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11 Eerie-sistible Halloween-Themed Snack Ideas For School Parties

These treats will earn you “mummy” of the year status.

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Looking for the perfect treat to take to the class Halloween party? Whether you’re going the DIY route or paying someone else to do the heavy lifting, there’s no end to delicious, cute Halloween snacks you could send to school.


These super easy-to-make broomsticks by Kid Lunch Box literally just consist of tying a small baggie of pretzel sticks to the end of a pencil. Something to munch and something to keep? Perfection.

Kid Lunch Box/Instagram

If your school requires that you only bring prepackaged treats, you’re in luck. Adding construction paper wings and some googly eyes to a package of Cosmic Brownies is just enough to make them extra special, as evidenced by this batty treat from Kelsey Tavo.

Kelsey Tavo/Instagram

If you have the patience to make cake pops, just adding some glittery sticks like Berry Nice Berries does here would go a long way toward making them extra fun. And, really, who doesn’t love a cake pop?

Berry Nice Berries/Instagram

Need something a little healthier? These spooky fruits are just the trick. Note: You could also just use a marker on the banana and orange peels for an even easier idea.


Wanna be the “crunchy mama?” This trail mix by Ashley Havecker of Saving Mealtime is the perfect combination of sweet and salty and comes in those fall colors to fit the theme. Other possible additions: Popcorn, Goldfish, Cheez-Its, and anything else yellow, orange, or brown.

Saving Mealtime/Instagram

The key to this Halloween treat by Camila Göedert of At the Table? Store-bought ingredients. All you have to do is assemble the monsters. (Or let the kids do it, for a party activity.)

At the Table/Instagram

Another great option for a Halloween snack on a stick? Oreo pops! Take a cue from Mama Bear’s Recipes — just pop an Oreo on a stick, dip in some icing or melted candy, and decorate with Halloween sprinkles. Yummy and colorful.

Mama Bear's Recipes/Instagram

Another option for store-bought Rice Krispies treats is to borrow this hack from creator Taylor Cardenas — use white icing (or stretchy melted marshmallow) drizzles and candy eyes for a mummy look!

Taylor Cardenas/Instagram

S’mores with pumpkin marshmallows, anyone? Remember: Not everyone has the time to invest in creating super special snacks for every school party. There are a ton of businesses that will do the work for you. No judgment here.


Wanna DIY some cake pops? Here’s some inspo from creator Lourdes Jeter! The mummies could be accomplished by just about anyone. But Frankenstein’s monster will require a bit more practice.

Lourdes Jeter/Instagram

Need something even easier? Stick some bats into a muffin and call it “done.” The kids will be happy and you’ll have extra time to do all the other things on your list.


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