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17 Lovely, Relatable Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes About Motherhood

SJP and Matthew Broderick share three kids — James, born in 2002, and twins Tabitha and Marion, born in 2009.

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There is this suspended animation around birth: Everything goes away; the entire world is sucked up; time suspends. It’s just you and, in my case, my husband, and this child, and it’s absolute euphoria.

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There are occasions that I love to be fashionable and enjoy, you know? But the workday of a mother doesn’t include a hair masking team or any consideration of your shoe.

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As a working mother, high heels don’t really fit into my life anymore — but in a totally wonderful way. I would much rather think about my son than myself.

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The great challenge for me is to be all things to all people. I want to be a great mother, and I want to feel good when I’m at work.

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My son doesn’t know how flawed I am, how flawed we are. He still likes us so much, and that’s so incredible to be around.

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What I’ve learned about being a parent is how much you sort of secretly learn from everyone else and how valuable that is.

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So we strive for perfection in the areas in which we can control, and that isn’t necessarily what provides contentment and joy for ourselves and, more importantly, for our children.

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You’re in a constant state of worrying about your children. It’s very painful and it’s exhilarating. It’s a really interesting way of living in the world.

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I will do my best to make sure you always have what you need, but I want you pining towards something. I want you to work for something, to dream of it, to will it to happen.

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If you have a child, you’re improvising with rules all day long, and some of them are total lies.

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All I do is organize peoples’ lives and get them here and there and all that. It’s what I wanted and with that, though, comes witnessing somebody hopefully develop into a really interesting, decent person who contributes something.

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I feel honor-bound to have a private relationship with my children. And that’s not a judgment about anybody else and what they choose.

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I don’t expect any of it to be completely easy, to be honest, and I don’t really think it should be. I think all these particular milestones or developmental stages are really complicated, and they should be because they’re huge!

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I still like getting dressed up and having the opportunity to borrow beautiful dresses, but as a mother — and as somebody who's schedule isn't always my own - I don't shop a lot, or think about clothes a lot.

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Most important to me is my home life and the well-being of my children.

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You’re in a constant state of worrying about your children. It’s very painful, and it’s exhilarating. It’s a really interesting way of living in the world. I read books differently, or I look at parents and children on the subway differently.

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I hear music differently or when I see something, I think, ‘I wish Tabitha and Loretta were with me now and they could see this.’ That’s the good part.

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