Amy Thetford

Amy is a part-time writer — and full-time reader! — for Scary Mommy. For over a year, she’s worked with an incredible team of writers to cover all things motherhood and more.

All her life Amy knew she wanted to be a writer, but then marriage and babies happened and she put that dream aside to devote herself fully to her family. On her 30th birthday, she promised herself she’d start making time to chase the career she so badly wanted. A few years later, here she is...doing tha thing.

You may have seen her byline in Healthline Parenthood, Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, The Homeschool Mom, and many more publications dedicated to raising and educating little ones.

In her free time (ha! what’s that!?), Amy enjoys reading, hiking, and consumes way too much caffeine. Want to get in touch? Reach out to her by email at

Proceed With Caution

10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe When Cooking With A Gas Stove

ByAmy Thetford

A recent study linked nearly 13% of current childhood asthma cases in the country to gas stove use.


15 Wise Quotes On Motherhood From Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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This talented actress and veteran mom has some insightful things to say about life as a working parent.

She Gets It

14 Times Amanda Peet Got Refreshingly Frank About Motherhood

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The star has three kids — Frankie, Molly, and Henry — with husband David Benioff.

Wait, What?

Oh, God — Your Dishwasher Has A Filter You Should Be Cleaning

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Definitely haven’t been doing that.

Add It To The Kids' Chore Chart

How Often Should You Clean Your Microwave? Brace Yourself

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Plus, the tips you need to get rid of all that gunked-up crud.

Plan (Way) Ahead

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Christmas Tree? A Lot Longer Than You Think

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You know your kid is gonna ask — might as well have the answer ready.

The Most Instagrammable Season

140 Cozy Fall Captions To Help Your Family Say Hello To Autumn

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Cute and catchy fall Instagram captions to help you get your grid in season.

She Gets It

17 Sarah Jessica Parker Quotes About Motherhood That Are Spot-On

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And just like that... SJP became our parenting guru.

arts and crafts

Zowie! Kids Will Love These Zany & Zippy Letter Z Crafts

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Zany projects your kids will love.

ready to post?

95+ Baby Captions Perfect For Showing Off Your Newest Addition On Instagram

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Fly high

50+ Inspirational Amelia Earhart Quotes That Prove The Sky Really Is The Limit

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What to call Grammy...

140+ Fun & Unique Nicknames For Grandma Your Mom (Or MIL) Will Love

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So many names for your Gigi.

Yes yes yes!

Yay! These Easy, Low-Prep Letter Y Crafts Will Make Your Early Learner Happy

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They’ll say YES to each activity.


You Herd It Here First — These Elephant Crafts Are Fun For Kids Of All Ages

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A Collection Of Winning Words That Start With W To Score Big At Scrabble

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Whacky activities

Want To Wow Your Little One? Break Out These Low-Prep Letter W Crafts

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120+ Disney Captions To Commemorate Visiting The 'Happiest Place On Earth'

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Film fun

55+ Magical 'Mary Poppins' Quotes That Are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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alphabet projects

X Marks The Spot! 10+ Exciting Letter X Crafts For Toddlers & Preschoolers

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X marks the spot for fun and learning!

Letter fun

Kudos! Your Kid Will Thank You For Introducing These Easy Letter K Crafts

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They’ll love these kooky crafts.