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These ‘90s Movies & Shows On Disney+ Are All The Nostalgia A ‘90s Kid Could Ever Want

Feeling sentimental about the good old days? Re-watch all your childhood favorites with your kids.

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Is there anything better than taking your kids along with you on a walk down memory lane? These Disney shows and movies were all our favorites when we were kids in the ‘90s. Isn’t it time to share the awesomeness?


A Kid In King Arthur’s Court | 1995

This Disney Channel original was based on the Mark Twain classic A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court — but you probably didn't know it at the time. Swords and chivalry? Count. Me. In.


Heavyweights | 1995

Yes, it’s set at a fictional “fat camp.” However, this cheeky romp centers on the "heavyweights," who are often underestimated, fighting for revenge against a bully of a fitness fiend. Who doesn't love a good underdog story?


Halloweentown | 1998

This might just be the Disney Channel original movie with the longest life. Raise your hand if you have a much younger sibling or an older kid who is already obsessed with Halloweentown and dreams of being a witch.


Father of the Bride | 1991

Just because you were barely in school when this adorable family dramedy was released doesn't mean it didn't utterly captivate you. Then again, anything with Steve Martin tends to have that effect.


Boy Meets World | 1993-2000

This heartwarming family classic lasted seven seasons and even spawned a sequel/reboot. Whether you were more of a Shawn Hunter stan or a Cory Matthews stan didn't really matter. You aren’t a true ‘90s kid unless you rooted for Cory and Topanga and yearned to find your own Mr. Feeny.


Cool Runnings | 1993

Based on a true story and starring none other than Doug E. Doug and John Candy, Cool Runnings was part of the string of sports movies released during your childhood that no doubt had you dreaming of Olympic gold... no matter how impractical.


Blank Check | 1994

What would an 11-year-old buy with 1 million dollars? Blank Check answered that question and let countless kids live vicariously through Preston Waters.


So Weird | 1999-2001

What's not to love about a paranormal activities-obsessed teenager on the road with her rock star mom? You may or may not remember this little gem of a TV show by name, but you definitely liked it when you were younger.


The Mighty Ducks | 1992

Ever find yourself glaring at yourself, screaming, "I'm no lady! I'm a duck!" No? Just us? Awk-ward! The Mighty Ducks is the only movie from our childhood that will ever really matter. Even if you weren't very athletic as a kid, it surely inspired you to don some rollerblades and form the Flying V.


Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century | 1999

This is another Disney Channel OG that you probably still live for. It was colorful, quotable, and oddly relatable. (Odd, since it didn't even take place on Earth.) C’mon, we all tried to go to middle school in a Zenon-esque outfit.


Hocus Pocus | 1993

This glorious Halloween movie is obviously on Disney+. How could it not be? It might be the most popular non-Princess Disney film ever made. And now they're making a sequel. Thackery Binx, we love you.


The Adventures of Huck Finn | 1993

Disney was obsessed with Mark Twain, and you were probably obsessed with Elijah Wood. (Or JTT and Brad Renfro, if you watched the other-other Twain-inspired Disney film, Tom and Huck.)

The Thirteenth Year | 1999

Turning 13 is complicated and for new teen, Cody, it’s a doozy. When he starts to grow fins and gills, he learns that his birth mother is a mermaid. This Disney Channel original movie gave a fun and magical twist to the coming of age genre.

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