardness, Jenna begins to learn who she truly is.

MTV/Remote Productions

Freaks and Geeks | 1999-2000

Some may say Freaks and Geeks walked, so the genre of celebrated "uncool" kids could walk. When a mathlete switches cliques to hang with the burnouts, it prompts a strange and hilarious journey for her and her brother. It's also stocked with popular comedians like Seth Rogen and Jason Segel!

Apatow Productions/DreamWorks Television

Gilmore Girls | 2000-2007

If you're looking for more mother-daughter series, Gilmore Girls is for you. Lorelai and her daughter Rory are besties and share a very sweet and loving relationship. And sure, there's drama, but nothing this duo can't handle together.

Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions/Hofflund/Polone/Warner Bros. Television

The Mindy Project | 2012-2017

Fun fact: Mindy Kaling not only stars in this show but is the creator behind Never Have I Ever. Kaling plays an obstetrician who is just trying to figure it all out. Through hilarity and the help of her equally awkward coworkers, her character Mindy finds a way to juggle it all.

3 Arts Entertainment/Universal Television

The Sex Lives of College Girls | 2021-

Four girls begin their college journey together, where they explore their sexuality, friendships, and who they are. Mindy Kaling is the creator, and its cringe level almost tops Never Have I Ever. This series is filled with uncomfortable firsts and funny quips that’ll leave you begging for Season 2.

3 Arts Entertainment/Kaling International/Warner Bros. Television

Jane the Virgin | 2014-2019

Jane has always been a girl with a plan, but everything changes when she is accidentally artificially inseminated with a wealthy playboy's seed. After that, her life takes off in a different direction! But with the help of her mother and grandmother, she makes it work.

CBS Television Studios/Warner Bros. Television

Ginny and Georgia | 2021-

Ginny and Georgia’s relationship is far from the Gilmore Girls. As Ginny grows into a teenager, she struggles to trust her mother, who schemes and lies to “protect” her kids. This show isn't a comedy but a captivating drama you won’t want to turn off.

Blue Ice Pictures/Critical Content

On My Block | 2018-2021

The stakes are high for four teens living in a dangerous Los Angeles neighborhood, but their friendship is even stronger. Although the show is filled with deadly adversaries, it's rife with teen awkwardness, weirdness, and comedy. It's a unique gem that explores the pain and hilarity of growing up.

Crazy Cat Lady Productions

Sex Education | 2019-

When you're young, having questions about sex is normal — when your mom's a sex therapist, though, it can be pretty weird. For Otis, this is his reality. But when he discovers he has a natural talent for giving sex advice, he and his friends hatch a plan to use their peers as his clients.


Teenage Bounty Hunters | 2020

While some teens babysit, twins Sterling and Blair hunt down criminals for cash. When they learn they have a knack for bounty hunting, these two teens try to fit their odd after-school job in with the other facets of their adolescence. Let’s just say things get complicated very quickly.

Tilted Productions/Netflix

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