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13 Baby Names Inspired By Ginny & Georgia

Family drama? Check. Secrets? Double check. Naming inspo? That too!

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Ginny & Georgia is finally back for Season 2, and the complex dynamics between the mother-daughter duo have only gotten, well, more complex. But between the fights, secrets, and ties that hold this family together, something else stands out: the names! Keep reading for inspiration.

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Georgia Miller (Brianne Howey) is a lot, but her state-inspired name is impossible not to like. Although it means “farmer,” it gives Southern sophisticate. Plus, it comes with the nickname “Peach.”

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Ginny Miller (Antonia Gentry) isn’t the first fictional Ginny we’ve all grown to love — who could forget Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter? A diminutive of Virginia, this name means “virginal.”

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Speaking of Harry Potter, wizard-loving little brother Austin Miller (Diesel La Torraca) is about as cute as they come. Another place name, this moniker means “great, magnificent.”

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In the series, Zion Miller (Nathan Mitchell) is Georgia’s ex and Ginny’s dad — an impossibly bad*ss travel photographer and writer. His gender-neutral name, which means “highest point,” definitely matches his cool vibe.

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Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson plays Georgia’s next-door neighbor and mom friend Ellen. And while there’s nothing wrong with that name, her last name — Baker — feels like a more modern choice.

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Ray or Rae

Everyone loves Joe, owner of Wellsbury’s Blue Farm Cafe, who inspired this name in two ways. First, the actor’s name is Raymond Ablack. Second, remember the pivotal scene where he gives Georgia his Ray-Bans?

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Another name meaning “greatest,” Maxine Baker (Sara Waisglass) is high drama — but it’s part of her charm. A real-life example of this name: Jessica Simpson’s daughter Maxwell, who often goes by Max.

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There’s a lot to be said for being unproblematic, and Norah (Chelsea Clark) is arguably the most unproblematic of Ginny’s friends. The name itself means “woman of honor, light.”

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While the name Abby is simple, this character (played by Katie Douglas) is definitely not. You can’t help but root for her, though. This name means “my father is joyful.”

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Wellsbury’s resident bad boy Marcus Baker (Felix Mallard) has a certain je ne sais quoi, and so does his name. Of Latin origin, it means “warlike.”

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Friday Night Lights fans are probably pulling for Scott Porter’s Mayor Paul Randolph — and he needs it, now that he and Georgia are getting hitched. His last name is the more unique choice here, meaning “shield-wolf.”

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Poor, Hunter Chen (Mason Temple)! He’s a good guy; he’s just not the right guy for Ginny. But you can’t go wrong with his classic name, which means “one who hunts.”

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If you want a name that truly stands out, look to fierce individualist Bracia (Tameka Griffiths) — aka Ginny’s new bestie. A cool pick, Bracia means “seeker of truth and wisdom.”

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